20 Best Connectify Alternatives for Your Hotspot Software Needs

When we hear the term Wi-Fi no doubt, we think of the Internet. To start with, if you are an Internet buff, you must have heard about Connectify. First, it is the software that will change your system into a Wi-Fi router. Second, this tool will allow you to send and receive information from different devices.

And yes, this software is the best Wi-Fi hotspot with unmatched features. In summary, it is more than just an Internet sharing tool. In the wireless hotspot category, Connectify is a reputed brand name. Even so, Connectify alternatives are making their headway on the market. No doubt, Connectify is an awesome tool, but it comes with its problems.

First, the free ‘Lite’ version is limited. Second, the paid versions of PRO and MAX are expensive. They cost  $34 to $51, which is too high for some people. Third, the tool is too complicated due to the number of features built in it.  As a result, most people are leading to software similar to Connectify.

In fact, there is no software similar to Connectify that you can compare it to Connectify for features. To be honest; if you are looking for advanced features, then this equipment is for you. But, if you need rather simple, free and attractive Internet sharing software to replace Connectify – below are the Connectify alternatives that we recommend today.

Best Connectify Alternatives for all Your Internet Sharing Needs

    1. Virtual Router Plus

virtual-routerNotably, it is a Connectify alternative for Windows 7. It has been on the market for some time now. Even so, the developers seem not to update this app. Still, it’ll get the job done. In my opinion, it is the simple and easiest WiFi hotspot you’ll ever stumble.

As long as you want a Wi-Fi hotspot feature, this tool is not a bad thing. Besides, it has no extra features. You configure the hotspot name and password, and you can start or stop. It is that simple! VRP (Virtual Router Plus) is useful for anyone who wants the stable Wi-Fi hotspot software.

It is compatible with Windows 7, eight, and 10. Finally, it is a freeware wifi software. Download it from the link below.


      1. OSToto Hotspot


This software was known as 160 WiFi but, the name has changed to OSToto hotspot (free). It is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP. Still, according to our tests, it runs on any tool running on Windows 7 and above too.

Furthermore, it has a friendly interface and you to start your WiFi hotspot with a single click. And yes, it has management features. It shares a secure connection because it uses excellent WPA2PSK password security.

Also, it has a feature to block devices and set the time you want the hotspot to turn off. And, it has a feature you can activate to run on when your PC is in sleep mode.

Finally, you can get OSToto hotspot free download through the link below. Another good thing is, it does not run ads.



      1. SeventhGate


SeventhGate will convert your gadgets into an internet spot. This app uses the online driver within your tool in setting up the internet center. It makes it almost same as virtual routers!

Furthermore, it has a friendly interface. Besides, it is an ad-free alternative to Connectify. You can turn it off with just a click, when you aren’t using it.

Finally, it is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8. Also, it is not a paid version  – cool?


      1. mHotspot


This application is compatible with Windows 7 and Android. Still, it works on Windows 8. It turns your computer into a wireless hotspot gadget within minutes. Equally important, with this app, you can connect all internet supported equipment as mHotspot supports a number of gadgets.

Besides, you can share any internet connection – be it a 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet or LAN. If you are using Windows 7 or Android, mHotspot is the WiFi software to replace Connectify. Because it will change your computer to work as a repeater.

In essence, your device will extend the Wi-Fi network range. Besides, it will create an additional Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, you can view all details of connected devices. E.g., the IP address, Name, and Mac address. You can also see the network usage.

In the final analysis, mHotspot is an alternative to Connectify that you can download for free. Follow the link below to download this application now.


      1. Winhotspotwinhotspot

Winhotspot stands for the Windows Hotspot. You can use this application anywhere and anytime, provided you have the Internet and a Window PC. You can track the Internet usage using the inbuilt bandwidth meter. Also, you can see the Mac addresses and IP address of the connected devices in a separate tab – this tab is under the hotspot platform.

Windows Hotspot is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8. It also runs on Windows 8.1. Both, with 32-bit and 64-bit editions.  Still, it is not a paid service – you get it totally free. For this reason alone, do not think twice I would say, and download this Connectify alternative for Windows 7 via the link provided.



      1. HCSpot

hcspotIf you are a business person, HCSpot is the best alternative to Connectify for you. Using this software, you can create your Internet connection and manage Internet activity of users. So, through this platform, you can prevent access to any other website too. And, of course, you can create your content filtering.

