30 Best Torrent Sites Available on the Internet for You

There are hundreds of projects that we conduct through the web. And as a result, some of these project files get downloaded and shared. To start with, downloading a file from the internet requires a source to download the file obviously – and best torrent sites work “best” for that.Best Torrent SitesEven though you can use a variety of software to download your desired video, file or music, but still the torrent remains to be the best option. Its popularity is growing each day and now with free torrent downloads sites available; the benefit is to us, the users.

Before we get deeper into the best torrent sites, let us understand what torrent is? First, torrent is a file associated with specific content related to downloading. Second, it works on peer to peer file sharing technique connected to more than 100 million users around the globe.

Finally, the downloading speed of this software rests on peers, leechers, and seeders. Peers refer to those who download the file and share it with other peers. Leechers are those who download the file whereas Seeders are those who upload the file.

So, now that we have covered basics about a torrent file let’s move to the main object here. There are several best torrents downloading websites online, but we have highlighted the best ones below for you to save you a lot of time.

Updated January 2017!

We will start with listing the table containing best torrent sites first, for your quick access, and then details about every single site on our list should follow. Here we go:

1Torrent downloadshttps://www.torrentdownloads.me/
2Tree Torrenthttp://treetorrent.com/
6KickAss Torrenthttp://kickasstorrents.eu/
12Yify Torrenthttp://www.yify-torrent.org/
13Mini Novahttp://www.mininova.org/
14Sumo Torrenthttp://www.sumotorrent.in/
25Torrent Houndhttp://torrenthound.com/
  1. Torrent Downloads

    Torrent DownloadsThis site has been around for some time, and it made it to the top list after it got mentioned on quality torrent sites. This torrent download provides torrents to millions of users around the globe, daily. Thus, it’s a no-nonsense index. Check this link for Torrent downloads.

  2. TreeTorrent.com

    TreeTorrent Torrent Download SiteIf you are looking for friendly and simple torrent sites to download movies, TreeTorrent.com is the best. Its interface is neat; also, it has a massive database of files with less number of ads. On this torrent download site, you will find most of the active torrents. And, the best of all, you can check the health of any torrent using the health meter. It which will give you an idea of any torrent file.

  3. SeedPeer.eu

    SeedPeerPresumably, SeedPeer.eu is one of the torrent downloader sites for downloading verified torrent. This site will provide you with verified torrent, statistics, Torrent search, and browse categories ability. It is available in many languages, English, German, Russian, just to mention but a few. Finally, you can upload torrents as well.

  4. TorrentBox.sx

    TorrentBoxIn my opinion, this is the best torrent website I’ve ever come across and for this reason; you need to try it out. The UI of TorrentBox.sx got polished and is contemporary. As like TreeTorrent, you simply search for your favorite file from the search box. It’s simple as A, B, C.

  5. TorrentFunk.com

    TorrentFunkIn the first place, this torrent provider will provide you with verified torrents. It for this reason that it has made it to the list of free torrent downloads sites almost everywhere. The only hiccup with TorrentHunk is that it has a clutter of ads which are a bit disappointing. Besides that, you will like this torrent.

  6. KickAss Torrent

    KickAss TorrentsFirst of all, KickAss Torrent used to be Kat.ph before its names changed in late 2008. It is one of the old torrent sites but, the best and reliable. Even though, it has been restricted in some countries. But, you can use a quality Virtual Private Network (aka VPN), and even free proxies to bypass the restriction and access this site. If you are a fun and torrents lover, then this is the best torrent site.

  7. ThePirateBay.org

    ThePirateBayAmong the best torrent sites you can rely on to download files, The PirateBay.org is the strong contender – and a well deserved one. In fact, you can use this site to download Mac software and other stuff.

    Also, it is the largest directory of Computer Software, TV Shows, Movies, Music and other stuff. Moreover, it’s the best torrent downloader for Mac software. ThePirateBay gets used in sharing files among co-workers, too. It is very much likable when it comes to torrent downloads, as simple as that.

  8. Extratorrent.cc

    ExtraTorrentIn the first place, Extra Torrent got restricted in some countries. Is because; you can get pirated games Smartphone Apps and Software. But, you can still download your desired files by hiding your identity. So, you can get any music file, a video movie, software, games and records for various platform apps. In summary, Extra torrent.cc is one of the best torrents sites you must benefit from.

