Best Bitcoin wallet for Android: 10 Options You Need to Consider

Why would you use a Bitcoin Wallet? And even if you did why would you want to know the best Bitcoin wallet for Android?

By now, Bitcoin is the most popular and trusted online currency.

Together with LitecoinBitcoin has swept the world of cryptocurrency.

A bitcoin wallet keeps and manages bitcoins.

In summary, a bitcoin wallet is comparable to a bank account – it allows users to send, receive and spend Bitcoin wallet for AndroidBitcoin wallets come in two primary forms. Reliable third parties maintained on the web or hosted bitcoin wallets.

On the other hand, a software wallet runs on a phone or computer. Consequently, this article highlights the top bitcoin Android wallets list.

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So, what is an Android Bitcoin wallet?


The video above should be enough for you to know that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are working and they are working.

They are working so well that big banks like JPMorgan have started to take notice.

To use Bitcoin you must have a Bitcoin wallet.

Well, Bitcoin Android wallets are those installed on Android OS.

Android wallets allow you to receive, spend or send Bitcoins right from your Android phone, tablet or any other Android-based device.

Most phones allow this installation – Android 4.0 and later.

Before knowing which apps serve as the Bitcoin wallets for Android, it is important to set the metric.

Qualities of a good Android bitcoin wallet

For an Android Bitcoin wallet to be efficient, it must qualify a set of metrics. So, before installing an app or using it as your bitcoin wallet on Android, consider the following:

  • Can the wallet run on your Android version?

    You might not have any need for a bitcoin app that cannot work on your Android versions.

    Ensure you have the latest Android – 4.0, KitKat and later are the most reliable ones.

  • Is the Android wallet easy to use?

    What is the need of a bitcoin wallet that is incomprehensible?

    No doubt, you need an Android app whose interface is ergonomic.

  • Is the wallet a good manager for bitcoins?

    Ideal wallets notify you on the rates and fluctuations of the BTC rate against local currencies.

    It should also have understandable graphs to help your predict future prices.

  • Is the wallet safe enough?

    Nothing is more valuable in your pocket than your leather wallet;

    the same case applies with your Android bitcoin wallet.

    The app needs to be safe from any malice, hacking or tracking.An Android Bitcoin wallet hosted by a third party, no matter which company – is the little devil you should do away with.

    Avoid anything that would leave room for manipulation or compromise of your Bitcoin security.

Likewise, the app should never share your bitcoin account login details with anyone – not even the wallet provider.

Thus, you may need to manage the permissions you grant to your Android bitcoin wallet.

Needless to state, the Android OS, apps, and wallet should all be up-to-date. To reduce attacks, do not install any app from outside the Google Play.

Best Android Bitcoin Wallets

Without any doubt, the desire for a list of the best Android bitcoin wallets is inevitable. Noteworthy, the internet has thousands of them – the following list contains the most formidable you can trust.

  1. Best Bitcoin wallet for Android: Mycelium Wallet Bitcoin

mycelium-bitcoin-walletMycelium is one of the Android wallets to keep Bitcoin that have gained the most accolades.

Where did it get its name from?

Mycelium got its name from a type of fungus that is the most abundant of all living organisms.

So, it is made for easy use – the interface is the most fantastic user-friendly suite you have ever seen!

Besides, Mycelium installs and runs fast on Android phones.

As if that is not enough, the Bitcoin is secure – it has a pin-code security system.

Moreover, Mycelium Android Bitcoin wallet has the Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) protocol.

This helps you build up strong passwords and ability to back up your favorite apps.

The HD system secures your bitcoins with 12 digits backup password.

Also, Mycelium Bitcoin wallet allows routing on the Tor Network. Thus, it lets you enjoy a high level of security.

Need it mentioning that the app also allows you find people with whom to trade, which is awesome.

Well, the Mycelium marketplace is ostensibly the unique side feature of the mycelium.

It tracks bitcoins near you, giving you the chance to trade in nearby stores.

In addition, Mycelium can incorporate hardware bitcoin wallets such as Trezor and Ledger to foster the Bitcoin security.

