50 Best Android Launchers for You to Make use Of

Have you been looking for the best Android launcher to customize your homepage? Or, would you like to make your Android phone look and function better using top launcher apps for Android? If so, this is the place to be! Here, you will find an extensive list of fifty best Android launchers for your tablet or phone.

Also, the article is keen to provide details about the best Android launcher downloads! Moreover, it does not matter whether you need Marshmallow, Lollipop or Jelly Bean Android launcher app apks – this article contains all you need! So, read on for a comprehensive list of the best 3D Android launchers for your Androids as well!

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What is an Android launcher?

best Android launcher appsBefore moving any further, do you know what Android launcher means? Of course- most people do. But, just because you don’t doesn’t mean you are out of place- aren’t there millions of things Albert Einstein never knew anyway? So, straight to the point, an Android launcher is an app that lets you customize your phone or tablet.

In the end, this app makes Android phones look and function better. Thus, the best launcher app for Android is one whose features best meet your needs and those of the phone. So, for sure, you need one! Anyway, who likes a disorganized homepage?

Types of Android launchers

While most launchers you find out there are pro (meaning you pay for them) there are free versions as well! But, never mind if you do not have the money to subscribe to premium Android launcher apps. At last, you can access best Android launcher APKs – there are many best free Android launchers out there!

Why you need the best Android launcher

Now that you have full understanding about top launchers for Android, you should know why you need them. So, here are a few reasons you must install top launcher apps for Android today!

  1. Firstly, with an Android launcher, you are sure to do some seamless customization of your tablet or phone’s home screen. Thus, you can place the right apps on specific parts of your home screen.
  2. Secondly, with a one-click customization enabled for your home screens, your Android is surely going to look better!
  3. Thirdly, the launchers have a wide array of amazing themes and elegant icon packages – this is what you have been looking for, right?
  4. Fourthly, the launchers have a user-friendly interface that even a kid can use.
  5. Fifthly, some Android launchers turn Android into other OS – like Windows 8 and many others!

Can your phone take the best Android launcher?

Wait no longer! It is time for you to have an Android launcher for your phone – regardless of your Android’s version. Now, it is time you jump on the list of the top launcher apps for Android. But which specific Android versions can these launchers install? Now, you want to know may be, which is the best Android launcher for tablet?

And, what is the best 3D Android launcher? Or, which is the best Android launcher Jelly Bean? Additionally, is there anything like the best Android launchers Marshmallow? Or else, which is the best Android launcher Lollipop?

To begin with, several Android versions allow Android launchers. For instance, there are launchers that allow as low end versions as 1.0. But, anything from Android 4.0 and later will do best! So, you can have a launcher for your Jelly Bean, KitKat, Marshmallow or Lollipop. Also, it will function pretty well on tablets and Android computer enhancement software alike!

So, here are the top launcher apps for Android:

  1. Action Launcher 3

action-launcher-3Created by Chris Lacy, Action has all it takes to make to the list of the best Android launchers. Noteworthy, Lacy is an experienced Android programmer with several accolades on his title. Action, the free launcher for Android is both clean and dynamic.

Also, the app has many amazing special features incorporated to make it the perfect launcher for your Android! Moreover, it has Quicktheme – an elegant theme that uses the background to make accents. Next, Action has Quickpage – hidden home screen that helps you access anything, anywhere!

Yet, as if that is not enough, Action Android launcher has a feature named Covers, which makes the folder library to be unique. Noteworthy, the PRO version costs $4.99 and allows you to access several additional features including the followings:

  • Slide-out app drawer
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Also, Action supports live wallpaper and API
  • It can edit App icons and labels as well
  • Quick search
  • Shutters
  1. Arrow Launcher

arrow-launcherOn price, Arrow launcher is free on the Google PlayStore. But, if you have tasted it, you would have no problem paying a dime, would you? Notably, Arrow Android launcher is a product of Microsoft – guess the stability and credibility of the app already. So, what makes Arrow part of this list of the best launchers for Android? These features do:

