15 Best Android Calendar Apps to be Better Organized

When you have an Android smartphone or any other device, you can use various apps that make your life easier. When it comes to favorite widgets, Android calendar apps are worth mentioning and downloading. Why would you need a calendar app? First of all, when work involves constant deadlines, you need a calendar to get organized.Top Best Calendar Apps AndroidFurthermore, if you require being aware of important things, then a good Android calendar app will become a life saver. You will now be able to set up your priorities well on a daily basis. In the digital age, such a useful tool just had to be available on all devices. Let’s see which 15 best calendar apps to consider using on your Android based devices these days, and guess what, almost all are free.

  1. Google Calendar

Google CalendarGoogle Calendar is the default app that comes pre-installed from Android. We think that it will remain a worthy benchmark for a long time. You have access to smart calendars organized by day, week or month as well as by your personal agenda. If you are looking for android calendar app sync with Google, it’s the best option to go with because Google itself offers it (simple!).

In addition, the app makes things much easier for you. You can analyze each registered event on the calendar in detail just by clicking on it. Users can also discover useful details such as the place of their important meeting.

Furthermore, you can set useful reminder notifications for yourself. It allows you to be on time and ready for action. Especially relevant is that users can add any warning they want and even set the entry for repetition on required dates. For Google lovers, it’s well worth free Android calendar app.

  1. aCalendar

aCalendar 1This Android calendar app offers all the functionality features users might expect. You can take advantage of reminders and the option of events repeating whenever you want. Also, you can choose the size of your installed widget according to your preferences.

We recommend users to use it in monthly view. It allows perfect display of information. aCalendar will keep your schedule well organized for days in advance. Furthermore, you can use the text and file sharing options. Discover the availability and privacy settings and the useful autocomplete feature for inputs with this fantastic calendar widget!

  1. Jorte

Jorte Calendar & OrganizerAs far as Android calendar apps go, we can say that Jorte is an interesting item to consider. It allows you to schedule important events and reminders. Jorte also includes a cloud sync service.

Consequently, it enables users to store and manage calendars across the Web. You will discover detailed entries for each day of the calendar. As a result, the spotlight on each of the important events of the day will attract your attention.

  1. Business Calendar

Business CalendarBusiness Calendar is an Android calendar app recommended for well-organized, logical users. It is because the app features useful options and menus.

These are where any typical user would expect to find them. You well know that this is not the case with all calendar apps available for download. With Business Calendar, you gain easy access to your calendars. Furthermore, you can create new events and use the drag and drop option.

  1. DigiCal

Digical CalendarDigiCal is another cool Android calendar app that is worth mentioning for its featured options. It offers a color-coded general overview for monthly display of information. The app is quite useful.

It displays important appointments that you have registered by day. In addition, DigiCal allows you to focus on what is important to you. You can also use the color picker, the background transparency, and the custom font sizes.

  1. Pocket Informant 3 (PI3)

InformantPocket Informant 3 is one app that you will love if you are keen on having things organized well. It is more of an assistant organizer rather than a simple calendar app. It features the efficiency of a good calendar app, and hence, making its way among the best calendar apps for Android.

The widget also offers exciting customization options. You can swipe across several days at a time and bring them all together in a new window. The app offers great adjustable multi-day view options. Particularly relevant is the fact that it includes multi-select features in all positions and automatic backups of data.

  1. Checkmark All In One Calendar

Checkmark All inThis Android calendar app supports a wide variety of calendars. It can sync with the ones on your phone.

Checkmark also allows you to set up useful events and settings. With the premium version of the app, you can enjoy using extra features. Most of all, check out the interesting widget configurations or the Class Schedule styles.

  1. Touch Calendar

Touch CalendarTouch Calendar is a calendar app that can integrate your phone calendars. It features a clean interface with a detailed overview of important events. If you want a simple calendar app for Android, give it a go!

You will enjoy the infinite scrolling option and the widget support. It seems like users can also choose the calendar search option featured by the premium version of the app.

  1. Agenda

AgendaAgenda is a simple yet elegant calendar widget to consider for your Android smartphone. It offers the necessary functionality of a calendar.

The app can integrate with calendars synced to your smartphone. The app features useful notification options. You will appreciate the event creation option. Furthermore, I believe, Agenda will attract your attention through its attractive layout.

  1. Calengoo

CalengooCalengoo is one calendar app that seems to feature all that you could want. It includes a wide variety of menus and submenus. Calengoo offers extended options to consider as well.

You will enjoy its syncing feature and the drag-and-drop option. Users will also like sending events through SMS and email through Calengoo. Most noteworthy is the fact that this is not something you encounter in the case of any calendar app.

  1. EverCalendar

EverCalendarEverCalendar is not a modern replacement of Google Calendar. It is more of an add-on to Evernote. You can use it to organize and display your schedule.

In addition, users can enjoy using its essential calendar features. You can upgrade and gain access to more useful features from its premium version. All in all, EverCalendar reveals a perfect android calendar software.

  1. Cozi

CoziThis app requires you to follow more steps for installation. It can prove to be a useful item when you need to keep work commitments separate from family ones.

Cozi features exciting options to consider. The to-do-list and the shopping lists come in handy.

  1. SolCalendar

SolCalendarSol Calendar is one calendar app that features as many functionalities as it should. It allows proper integration with other calendars.

SolCalendar will surprise you with its slick new options. It includes a simplistic approach to navigation and context sensitive pop-up menu features.

  1. Cal by Any.do

Calendar WidgetThis simple calendar app for Android takes care of all your calendar needs.

Cal by Any.do does that by providing useful smart maps, contact lists as well as new features. Furthermore, social integration and the photographic drops make simple things look attractive.

  1. Calendar Widget: Month

CalHow about a nice Android calendar widget used to handle your calendar needs? It features interesting cursory calendar functions.

In addition, it comes available in up to 80 available themes. The widget attracts attention through its great design and well-constructed themes. It also features well-designed options for perfect use.

To sum up!

The market is full of exciting options to consider when it comes to top Android Calendar Apps. We have revealed 15 of the best offers out there for you. Check them out and see which one might be the right option for you!

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