How to Unblock Hotstar Outside India, in the US or Anywhere

To start with, Hotstar is an online streaming website inaugurated in January 2015. Second, Star India own this service and provides media content that varies in nature.

This video streaming service offers some of the best Bollywood movies and TV Shows. Also, if you are a soccer fan, it offers live sports streaming such as English Premier League. In conclusion, it considers everyone.
Unblock Hotstar Outside IndiaIf you are Indian descendant, expat or even if you aren’t, Hotstar has tonnes of TV Shows for you. Also, Hindi movies like Sultan, Julie, Hero, and Bajrangi Bhaijaan makes this service worthwhile.

Besides, this content is available in English, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, and Hindi. Also, the same content is available in Telugu, Bengali, and Tamil.

Sadly, this video-streaming service is geo-restricted to India exactly as the Crackle, Pandora, Spotify, Sky Go, Hulu and other services are available to US or UK people only.

So, watching Hotstar outside India is not possible. If you keep getting ‘content not available in your region’ notification, worry no more. At present, you can watch Hotstar abroad on your Mac, PC, iPhone or Android to name a few – literally, on any of your device.

Why Watch Hotstar Abroad?

In my opinion, this will surprise some of you. Many people want to stream Hotstar outside India because the service has the Game of Thrones. At present, the Game of Thrones is the most popular TV Show around the world. It is unfortunate that it is not available on some HBO shows on Netflix.

Having said that, it is one of the premium reasons to why fans who know this platform – want to unblock Hotstar. Also, it shows the Super Bowl and many worldwide favourite sports. And given the number of Indians living abroad who are fans of Super Bowl, you now know (or at least have a good idea) why Hotstar is rocking.

Why Hotstar is Blocked Outside India

Just like other online streaming sites, Hotstar has full rights to air its programs in India. For this reason, they block anyone who tries to access their content outside India. Every time you access Hotstar, the first thing they do is to check your IP address. Once they know you are not in India, you get Hotstar content not available in your region error.

Be that as it may, you can unblock Hotstar and watch it from anywhere around the world. Using VPN services and Hotstar proxy site, you can change your IP address to that of India. As a result, you can stream Hotstar in the UK and anywhere of course.

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