  • It takes less than a minute to have it set
  • Has several preset home screens that you can choose from
  • Best Android launcher for Microsoft’s enthusiasts
  1. Nova

nova-launcherBy the way, Nova should occupy the throne of the best Android launchers. Otherwise, what less for the world’s most popular Android launcher app? The beautiful app has both free and pro versions. To begin with, the pro goes for $4.00 – TeslaCoil Software Company maintains Nova Android launcher app. So, why does Nova receive praise in all Android launchers reviews? Well, have a look at the features and know:

  • Ideal Android launcher for Lollipop and later
  • Also has an uninterrupted infinite scrolling
  • Sticking, more available Nova themes on Google Play
  • Epic customizable app-drawer
  • And, Elegant theme styles
  1. Aviate

yahoo-aviate-launcherA product of Yahoo, Aviate is one of the top Android launchers on the PlayStore for long now. To begin with, Aviate is one of the most beautiful and orderly launcher apps. This app is, for sure, a good Android launcher for tablets and smartphones alike.

Also, Aviate allows users to access important apps at important instances and places. Moreover, Aviate is the best launcher app for Android as far as covering other apps are concerned. Yet, you get the following features free of charge:

  • Important widgets like news, weather and much more
  • Lists popular contacts to save you the scrolling time
  • Although comprehensive, Aviate is user-friendly navigation bar
  • Has more than 100 preinstalled wallpapers
  • Beautiful widget organization
  • Organizes apps by their functions for easier navigation
  1. Apex Launcher

apex-launcherNotably, many users rate Apex as the best Android launcher Jelly Bean for a purpose. And, there is a reason for it – that is because Apex has several fantastic features. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best free Android launchers on the Google Play right now.

But, Apex Android launcher demands $4.49 to unlock premium features – they are worth it, though. Also, some users complain that Apex is sluggish at some instances. Nevertheless, here are the features that make Apex one of the best launchers for Android:

  • Ability to scroll docks
  • Hides apps in a drawer at a single touch
  • Also, it is efficient customizable grid-size home screen
  • Supports home screen gesture
  • Finally, backup and restore settings available
  1. GO Launcher EX for Android

go-launcher-themewallpaperWith more than 100 million installs on the Google PlayStore, Go Launcher EX is an undisputable Android giant. Also, the features make it one of the best Android launchers for tablets! And, oh, it has a free version. But if you would love your home screen to look better, you can unlock the full version at $5.99. According to you, is the price worth it? Have a look at the features of this top Android launcher and be the judge!

  • Has elegant 3D transitions
  • Smart and ample icon package with customizable grids
  • Supports gestures as well as swipes
  • Interesting transition effects
  • Go Launcher EX Pro has no third party apps or ads
  1. CM Launcher

cm-launcher-3d-theme-wallpaperAre you looking for an Android launcher app that has a rating of 4.6 and a near 100 million installs? If CM Launcher is your perfect match, you can rest! In fact, CM is a product of Cheetah Mobile Inc. – the stability is a sure confirmation!

Also, anyone who loves 3D launchers can feel at home with CM Launcher. Again, the app is compatible with Android 4.0 and later versions. So, here are the features that make this Android app such a gem:

  • What is faster than CM Launcher? See, it boosts your device speed by more than 100%
  • Stylish 3D transition effects
  • Ample personalization and customization
  • CM launcher is a beast in performance, yet, a renowned 30% battery lie booster
  • It supports almost every language there is on Google
  • Gives you ability to hide apps from nosy people
  1. Hola Android Launcher

hola-launcherHola is a single MB install on Google PlayStore; it uses up lesser RAM too. Also, Hola is simple to operate – and yet, it is a beast in performance. Again, Hola serves like a blend of two of the best launchers for Android phones namely Dodol and Buzz. Thus, here are some of the Hola fantastic features:

