12 Best Free Firewall Software (with Their Brief Reviews)

Before we talk about the best free firewall, have you ever been hacked? Maybe not, but that does not mean you don’t know the dangers, right? At least, you’ve heard of people whose money has been phished on the internet. I have a friend who lost thousands of dollars after someone hacked his PayPal account. Well, I lost too, because I expected some money from him. Anyway, everyone has a story about how web villains messed them up.

And, most of the attacks come from the internet. Yes – the internet is a rich store of information and we can’t do without it. If Nokia 3310 has decided to reincarnate and come experience the era of the internet, who are we to be left out?!

12 Best Free Firewall Software

Well, the internet transfers malware and viruses to your phone or Windows computer whenever you load a website or download stuff. Then, it exposes you to the dark side of the web-hacking. And, they won’t rest until they get you down! They will steal your money and attempt to take charge of your computer. Of course, you need to plan how to keep them away.

When Microsoft launched Windows XP in 2001, they had this in mind. So, they incorporated the Windows Firewall to scare hackers. Before then, clients claimed that Microsoft products were too vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Thus, Microsoft came up with a firewall program to solve the issue. Oh, could I be talking to someone who doesn’t know what a firewall is? Sorry, let me explain it to you!

Welcome to class Firewall 101!

As the Webopedia puts it, the internet is a connection of many computers and servers through networks. The networks connect computers to other networks, and that’s how the worldwide web works! While the internet is such a lucrative amenity, it has its cons, too! To prevent getting in the plan of malicious online users or websites, a firewall blocks their network.

Think of a firewall as a hedge that keeps unwanted people out your compound. Better still, it’s like a virtual Ozone Layer that deflects UV light and harmful rays from the sun, but allows visible light. Likewise, a firewall controls the data you upload or download to your device. Then, the software (or hardware) blocks the malicious networks automatically.

Of course, you know that some data exchange happened for you to load Cyberogism! To get here, your firewall allowed the network to connect to our site. Noteworthy, you can have a firewall software, but you can get a hardware too!

But, I am sure the prevailing question bombarding your mind would be ‘how different is a firewall from an antivirus or VPN?” And, I will be forthcoming enough to answer that!

Firewall Vs Antivirus Vs VPN

In an article about the best free antivirus software, I featured a few that have an inbuilt firewall. Some of the top best free VPN also have the ability to offer online security too. But, that does not make any of the two programs a firewall. The difference is in the way they work.

First, an antivirus scans and deletes programs that tend to be malicious. The AVG free firewall download is one of them. Then, a VPN encrypts surfing data and changes your IP address so that no one can track you. A good example of Virtual Private Networks that offer tight online security and anonymity is ExpressVPN. You can try it out and get a discount!

But, while both programs offer online protection, a firewall blocks all malicious networks. It only allows the networks on its whitelist. And, as a good teacher, maybe I should leave this class assignment for the tech freaks – does a firewall scan devices?

Now that you are conversant with firewalls, it’s worthy to understand the level of Microsoft Windows Firewall’s protection. So, see below!

Now, is Windows 10 Firewall enough?

In the 90’s, Microsoft products were so vulnerable that hackers had found a free stadium for their bouts! Then, they came up with the Windows Firewall that has been in place from Windows XP to Windows 10 and later versions. But, does the free Microsoft Firewall guarantee perfect safety for your computer?

Well, MS Windows Firewall is an inbuilt security enhancement, like Essentials or Windows Defender. If you are one of our loyal (or royal?) readers, you have the answer already, don’t you? With the rate of improvements on Microsoft’s tools, they are soon going to become the Cadillac of security software!

The Windows 10 Firewall is a great improvement oo earlier versions- given that the OS is internet friendly! When launching programs at the desktop, Windows Firewall is ready to block it if it tries to obtain sensitive information. Then, it throws the code to its dungeons so that it will never succeed in the malicious endeavors!

The user interface is wonderful, and it’s manageable in the Control Panel. Then, you don’t have to keep editing permission settings for the Windows firewall. If you want to change settings, you can always do it in few simple steps.

With such hype, some people believe it is the best free firewall Windows 10. But, that does not mean it has no cons. Microsoft Windows Firewall greatest problem is accepting data from malicious networks. If the programs want to send the data to other networks, they are safe in the eyes of Microsoft.

Thus, your device risks a compromise. If you don’t manually set the blocking options, you will be vulnerable to tracking, phishing and other social engineering attacks. Of course, this loophole is too serious to ignore- security enthusiasts need to get it mended! And, to stay safe online is installing security programs or third-party firewalls!

I would have liked to answer why you need free firewall software, but isn’t that too bounteous? Save on your expenditure with these top free firewall and you could spend it on more serious stuff!

12 Best Free Firewall Software Downloads for Windows!

1 Comodo Firewall

Comodo FirewallAny Comodo Firewall review that doesn’t remind you it’s a free software could be a fraud! Of course, you know Comodo as a strong antivirus. While it has both free and paid versions, Comodo Antivirus offers you a no price firewall service. This makes it an ideal security solution for users who are not ready to part with a single dollar! Comodo is cloud-based, and so you can guess the kind of speed and resource consumption!

