20 Best Android Antivirus Apps to Keep it Safe and Secure

Are viruses, spyware, and malware infesting your tablet or smartphone? Are you looking for the best free Android antivirus apps to beat them? If yes, then this is the place to be!

Also, find out why you need an antivirus for Android. Moreover, a comprehensive review on each of the best-paid antivirus for Android. Also, don’t miss out the best antivirus for android phones free download.

What is the Best Android Antivirus?

The best antivirus for Android is one that detects and removes any spyware, virus or malware. Malware is a program that changes the way your device works – could also damage the device. Likewise, spyware is a program that tries to investigate what you do on your device.

Malware and virus are technical terms that are different in meaning. But anyone who uses either of the words could mean any. So, this article uses both words interchangeably. In brief, the best Android antivirus provides stealthy antimalware and antispyware protection.

Why Do I need an Antivirus for Android Phones?

Some pundits believe Android antivirus is unnecessary as long as you download apps from Google Play Store. So, they argue that technically, the Android OS is free of viruses. But, if you are cautious enough, you will find the need to back up your Android safety! Also, most antivirus apps have several other tools that are beneficial and are found in best Android security apps only.

Features of the Best Android Antivirus

  • A good antivirus performs well on AV-TEST. Briefly, AV-TEST finds the ability of a program to detect viruses
  • Also, the best antivirus for Android must be compatible with the device
  • Moreover, the ideal antivirus apps should provide online safety

Thus, in this criterion, Avast antivirus for Android is one of these apps that are popular. Also, Kaspersky Antivirus for Android is another known security app.

So, here is a list of the 20 best Android antivirus apps

  1. Sophos

free-antivirus-and-securityNotably, Sophos is a free Android antivirus. If you want an antivirus to scan your phone real time, then you need to give a shot for Sophos. Also, the features include on-demand phone and SD card scans. In brief, below are the features that make Sophos be part of the list of our twenty best Android antivirus apps:

  • Remote lock for theft control
  • Phone track and alarm features
  • Also, Sophos offers web safety and spam filtering
  • Blocks unneeded SMS or phone calls
  • Moreover, Sophos has security advisor – it helps you improve the security settings

Download free Sophos Android antivirus here

  1. Avast!

mobile-security-antivirusIf you ever talked about antivirus programs without mentioning Avast, you really should repent! Avast is so big a name in the world of virus software that it is such a litany.

Apart from providing the famous antimalware for computers, Avast has also come up with one of the best antiviruses for Android. Also, on the play store, you can find the free version of Avast Mobile Security. Avast! says they might launch a paid version in future – but they will retain the features of the free antivirus.

Avast antivirus for Android is the best anti theft android app, literally. It has inbuilt GPS to locate your phone – and, several other fantastic features. In brief, following features make Avast Android antivirus to belong in this list.

  • Avast Mobile Security scans URLs for malware. The web shield also blocks any of those that contain malware
  • Anti-theft features  – again, it is a comprehensive answer to stolen smartphones or tablets
  • Also, Avast Mobile Security scores 98.1% on the AV-TEST
  • Moreover, the Android antivirus app has a firewall for rooted devices
  • Free

Download Avast Mobile Security app

  1. Norton Security

norton-security-and-antivirusNorton Security is a household name in the discipline of any device, data, and online safety. From the company that brings Norton Security for PCs also comes this fantastic Android antivirus app.

So, if you love and trust Norton, you can smile broader now – at least, there is a Norton on your Android device too! Without any flatter, it is also important you know the features that make Norton part of this list.

  • Norton blocks ransomware such as crypto wall and crypto locker. So, you don’t have to worry about apps that lock your phone to blackmail you for money
  • Also, the app scans your phone in minutes. But, Norton Security Android antivirus has live scan as well
  • It has active support
  • You must be wondering how much does Norton for Android cost; the paid version is affordable – it goes for $29.99 a year
  • For most mobile users free version is more than enough
  • Remote locking tools also available

Download Free Norton Security Antivirus

  1. Dr Web

360-security-antivirus-boostDr Web Security Space is one of the best mobile security suites – it is young and growing fast. Since 2012, Dr Web has been a darling to millions of Android users across the world. As if that is not enough, Dr Web Android antivirus also comes in two versions – one free and another paid.