  • Over 10 thousand icon packs
  • Hola is free
  • Daily automatic wallpaper changes
  • Double-tap app-drawer
  • Lists the most frequently used apps for easy access
  1. Atom Launcher

atom-launcherAtom Android launcher is a reletively new app but, it has gained colossal accolades for its impeccable features. The Android Atom launcher has both a free version, as well as the pro that needs $1.99. But, with the features below, you may find the need to unlock the full version:

  • It is an ergonomic theme maker
  • Light and thus efficient for low-end hardware
  • It has built-in widgets
  • Has icon pack support
  • Gesture control
  1. Google Now Launcher

google-now-launcherGoogle Now Android launcher is a product of Google Inc – so, that should tell you something about the app already! In that order, Google Now – like most Google products, is free. It comes along with fantastic features that make the launcher app one of the best in the store.

The newer versions of Android, in general, come with an inbuilt Google Now Android launcher. However, many of its users say it slows down hardware. Also, there are concerns about lacking basic features. Yet, despite all these, there are features that may please you. Thus, here is why you may need to install Google Now Android launcher:

  • It is free
  • Easy integration to the Android system
  • Google Now launcher has more inbuilt Google products than the rest
  • Voice command for searches; you can say ‘OK Google’ and it will start searching
  • Receives frequent updates
  1. Launcher 8

launcher-8-wp-styleThe Launcher 8 Android app is one of the most fantastic (and appealing) on the PlayStore. If you ever loved to transform your Android phone into a Windows Phone but did not know how to, Launcher 8 is the answer! For free, the app, also known as ‘WinDroid’ – brings a Windows interface to your Android home screen. So, here are some of the features that make Launcher 8 a must have app:

  • An impeccable Windows 8.1 series experience
  • Stunning interface
  • Easier navigation
  • Retains Android functions
  1. Lightning Launcher for Android

lightning-launcherGiven that the price of Lightning Launcher is $2.99, you may need to try its features. Also, apart from being simple to use, Lightning Launcher has several other features that you would love to try. So, here they are!

  • First, it is simple to use
  • Has a large number of home screens
  • Gives you the ability to add and arrange icons as you like
  • Best for low-end hardware
  1. Next Launcher 3D Shell

next-launcher-3d-shell-liteAll things considered, Next Launcher 3D Shell is one of the undoubtedly finest and best Android launcher apps on the PlayStore. It is the product of GO Dev Team and has an elegant 3D home screen. Also, the pro version is a little expensive but there is a free package for users. Yet, thousands of users still find the $16.99 pro worthy. So, here are some of the features that make Next Launcher 3D Shell a better choice than most apps:

  • Elegant 3D home screen
  • Ability to switch to any home screen created
  • Liquid smooth infinite scrolling
  • Best 3D animation Android launcher on the PlayStore so far
  • Stunning transition effects
  1. Smart Launcher 3

smart-launcher-3Smart Launcher 3 is free on the PlayStore; but, it also has a pro version that goes for $3.99. And, Flower Free is another name for the Smart Launcher for Android app. Also, on the PlayStore, Smart Android Launcher has several users. Thus, here are some of the features that make this Android launcher worth a try.

  • Elegant transitional effects
  • Customizable app drawer and icon package
  • Spin style app interface
  • It is faster than most Android launchers- thus, it’s ideal for low-end devices
  1. Solo Launcher

solo-launcher-cleansmoothdiySolo Launcher for Android tablets and phones is, indeed, a free app. Also, the Android launcher has a 4.1 rating and more than a million installs on the PlayStore. It is one of the best android launchers for customization – and, here are some of Solo Launcher’s other features:

  • Fast on both low and high-end devices
  • Elegant animation and transition effects
  • Integrated with Google Now
  • Gets regular updates
  • Has gesture control
  1. Themer Launcher

themer-launcher-hd-wallpaperConsidering it is a product of MyThemeShop, Themer Launcher is one of the best Android launchers you can find. Also, it is free on the PlayStore. Moreover, it has customized skins from users. You can create your own theme or skin as well. Here are other highlighted features of Themer Launcher:

  • It is an elegant Android launcher
  • Gives the ability to download your favorite skins and themes
  1. Z Launcher by Nokia

z-launcher-betaNokia phone makers have a wonderful Android app – Z Launcher. Even in its free beta version, Z launcher is still stable. Unlike the other apps, Z Launcher has minimal features. Yet, it has won the hearts of thousands of users. Features of the Z launcher include the following:

  • A single home screen
  • Search tool
  • One app drawer
  • Impeccable stability
  1. Dodol Launcher

line-launcherDodol Launcher is, indeed, one of the dreamland’s Android launcher apps on the Google PlayStore. Also, Dodol’s optimized performance has attractive a stable 10 million loyal users on Google Play. Although many pundits tend to overlook Dodol in discourses, it is still one of the best launchers on the Play store. In summary, here are some of the features that make it a lord among subjects:

  • It is a free Android launcher with amazing features, better than many pro launcher apps
  • The app has no ads or nagging screens – gives a smooth, interrupted experience
  • Gesture control
  • Tons of customizable themes
  • Also, Dodol is the fastest Android launcher – only the minimal and low-end launchers are faster
  1. Galaxy launcher

galaxy-launcherBy the way, are you a lover of Samsung products? Then, Galaxy Android launcher is your best option! For instance, this launcher app literally turns any smartphone into a Samsung one!

If yours is a Samsung brand already, then Galaxy Android launcher is a valid recommendation. Also, Galaxy Launcher for Android helps you gain access to Samsung UI in a better way. So, here are some of the features that may make it worth a shot for you:

  • It is free
  • The app drawers are customizable
  • It has no ads and thus runs smoothly and interrupted
  • Later updates have Lollipop themes
  • Home screen supports gesture
  • The scrolling is infinite and smooth
  1. ADW.Launcher

adw-launcher-1To begin, ADW.Launcher is among the top Android apps you can have. It is available for almost all versions of Android. Also, it is one of the best Android launcher Lollipop. Moreover, it is customizable with several skins. Consequently, here are main features of the ADW launcher:

  • ADW Launcher has tens of app drawer styles
  • Gives you the chance to hide apps in app drawers
  • Compatible on all Android OS- from 1.6 to 5.1
  • Thousands of skins
  1. Apus

apus-launcher-theme-wallpaperFirstly, Apus is among the top Android launchers you can find on the PlayStore. Working as a mercury app, Apus Android launcher has sparkles dazzling theme styles – and wallpapers alike. For example, it turns your smartphone or tablet into a spectacular beauty.

Also, Apus is a Kim Kardashian on the play store – or what would you say of an app that has more than 300 million authentic users across the world? So, here are the reasons why Apus is one of the best Android launcher apps:

  • First, Apus is considerate in RAM usage
  • Also, it is a destination for battery life – with Apus, your battery lasts 25% longer
  • Apus has app search tab – so, you don’t have to keep scrolling
  • Apus has thousands of wallpapers, icon packages, and themes – and, they are all for free
  • It optimally made for Android devices- including smartphones, BlueStacks, and tablets
  1. C Launcher for Android devices

C LauncherNotably, C Launcher for Android phones ranks well in the list of the best launcher apps on PlayStore. Further, the free Android launcher app has amazing features that might thrill you. In summary, here are the features of the C Launcher for Android:

  • First, it lists apps on app-drawers categorized spontaneously
  • Also, it boosts your battery life by 25%
  • Automatic music play when headphones are plugged in
  • RAM friendly
  • And, it is free of charge!
  1. Everything Me Launcher for Android

EverythingMe Android launcher is among the best apps you can have. Apart from stunning features, EverythingMe also has the elegance that will keep you glued on your smartphone. From a special design to user-friendly interface, also, the best Android launcher can never give better! In summary, here are the features:

  • RAM friendly – doesn’t slow you device
  • Unique design
  • Everything Me Android launcher is ads and bloatware free
  • Categories for apps optimize the user experience

UPDATE: EverythingMe has shut down.