  9. Torrentz

    TorrentzTorrentz is an accessible indexer, fast and free bit torrent search engine. Also, it indexes the torrent file from different sites. It has more than 25 million records in its database making it one of the best torrent sites with a massive database.

  10. Toorgle.com

    ToorgleTo start with, Toorgle.com is a torrent search engine based on Google. First, it searches all your torrent queries from all torrent search engines on the internet – not just the torrent sites. Second, it’s fast. Thus you can find rare torrents. Third, it retrieves the location of the files you want to download as a kind of matchmaking service.

    Be sure to check all files you want to download via Toorgle since it shows results from dodgy torrent sites, too. So, test the verification of the torrent and positive comments before downloading. Finally, pay attention to the comments soon pick right flows from the wrong.

  11. eZTV.ag

    EZTVI’ve never been a fan of TV Shows, but I know you or someone else is. EZTV.ag is here for you if you love TV Shows, as you will be able to download them for free. Furthermore, the impressive feature about this site is you need no registration to download the TV torrents you want.

  12. YIFY-Torrent.org

    YIFY TorrentAnother thrilling free torrent site to download movies, music and shows. It is loaded with a massive database of torrents despite getting launched just a few years back. The site is safe to download files, no malware ads or anything like that. No wonder, Yify-Torrent.org has been able to make it to the top list of free torrent downloads sites for some solid reasons.

  13. MiniNova.org

    MiniNovaMiniNova has made it to the top list of best torrents downloading websites all for good reasons. First, it is the top site if you want to download latest Hollywood movies. Second, you can use it for Android mobile downloads and also Android games, apps and much more. Finally, you can share the torrent file helping to increase its database.

  14. Summotorrent.in

    SumoTorrentOnce in a while you might look for a file and end up not getting it, happened to you – ever? If you find yourself in this situation then, Summotorrent is the answer to this. This torrent site will help you to find those torrents you can’t find through other torrent search sites. It sorts files by keywords making it easier for you to find your desired file. It also offers you a free torrent client that you can use, in my opinion, well worth of a try!

  15. 1337X

    1337XYou can also use 1337X to download files because of its extensive database indexed from many mega torrents like torrentdb and torrentz. For this reason, it has gained popularity as one of the best torrent sites all over the Internet.

  16. Isohunt

    iSOHuntThe Isohunt got shut down due to sensitivity issues late in 2013. Despite the fact, the site has resurrected with a bang! It’s receiving a huge amount of traffic every day and is worth giving a try. It will not disappoint you; I’m positive about that.

  17. Bitport.io

    bitportThis site is a third party service with its originality in the Czech Republic. This site will not give you the file direct instead; you need to save the files on your private servers. You download the files then transfer to them. Then, you need to log on (to your BitPort account) and download the complete file to your desktop.

    Bitport.io is available for free as well as a paid version. The free version allows 100MB transfer an hour and one torrent a day with 1GB cloud storage as a whole. But, if you subscribe, you get faster transfer speed alongside all other advantages like more cloud storage and torrents per day to name a couple. The subscription fee starts from $5 per month.

  18. Torlock

    TorlockIn the world where technology is the cornerstone of every industry, it’s rare to find a website that can pay you a commission for using their services. Although there are a few of them, Torlock is one of them – and is on a real mission.

    If you use this site and report fake torrents to them, you get a commission. It’s a huge service in a world of bogus files. Use Torlock if you are a regular downloader and you are sick of counterfeit files and wasted downloads.

  19. Boxopus

    BoxopusFirst, Boxopus is a third party like Bitport.io. It provides paid services. So, you pay %1.50 per week or $50 for the whole year. It’s regrettable that you can’t integrate this torrent with Dropbox. Reason being; Boxopus torrents got blocked by the Dropbox itself. Even so, this site has features that you may be craving. Also, the subscription fee is affordable making it well worth of a try at least.

  20. idope.se

    IdopeDo you remember K.A.T site? I believe you do. Now, idope.se got designed in tribute of K.A.T. This site has a mobile app for smartphone and tablet users because of the P2P hobby. Although, this site is not familiar with the majority and its interface is still getting modified to suit users needs. Still, try it out won’t hurt you.

