2 Ways to Watch Amazon Prime Abroad outside US Anywhere

Have you tried to watch Amazon Prime abroad in vain? Or, are you looking for ways to watch Amazon Prime video in Europe? And simply, it is hard for you to do Amazon Prime streaming outside the US? Maybe, you are always asking ‘Can I watch Amazon Prime downloads abroad?’Amazon Prime AbroadWelcome to the answers! Find how to watch Amazon Prime outside US by performing a simple Amazon geographic restriction bypass. Also, be sure to learn how to work around the Amazon Prime VPN ban.

Besides, this article teaches you on how to get a free VPN for Amazon Prime. Then, find details on how to buy Amazon Prime Instant Video outside the US. That sounds pretty similar to watching Amazon Instant Video outside

Besides, this article teaches you on how to get a free VPN for Amazon Prime. Then, find details on how to buy Amazon Prime Instant Video outside the US. That sounds pretty similar to watching Amazon Instant Video outside USA, right? Well, find out everything below!

So, among the most popular Netflix alternatives is Amazon Prime. As the name sounds, the service is a product of the online trading giant – Amazon! And, just like the online shopping platform has changed the face of the Internet, Amazon Prime Video has lots of benefits. While it is similar to Hulu and Crackle, Amazon Prime has countless videos for you to stream.

Subsequently, Amazon Prime Instant Video is another service from the Amazon Company. The Instant Video changed the name from Amazon Video on Demand. Good things don’t come without a downside, though. Due to copyright issues, a large number of HD videos are available only for residents of the United States. Finally, this article seeks to help you find out how to watch streamed videos outside the US!

Difference between Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Instant Video

Noteworthy, Amazon Prime is not the same service as Amazon Prime Instant Video. While Amazon Prime requires you to have an account, Amazon Prime Instant Video does not. So, you need to have an active subscription account to access Amazon Prime videos. But, the Amazon Prime Instant Video is a place where you stream or buy movies and other videos. It is just like you would do for other Amazon goods!

Again, Amazon Prime Video has the unlimited number of streaming videos, depending on your plan. Amazon Instant Video requires you to pay for every video you view, rent or purchase. So, you don’t need to subscribe to the Instant video.

Why use VPNs, US Unlocked Card or SmartDNS to watch Amazon Prime abroad?

There are myriad benefits of watching Amazon Prime outside the United States using the methods like SmartDNS, VPN and US Unblocked Card. Notwithstanding, it is clear that Amazon Prime Instant Video is not open for people outside the United States.

Although there are versions for each region, the American Amazon Prime videos are not available in other countries. So, to bypass the Amazon regional restrictions, you will need to have an active program.

Again, Amazon Prime does not accept credit cards from most countries of the world – Europe, Asia or India, etc. Thus, there is the need to have a program that tricks Amazon Prime into thinking you are in the United States.

And, you can also pay for the services using an Amazon Gift Card. This way, the charges are credited to your Gift Card rather than the credit card. If you cannot do that, you may need to have an active US bank account or the US Unlocked Card!

Devices and machines compatible with Amazon Instant Video

It would be absurd to subscribe to a service that cannot be accessed on everyday devices; you agree – right? So, Amazon Prime brings services compatible with the devices you have at home. Thus, the Amazon Prime Instant video is available on most of the smart devices you can have. Do you possess any of the devices listed below? If yes, then you are sure to enjoy the thrilling experience of Amazon Instant Video anywhere worldwide.

  • Wii, Wii U
  • Sony Bravia
  • Smart Tvs
  • Playstation 3PS3, Play Station 4PS4
  • Panasonic Viera TVs
  • TiVo series 2, Tivo Series 3
  • XBOX One, XBOX One
  • Roku
  • iPhone, iPad, Mac
  • Apple Tv
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Kindle Mobile

How to bypass Amazon Prime geographical restriction

Straight up; it is impossible to get Amazon Prime Instant Video outside United States. Although there are many versions, the USA Amazon Prime is different from that of Germany (for example). And, the videos therein are customised for different countries. Exactly the case with streaming giant Netflix!

So, watching Amazon Prime Instant Video outside US is a hassle for most people. This is primarily due to the geographical restriction. Fortunately, as you can get a Netflix account outside US with some tricks, you also can watch Amazon Instant Video anywhere in the world using the methods below.

So, when to watch Amazon Prime abroad, embrace an Amazon Prime geographic restriction bypass that you are going to discover. In brief, there are two sure ways to do this. For instance, you can use the SmartDNS or VPN. On the other hand, you can try the USA Unblocked Card to watch Amazon Prime Instant Video outside the US.