While the paid version has almost all features that are present in the best Android antivirus apps, it also has several others that deserve a shot! So, here are some of the features that made Dr Web part of this list:

  • Dr Web’s free version is light and thus, saves memory, RAM and battery life
  • Dr. Web antivirus for Android also keeps you protected from all forms of malware and spyware
  • Dr. Web has anti-theft feature that helps block access to your phone in case it gets stolen
  • Also, if you are a victim of apps that lock your phone and ask for money, Dr Web will unlock them fast! So, you no longer have to worry about apps that threaten to erase all your data
  • The prices are friendly; $9.90 per year, $18.80 for two years and $75 for a lifetime
  • Real-time protection for your device or external SD card

Download Dr Web Antivirus

  1. ESET Mobile Security

mobile-security-antivirus-esetWhat is the best way to introduce an Android antivirus app with such an excellent reputation? Well, ESET antivirus founders are the makers of NOD32 antivirus for PC. ESET Mobile Security is one of the few Android antiviruses with a 100% virus detection on the AV-TEST.

Thus, you can trust ESET as one of the best Android antivirus apps in the world today! While there is a free version with limited features, ESET also has a paid version that goes for $20. So, here are the highlighted features of ESET antivirus for you to consider:

  • Anti-theft features
  • Also, by the use of passwords, ESET Android antivirus prevents unintended app uninstalls
  • Offers real-time scans
  • Anti-phishing security
  • Moreover, ESET mobile security and antivirus app has a sophisticated call blocking
  • Safe internet surfing

Download Free ESET Mobile Antivirus

  1. McAfee Security

security-power-booster-freeMcAfee is one of the biggest names in the antivirus industry; especially, it is very famous for computers. Also, their McAfee Android antivirus app is doing well – just as expected! McAfee Mobile Security has both free and paid versions.

The paid version has two plans; one goes for $2.99 a month and the other at $29.99 a year. Moreover, the app is compatible with all Android versions including latest ones. In brief, here are the features that place McAfee on the list of the best antivirus apps in the world:

  • McAfee is a power saver and battery booster
  • It uses little RAM and thus fast
  • Also, McAfee has device support and backup tools
  • Phone anti-theft features

Download McAfee Android Security app

  1. BitDefender

bitdefender-antivirus-freeFrom one of the biggest names in the industry comes BitDefender Antivirus app for Android. BitDefender comes in two versions – one is free, while the other is premium. Also, every feature of the BitDefender for PC is optimized for the Android. Thus, fast scanning and device speed are considered.

In brief, here are the features that earn BitDefender a place in the list of our best antivirus apps for Android.

  1. This Android antivirus is a real-time antivirus for Trojan and malware protection
  2. BitDefender operates on the cloud – thus, it is light and fast
  3. Paid version has browser security and anti-theft phone features
  4. Also, BitDefender requires no configuration

Download BitDefender Antivirus Free Version

  1. Avira

avira-antivirus-securityIn my opinion, Avira is probably the best Android security app. Avira antivirus security has a rating of 99.9% on the AV-TEST. Thus, you have every reason to trust even the free version of Avira antivirus for Android. Moving on, Avira Android Security app has both a free and paid version. And, it could be the

Furthermore, Avira Android Security app has both a free and paid version. And, it could be the best-paid antivirus for Android! In summary, below are the functions that make Avira worth giving a try:

  • Avira utilizes little RAM – thus, it is light and fast
  • Also has an ergonomic interface
  • Moreover, Avira has antitheft features – you can lock, wipe or trigger an alarm remotely
  • Again, Avira safeguards your identity – it alerts you if your email address or that of your friend is compromised
  • Also, Avira allows you to block spam or bothering calls
  • Anti-phishing and antimalware tools

Download Avira Antivirus

  1. AndroHelm Mobile security

Although most of the apps on this list are popular, AndroHelm is an impressive underdog. But, AndroHelm Mobile Security has amazing features that have placed it on the list of the best antivirus for Android phones and tablets.

