Astrill VPN Review – Is It Worth It?

Astrill VPN
Looking to change your VPN service? Or just trying to test Astrill VPN? Read this Astrill VPN review before you do.

Astrill is a virtual private network service that launched back in 2009.

The company behind this product, Astrill Systems Corp, is based in the Indian Ocean island of Seychelles. This factor is a plus because Seychelles is not obligated to abide by data retention laws that compromise users’ privacy in other nations.

Astrill, just like any other VPN service, has some good points and some bad points.

Is it worth your money? We’ll attempt to answer that question in this comprehensive review:


Astrill VPN offers the same basic features for all of its plans. Every package provides access to all of Astrill VPN’s servers. Also, all users can enjoy an unlimited amount of bandwidth.

Currently, Astrill VPN allows users to connect up to five devices per account.

Prospective customers can try out Astrill VPN by signing up for a free trial.


Astrill VPN offers users a total of 365 servers, located in around 64 countries.

Now, we are aware of the fact that some of the more advanced VPN service providers such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN have significantly larger VPN networks than Astrill VPN.

Also, some of the other top-competing VPN service providers offer servers in even more countries than Astrill offers.

However, when compared to other VPN services like Avira VPN, Astrill VPN offers more than double the amount of servers.

Astrill VPN offers VPN connections in countries around the globe, including:

  • Spain
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • China
  • United States


If a VPN doesn’t provide good encryption, then it is virtually useless for protecting your privacy.

Astrill VPN makes use of SSL 256-bit encryption. Along with that, it offers users a good number of VPN protocol choices—another plus.

SSL 256-bit encryption, which is available on all Astrill VPN plans, is considered military-grade encryption.

Kill Switch

Internet kill switches protect users’ data if their VPN connection suddenly drops without any warning. This ensures that the user’s browsing session never gets exposed to anyone who is trying to obtain their data.  

Almost all Astrill VPN packages offer a kill switch feature, except for the free plan.

P2P Sharing

Astrill VPN offers P2P-optimized servers, which allow users free torrenting without any restrictions.

There is also no limit to the amount of content you can download while you’re connected to an Astrill VPN server—another plus for torrenting enthusiasts.


Astrill VPN generally works with Netflix. However, the site is not accessible on all servers.

You may have to search for a bit to find the right one.


According to many reviews, Astrill VPN offers fast servers and consistent download speeds.

It’s not the fastest VPN in the world, but it is a solid option.

With that said, we do hope Astrill puts in some work on its U.S. servers. Depending on your connection, you could experience less download and upload speeds on Astrill’s U.S. servers than its E.U. servers.

Not only that, but the ping values also differ a tremendous amount between the two regions, with the U.S. being significantly slower.


People who would like to subscribe to Astrill VPN can use this VPN service on almost all major platforms available on the market today, such as:

  • Android
  • Tor
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • Mac (there is no guarantee if Astrill VPN will also work on old Mac machines)
  • Windows

Astrill VPN is one of the few VPN service providers that works with DD-WRT Wi-Fi routers.

These have the ability to assist users who want to get around the five-device limit.

Another commendable thing that we have to mention about Astrill VPN is that the company sells its own VPN routers. Because of that, instead of providing users with a messy Setup Wizard, Astrill skips right to the VPN router product.

We believe this is optimal for beginner VPN users.

Customer Support

Even though Astrill VPN says it has a live chat feature, practically speaking, it does not.

Most of the VPN service providers that we have come across during our time researching about them only offer users a simple ticketing system, meaning users should expect to wait for 24 hours or more to get a reply to their query.

We found that Astrill VPN’s live chat service takes equally as long. It also requires the user to enter their email and name along with the message in order to get started. That certainly does not help people who want complete privacy.

Even though there is a live feature, you will probably have to use the “leave a message” option in order to get a response.

So just type something in there and wait to see how it goes.


You can download the app via Astrill VPN’s website.

The website is automatically able to identify the user’s operating system and brings up the appropriate download button without any user input.

The installation wizard is without any kind of guesswork as well.

Once the user has installed Astrill VPN on their device, the user interface should appear quick enough.

Upon seeing the login screen, all you have to do is enter your email address and password and then log in.

Astrill VPN

Once you’ve managed to log in, you have the option of selecting the tunneling protocol (such as OpenVPN) that you may want to use.

Astrill VPN

Of course, you could go with StealthVPN and/or OpenWeb as well, but we recommend you stick with OpenVPN.

