Need an Android Clipboard Manager? Get 9 Best Here

Androids take a significant share of the pie when it comes to mobile devices and their popularity. This means that most people rely on using an Android for communication, information, and other stuff. The Android OS is easy and practical to use, but there are several defects like lack of versatile Android clipboard manager.Best Android Clipboard ManagerSo continuing, among the things Android needs to improve on, we find the lack of an inbuilt app that allows fully flexible clipboard management. If you want to overcome this problem, you will need to depend on apps from the Android market. For copying and pasting at your very own pace and rules, you ought to find the proper Android clipboard manager.

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Let’s have a look at the nine best Android clipboard managers available on the market right now:

  1. Easy Copy – The Smart Clipboard

    Easy Copy NewAs its name suggests, this is easy to handle app. It is fresh and practical, appearing in all your apps (as soon as you copy something). You can modify the text you have copied, which is a great asset. You can also send it by email or SMS, and you can call the number – if what you have copied is actually a phone number.

    Adjust the text that you want to paste, without any limitation in the volume of copies. Be it for business or personal use, Easy Copy is one of the best Android clipboard options to consider.

  2. Native Clipboard

    Native Clipboard ManagerDouble click on the text you wish to copy and choose the clip. This is how you handle copy and paste with the Native Clipboard. Swipe away to delete the text and press a little longer, so as to check the entire text. There is a neat floating layout, which allows you to manage everything right.

    The app comes with a lot of different themes for you to choose from, enabling you to manage clipboard on Android in a beautiful way. You can change the default settings and adjust the size and other details of the text. It is worth noting that this is an open source Android clipboard app.

  3. Clipper

    Clipper - Clipboard ManagerThis is a classic app, offering you great flexibility in a lot of different aspects. You may copy, paste, view, edit and share the text of your preference in a jiffy. You can also check the Android clipboard history, as often as you want to.

    There is an option for you to get notifications, whenever it is necessary. The whole interface is modifiable, which means that you can adjust anything to meet your criteria. Clipper Plus version also enables you to sync online clipping and enjoy many other useful features.

  4. Universal Copy

    Universal CopyWithout any ads and without any fancy features that make the apps difficult to use, Universal Copy nails it. Do you want to copy a text from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any other app you are using? This app is going to help you out for free.

    When you tap on the screen, all the text is available for you to copy and paste. Universal Copy helps you to copy and paste static texts, which is crucial. There is an edit mode for you to change whatever you want about the text. Of course, it is needless to say that the app is free of charge.

  5. My Clipboard

    My ClipboardMy Clipboard is a powerful app, with various features. It offers you automatic and unlimited history and extension for the notes you have created. You can tag the clips for keeping them on track, and you can add them to your favorites in Android clipboard location.

    With its search options, you can find the note you want among others. It does not spend a lot of resources; it comes without ads, and it performs top notch! You can adjust the app, according to your preferences and style. Last but not least, it does not collect any personal data of yours.

  6. Clip Stack

    Clip StackThis is a free and open source app, without any ads and with material design. It works everywhere, and it helps you create an unlimited number of clipboards. With the app, you can copy and paste, view and edit, star or even merge texts.

    There is a notification option for you, which you can either use or disable or even swipe out and delete. The app comes in the form of a floating bubble, and it features a cool option that you will love; it can clean up every time it charges, and this is exquisite.

  7. Copy Bubble

    Copy BubbleIt is an easy to access app, due to the floating bubble. You can copy any text you want, as well as images. You simply need to tap the copy menu. One of the best things about Copy Bubble is it’s light weight (it only takes 1MB), making it best android clipboard manager that doesn’t take much space.

    You can find the texts any time, in just moments. Another great thing is that you can copy multiple texts at once and watch the number on the bubble increase. Of course, you can easily remove texts from the clipboard. You just click on the X button, and that’s it!

  8. Pushbullet

    PushBulletAt first sight, this app does not go well with the others. But, you do not need a pure Android clipboard managing app to get great results. You can activate the clipboard features of the app from the settings. There, you will choose to copy links and notes automatically.

    The universal copy and paste is another feature to consider, when one is on a hunt for the quality clipboard manager Android app, for synchronizing your device and allowing clipping everywhere – Pushbullet has it on offer. Install the Windows app on your computer and you will have these files in sync, too. Along with its other features (non-relevant to clipboard managers, though), this is a great alternative.

  9. Clipboard Actions

    Clipboard ActionsWith Clipboard Actions, you can copy and paste texts, images, and videos. You can create a QR code for the files you have copied and share them. You can easily manage all your clipboards, and you can shorten their links, using

    You can search the text you have copied on Google, for your convenience. If you have copied an address, it will appear on the map. Apart from Android clipboard access, Google Translate is also available for your files, and you can dial the number you have copied at once. Overall, this is a free and useful app to keep in mind.

Now, with these Android clipboard apps, you will never have to worry about copying and pasting again. These apps make it easy and practical to handle every text, image or video on your Android. So, choose prudently and enjoy the features of your Android clipboard service at full!

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