1)   Use SmartDNS to Watch Amazon Prime outside US

If you chose to use the Smart DNS proxies to unlock Amazon Prime, you are safe! Smart DNS Proxies help access services and applications that are exclusive to other countries. For instance, an Indian can watch Amazon Prime Instant Video exclusive for the US, via Smart DNS.

To those who have used a VPN before, this bit might sound confusing. But, VPN and Smart DNS are much different. While VPN redirects all the traffic to a channel and changes your IP online, Smart DNS only does it to small bits of data. So, Smart DNS is the safer option for people who consider decent online anonymity with fast streaming speed as a priority.

And, here are the benefits of using SmartDNS to watch Amazon Prime outside US.

  •  Smart DNS is fast, thus; you are sure that theInternet speed of watching videos remains intact.
  • Also, SmartDNS is available for all the devices you can think of. For instance, the Amazon Prime Instant Video unlockers are compatible with Android devices, Mac, PS4, iPhone, iPad and XBOX among others.
  • With Smart DNS, you don’t have to change settings when watching stuff from another region. So, if you are watching US’ Amazon Prime, you can still use the same Smart DNS to watch stuff from Germany or India. What is better than watching multinational streams simultaneously!
  • Smart DNS is so broad-spectrum that it allows you access both local and international blocked services. So, with the proxy, you don’t need to change your IP address- you access local stuff right there!
  • Although hacking into DNS is rare, the Smart DNS has features to block further services in case a breach is detected

Indeed, there exist many providers of Smart DNS. For instance, you can use Unlocator, SmartDNSProxy or Iron Socket. Also, you can try UnblockUs, CactusVPN Smart DNS and HideIPVPN among others. Noteworthy, most of these programs come at a cost. On average, their price ranges from $4 to $5 a month.

But, which is the best SmartDNS to watch Amazon Prime outside the US? Well, there are many types of DNS that you can make use of. Smart DNS’s effectiveness is nearly perfect, but they have their downside too. Most Smart DNS are a little expensive. If you want a Smart DNS to help you watch Amazon Prime abroad at a friendly price and awesome quality servicer overall, then, try Unlocator.

 How to watch Amazon Prime using Unlocator Smart DNS

After you settle on using the Unlocator Smart DNS, you will need to install it on your device and start watching Amazon Prime! The procedure is the same for ESPN and Netflix – so, it is an easy gig! And, this is how to watch Amazon Prime instant video using Unlocator!

So, to access US Amazon Prime, you need to create an Amazon Prime US profile account. Be sure to have your IP address changed, or maybe, have your current DNS software on. This will trick the Amazon Prime site that you are in the United States!

Otherwise, you might get blocked even before you start. Again, the method helps you transfer Amazon Prime Instant video to another country during your vacation! Below is the process you need to follow:

  1. First, head to the Unlocator site and register for an account
  2. Next, chose your favourite mode of payment
  3. Accept the consequent prompts including terms of service. So, just check the boxes!
  4. Now, you can start the free trial for the Unlocator Smart DNS!
  5. Get a compatible device and change the settings so that it can allow installation of Unlocator
  6. Then, open the Amazon Prime Instant Video site and start watching your favourite videos!

2)  Use VPN to watch Amazon Prime outside America

For so long, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) has been the most popular way of faking IP address. Consequently, many online anonymity enthusiasts believe in the VPNs due to its effectiveness. Likewise, many people trick trackers about their location using the VPNs.

In a word, VPNs give users the IP addresses of other countries. So, their traffic comes from a different region. And, this is perfect for helping people access regional-exclusive services.

Channelling traffic to another country may sound complicated, but it is simple if you understand the details – I guess! Consequently, the VPN companies have servers in different countries and cities across the world. Thus, when you subscribe to an account, they channel your traffic to one of the servers.

For instance, when you want to access services that are restricted to US East Coast, the VPN gives you an IP address of NYC or another city near the region. So, websites that track you will find that you are browsing from New York. It is a simple trick!

With a VPN software, you can access region-blocked services from any country on the earth, literally. Even if you are in Germany, France, Spain or Africa (you name it), the VPN will let your traffic seem to be coming from the USA.

Thus, the VPNs are useful for unblocking streaming sites that are notorious for geo-restrictions. And, in this case, Amazon Prime Instant Video is no exception.