AndroHelm comes in both free and paid plans. While you can get it at $2.59 a month, you can also pay $23.17 for a whole year. Moreover, you may wish to try the $99.65 or $119.85-lifetime versions. Whichever version you decide to use, you will be going to enjoy the following features:

  • Real-time anti-malware protection
  • Also, AndroHelm offers antispyware protection to put you private from nosy guys
  • Moreover, AndroHelm allows you to back up mobile apps
  • Anti-theft AndroHelm tools allow you find your phone, or lock and delete data remotely if lost
  • Androhelm is also fast and has an excellent interface

Download Free Androhelm Mobile Security

  1. AVL

avlIf you are looking for a light and fast Android Antivirus app then you should go with AVL! Unlike other complicated security apps that, AVL is simple and forthright. By way of example, the AVL Android app does not have exorbitant tools such as location finder.

Yet, AVL Android antivirus has as call blocking services. Also, AVL is fast and friendly on battery life. No doubt, with a detection rate of 99.8% on the AV-TEST, AVL is one of the best antivirus Android apps in the world.

Download AVL for Android

  1. 360 Security

360-security-antivirus-boost360 Security – Antivirus Boost is yet another free Android security app. 360 Security has a rating of 4.6 and more than 100 million installs on Play Store alone – thus, making it one of the best Android antivirus apps.

In summary, features that make 360 Security one of the best Android antivirus apps include the following:

  • Its app manager allows you uninstall apps that you no longer need
  • 360 Antivirus also has Anti-theft features
  • Also, 360 Security for Android has real time scanners
  • Keeps your downloads clean- rejects those containing malware
  • Encryption of apps – you can lock out the nosy from meddling with your sensitive apps

Download 360 Security Antivirus

  1. CM Security

cm-security-applock-antivirusOne of the oldest Android app with free download versions is CM Security Antivirus Applock. CM Security Antivirus for Android free download is available on the Google Play Store and the CM site, too. So, without further ado, here are the features of CM Security Android antivirus:

  • CyanogenMod helps you lock apps and other Android features to keep off the nosy. For instance, you can lock strangers’ access to Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp or Video files
  • Also, CM has antitheft features – you can find your phone if it falls into the hands of bandits
  • Again, CM Security Antivirus Applock allows you to surf the internet without getting hacked
  • CM Android antivirus has live scanning too
  • Finally, CM Security and Antivirus for Android has an impressive rating on AV-TEST

CM Security Free Download

  1. Lookout

lookout-security-antivirusLookout phone antivirus is the go to Antivirus app for most Android users. Although the app is the default on T-Mobile, many people using other phones find it useful for them as well.

Besides, Lookout comes in both free and paid versions. In brief, here are some of the reasons why Lookout antivirus for phones is essential:

  • Lookout has anti-phone-theft technology
  • Lookout Antivirus also has real-time web browsing technology
  • Also, Lookout antivirus for Android phones has privacy adviser
  • Like many other Android security apps, Lookout also has backup tools

Download Lookout Android app

  1. Trend Micro Mobile Security

trend-micro-mobile-security-antivirusTrendMicro Mobile Security Android Antivirus is a product of Japanese technology company Trend Micro. Moreover, TrendMicro antivirus for Android phones free version has about five million installs.

With a rating of 4.5, TrendMicro is also a trustworthy Android antivirus app. In summary, the following list contains the features that make TrendMicro Android Mobile Security part of this list:

  • Real-time virus scanning
  • Also, TrendMicro has Wi-Fi-checkers that ensure you don’t end up in a dangerous network
  • Moreover, you can block spam messages and calls, even from WhatsApp
  • Keeps kids safe online, while at the same time protecting your surfing privacy
  • TrendMicro also has a set of phone antitheft tools
  • In theory, it boosts your battery life too
  1. TrustGo Android Antivirus app

trustgoTrustGo is yet another free Android mobile security app. Besides being highly rated on the Play Store, TrustGo also has several features that you would like. So, have a look at some of them below, and be the judge!

  • On-demand safe app advisor
  • TrustGo has antitheft features
  • Secure browsing – also gives you a stats track
  • TrustGo Android antivirus app takes a selfie of anyone who enters the wrong password thrice

Download TrustGo Antivirus app

  1. AVG

avg-mobileWhat punishment should people who have never heard of AVG antivirus get – a Game of Thrones kind of walk for shame? While AVG is one of the most popular security software for PCs, it is also one of the most efficient for Android.

