Amazon Prime Expands to China and the Battle with Alibaba is On

Amazon Prime has already established an excellent reputation, with over 63 million users subscribing to its services. But this is not enough and ambition is one of the primary keys to success for a company. Particularly in the challenging field of retailers, there is no room for sitting idle and watching the competitors stand out from the rest. So it goes without even saying that Amazon Prime has made a great call.Amazon Prime has launched its services to China with offers and discounts and the battle with Chinese giant Alibaba is inevitable. Launching in China, Amazon Prime can offer free and unlimited shipping for every domestic order. The same goes for several overseas orders, which can make things even better for user experience. These promotional offers will last until February and include the subscription fee that gets as little as $30 for a whole year. Then, the yearly subscription will go up to $60. This is pretty cheap, too, of course.

Although they have been aiming at the optimal satisfaction of customers, from Amazon Prime they admit that shipments may not deliver in a heartbeat. Instead, in some cases, the delivery may take up to nine days to deliver. This happens due to the transportation overseas, and it is entirely justifiable. Either way, covering the whole region of China in as little as a few days seems like an accomplishment on its own.

Alibaba is the giant among retailers from China that will need to react to Amazon Prime’s launch in China. The former boasts over 343 million users are actively buying from their services. So you can see why the launch of Amazon Prime might lead to a drop in sales. Of course, the latter is not going to take over a significant share of the pie from the beginning. Yet, it is never a good thing to read that a global force in your industry is expanding its cycle of work within your own territory.

It is also worth noting that Amazon launched its services in China during its 3rd Global Shopping Festival. This is a huge even for the company and will last until December. So this event has been the perfect opportunity for Amazon Prime to start serving the needs of China.

Now the thing that everyone has been looking forward to is without a doubt the reaction of Jack Ma. He is the founder and CEO of Alibaba, and he is popular for speaking his mind without any second thought – so this should be fun!

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