  21. LimeTorrents.in

    LimetorrentIt’s one of the old but still top sites to download torrents. LimeTorrents surfaced recently as a result of its enormous database, only. Also, it has the capability to let users download any torrent file with magnetic URL or with torrent client.

    Using this cool torrent site, you can also download books. In summary, on top of all other things that other best torrent sites offer, this is a torrent site for books too. The site claims to provide verified torrents only, making it a safe choice to download torrents.

  22. Rarbg.to

    RARBGNo doubt, Rarbg.to is one of the best torrents downloading websites of all times. Torrents you download trough this website are free of charge. As a matter of fact, Rarbg will provide you with Trailers, Software, Games, Music and Movie files.

    But, this site has got one annoying feature. It uses pop ads. Install Ad-blocker plugin before using the site that will do nicely for you. Installing an ad blocker will also aid in preventing high bandwidth usage, so just install an ad blocker on your browser and enjoy what Rarbg has to offer.

  23. Demonoid.cc

    DemonoidIf you like interacting with other people with similar interests as yours, then you need to try Demonoi.cc. For instance, you can converse with other site users before downloading the torrent. Besides, you get to know if its virus free. Although this is the best torrent downloader for quality files, it is a bit of time-consuming using it.

  24. BitSnoop.com

    BitsnoopThe site got founded in 2009, and there is one feature that got my best attention. BitSnoop.com has a team which deletes Trojans and virus-rich torrents, and the team is active 24X7 – isn’t it cool? If anyone uploads Trojans and virus in the form of torrent files, he gets banned rather quickly.

    So, you can be assured that you won’t download suspicious files from this site and that’s the important thing about it apart from typical functionalities of a torrent site. One can name it as the secure torrent site, without any second thought!

  25. TorrentHound.com

    TorrentHoundIn my opinion, this is the best place for movie buffs. Not so, it’s the best for safe torrents. If you are a big fan of Bollywood films, then you should bookmark this site. TorrentHound updates Bollywood movies on a daily basis almost the same day of release.

  26. Fenopy.eu

    FenopyIn the first place, the interface of this site is clean and has Spartan. Besides, part of its library is for verified and dedicated torrents only. You can find the file you are looking for with ease, thanks to the easy navigation of Fenopy.eu. Furthermore, the site supports pop ads which are somehow annoying but, this site is a must try one.

  27. YourBitTorrent.com

    YourBitTorrentThis site can be a total nightmare if you are a novice. For instance, it will be hard for (newbie) you to filter out paid advertising links. It’s as a result of the sponsored download links there. If you are regular downloader, then pay this site a visit and check if you’ll like the interface of YourBittorent – site name is nice, I must admit.

  28. Manova.org

    MonovaIf there is an extra torrent with a clean and straightforward interface, Manova is the one. Also, it has gone a step further by indexing newsgroup sites which can be faster than torrent swarm downloads. You can hardly discover ads on Manova pages, but; adult pop-up ads can be a bad surprise to some users. In summary, if you can withstand some adult pop-up ads, then you can make good use of this site.

  29. Thunderbytes

    ThunderbytesThunderbytes is not known to many but is a free torrent downloads sites. This site is good for blocking some false torrents. Join the site by either becoming a donating sponsor yourself or get sponsored by an existing user.

  30. FullDLS

    FullDLSFullDLS is one of the largest search sites today with more than 2.5 million torrents. The advertising is awkward because you don’t know what is worth clicking, and what a sponsored ad is. Most users recommend this site anyway, because it catalogues accessible files.

So you can now download your files via torrents if you use these best torrent sites. Also, the above listed best torrents downloading websites will help you a lot if your bandwidth and Internet speed are high. These sites are tested and proved to be the top – based on quality assurance criteria.

And as a recommendation, to be super secure while torrenting, we recommend using a fast and secure VPN like ExpressVPN – a VPN will keep your connection safe from malware and other attacks while you download torrents. Enjoy downloading your stuff and let us know your experience in the comment section below if you want to.

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30 Best Torrent Sites Available on the Internet for You
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