6 Netflix Tricks You Will Want To Know About

Netflix is a great tool that allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows, whenever you want. It is an application that can be installed on almost any device including computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and video game consoles. Netflix has become so popular with users because it gives them unlimited access to watching various shows online without having to pay for cable or satellite subscriptions. The sad part about all of this is that there are still many people who don’t take advantage of the tools that Netflix offers. Here are 6 Netflix tricks you will want to know about.

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Use A VPN To Watch Unavailable Movies/TV Shows

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One of the biggest gripes that users have with Netflix is that there are many movies and TV shows that are not available for instant streaming. If you use a VPN, you can watch Naruto Shippuden on Netflix or any other unavailable shows. VPN means Virtual Private Network which encrypts your connection to the Internet through another server. A VPN is similar to how it sounds; it creates a virtual “private network” on the internet for your computer. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will only see you are connecting to the remote network’s IP address, not what specific servers you are using or what you are doing online. This allows you to connect to any country’s version of Netflix no matter where you are located in the world.

Use The App On Your Remote Control For Quick Access To Search Function

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When searching for movies or shows, sometimes it can be quite tiresome typing letter after letter into the search bar just so that Netflix can take forever looking up everything available. To make your searches much easier, you can use the voice search function on your remote control. This allows you to speak out loud and watch Netflix shows or movie titles instantly appear in the search bar. The only catch is that this feature must be supported by certain devices and will not work with all remotes.

Quickly Add A Show/Movie To Your List With ‘Add To My List’ Button

If you come across a show or movie that looks interesting enough for you to add it to your list but don’t want to take the time typing in its name into the “My List” tab, there is an option for quickly adding it like magic. All you have to do is click the “Add To My List” button underneath the show or movie that you are interested in. It will automatically add it to your list without having to type out its name.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Navigate Netflix More Quickly

There’s a ton of great keyboard shortcuts that can be used with Netflix which help make navigating the website much easier and quicker. Here is a list of shortcuts that can be used with Netflix:

  • Space bar for play/pause.
  • Esc key to close full-screen mode.
  • Arrow keys to move around the page left and right goes back and forward through your browsing history; up and down go to different sections on-screen (like when searching).

Watch A Show On One Device While Watching Another Show On A Different Device

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If you are streaming something on one device while trying to use another, you will get an error message letting you know that this function is not available. However, there’s a really easy way around it with a trick called “Smart Play” which allows you to watch two shows at once from two different devices as long as they are both supported. All you have to do is go into your settings and then click on “Playback Settings” in the Playback Options section. Then, select “Smart Play” which will allow you to watch two shows at once without any problems.

Sign Up For Netflix Using Facebook For Instant Access

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If you don’t have a Netflix account but want one so that you can get access to awesome content, all you have to do is go over to https://www.netflix.com/ signup, enter your information and use Facebook instead of manually entering an email address because it automatically logs in through your Facebook credentials for easy access later on! This trick helps skip out on having necessary info while creating a new account and is also an easy way of accessing your content later on.

Despite the changes that Netflix has faced over the years, it still remains one of the best and most used streaming services around. With a ton of new and returning series and films available on the service every month, there’s always something interesting to watch. These tricks will help you unlock more content with your account as well as make using the website easier no matter how long you have been using it.

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6 Netflix Tricks You Will Want To Know About
Netflix is a great tool that allows you to watch your favorite...

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