Some of its features include track visited websites and advanced filtering engine. Also, it is compatible with any hardware – supports almost all devices and limits download and upload speed per user.

These features make HCSpot the software similar to Connectify to manage the Wi-Fi of your users. All things considered, follow the link below to download HCSpot.



      1. Thinix WiFi Hotspot

thinixThis software hotspot is yet another alternative to Connectify which bring few new thrilling features. In particular, you can connect other devices to this hotspot. Furthermore, it creates a wireless hub on the Windows PC using the wireless adapter.

Another key point is, you can schedule devices. At any point, if you are streaming a video, you can give your device a higher priority in the settings. As a result, there is no stoppage in playback. By all means, the service can provide a wireless Internet.

Thinix is a paid service but, it offers a free trial for a week. The one week trial period consists of using this app for 15 minutes every day. To enjoy unlimited usage, you need to subscribe to the paid version that costs $12.95.

Finally, this software mainly is the Connectify alternative for Windows 7 and Windows 8. But, the app runs on Windows 10 too, it worked fine at our end. In summary, Thinix runs on Windows 7 and above. Visit Thinix official site below to try this software out today.



      1. Wavespot

wavespotNo doubt, this hotspot free download will transform any Wi-Fi into Wavespot’s center. In other words, you plug in and you are good. In my opinion, the way it functions made it get listed among the Connectify alternatives on our site.

First, you can use your social platform to log into your Wi-Fi. Second, you’ll receive coupons; rewards and much more depending on the browsing trends once signed in. Third, it provides customized suggestions to the clients on time.

On the positive side, it will incentivize you to bring friends on the platform. Furthermore, you can see the growth of your social media using this app. Besides, it will provide you with revenue data and much more.

In summary, Wavespot is a must have Connectify open source app. Follow the link provided below to use this tool.



      1. Baidu WiFi Hotspot

baidu-pc-fasterIn the current days, Baidu is one reliable Connectify alternative for Windows 10. First, it has a mix of simple and advanced features. Second, the advanced features of Baidu do not complicate the experience, unlike Connectify.

Third, some of the advanced features are free. Furthermore, you can send and receive files from any tool connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot. In my opinion, this is a handy feature.

Finally, this software is fast, smooth, and free. It is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 8. Still, it runs on Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 too.  Also, it works on Vista and XP. To try, click on the link to download Baidu Wifi.



      1. Maryfi

maryfiTo star with, this app runs on all the Windows versions. But, it is examined to be the best Connectify alternative for Windows 7. Moreover, this app is simple. Still, it permits sharing of Wi-Fi network with smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

It has a feature that will help you share the Wi-Fi connection linked to your computer. Finally, it has an access point protected with a secret code that has WAP2 encryption for safety. Maryfi is free! And, it runs on Windows 7 and up. Still, it works well on Windows Vista. Checkout this cool Connectify by visiting the link right below.


      1. LionScripts WiFi Hotspot Creator

wi-fi-hotspot-proIn the first place, it is a great Connectify alternative. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Vista and XP. Next, it is available in two versions; the free and paid one. The paid version starts at $11. Now the paid version does not support ads. But with the free version, you’ll have to bear with annoying ads.

LionScripts WiFi Hotspot is simple to use. It has options to configure the name and password of the Wi-Fi hotspot. Still, it has a feature that to start hotspot with or without opening the software. In fact, it is like other hotspot software as it supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP. The best part, it runs on Windows 10.

All these make this software an excellent Connectify alternative for Windows 10. But, to enjoy unique features, go for the pro version (paid). Download it from the link given below.


      1. MyPublicWiFi

mypublicwifiIn essence, this app is one of the oldest WiFi hotspots. For some reasons, much has not changed but it still works. You can use MyPublicWiFi to set up acting non-portal Internet. Also, it allows you block any user’s access to the Wifi network. And, you can block services like file sharing over WiFi which consumes a significant amount of the bandwidth.

Furthermore, this Connectify alternative allows you to track and record visited pages. It has other cool features like firewall and connected clients, too. In conclusion, MyPublicWifi continues to stand out as the best alternative to Connectify when it sharing the Internet. Besides, it runs on Server 2008, Windows 7 and above. You can download it for free from the link available below.