So, why use VPNs to watch Amazon Prime Instant Video abroad?

There are many reasons why you should use a VPN to watch the US version of Amazon Prime in foreign countries. Apart from letting you unblock Amazon Prime outside the United States, it makes your Internet browsing completely anonymous.

In brief, online anonymity has become one of the most important issues of this technological era. You never know who is tracking you- it might be a hacker, a website, or even the government! Recently, lots of claims that the US government (and many others across the world) are spying on citizens have been raised. The National Security Agency (NSA) is at the centre of the criticism – and yes, they deserve it!

To run away from this kind of patronage, you need a way to trick them. Otherwise, you might go to jail for some of the pettiest of charges. Also, you want no one to eavesdrop the chats and snaps you send to online friends online, do you? In fact, the reason why

In fact, the reason why the majority of people get online is to feel free, and private. When watching Amazon Prime Instant Video, you do not need someone hanging on your shoulders, do you? Likewise, no bully organisation or individual should look at you through the screen! Apologies for the tone – but isn’t that how it feels when someone invades your privacy?

Back to unblocking Amazon Prime, here are some of the reasons you need to use a VPN.

  • With a good VPN, you are sure of online anonymity. So, no one can track what you do on the Amazon Prime
  • You are free to change your IP address anytime. So, you can also access local stuff right away!
  • Besides Amazon Prime, the VPN will grant you access to other geo-restricted US streaming services. So, you will get Hulu Plus, US Netflix and Crackle among other applications.
  • The VPN also encrypts your data to safeguard you from malicious spies and hackers.

Best VPNs to Unblock Amazon Prime Instant Video

In the past, many people put their trust in VPNs as a way of watching Amazon Prime outside US. Well, the Amazon Prime VPN ban has hit hard on nearly all the VPNs. But, its is worth to list the most popular VPNs used by people to watch Amazon Prime abroad as these are the ones that still work.

  1. VyprVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. Strong VPN
  4. Hide.me
  5. ExpressVPN

How to set a VPN for Amazon Fire TV Stick devices

If your device is the Amazon Fire TV Stick, the VPNs might not work. In fact, the Fire TV Stick does not support VPNs. You will need device rooting so that you can use the Fire TV Stick for watching Amazon Prime Video outside US on Fire TV.

One of the most trusted methods is turning your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Then, set your VPN to read from a US server. When the Fire TV Stick accesses the Wi-Fi, Amazon will think that you are surfing from on the US soil! Or, get a VPN for your home Wifi. In that case, all your devices will read the location selected on the VPN.

Disadvantages of VPNs

Noteworthy, the websites have learnt the trick and are always cracking down on VPN users. So, it is important to find a secure software that won’t spill your beans no matter what happens! Well, as noted, there are many VPN companies and software across the world.

But, there is at least one that will never let you down! Everyone who has tried ExpressVPN would have the same view. So, the most recommended VPN to watch Amazon Prime Instant Video outside US is Express VPN. And, this is why!

Why watch Amazon Prime in Europe or Asia anywhere using ExpressVPN?

Well, there are tens of reasons you need a credible VPN program. ExpressVPN is the best of all VPNs – literally. In brief, watching Amazon Prime via ExpressVPN has more benefits than other VPN software for the reasons below:

  • Compared to the rest, Express VPN has a negligible effect on your Internet speed
  • Then, ExpressVPN is compatible with all devices you use for Amazon Prime Instant Video services
  • And, the ExpressVPN Android and iOS application are light. It uses a slight amount of your RAM and disc space.
  • The makers of the ExpressVPN are formidable, professional and credible. So, this is not the kind of company that will get breached so easily. Thus, your online activities are safe!
  • It is in public domain that Amazon VPN ban affects all companies. Yet, not even Amazon Prime’s brilliant software engineers could beat ExpressVPN’s. So, ExpressVPN is the only VPN that survives the ban!
  • ExpressVPN has super fast servers in more than 80 countries. Also, the company has over 15,000 IP addresses for you to choose. So undoubtedly, you can hide anywhere in the world!
  • Then, ExpressVPN lets you watch Amazon Prime outside US for $8.32 only! And, that is inclusive of all other VPN services you would like to access!

How to Watch Amazon Prime Instant Video abroad via ExpressVPN

When you want to access the Amazon Prime Instant Video via a VPN, no doubt you will go for the ExpressVPN. But, you don’t just log onto the site or register for an account without a strategy. Instead, you need to follow the procedure below.

