10 Best Browsers for the Security and Privacy Online

Cybercrime is a peril that is haunting thousands of internet buffs around the globe. Your web browser grasps more about you, and it’s well acquainted with those sites that you often visit. Keeping your data exclusive is salient especially at present.

Though most preferred browsers that we use claims to be a top secure browser, the fact is, there are scores of controls that are beyond our reach. They are good, yes, but they cannot prove 100% undertaking. So wondering about the best security browser, in real – right?

Well, apart from alternative web browsers that you can use, there are top online privacy and security browsers that have emerged with a notion to keep your privacy flawless. This article has dug deep and catalogued the best browser for the safety. Even though these browsers aren’t splendid and guarantee rare privacy features, they offer best services.

Updated February 2017!

  1. Tor Browser

Tor BrowserTor services have remained leading-edge despite the fact it is not having a premier interval. Browser by Tor is the best secure browser to those who want to tuck away their specification and identity from the most-visited sites. It also edges you from trackers, ads, and nasty cookies.

This browser is constructed on Firefox, open source and comes designed to access Tor network. A valuable amount of built-in plug-in and services which were with Firefox open-source are no longer inTor.

Leave the browser settings as it is or alter it and risk giving away all your personal information to websites. It is available to download for Linux, OS X, Windows and other convenient forms. Tor is the best browser for security and privacy if you are surfing the internet using the unreliable system.

  1. Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy BrowserEpic Privacy browser is available for Windows and Os X. The interface of this browser is more like a friendly version of Google Chrome. Epic eliminates all ostentation to maximise the security of the user as all cookies and trackers get blocked after every bout so, no specifics get collected.

  1. Aviator

Aviator BrowserAviator is one the best secure browser that will maximise security allowing you to browse the internet without being traced. The best part is that the browser launches itself in a private mode by default which is a clear attestation that privacy is its task. Also, the interface is simple that when a page that contains cookies opens, an X sign appears indicating that the page didn’t set the cookies.

Comodo Browsers

Comodo is an internet security company that has been providing protecting data services for years. It has been known for its desktop antivirus, malware products, and internet security. It nurtures three best secure web browser, and each provides supplementary protection that is not found in a premier browser.

  1. Comodo Ice Dragon

Comodo IceDragonThis web browser is a version of Comodo Dragon based on Firefox. You’ll want to download this version if you prefer the feel, look, and features of Firefox. It props up third party extension, and its protection levels are equal to those provided by Comodo Dragon.

This browser scans all malware and tracking elements in all pages as soon as they load, and they warn users promptly if they are about to download something fishy. It supports Windows 7 although in performs efficiently in Windows 8 as well.

  1. Comodo Dragon (Chromium)

Comodo Dragon Internet BrowserThis is a Chromium-based web browser. Comodo Dragon incorporates some Comodo-randed tools in the browsing experience. For instance, the company owns SSL validation meaning every site you surf has its SSL certificate and identity verified. The browser does notify you when the site you are visiting is questionable.

The browser obstructs tracking cookies from a third party, widgets and elements from other sites from loading. Comodo Dragon runs on Windows 7 ad below although it has no issues with Windows 8.

  1. Comodo Chromium Secure (Chromium)

Chromodo Private Internet BrowserThis is the latest web browser version of Comodo Dragon. Chromium Secure browser is the best if you want to shelve all of the brandings, go back to the basics and keep of all the protection. All Comodo Dragon features are in this browser; on-site malware scanning, tracker blocking, domain validation, secure DNS, and SSL. If you are looking for the best privacy and secure browser, this is one of them.

  1. Dooble Browser

Dooble BrowserDooble browser is available on Linux, OS X, Windows, OS/2 and FreeBSD. Its mission is to provide absolute privacy to users. It has a security tab with a profusion of settings to control the privacy configuration. Also, it uses paramount encryption on most of its stored data allowing security passphrases created for each browser. This is so for safety purposes.

  1. SRWare Iron

SRWare BrowserSRWare Iron browser provides users with customised developed tools, extension and privacy settings. It’s modelled on Chrome because it is a Chrome-based browser. Though it shares some feature with Chrome, it is an ultimate solution to Chrome issues that people are familiar with. It has a portable version, available fro Android and Windows – as well as can be setup on Linux and Mac. Iron extensions and themes are there too for the users to use!

  1. Opera

Opera BrowserOpera browser is familiar to many, and the majority does use it to surf the internet. It works on semi-open, and it goes straight to the point with its private policy. Opera doesn’t collect much statistics on users like other browsers do. It has a built-in VPN which means users can browse their desired sites safe and secure.

  1. Maxthon Cloud Browser

Maxthon BrowserThe Maxthon browser functions around synchronisation between mobile and PC inclusive of built in features permitted in other browsers using the plugins. It embeds the claimed protection from ADBlock Plus (aka ABP) including the disputable ads technology, and AES256 encrypted occurrence of the files to cloud servers. It prevents access to user information.

Summing Up the round-up for best security browser

Although these web browsers have their drawbacks, it is deserving denoting that scrutinising browsers ratings will help you in choosing which browser has the best security. And don’t forget to share your thoughts on best security browser you have picked, or comment if you feel there are other secure browsers that are as good as the ones we’ve listed.

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