  1. TouchWiz Android launcher

touchwiz-launcher-androidA creation of Samsung, Touchwiz is one of the most beautiful Android launchers you will ever find. Also, the app is exclusively made for Samsung devices. But, the developers have succeeded in porting it for other devices as well. In brief, here are some of the features of the TouchWiz Android launcher:

  • Most beautiful Android launcher is not an empty rhetoric when referring to Touchwiz
  • It consumes a little amount of RAM, thus doesn’t slow your device
  • Touchwiz has stunning default transitions
  • Available for non-Samsung devices as well
  1. Big Launcher

big-launcherBig Launcher is the best app you can give to people with visually challenged life. The reason for this is that it has large icons that make it favorable for the elderly and those with visual problems. Big Launcher is a paid app, but it is worth it. In summary, here are the features of the app:

  • Compatibility with Gingerbread and later versions of Android
  • Big Launcher has enlarged icons which are visible to those with eye issues
  • Easy to use navigation
  1. W8 Launcher

w8-launcherW8 Launcher for Android is one of the finest apps you can get for your phone. But why? To understand, just have a look at the features and be the judge:

  • Light and thus uses little RAM
  • More than a million installs on PlayStore
  • Has a windows interface
  • W8 Launcher for Android is the fastest Android to Windows 8 converter
  1. i6 Plus

i6-launcheri6 Plus Android launcher is the perfect destination for iOS lovers. This is because it changes Android interface to make it look like you are running iOS. Also, with i6 Plus, iOS is not a privilege of i6 Plus only! So, i6 Plus Launcher brings the iOS UI into your Android device. What’s better?! In summary, see the other features that make i6 Plus worth the shot:

  • Elegant dancing app icon package
  • Get the iOS feel on Android smartphones and devices
  • Includes transparent HD wallpapers
  1. Nano Launcher

nano-launcher-simplesmartNano Launcher for Android devices has the reputation of being one of the fastest apps you can install. For instance, it is selfless on RAM usage and, saves your battery life. So, here are the elements that will make you love this Android launcher.

  • Increases phone speed by more than 200%
  • Nano Launcher is free and easy to use
  • This Android launcher app has pre-installed wallpapers that you can use for the home screen
  • Has a healthy life reminder
  1. ZenUI Launcher

zenui-launcher-themewallpaperZenUI Launcher for Android has earned millions of installs over a short period on the PlayStore. On it, you can create your very own style on the ZenUI Android launcher. In brief, here are the features of the ZenUI Launcher:

  • Ability to create your own style
  • Quick Find helps you get your apps with ease
  • Has Games and Apps4U
  1. Buzz Launchers

buzz-launcher-smartfree-themeBuzz Launcher for Android phones and tablets has a wide space for customization. Also, it has a 4.5 rating and over million installs on PlayStore – owed to its elegant UI. In brief, here are its features:

  • Buzz Android launcher is endowed with cute transition effects
  • Buzz is fast- it uses little amount of RAM
  • Has infinite scrolling
  • A creative home screen
  1. Line Android Launcher

line-launcherLINE Android launcher is a product of LINE, it is also the official default home screen launcher app for LINE. Essentially, LINE launcher turns dull phones into amazing devices. In summary, with the features listed below, you will have to like this launcher app!

  • Thousands of trendy wallpapers, themes and icons
  • Has enhancements to let you meet new friends on Android
  • Has stickers to increase your messaging experience
  • LINE is the ultimate destination Android launcher for chat-mongers
  1. Zeam

zeam-launcherZeam launcher for Android is one of the finest apps for your smartphone or tablet. It has a minimalist code base – thus, it is quicker than most launchers on the PlayStore. Also, it is efficient on lower end devices. So, here are the features of the Zeam Android launcher.