  1. Best Bitcoin wallet for Android: Blockchain Wallet

blockchain-walletBlockchain is one of the finest bitcoin wallets in the world, without any doubts.

The Blockchain website  has an excellent reputation in managing bitcoins.

The Android application enables users to access their Blockchain accounts/profiles from their phone.

Considering how easy it is for ordinary wallets to make away with your hard-earned bitcoin, security is more than necessary.

Blockchain knows this pretty well- they have added a pin-code security system.

Considering how easy it is for ordinary wallets to make away with your hard-earned bitcoin, security is more than necessary.

And Blockchain knows this pretty well; they have added a robust pin-code security system.

Besides, the app’s interface is user-friendly.

The suite is easy to use; it contains an elaborate and exciting view of the bitcoin exchange market.

  1. Best Bitcoin wallet for Android: Schildbach Bitcoin Wallet

schildbach-bitcoin-walletNamed after the person who developed it, Schildbach is the oldest mobile bitcoin app.

Today, on the Play Store, Schildbach simply goes by the name ‘Bitcoin Wallet’.

Coming from such an experienced bitcoin user, the app is regularly updated and maintained.

Besides, the Schildbach bitcoin wallet has an appealing and easy to use interface.

Moreover, Schildbach Android Bitcoin wallet has SPV technology.

SPV sends you a history of transactions from the network without any tampering or censorship.

Also, it saves you time and resources needed to download significant amounts of transaction history.

The simplicity in the usage of the wallet is evident on Google Play – Schildbach has 1 million to 5 million worldwide installs.

Thus, you are not alone and must try!

  1. Best Bitcoin wallet for Android: Electrum Bitcoin wallet

electrum-bitcoin-walletSince November 2011, Electrum has provided an ample wallet for BTC users.

With an open source code server, anyone can audit – also, other servers can run on it.

A decentralization of a central server increases the security and safety of Electrum Bitcoin wallet.

As if that is not enough, the software offers default encryption for all transactions.

The deterministic key generation allows you to find your account, even if all logins are lost or compromised.

Also, the Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) protocol allows Electrum to back up wallet data and Bitcoin transaction details to make accessible in case the account gets hacked.

Probably, the most appealing feature about the Electrum Bitcoin wallet is that the website does not track or store any account information.

Also, the decentralized server system means that you have no business trusting the servers.

In any case, what you do with your bitcoin is your own business!

  1. Best Bitcoin wallet for Android: Copay

copay-bitcoin-walletIf you ever need a bitcoin Android wallet app that allows multiple signatures, consider Copay!

In simple terms, it is similar to a bank’s ‘group account.’

Thus, one bitcoin account belongs to two or more people or addresses.

Further, a group of individuals can transact from anywhere if all have installed the Copay Android app.

They will all have to sign and accept the transactions for them to go through.

Already, a healthy brain (like yours?) must have noted how great Copay could be for personal security!

Now that it demands multiple signatories, it is ideal for people who want to double check their transactions.

It is simple to use; you only need to put about three addresses on your bitcoin account e.g. your phone, computer, and tablet.

So, anytime you want to trade, you will sign in and accept prompts from each of the three devices.

Thus, no matter how smart a hacker is, he will have to simultaneously login into all your devices.

Also, Copay is ideal for a company that transacts in bitcoins.

Supposing there are three top-notch board members and each of them is a signatory, the safety of the company’s money will be near perfect.

The app has push notifications for all incoming funds.

Thus, you can track the transactions right from where you are!

Thus, with the Copay Android Bitcoin wallet, you have no need to trust employees!

The only con with Copay is with its servers;

Copay has a central server to watch all accounts.

This means it could be in for a Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS).

While this is not to say your money could get lost, you would have to withdraw or spend your bitcoin.

Of course, that is too much a nuisance!

  1. Best Bitcoin wallet for Android: Bitcoin Map wallet

bitcoin-mapWhen Mycelium is not your default wallet choice, you should try the Bitcoin Map Android wallet.

This is because the app can track bitcoins near you for trading.

Bitcoin Map makes use of Google Maps, Open Street Map, and CoinMap.

With these technologies, Bitcoin Map wallet can find bitcoins around you.

