Source Code for Apple’s iBoot Leaked Online

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After the iOS iBoot source code was posted on GitHub, Apple immediately responded with a notice to remove the post under the Copyright Act.

Apple usually keeps its source codes very confidential but someone managed to post the iBoot source code, at least portions of it, on the website GitHub.

Apple moved in quickly to file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice to take this posting down. GitHub has since removed it as well.

However, experts feel the damage has already been done as people could have copied the source code and put iPhones at a possible security risk. For the record, the iBoot source code is the firmware that verifies iOS software with the valid Apple account.

Did Apple Indirectly Admit That the iBoot Source Code is Genuine?

The interesting part of this episode is that the same details were posted on Reddit four months ago, but it went unnoticed. And the fact that Apple immediately issued the DMCA notice leads some to believe that the tech giant inadvertently admitted publically that the source code was indeed its own.

From Apple’s perspective, the company had to act as it did—irrespective of the fact that the iBoot source code revealed this time is at least three years old and is linked to version 9 of iOS; it is version 11 that is currently under use. But it is not as if the published source code is completely irrelevant. It can still be employed by hackers to breach iPhones’ security.

Potential Impact of the iBoot Leak

In its response to the situation, Apple has also indicated that its latest iOS 11 version offers complete security and users don’t need to worry about the leak of the source code.

It has also been pointed out that the latest iPhones come with a chip, termed the Secure Enclave Processor, which has made it very tough for hackers to perform jailbreaks on iPhones and other iOS run devices.

In the matter of the iBoot source code, Apple prides itself on offering the best security on its devices.

This is evidenced by the kind of rewards the company has set for its bug bounty program, particularly if researchers find major drawbacks or vulnerabilities on its booting sequence firmware.

This has also given the critics the reason to question how such a highly secretive iBoot source code could be accessed by outsiders. Further investigation by researchers and journalists has found that a low-level Apple employee had managed to leak the code.

Update Your iPhone Immediately

If you are hearing about this source code leak for the first time, you must have your iOS device updated as soon as possible. Check that the device has sufficient space to accommodate the update and then download the relevant update by following the routine sequence of steps: Settings > Software Update and Install.

This should ensure that your device stands protected from possible hacks due to the iBoot source code leak.

Some observers are critical of Apple’s intentions in this whole episode. Apple is currently under widespread backlash for deliberately slowing down outdated devices so users will opt for newer models of the iPhone.

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