Bypass Geo Blocking and Location Error Tactics: 4 Easy Ways

No doubt, geo-blocking has become a commonly practiced technique online. It has the main purpose of preventing worldwide shoppers in several countries from purchasing services and products for low prices. How is this done? Mainly, through Internet service provider restrictions that come up with a serious list of geo blocked websites.

In fact, this is the real proof that not all companies or retailers are yet open to embrace the Internet as a borderless environment for users and customers. In fact, all that such restrictions do is force some clients to pay more than others online.4 Easy Ways to Bypass Geo Blocking and Location Error TacticsMoreover, such practices could not have made online users happy to embrace them given the overall freedom that everyone pursues on the Internet.

Therefore, for those interested in free purchases or content access online no matter what their location might be, we have found and will analyze today four easy ways in which everyone can bypass geo blocking and location error tactics to achieve freedom in the online world.

  1. VPN to Bypass Geo Blocking

The first option to consider when you want to bypass geo restrictions is the Virtual Private Network. It is now available and easy to take advantage of no matter where you are.

In fact, what you can do using this solution is connect to a server that is in the same country as the website or retailer shop you want to access for making a purchase or browsing for useful content.

Moreover, VPN servers offer you the chance to achieve unrestricted access to a wide range of services and media channels like Netflix and Hulu (to name a couple) that are not usually available where you live.

In addition, the wide range of VPN providers available online right now makes it possible for everyone interested in freedom on the Internet achieve it fast. There is no need to follow any complex steps that might require technological knowledge from your part.

In fact, you can test more options in the beginning to see how they work and which might be the best solution according to your own needs and requirements in terms of location and compatible devices used for browsing.

They will show you how to remove geo blocking fast so that you may not spend precious time and efforts uselessly without achieving the end results that you want. Virtual private network providers like ExpressVPN, TorVPN, Hotspot Shield, LogMeIn Hamachi, Overplay, and IPVanish have a lot of interesting features to consider.

ExpressVPN is the solution we recommend at the moment, as it is the most reliable one for a wide range of reasons. First of all, we prefer it because it manages to deliver the highest browsing speed. In addition, it ensures an ultra-secure transaction environment for users interested in making online purchases.

Moreover, this VPN provider is so easy to use that everyone can get a hold of it in just a couple of minutes – due to its instant setup option that basically installs itself once accessed.

In addition, you can try and see what this provider can do for you with a 30-day money back guarantee which means that everyone can test it without losing money for this.

It will offer you access to all the content you want from any country on this globe. Moreover, everything will come at blazing fast speeds that make any transfer a pleasure.

Furthermore, VPN solutions enabled by professional providers like ExpressVPN ensure 100% online privacy for users interested in winning the battle against restrictions with any geo blocking app. They encrypt the Internet traffic and your IP address is safely hidden from online spies and hackers that might interfere with your online transactions in a negative manner otherwise.

In fact, all everyone wants in the online environment is easy unlimited access to any app or website without censorship or security concerns. Finally, this is exactly what such solutions aim at achieving and manage to offer their clients every day during their attempt to gain access to geo blocked sites.

In addition, other VPN providers like those mentioned above also come with a wide range of interesting advantages to consider. In fact, an increased number of servers across the globe, fast download speeds and fast response time is what you should look for when you choose a VPN solution to help you learn how to stop geo blocking.

ExpressVPN manages to take all these advantageous features to the next level; because of the high demand of quality services around the world, and this is the reason why most online browsing users choose it successfully.

  1. Free Proxies

Second on our list of useful solutions meant to help users avoid geoblocking without VPN comes the free proxies. In case you are wondering how a proxy server works, you should know that it acts as an intermediary tool between the device used by you as the user and the Internet.

In fact, what it does is offer you access to all the content you want, even geo-restricted one. Additionally, you can achieve this by creating a specific pattern through each everything you access with its help appears as accessing the proxy server rather than trying to gain access to geo-blocked content.

Moreover, when you are simply interested in bypassing school restrictions for example, using common ports like 8080, 1080 and 80 might help you get the job done easily. However, when you consider overcoming geo-blocking restrictions for more complex applications or programs like Netflix, iBBC player or Sky Go abroad and other similar ones, you need to go for uncommon ports like 6588 or 8000 and AnalogX Proxy Servers.

At this stage, there are several options that you could consider. First of all, you should start by searching the Internet for a serious range of free proxies for you to check out and see which might be the best solution for you. Second of all, you can also create your own proxy server in case you have the proper knowledge to discover the best PHP proxy scripts for this. Additionally, you will also need a domain name to act as the new proxy site address.

Furthermore, you can also create a free proxy server for geo blocking bypass chrome with the Google App engine. All you have to do is access your Google account, click on the Create an Application button and reserve the App ID. Then, you must upload the proxy server application using Google App Engine.

Next, you can install Python and extract the archive files to your desktop. Install the SDK for Python on your device and Add Existing Application under the Google App Launcher program. Finally, just replace Your_App_ID with the new App ID and click Deploy. In just two minutes, your new free proxy server will be ready to use.

It has never been easier to learn how to bypass location restrictions on iPad or any other device than today, given these amazing options that we all have at our disposal.

  1. SmartDNS

Moving on, the next solution for you today is SmartDNS. Below are the important aspects to consider for taking advantage of this option; with the main purpose of overcoming issues like, this video isn’t available due to geographical licensing restrictions error:

  • You have to change the DNS configuration on your router
  • Your current traffic will not be fully encrypted so it will not be totally anonymous online
  • They enable more speed this way because you will not redirect all traffic to the VPN server
  • You can choose SmartDNS to change regions just by using a drop – down box, a feature which is not enabled by all DNS proxies available online
  • It is very important for you to ensure that the channel or website which you are trying to unblock is compatible with SmartDNS
  • This solution supports a great range of devices; so, it can be a perfect option for worldwide users

Finally, SmartDNS service like Unlocator is a solution we recommend for supporting great speeds and a wide range of channels. It is also advantageous for its free trial version that allows users to test it before purchasing the program.

  1. Browser Addons

Finally, last but not least important on our list of solutions for users interested in bypassing geo-blocking online is the range of browser add-ons available these days. Among all the options out there, we recommend Zenmate and HTTPS Everywhere as reliable options that thousands of users have used already.

Zenmate is a great solution for those interested in perfect online security, alongside avoiding geo blocks. It offers turbo speed features, a good range of supported devices and perfect online encryption for complete security. In addition, as I said, it allows you easy access to geo-restricted websites so that the online world might remain a free environment for you.

HTTPS Everywhere is the type of browser add-on you should consider if you want to encrypt your communication with major websites of interest. Moreover, it also enables you to keep your browsing experience secure all the time. It is easy to install and use with all browsers.

The Bottom Line

All in all, each method used to unblock restrictions online comes with pros and cons that make it useful to consider, according to various locations and device circumstances.

The VPN solution applies to the widest range of users across the world no matter their location or type of used device. It is also the easiest one to use without following any complex steps for installation.

And, ExpressVPN has established its top place as a virtual private network provider at a global level. Therefore, we recommend this professional solution for you as well.

Free Proxies, Smart DNS and browser add-ons like Zenmate and HTTPS Everywhere are also good options to consider when you want to ensure 100% privacy and security online.

In the end, it is all about user preference when it comes to such tools. Make sure you become first aware of the legal terms that apply in each case in the area where you live.

Then test these options and choose the one that matches your needs and requirements best. Use it legally to avoid any concerns and recover freedom online!

Top/Featured Image: By byakapov / Pixabay


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