      1. Wi-Host

windows-wifi-hotspot-creatorFirst, Wi-Host runs on any tool running Windows 7 or above.  It works fine on Windows Vista, too. With this platform, you will be able to convert your computer into an Internet spot within minutes. From here on, you can use Internet on other devices.

The best part is that Wi-Host is a smart app. Consequently, for you to use, is not a must you have to install. For this reason, hit the ‘Run Administrator’ for it to work as the manager. AskVG runs this Connectify alternative. It is a free download and runs on Windows 7 and above. At the same time, it works on Windows Vista. You can download it by using the direct link below:


      1. Purple

purpleIf you are a business person, connect with customers through social networks using Purple. Not just it turns your system into an Internet hotspot, this platform will provide you with real-time insights about key individuals within your network.

Moreover, it has a campaign monitoring tool. It will give you precious information about real-time versus historical results on marketing communication. All these will get delivered through Purple portal.

For more information about this tool, visit the link here http://purple.ai/.


      1. Open Garden

open-gardenIf you need an OSToto hotspot free download, Open Garden should be one of your preferred choices. First, it is free. Second, is designed for Android, Mac, and Windows. Third, it will control your net smartly so that you can connect more gadgets.

Finally, it doesn’t need root access. But, it uses WiFi and Bluetooth direct. For you to use Open Garden, you need to download it on your Internet enabled devices. Still,  you can connect more gadgets and it will work well.

Download it from here http://www.opengarden.com/.

      1. Virtual Router Manager

virtual-router-managerAs like other Connectify alternatives above, this software will help you develop a wireless network for your desktop. Still, you can use a mobile phone, wired network, or it will create transmission signals. The wireless network is for you to share the net.

Moreover, it is an open source software that takes small space to get installed and does not support promotions – no adds. Meanwhile, you need transmission signals to set up Virtual Router Manager. Of course, it will allow you can connect with your mobile, modems, other WiFi networks, and ADSL.

You can create a secure code (aka password) of your connection with WPA2 conversion, this is for adequate security. Finally, it runs on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Still, it works on 2008R2 too. Give a try by using the following link.


      1. Handy Café

handy-cafeThis Internet cafe software is available for free. It includes WiFi hotspot, membership accounting, content filtering, monitoring and much more. Once installed it will act as a utility for remote administration protocol.

Furthermore, this software is designed using the latest technology and concept. The features it has are reliable and well worth. Click the link for more information about Handy Café http://www.pfind.com/profiles/handy-cafe.

      1. WiFi Hotspot Pro

hotspot-softwareFirst, this tool is a Microsoft app. Second, it works with Windows 10. In other words; it is the best Connectify alternative for Windows 10. If you download this app for the first time, you need to upgrade your Windows version to Windows 10.

Apart from that, it has a friendly user interface. Also, it is free. It will take you three steps to configure this software. Finally, it also runs on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Follow the link given to install WiFi Hotspot Pro.


      1. Virtual WiFi Router-MyRouter

myrouterCreate a network by turning your PC into a network portal with this tool. So, you can streamline network allocation with other devices using this software.

This platform has excellent features like WPA2 encryption. It allows you to create security digits and modify the name of the network. The simple interface will allow you to use the net with much ease. Finally, you can use app at school, in your car or anywhere.

It is free of charge! It runs on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 2008R2, and Windows XP (Service Pack 3). Download it from myrouter.codeplex.com now.

      1. Antamedia

Antamedia hotspot tool lets you manage your Wi-Fi using a smartphone, PC, or tablet. Besides, it is easier for any user to configure devices that can access the Internet from another one. Still, no need for the user to change the device if he/she already owns an access point or other equipment. Finally, Antamedia works with any hardware.

Follow the link to configure your device. http://www.antamedia.com/

Final Thoughts

There are several tools you can use, and perhaps, you are wondering which one you should use. No doubt, all these Connectivity alternatives are pretty good. They function almost the same and the technology used is alike. Pinpointing the best Connectify open source option is hard. In my opinion, they are all great.

Also, security seems not to be a big issue because you have to provide a password protection. Keep in mind that the hotspot you create is not permanent. Rather a temporary network that will last for a short time. Enjoy!

PS: By the way, if you are using Windows 10, it has a built-in mobile hotspot. To use that, you just need to hit the start button and then type “mobile hotspot”. Try it!

Top/Featured Image: By Christiaan Colen / Flickr

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