4 Basic Upgrades Every Hospital Should Do

The modern medical industry has skyrocketed in the last few decades with more technology and innovation than ever before. To keep up, hospitals must continuously improve their facilities to meet the growing population and meet the industry standard.

If you are unable to undergo a full-on renovation of your hospital facilities, there are still some basic upgrades that should be done to keep up with modern times.

Hospital Room

1. Reimagine Sanitation

After the past few years of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, all hospitals have totally changed the way they approach cleanliness. At the beginning of the pandemic, before we knew exactly how the virus was spread, doctors were running around in hazmat suits and normal people were washing their groceries with Clorox wipes.

Although the pandemic is officially over, and most people have gone back to their usual ways, hospitals have kept a lot of the health and safety measures that they adopted in 2020 and beyond. Masks are a much more common commodity than ever before and most hospitals still require them inside, even if you are not sick.

Another sanitation measure that has upgraded many hospitals is hand hygiene. This was already an essential element in any hospital before the pandemic, but automated hand hygiene measures were amplified tenfold in the first few months of tackling the disease. The most popular hand sanitizer dispenser nowadays is the no-contact kind where anyone coming in and out of the hospital can easily sanitize their hands and be on their way without coming in contact with anything.

Other basic sanitation measures that are easy to phase in are ventilation, deep cleaning schedules, and mask protocols.

2. Implement an Automated Hospital Navigation System

Things move so quickly in a hospital setting that modern hospitals are all adopting an automated system to keep things running smoothly. Care traffic control systems like the ones at https://www.navvtrack.com make it easier for hospital employees to stay in contact with each other and stay up to date with patient information.

This system also helps employees navigate large hospitals with complicated wings and even lets you know where different hospital workers are located in real-time. This kind of technology changes the way that hospitals operate and makes the hospital as a whole so much more organized than systems in the past.

3. Improve Conditions Of Hospital Rooms

A big part of the appeal of a hospital, especially for people who are undergoing major surgery, is the condition of the hospital room in which they will be staying. Some studies have suggested that the more comfortable patients feel in their hospital rooms, the faster they recover. There are many little things that you can do to improve the atmosphere of a hospital room.

One option is to upgrade the beds in each room. New models of hospital room beds include adjustable features and robotic elements that will help not only patients be comfortable, but also assist medical professionals in being more efficient with their care.

4. Update Operating Room Equipment

Medical technology improves more and more every year, and keeping up to date in the operating room is essential. Hospitals need to stay up to date with certain technologies if they want to have a solid surgery success rate. Below are just a few examples of upgrades that can be made in the operating room.


Many modern surgeries are very technological nowadays and surgeons can perform incredible surgeries that are mostly non-invasive. These types of surgeries rely on certain robots that work hand in hand with the surgeons.

If your hospital is offering surgeries that require the most modern technology, make sure that it is all up to date.

AI Diagnostics

Real-time diagnosis of certain diseases or illnesses is a modern revolution in the operating room. In certain areas of the hospital system, embracing artificial intelligence is an upgrade that will help operations in your hospital run more smoothly.

Filtration Systems

In a room where there are always human bodies open to the world, filtration is essential to protect from infection. Updating the filtration systems in each operating room is essential to prevent errors.

Large, Clear Viewing Screens

When using small cameras inside the human body during surgery, it is so important to have a clear view of the surgical field. Buying new viewing screens is another basic upgrade that can keep mishaps from occurring during surgery.

Operating Room

After enduring a worldwide pandemic, hospitals will never be the same. Now that we know something like this could happen again, hospitals must be prepared and upgraded to deal with whatever the future brings. Embracing modern technology and making sure that patients are getting the best possible care are the most important things to consider when making basic upgrades to a hospital.

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