Astrill VPN
Astrill VPN

User Interface

The user interface is smooth enough, with easy-to-access on/off buttons.

Moreover, the main screen is also the place where you can see the data for the VPN server that you have connected to.

If you want to change your VPN server, all you have to do is choose a single option from the drop-down list menu.

Security and Privacy

Astrill VPN offers the following VPN protocols:

  • PPTP
  • SSTP
  • L2TP/IPSec
  • IKEv2/IPsec
  • Cisco IPSec
  • OpenVPN
  • StealthVPN
  • OpenWeb

Astrill itself has developed the proprietary StealthVPN and OpenWeb protocols.

OpenWeb allows people to evade Deep Packet Inspection or DPI. That means you can use Astrill VPN even in restrictive countries without any chance of Netflix blocking you or your ISP throttling your connection.

StealthVPN is supposed to handle automated firewall systems and allow users to slip past them.

Apart from that, Astrill VPN does protect users against DNS leaks and WebRTC leaks, and it offers IPv6 leak protection.

Logging Policy

It seems like Astrill VPN may keep some logs. The company’s website says they not keep any kind of logs. However, if you read the privacy policy, there they mention that they do indeed collect minor personal information and cookies.

The other problem we see in their privacy policy is that even though the company mentions it does not keep any type of logs and does not trade, rent or sell the user’s personal information with any third parties, the company also conveniently continues to mention that the only reason it collects data is to personalize the user’s online experience related to activities such as interactive communications and online shopping.

This indicates Astrill VPN might possibly make use of your personal data to present you targeted ads.

Typically, this is something only freeware VPNs do.

Whenever someone is using a VPN service, that person needs to know exactly what type of information, if any, the VPN is logging. Users can read the privacy policy in full on Astrill VPN’s website.


At the current price, Astrill VPN is slightly on the expensive side.

You can have an Astrill VPN subscription package for $8.33/month at the cheapest.

Of course, you do not have to part with your money forever to try out Astrill VPN, since the company offers a seven-day free trial.

As mentioned before, the only difference between the different Astrill VPN packages is the length of time they last. Here’s a summary:

  1. The one-month plan is $15.90.
  2. The six-month package is $11.65 per month (or $69.90 total).
  3. The one-year package is $8.33 per month (amounting to $99.90 total).

If you think you like Astrill VPN enough to commit to it for a long period of time, then the one-year plan is probably the best value.

You can pay for your Astrill VPN package via:

  • Bitcoin
  • WeChatPay
  • Bank wire transfer
  • PerfectMoney
  • PayPal
  • Debit card
  • Credit card

Again, Astrill VPN is not the cheapest VPN service that you will find. In fact, it’s more expensive than even some of the most popular VPN service providers right now.

Users’ Reviews

Currently, Astrill VPN holds a rating of 2/5 stars on TrustPilot, with only 12 reviews (as of June 2019).

Most of the reviews say that, generally speaking, Astrill VPN is not a good VPN service.

More specifically, a whopping 83 percent of the people who reviewed the product on TrustPilot said that Astrill VPN was bad.

Another 17 percent said that the service was great but not excellent.

One reviewer said that he had spent years using Astrill VPN and had found the service to be generally good, even though he had experienced issues in the past.

The user also mentioned that some people did not rate Astrill VPN fairly because they rated it against a hypothetical perfect VPN service rather than the best VPN service the industry has to offer today.

With that said, the user mentioned that Astrill VPN needed to update their iOS app as it had not aged well.

Moreover, some users said that Astrill VPN needed to offer some new technologies such as WireGuard, Shadowsocks and v2ray.


Maybe you think you need something more than Astrill VPN.

Perhaps you want a VPN service that has an airtight privacy policy and an impeccable reputation.

In that case, you can check out some of the alternatives, such as:  

Pros and Cons

SSL 256-bit encryptionDoes keep some logs
A good number of VPN protocols availablePriced on the expensive side
Fast enough VPN serversIssues with the live chat feature
The user interface is simple
Works with Netflix
Free trial


Astrill VPN does not do anything which would lead us to label it as a bad VPN. But it does nothing to convince us that it is an elite VPN service either.

If you want to give it a try, go ahead—you can do so risk-free using the trial, at no cost to you.

On the other hand, we found a lot of things to like in Astrill VPN. Its VPN speeds were high and the encryption it implements is strong. However, these are pretty much overshadowed because of the drawbacks such as slow customer support and a questionable logging policy.

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