How are CCTV cameras and safe boxes in Singapore capable of security?

CCTV cameras are the most famous motion-detecting device or gadget that is used for recording and observing motion secretly. The abbreviation of the CCTV camera is (Closed Circuit television). CCTV cameras work like a TV system that is used for observation and many other security purposes. CCTV cameras are available in the market in a variety of sizes, shapes, and features. It is a useful device that is used for different purposes like the security of business places, or offices and also for criminal purposes.

Features of CCTV Cameras:

The Standard of CCTV cameras in recent years has significantly increased due to improvements in technology. Some advanced features of CCTV cameras are discussed below.

Night Vision

Advanced CCTV cameras have the ability to identify people in the range of 20 meters and have visibility of about 50 meters. Infrared night vision technology and thermal vision technology are used in advanced CCTV cameras which make the CCTV camera work in a dark environment.

Motion Detection

All standard CCTV cameras now come with motion detection technology; with this technology, you can easily detect the motion of suspicious things of your choice while ignoring other things like trees, and flags. This technology is mostly applied in warehousing clients, manufacturing, and safety monitoring.

IP (Internet Protocol)

IP cameras in CCTV Camera provide a significantly enhanced quality picture or footage as compared to HD-TVI cameras. You can connect the IP camera to the internet for secure remote access.

Remote Accessibility

Remote accessibility is a standard feature of security CCTV cameras that provide access to your home when you are not at home. You can control the access through your mobile app. Commercial installations on a larger scale can either use NVR or provide more advanced features, like raising alarms or opening doors.

PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)

A PTZ CCTV camera has the capability of providing remote directional and zoom capability. PTZ are installed at height, to provide large-scale visibility and close inspection through the zoom capacity.

Essential components of CCTV camera

CCTV camera comprises five major components which are as below.


Mostly two types of cameras are used in CCTV systems, Internet protocol, and analog. You can install different types of cameras in CCTV systems like drone cameras, bullet cameras, and covert cameras according to your requirement.

Monitoring Station

A monitoring station is used for viewing recorded images and footage in CCTV cameras. You would not need to install three to five screens if your requirement is not to cover a large–scale facility. You can easily add or remove monitors at any time according to your requirement.

Cables and Routers

Cables are used to attach CCTV cameras with a monitoring system and CPU while wireless systems require routers instead of cables.

Video Recorders

It is a device where recorded video on the CCTV camera is processed and stored and there are two types DVR and NVR.

Data Storage

This system is used in CCTV cameras capable of recording, storing, processing, and replaying videos on a non-stop basis from multiple feeds, and regular hard drives are mostly used in the CPU for their purpose.

Safe box as a security gadget

A safe box is a secure container with different sizes made of metal or hard material. A safe box is a safer choice because it has steel walls, a magnificent door, and a time clock or many lock systems fixed on the door. These boxes are mostly used in banks to store valuable things with full security. Safe boxes have been in use since the middle of 1800. Safe boxes in Singapore are highly in demand and mostly used in banks to keep valuable things that can also be rented by bank customers for a fee.

Things should keep in a safe box in Singapore

Documents, antiques, and anything impossible to replace or necessary for a lifetime should be kept in a safe box in Singapore. Those things which are not needed right away and can’t bear their loss also can be kept in a safe box. For example:

·         Stamps or coins

·         Jewelry or rare objects

·         Personal papers or household papers

·         Important contracts

These things can be necessary for a lifetime and can safely keep them in a safe box in Singapore.

Things that can’t keep in a safe box in Singapore

Those things which you need on short notice and in an emergency you want to have these items you should not have to keep them in a safe box in Singapore. If you store these typically needed things right away, it can become the cause of any problem. Some examples are:

·         Medical prescription

·         Passports

·         Useable money

If you keep these types of things in a safe box in Singapore and may urgently need to use them or the bank branch is closed that day then you can face problems. In that condition, you can’t get your belongings.

Safe box in Singapore

In Singapore, many safe box brands are offering their products. There we discuss a few top brands for safe boxes in Singapore.


Their safe boxes in Singapore are waterproof and fire resistant as well at highly affordable rates. They are made for houses, offices, and banks using digital safe boxes that have biometric features with override keys.


Sentrysafe makes different varieties of safe boxes in Singapore. Their safe boxes use for commercial and non-commercial use. Most of their safes are UL-rated.

 Nika safe

They produced a safe box in Singapore which is perfect for home and office use. They offer friendly features, fire resistant and biometric-safe boxes.

Yale safe

They offer a diverse range of safe boxes in Singapore. Their digital safe boxes are opened by detecting fingerprints and entering passwords.

Lucell safe

They make designer-safe boxes in Singapore which do not look beautiful but also give protection to valuable things. They produced many interior design safe boxes.

If you want optimum protection for your belonging then your choice should be Secom among the above brands. They manufactured all types of safe boxes and CCTV Cameras of the best quality with modern features.

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