  • Zeam Android launcher is free
  • Provides extra-smooth performance
  • It is an amazing boost for device speed
  1. Ubuntu Mod Launcher

ubuntu-mod-launcherDid you know Ubuntu Mod Launcher for Android is compatible with Android 2.2 and later versions? Well, the amazing Android launcher app also gives you the Ubuntu feeling – right on an Android device. In brief, here are some of the features of the Ubuntu Android launcher:

  • Makes Android phone look like Ubuntu
  • Mod launcher is launcher enabled and has GNOME as well
  1. iLauncher

ilauncheriLauncher is yet another app to make it to the list of the best Android launcher apk. iLauncher Android app is not available on Playstore but you can find it on APK. In summary, here are some of its fantastic features:

  • Navigable home screen
  • Allows easy install for apps to the home screen
  • Cute round corner icons
  1. Lollipop Launcher for Android

lollipop-launcherTo begin with, if your phone runs on a Lollipop Android, this launcher is yours! For instance, the launcher has features suitable for Android Lollipop Android phones. Also, it has a rating of 4.2 on PlayStore, with hundreds of thousands installs. In brief, here are some of the features that you may need to know about:

  • Customizable home screen
  • Ability to change icon and themes with ease
  • Best Android launcher Lollipop
  • Compatible with ICS, Jelly Bean, Kitkat and Lollipop
  1. Ace Android Launcher

ace-launcherAt the start, Ace is a 7.4mb Android launcher app. It has a rating of 4.2 and more than a million installs on Google Play. It is still on version 1.0.6 – but with amazing features. In summary, here are some of the features of the Ace Android launcher.

  • It is absolutely free
  • Faster than most high-end launchers
  • Ace Android launcher is compatible and fast on most low-end devices.
  1. TSF Launcher 3D Shell

tsf-launcher-3d-shellTo begin with, if you love 3D animation and effects on your home screen, TSF Launcher 3D Shell is your app! This is partly because the launcher app has a 4.4 rating and over a million installs on Google Play. Also, this regularly updated Android launcher has more than 3D effects to offer. So, see these features and find out why:

  • Compatible with most Android versions
  • Elegant transition themes and effects
  • Magical 3D home screen
  1. 91 Launcher Pro

91-launcher-proFirst, it is good to say; what an amazing Android launcher! 91 Launcher Pro is one of the most sumptuous Android launchers on the internet. Furthermore, it is updated regularly to ensure it remains cute and relevant.

Also, this best Android launcher app has a high rating of 4.2 and about a million installs. So, anytime you need the following features, make sure you give 91 Launcher Pro a shot!

  • Quick search tools
  • Compatible with Android 2.3 and later
  • Deep scanned by Kaspersky, McAfee Security and other security software to give you a clean touch
  • 91 Launcher Pro Android launcher is a friend to power savers
  1. LauncherPro for Android

launcherproLauncherPro is rated as the best Android launcher by more than 10 million worldwide users. Also, more than 200k Google Play users rate it at 4.5 – they must have liked it! In addition, LauncherPro is light – you only need 2.0MB of your space to install.

Moreover, LauncherPro allows installation on Android 2.0 and later. Do you want to know why millions of users trust this Android launcher? To sum up, these features are the reason:

  • It has a super-smooth scrolling
  • More than seven home screens
  • Has elegant app drawers in 2D and 3D
  1. Total Android launcher

Firstly, Total Android launcher is a 2.8 MB Android app that requires Android versions above 4.0.3. Also, Total Android launcher is rated 4.3 by thousands of users on Google PlayStore.

As if that is not enough, the app also has more than half a million installs. Again, the Total launcher for Android has several other features that you may like. For your better idea, they include the following:

  • Easy customization
  • Total has one of the most striking home screens among the best Android launchers
  • It has a press-and-hold editing
  1. Lucid Launcher

lucid-launcherLucid Launcher is a 4.1 rating (on Play Store) 4.1 MB launcher app that is compatible with Android 3.0 and later versions. Powerpoint45 is Lucid’s creator, and updates it regularly. So, without further ado, here are the features of the Lucid Launcher for Android:

  • Has awesome audio and, beautiful visual effects
  • Also, Lucid is endowed with amazing customizations
  • Moreover, it is a stimulating Personal Access Display Device (PADD)
  • Unlimited editing
  • Likewise, it has search tools and sidebars
  • Translation
  1. SF Launcher

sf-launcher-2Jack Thakar is a web developer and programmer – he is solely responsible for this amazing Android launcher app. Well, SF Launcher for Android is compatible with Android 4.1 and later. Also, it is about 10MB worth of your data. Although it has a rating of 3.7, you may like the following features.