  1. Visit the ExpressVPN website and register for an account. Signing up for an ExpressVPN account is as simple as filling the form therein!
  2. Choose your plan. This is the part where you select whether you want a monthly or annual service. So, on that, you and your wallet are the bosses!
  3. Download the ExpressVPN software. You may need to change the device settings to allow download from third party sites. Then, install the program
  4. Launch ExpressVPN and select an IP address from a US server
  5. Sign up for an American Amazon Prime Video account. Or, download the Amazon Instant Video App
  6. Login to the Amazon site and start enjoying the fantastic services!

Use US Unblocked Card to Pay Amazon Prime Instant Video outside the USA

No doubt, US bank account is necessary to subscribe to Amazon Prime abroad. Once your 30-day Amazon Prime trial ends, you will need to pay for the service. And, you know how difficult it is to go all the way to the western hemisphere just for a Credit Card! Yet, you can perform a more ingenious workaround – the US Unblocked Card!

This is similar to a VISA credit card. But, unlike other cards affected by US bank policies and shopping malls, the US Unblocked Card survives! A USA bank provides the card and thus, you can feel free to shop using it from any online market. Again, with the card, you can buy anywhere on the planet, as long as they accept VISA.

If you want to watch Amazon Prime Instant Video outside the US, and keep watching it, try the US Unblocked Card. Briefly put, the card is fashioned for non-residents who want to shop from USA online stores. So, you can provide it as your payment method. Thus, you will not have to fake banks or doing illegal hacks to get a US bank account!

If you want to watch Amazon Prime Video, you need to have an active US Unblocked Card. So first, you need one of the programs (VPN or SmartDNS) listed above to help you access the Amazon website. From there, create an Amazon Prime account and provide US Unblocked Card as your payment mode.

Of course, you need to have it loaded with enough money. So, after the 30-day free trial, Amazon Prime will auto subscribe from your card. Noteworthy, Amazon Prime video’s subscription is $99 a year or $10.99 a month.

Benefits of using US Unblocked Card to Watch Amazon Prime abroad

  • If you order the card, you will get it in 2 days! There is a free 2-day shipping guarantee!
  • Also, US Unblocked Card lets you watch Unlimited videos, movies and TV shows
  • You can also watch other exclusive movies and series from the United States
  • And, the card is available at affordable rates

In brief, you can now watch Amazon Prime Video and Instant Video from anywhere in the world! With a good VPN or Smart DNS, it is possible to trick the Amazon site into concluding you are a resident of the United States. Thus, you can easily beat firewalls by performing Amazon Prime geographical restrictions bypass!

Then, you will need the US Unblocked Card to help you retain access to Amazon Prime outside US. The card lets you pay per the Amazon Prime Instant Videos you watch outside the US, anywhere in the world. Also, it helps you subscribe to your Amazon Prime Video plan – annual or month payment!

How to Buy Amazon Prime instant video outside USA

After the comprehensive explanation on how to watch Amazon Prime outside the US, you may need to know how to purchase an Amazon Prime Instant Video abroad. It may not be simple – but the method below should help you out.

  1. Choose a device that is compatible with the Amazon Prime Instant Video service
  2. Then, light up the Express VPN or Smart DNS on the device. Set it to read a US location. Follow the procedures provided above
  3. Log on to your Amazon account via the device browser. You can also create an Amazon account for free!
  4. On the account, choose the US Unblocked Card as your mode of payment
  5. Then, hover to the Amazon Prime Instant video that you want to buy
  6. So, the card will be charged depending on how many episodes of videos you purchase from Amazon Prime Instant Video. In most cases, the price of an episode is $1.99
  7. Now, you can start watching Amazon Prime Instant Video abroad!

That is how to buy Amazon Prime Instant Video outside the US. Then, the video you needed will be right on your device for watching. So, you now have the chance to purchase Amazon Prime Instant Videos in the USA, Europe or even Asia!

In conclusion, watching Amazon Prime Videos is no longer a preserve of US residents. Just because the website has geographical restrictions does not mean you cannot watch Amazon Prime abroad!

At the beginning of the article, you asked ‘can I watch Amazon Prime downloads abroad?’ And, by now, you have the answer! Not just one, you have a couple of solutions now, and if you ask me, the VPN method is my favourite when I (and the ones I know) want to watch US Amazon Prime videos.

There is a version of Amazon Prime Video Europe, in Asia and UK among other places the world. Again, you can even transfer Amazon Prime to another country during the holidays. So, the freedom is right in your hands now!

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