How to Bypass Internet Censorship the Easy Way

The number of internet users has inflated over the last decade. The volume of information shared through the web has continued to mystify the majority. As a result, many countries have fixed software. This software tool averts internet users from accessing certain sites and services.

Bypass Internet Censorship
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Companies, schools (among many) just to mention a few are too using this technique. They are doing this to prevent critical information from getting accessed by the public. But the upsetting fact is to hail from where browsing gets limited.

It’s understood when an employer blocks social sites during working hours. But when censoring is always there, it hinders you from networking. You’ll look for a way how to avoid censorship and access prevented sites.

There are several sieving methods used, but more or less, they are similar. If you are trying to access restricted sites, don’t despair yourself. It is possible to bypass internet censorship and reach blocked services you want to enjoy. Let’s dig deep and see how you can escape web censorship.

What is Internet Censorship?

It’s where information accessed, published or viewed via the internet gets quashed or controlled. This process gets carried out in most cases by the government. Also, private organisation or a government directive or regulators can revoke.

Many countries around the world are monitoring the internet. As a result, more than 20% of the population gets affected. Besides, there are countries known to bypass internet block for their known reasons.

Techniques used For Internet Censorship

Blocking IP

Blocking IP is one of the standard methods used in restriction. The target IP address of the website gets limited. Sad news to users. If several sites are sharing the same IP address (hosted on the same server) the fate is same. They all get restricted.

To avoid online censorship and access such websites, you need a proxy. That which can access blocked sites. Several proxies are available online. These proxies server picks up the location and displays it on the users’ wall. The IP address of the proxy is the only one that ISP will see and not the blocked site.

Blocked websites can also bypass censorship by adding new IP address. It let users know it. Click on the link for free proxy online.

If internet users want quick access, they should try using proxy. With, users just plug the website address into the box on the site. They then can then access the site via proxy as they would have bypassed censorship.

In case the proxy itself get blocked, it won’t always work. Furthermore, the encounter isn’t pleasing since proxy adds advertisements to the page. Providers do this because they have to pay for their service fee, but the above-recommended proxy is advert free!

DNS Filtering and Redirection

DNS filtering and redirection is one of the up-to-the-minute methods used in censorship. This technique works whereby the DNS (Domain Name Server) fails in resolving the domain. As a result, it returns a wrong IP address.

Many countries have deployed this method to block illegal sites like porn. Others block legitimate sites through filtering DNS. But are you aware that you can change DNS to bypass censorship?

How to Work Around It

First of all, this method is modern. Besides, this doesn’t mean you cannot circumvent it. Some internet service providers change their DNS servers. So about direct demand for blocked sites to a different website. The majority of places that have and still filter their internet connections use.

To sidestep this approach, users need to find DNS that straightens out the Domain name. Open Google Public DNS or OpenDNS. To revamp DNS to ISP to OpenDNS or Google Public DNS, users need to configure their devices. Or their operating systems. Whichever operating system users use, there are tutorials to take them through.

Or, users can avoid online censorship by typing the actual domain name in the URL bar – instead of typing numeric IP address. It’s less efficient where the site IP address gets shared, compared to the URL. Read detailed tutorial on this link.

URL Filtering

This technique gets applied more often by much popular content and control software. The requested URL get scanned for singled out keywords. No matter the domain crafted in the URL. Government offices, private companies, and educational institutions are typical users of this technique.

How to Bypass Online URL Filtering

Internet users can apply the use of escape characters in the URL to explore the internet at full. Explore more at here. Most of all, if users use encrypted contract like VPN, it’s much painless. The filter cannot scan the URL once data gets encrypted. So, internet users can escape web censorship and gain access any website.

TCP Connection Resets/Forged TCP Resets

TCP connection was well used by hackers to create Denial of Service (DOS). Since then, many countries have found this method useful. And they are using it to block specific sites.

This technique works where a TCP connection get blocked by a subsist gauze. Sad, all succeeding connections attempts to get blocked.

Furthermore, other websites or users can get blocked. That is if the network they are using gets routed via the location of the block.

How to Bypass it

Internet users need to pay no attention to the reset packet transmitted by the firewall. Applying simple firewall rules to their routers will do the task. And, the same firewall rules can apply to their antivirus firewall. Even the operating system too.

And prevent further action to take place in their pockets. Internet users need to configure the firewall. And they need to disregard the reset packet.

Take an extra step in establishing the resets packets. That is if they are coming from a censorship device. It can get done by examining the TTL (Time-to-Live) values in the reset packets.

Packet Filtering

Packet filtering is also known as static packet filtering. It is a computer system network that controls network access. The technique either allows or blocks incoming and outgoing data packets. The packets get regulated depending on keywords, ports, and IP address location.

If this method gets deployed in internet censorship, the ISP discontinues TCP packet transmissions. That is when targeted keywords get detected.

How to Avoid Packet Filtering Censorship

The best services in regards to bypassing blocked sites or Packet filtering are Tor and VPN. All packets sent to the two services (VPN and Tor) contain dual IP addresses. When data packets get transmitted, Firewalls do apply filtering rules. Rules apply to the outer header and not the inner header.

Tor to bypass Internet Censorship

You can avoid censorship with Tor as like using VPNs. Tor routes the web browser of the Internet user over an encrypted network. Later, it becomes visible at the other end. And, it’s likely to get uncensored. VPN does the same justice too, though – and is faster than Tor.

Tor should not get used in accessing sensitive and encrypted data. It will let users access blocked sites on any connection. Also, it can work if standard proxies, VPNs and SSH tunnels won’t.

One thing internet users need to be cautious about, Tor is slower than a typical browser. As a result, you shouldn’t use it for their daily browsing.

Are there Risks in Using Circumvention Tools?

Whoever is trying to avoid online censorship can determine significant risks involved, it’s due to the nature of information to access. It also depends if the benefits outweigh the risks.

It is a serious crime in several jurisdictions to access blocked information online. As a result, internet users may end up behind bars; you might lose your job or worse. Before users bypass Internet block, they should understand censorship tools. Use appropriate instruments in a particular context.

This article might not have listed all the devices, which internet users can use to explore the internet at full. But, the techniques listed are worth giving a try. A quality VPN such as the Express VPN is one stand-alone method to avoid censorship worldwide; it’s most reliable and secure way to succeed in this war. Although in recent developments (in China to be precise) have shown that VPN can get blocked. So, China is switching off connections where an encrypted network gets detected. In such cases, though, VPN won’t help much.

Finally, despite all these might be taking place, there is an alternative that will come up. It’s a result of a fierce fight between VPN firms and Internet censors who would like to stay ahead. If you have experienced any form of censorship online, share how you worked around it. And, how you bypassed the censorship at your end.

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