  • Compatible with third party themes and wallpapers
  • SF Launcher Plus Key is the pro version that has a 4.2 rating and amazing features
  • The pro version has allowance to change card colors
  • Drawer to hide app packs
  1. EZ Launcher

ez-launcherEZ Launcher is an INFOLIFE LLC product that has several amazing features. Firstly, this Android launcher app has 4.2 rating on Google Play. Second, EZ Launcher is compatible with Android 2.0 and later. Third, the app has more than a million installs on Play store alone. In summary, here are the other features of Ez Launcher:

  • 24/7 tech support
  • Elegant navigation
  • Can hide folders and apps with ease
  • Inbuilt app manager
  1. Start Launcher

startThe latest version of Start launcher is compatible with Android 4.1 and later. Also, Start Launcher Android app has more than 10 million installs on Google PlayStore. It only takes 19MB of your data to install Start launcher, and enjoy the following features:

  • Start magazine provides you with all content about your niche of interest
  • Secure
  • Free
  1. Star Launcher 508, 558, XENSE

star-launcher-508-558-xenseStar Launcher is a 3.7 rated 13 Mb Android launcher app that requires 4.1 and later Android versions. Also, it is worth mentioning that the Android launcher app in discussion here is maintained by Mobile Star Corp. So, here are some of the features you may like about Star Launcher – one of the best Android launchers to download.

  • Gesture home screen
  • Ability to hide apps
  • Elegant wallpapers
  • Sliding Start menu
  1. Mini Android Launcher (Kitkat0Stil)

mini-launcher-small-fastFirst, as one of the best Android launchers, Mini Android Launcher comes pumped up with awesome benefits. Then, the 4.5-rated app only eats up 4Mb of your data to install. Also, Mini Android Launcher has near to five million installs.

  • It is fast
  • More than ten thousand themes
  • Interesting transition effects
  • Gesture effects
  1. Vire android launcher

vire-launcherIt is worth mentioning that the smart Vire Labs, who are experts in the Android world – update this app on regular basis to make it one of the best android launchers in the world. Vire Android launcher is compatible with most Android versions – 2.2 and later.

And, the app only takes up 7Mb of your memory to install. Also, it has more than a million installs. Again, it has a 4.2 rating on Google Store. In summary, here are the mind-blowing features of Vire Android launcher:

  • User-friendly customizable home screen
  • Vire has 3D clocks
  • You can create your own themes
  1. Cheetah Launcher

cheetah-launcherNoteworthy, when CC Launcher made this app, they considered aspects of size and elegance alike. So, it is the quality of Cheetah Launcher for Android that makes it a 4.4 stars launcher app. Again, the total number of installs range from 5 million to 10 million. Then, why all the hype about one of the best Android launchers? So, see the features for yourself and be the judge:

  • Gorgeous Themes
  • Ability to customize your home screen
  • 28% faster
  1. M Launcher -Marshmallow 6.0

m-launcher-marshmallow-6-0If you were looking for the best Android launchers Marshmallow 6.0, then you need M Launcher. Because it has a rating of 4.3 rating and almost 5 million installs. So, let the features speak for themselves:

  • Easy to use
  • Graceful wallpapers
  • Compatible with Android 4.1 and later
  • A-Z list kind of app drawer
  • Hidden app style
  1. KK Launcher – Cool,Top launcher

KK Launcher -Cool,Top launcherFinally, the 4.3-rated launcher has more than five million installs and only requires 5.8M of space. Also, KK Launcher is compatible with 4.0 and later. In short, here are the features that has taken KK there:

  • OK Google
  • Over 5000 icon pack
  • Gesture experience

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