Also, AVG Android antivirus is one of the most comprehensive phone security solutions. To conclude, have a look at the features and be the judge:

  • In the case of theft, AVG Android antivirus locates your phone using Google Maps. Moreover, you can lock it remotely
  • Also, AVG keeps your phone safe from phishing
  • The incredible AVG has a free and paid version ($9.99)
  • AVG Android antivirus paid version has optimized storage as well as battery saving features
  • Paid version also offers full apps and file backup on the SD card or device memory

Download AVG Antimalware for Android

  1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware app

malwarebytes-anti-malwareIf you are in need of a solidly build Android antivirus to keep off thieves, then Malwarebytes is the way to go! Besides scanning your phone thoroughly, MalwareBytes brings you a privacy manager. In summary, here is a list of features that make Malwarebytes one of the best free Android antivirus apps:

  • Malwarebytes has watertight anti-Trojan, antimalware and antispyware protection. The Android antivirus app also alerts you in case of attack codes
  • Moreover, Malwarebytes’ privacy manager audits your Android device and shows any possible vulnerabilities
  • Also, Malwarebytes is light and fast- it is only focused on handling malware and spyware
  • Again, the app notifies you on spy apps or those containing malware

Download Malwarebytes free antivirus here

  1. Kaspersky

kaspersky-antivirus-securityKaspersky is yet another fantastic Android security app – it comes from the makers of Kaspersky for PC. Moreover, Kaspersky is a household name in device security.

Kaspersky comes in both free and paid versions, and the paid versions include plans like $9.99 per year for a single device and $14.95 per year for two! Thus, if you would love to bring the Kaspersky for PC on your phone, then, brace yourself! In brief, Kaspersky Android app has the following features:

  • Real-time protection from phishing
  • Also, Kaspersky has 24/7 Trojans, viruses, and malware protection
  • Moreover, Kaspersky protects you from spyware. Thus, Kaspersky Android antivirus is one of the best apps or privacy protection
  • Also, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android has cloud protection
  • Besides, Kaspersky antivirus for Android has anti-theft tools

Download Kaspersky for Android

  1. Comodo

comodo-mobile-securityComodo is one of the best free antiviruses for Android on the play store. If you want an Android security app to protect your phone from viruses while encrypting your sensitive files or SMS, then, try Comodo.

This is because the antivirus app for Android has colossal features that do that and much more. So, here are some of Comodo Android antivirus that could blow your mind.

  • ‘Always On’ feature to keep your Android phone or tablet safe 24/7
  • Comodo has Anti-Theft codes that allow you lock your device in case it’s stolen. You can activate the codes by a mere SMS, take a pic or sound alarm
  • Notifies you about unsafe apps
  • The app, also, has features for Privacy Protection
  • Comodo acts as your Traffic Monitor, offers backup app as well as Call blocker

Download Comodo for Android

  1. AhnLab v3 Mobile

ahnlab-v3-mobile-securityIt is little-known, but AhnLab Android antivirus is one of the best you can find on the PlayStore! This AhnLab Inc. Android antivirus app for tablets and smartphones has some of the best features you would ever thirst for in an Android security app.

The free version has a 4.4-star rating on the PlayStore alongside hundreds of installs. So, these are the features that make people trust AhnLab v3 Mobile:

  • Excellent antimalware protection – 99.9% on AV-TEST
  • Also, AhnLab has antitheft tools
  • Light and thus fast and battery saving
  • It is user-friendly and easy to use
  • Moreover, AhnLab supports Android 4.0 and above

Download AhnLab Free Trial

Of course, there are thousands of other Android antivirus apps – but these 20 are the best based on extensive tests and research. So, you can also try a myriad of other choices. For instance, BullGuard Mobile Security, Ccleaner, and GoSpeed. Anytime you think your phone or tablet is at risk, get any of the top antiviruses for Android apps.

So, the best Android antivirus app is…

What makes each of the antivirus apps above to be part of this list? You can know that by checking the description and review of each. But, when it comes to providing the best virus protection, you should go for the apps with a high AV-Test ranking.

Most of the other features are decorative – they are important, though. For instance, you may like the antitheft features as well. Finally, out of this list, Cyberogism would rank ESET, Avast, and Norton as the best Android antiviruses.

In conclusion, from the list of the twenty best Android antivirus apps, you must have probably found your favorite. On top of using a good Antivirus of your choice, try to encrypt your Android too for adequate safety combo. If you have another mobile security app in mind, please share with us via the comment section below. Also, remember that sharing is caring!

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