And, the Comodo Fire Wall comes as a bonus app, embedded in the antivirus. Oh, Comodo AV runs well on Linux, Android, MacOS and Windows! So, if you need the best antivirus for Android phones, give Comodo a shot! But, the Firewall will only work on Windows 7 and later versions. In brief, here are the features of Comodo Firewall.

  • Cloud scanner
  • Cute ergonomic dashboard
  • Only allows installation of programs on its whitelist
  • Comodo firewall kills pop-ups before they can disturb you!
  • Light and fast on resource

Download here

2 Outpost Security Suite Free firewall

When the DNC said Putin hacked elections in Trump’s favor, it wasn’t easy for me to ignore the possibilities. Especially, when I thought about the impeccable security programs from Russia, some light shone on the allegation. No doubt, Russia is a coding superpower! People who can make the world’s best antiviruses and firewalls could come up with the most severe viruses too, uh? Well, you have the right to doubt this, but make sure you read something about the Crimean annexation!

Cyber warfare aside, I respect Russia and that’s why I mentioned the country in my article. At least, they do have awesome security software like Kaspersky and Outpost Firewall! The Russian Yandex search engine bought Agnitum Outpost Technology in 2014. Since then, they shifted interests from stand-alone firewall software to comprehensive antivirus programs.

Well, here are the features that place outpost on the list of the best free internet firewalls!

  • Compatible with nearly all Windows editions
  • Anti-spyware program
  • Strong dedicated firewall features

Download here

3 Emsisoft Internet Security

Emsisoft Internet SecurityLike Comodo, Emsisoft is a cloud-based firewall that water-boards malware, spyware and viruses! In fact, Emsisoft only allows a program to install if you give it the permission. Otherwise, the strict security software will block any kind of attempts to manipulate or change the state of your Windows. While installing the Emsisoft Firewall, you need to state your email address. Emsisoft will use it to send you notifications because they won’t do automatic updates. Well, these features place Emsisoft on the list of the top 10 firewalls!

  • Cloud-based this fast and light
  • Strict installation firewall
  • Free firewall with the Emsisoft Internet Security anti-malware

Download here

4 Open DNS

OpenDNSIn earlier articles, I have explained how DNS works in unblocking ESPN outside the United States. Well, That’s for SmartDNS, but OpenDNS is the kind of firewall that connects the internet on your behalf. Yes – by channeling all your data to access websites or the internet through a proxy server, OpenDNS works just like the Smart DNS. But, the main function of the OpenDNS software is to provide a firewall for your connections. When your connection to the internet goes through the OpenDNS servers, you are safe from spies, hackers or other cyber villains.

The OpenDNS technology is ideal for hyper-connections in homes and enterprises. In fact, you have to appreciate Open DNS as one of the best enterprise firewall! The OpenDNS Home module has automatic features to block popular hackers. Also, you can use the OpenDNS Home firewall to filter any content that you’d find too adult for kids – you know what I mean!

Far from the complicated work of an OpenDNS firewall, it is easy to customize the filters. Then, its free and has instructions on how to set it up on devices. One downside though- OpenDNS is not a downloadable file, so you have to stay within the OpenDNS network.

Try it down here!

5 Private Firewall

Another top Windows protection software is Private Firewall. The software is light and many users love it for that! Again, Private Firewall integrates well with Windows 10 and other security software. With advanced HIPS protection, configuring the free personal firewall may be hard. But, that does not mean that you can’t do it. At least, it comes with a tutorial on how to Install and configure.

Also, PrivateFirewall comes with default protection functions. But, you can go around customizing them to fit your preferences. Here are some of the features that place this program on the list of the top firewalls!

  • Hips protection
  • Customizable features and settings
  • Behavior blocking
  • Email defects detection
  • Wow- it’s free!

Download here

6 ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

ZoneAlarm Free FirewallI am sure you are conversant with the Check Point ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall. It’s one of the few high-quality antiviruses you can have! Unlike the Windows Firewall, ZoneAlarm disallows data from being sent on sensitive networks. Apart from being compatible with all the editions of the Windows Operating system, ZoneAlarm Firewall works well alongside first class security software like Norton. So, don’t hesitate to install a stand-alone Zone Alarm firewall even if you have Kaspersky! Here are some of the most coveted benefits that Zone Alarm brings.

Here are some of the most coveted benefits that Zone Alarm brings.

  • Ergonomic user interface
  • Licensed by the Kaspersky Security
  • Real-time scanning and protection
  • Near 100% two-way security efficiency
  • Zone Alarm can detect and terminate malicious codes and programs

Download Latest version

7 Online Armor Free Firewall

When you want a quick installation for a top Windows firewall software, Online Armor is worthwhile. Just like the name suggests, Armor protects you from external attacks. But, it also keeps you safe from the internal issues! Online Armor is a one-time installation procedure. And, you may want to remove it after it has served you right.