Also, the user-friendly suite finds businesses that accept BTC around you.

Bitcoin Map may not be the best android app out there – but it is surely a must-have supplement.

  1. Best Bitcoin wallet for Android: Coinbase  Bitcoin Wallet

bitcoin-wallet-coinbaseCoinbase is the undoubtedly best Android Bitcoin wallet for beginners.

It contains several features packed in a simple and user-friendly interface; even a kid can use it!

From the time it joined the market in 2012, Coinbase has gained more than 2.8 Million users across the world as of 2016.

Coinbase is one of the few Bitcoin apps that allow users to transact right from their smartphones.

This Bitcoin Android wallet takes up to five days to deliver bitcoins when ordered.

But, the ability to connect your bitcoin accounts with the US bank is Coinbase’s most fantastic feature.

Also, Coinbase has an excellent reputation as far as security is concerned.

Coinbase is among the few major Bitcoin companies that have never experienced a breach.

While this means you can trust them with your transactions, you may wish to consider concerns that the site tracks how you spend bitcoins.

  1. Best Bitcoin wallet for Android: zTrader

ztrader-altcoin-bitcoin-traderWith less than 2mb of your data, zTrader Android bitcoin wallet application makes the unthinkable happen!

zTrader allows you access several BTC markets across the internet.

Also, zTrader has incredible features that are ideal for any person in the bitcoin business.

For instance, you can set the app to buy or sell bitcoins at specific conditions.

For example, you can set it to sell 5 BTC every time the rate goes beyond $650.

A similar command can prompt buying two bitcoin when they go below $200.

Also, you can set the commands for transactions when BTC rates hit specific percentages.

For example, you could let it sell 3 BTC every time the price goes up by 20% in one day.

Thus, with these settings, users can trade online even when they are offline!

Moreover, zTrader has a chat room that allows you to find other people who need to buy or sell bitcoin.

Besides, you have the overview of several markets right on one screen, with the help of a user-friendly interface!

Yet, the whole process is secure.

With an approval rating of over 95%, you can be sure many other BTC enthusiasts, too, love the zTrader wallet.

  1. Best Bitcoin wallet for Android: GreenAddress Bitcoin Wallet

greenaddress-bitcoin-walletIt is impossible to talk about Android Bitcoin wallets without mentioning the GreenAddress.

The app has several security features and user-friendliness.

GreenAddress has the multi-signatures system of transaction.

This makes hacking difficult.

Also, the app notifies the bitcoin miner about any transaction – the wallet providers reach you by SMS, email or phone calls.

  1. Best Bitcoin wallet for Android: Trezor Android Bitcoin Wallet

best_Bitcoin_wallet_for_Android_trezor-managerFor an extended period, Trezor has been most BTC users’ pride.

Trezor used to provide hardware bitcoin wallets, but they now offer these services on Android platforms, too.

For most BTC enthusiasts, privacy and security are paramount – and Trezor has worked hard to make this a reality.

Trezor provides an offline environment for Bitcoin transactions.

Their source code is open to third party auditing, which fosters their transparency.

Needless to mention, Trezor Android Bitcoin wallet is an app that comes with a user-friendly interface.

It is the kind of mobile applications that you can use like a pro even on the first day you install it!

Of course, there are hundreds of other bitcoin wallets to feature – but that would take a whole novel.

Most bitcoin traders consider the ten wallets mentioned above.

However, the omission of some popular wallets was deliberate.

For instance, as from 2015, makers of the Hive Bitcoin Wallet no longer support it.

Best Bitcoin wallet for Android: The Verdict

An Android Bitcoin wallets comparison is necessary before coming up with a resolute verdict.

And, having with details of each wallet’s features, it is possible to tell which of the ten fulfills the qualifications.

Mycelium, Blockchain, and Schildbach are the undisputable lords of the android Bitcoin wallets.

They are secure! Furthermore, they have several important features.

Yet, Cyberogism’s verdict does not rule out the viability of the other wallets.

In fact, it is wise to leave some room for doubt for any wallet you have.

As it is, there is no wallet is perfect, and at the end, it all depends on your personal preferences.

Top/Featured Image: By Jason Benjamin / Flickr

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