Thus, the Online Armor is a bull’s eye shot when accessing some dangerous network or public network! Anyway, you can download Online Armor free V7.0.01866 version. However, the private firewall has issues with downloads and crystal balls warn it could be out of service. But who knows, yours might work!

Download here

8 Anti Net Cut 3

Are you looking for a cheap firewall software to suit your Wi-Fi routers? If yes, you should give Anti Net Cut 3 a bull’s eye shot! In fact, Net Cut’s popularity is majorly because of the Wi-Fi security! As long as you have indicated the adapters you want to monitor, Anti Net Cut will keep your networks safe. This includes the Ethernet (LAN cable) or modem. This way, the firewall will protect you when you are busy surfing on public networks that could be easily compromised. Here are the main features of the free firewall.

  • One of the best firewall for free when using public networks
  • Anti-Net Cut 3 secures Wifi hotspots
  • Intervenes internet connections to protect you from online villains

Download here

9 PeerBlock Firewall

Are you afraid that you could get infected when sharing files? Then, sit and relax- Peer Block Firewall is your perfect file sharing mate! It’s one of the best free firewall software for computers! And, people who keep transferring files will definitely find this firewall worthy. College students- who never stop sharing videos and documents from a memory from a disk to another- should install PeerBlock. Talking of file sharing and transfer, PeerBlock manages your downloads too! Thus, you have no excuse to crush in the hands of viruses or other malware!

Well, like a VPN, PeerBlock relies on the IP address techniques. The firewall blocks all traffic originating from suspicious IP addresses. It’s true that the software does not have other features, unlike other firewalls. But, that also makes PeerBlock a specialized program in it’s field. Of course, when doing your P2Ps, you will need PeerBlock to shield your device from malicious codes and spies.

Download here

10 Windows 10 Firewall Control

I know you have the Windows Built in Firewall already. But, if you have the Windows 10 Operating System, the Windows 10 Firewall Control is a worthy security supplement. And, it is also compatible with other Windows OS editions from XP to the latest! Now, here are the reasons you should download it.

  • It has limited features, but free
  • Uses Windows platform, so no need to install from third drivers
  • Worthy complement for the Microsoft Windows Firewall Free Download

Download here

11 TinyWall

TinyWallAnother top free firewall program you can try out is the Tiny Wall. As the name suggests, Tiny Wall is a light software that does heavy duties! In fact, it is only needs a megabyte of your space to install. This means the Tiny Wall is easy to download and install. Then, it has the slightest strain on your bandwidth.

With Tiny Wall, you can whitelist of blacklist networks you’d like to block. But, the tiny nifty thing will block most basic networks by default. So, you must add them manually to the whitelist. No need to worry though- the Tiny Wall Firewall whitelist contains the popular software so you won’t have to tire yourself. When doing this, you can rely on the program or process modules.

To avoid too much butter on your sandwich, here are the features of the Tiny Wall Firewall software.

  • Light on memory and RAM device speed
  • Bombards you with minimal pop-up ads
  • TinyWall is compatible with other security programs
  • Compatible with Windows Vista all through to Windows 10 and later versions

Download latest version

12 Bonus worthy firewall software: AVS Firewall

While other firewall software only blocks networks, AVS Firewall suite has colossal features! It has a list of features that’d blow your mind. Just have a look at them!

  • Registry defender
  • Parental control
  • Banner Blocker for adverts and pop-ups
  • Customizable rules, including blocking connections

Download here

Oh, wait! Do you even need a third party firewall?

Now, which is the best firewall for Windows 10? Of course, it is tempting to shout that third party firewalls are top of the game. But, what about the Microsoft Security Firewall Free Download

Microsoft’s inbuilt security firewalls serve fine and you don’t have to install third party apps. Whenever a program wants to install, it must seek permission from Windows Firewall. First, it creates a rule dialogue and even asks you if you are sure about the installation. This makes it hard for malicious software to install without your consent.

If you follow the advice, software developers might end up becoming beggars! So, they will always bring you new firewall software and claim they are better than others. Then, they will always say the Windows Firewall is not good enough.

There’s some truth in that though- if you want absolute safety, you won’t allow the slightest loophole to expose you! Knee-deep, with the many issues that Windows Defender and Windows Firewall have, a supplement can’t hurt!

No objection, you may need the third party firewalls to customize and supplement blocking options. Because the third party firewalls don’t have compatibility issues with Windows, there’s no problem having them as supplements.

Let’s sign of with one!

Before my battery goes off, I should insist on tight security measures. But, I should also tell you the truth- if the government or Microsoft want to track of hack you, there’s little you can do! Unless you build your own Operating System and probably browse in space, be sure that you can never be a perfect privacy gladiator! But, if your main concern is the other bits of wood, free firewall and online privacy tactics will do! Someone asked about the best hardware firewall, and I will be answering that in an oncoming article. Meanwhile, my Battery is 7% and so, just tell me which firewall software is best for you before it goes off, please…

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