Change Google Play Region and Purchase Apps From US or UK Store

To start with, Google Play is the official app store for Android OS – oh, did I have to tell that? No, I guess. So, for this reason, there are hundreds of applications available in Google Play Store. Ranging from business, security and privacy, entertainment to productivity, you can hardly miss out on any app.

In my opinion, if you own a smartphone operating on Android, Google store software is of great benefit. But, despite all these impressive downloads you enjoy, you don’t see everything.How to Change Google Play Region and Purchase Apps From US or UK StoreThose are news, right? Here is the fact. Google Play Store has a different selection of applications for every region. For instance, UK audience has access to various shows, apps, movies from those in the US. So, you can’t download an application because you can’t access US Google Play Store.

As a matter of fact, you do not have to live in the US or the UK for you to purchase items from US or UK Google Play. You just learn how to change Google account region and buy apps from the UK or US store, here.

Why is the Google Play Version of US and UK Restricted?

Perhaps you’ve wondered why you can not access the UK and the UK Google Play Store version. First, consider the effects of universal access without limitations. Second, copyrights issues will be too many to bear. As a result, there are many versions of limited accessibility around the globe.

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But for the US House, for instance, everything is open and, they can access anything. The same applies to the UK. At the same time, there are limitations put in place in every other country.

Despite all these, you can change Google play country from wherever you are. And, use the US and UK version of Google Play. Below, we are going to present three different ways for you to achieve that:

  1. Change the Billing Address of Your Default Payment

    Google will determine your location using the billing address of your default payment method in Google wallet. But, to access the US Google play store or the UK, you must have a legit payment method. Besides, the location of the billing address should be from within the country.

    Get a US/UK Credit Card

    Get this fact right! If you want to buy items from the US Play Store, get the US address – hint, get one from sites like this. The same applies if you intend to buy apps from the UK Play Store. Besides, the virtual prepaid card you get should be in Sterling Pound to match the UK currency laws.

    Get a Credit Card

    If you have a friend in any of the country, you can ask him/her to get a prepaid card and share the details with you. Moreover, you can sign up for a virtual card on services like Entropay ( And load it with some cash.

    Please, ensure the currency on the card reflects the country’s currency you want to buy the items. If it’s the US, make sure the card is in USD currency. Do not miss or make a mistake on this.

    Edit Your Google Wallet Details

    Go to your Google Wallet payment methods using the process discussed below. Ensure the card is in association with the billing address and the phone number you got. Once you are good, you can set it as your default payment. At this point, you can switch back to your regular debit card but, you’ll still access US Google Play Store.

    There are two methods on how to change Google play credit card.

    Technique One:

    To manage your Google play payment – Sign into Google Wallet account and:

    1. Delete any payment method you added to Google Wallet. And, if you haven’t added any payment method, skip this step
    2. At this point, insert the card with the billing address of your preferred country
    3. From here, open the Play Store and browse any item available for download
    4. If you find the item to download, click on Download to start the process. Wait until you reach the Accept and Buy And, you don’t need to buy the app
    5. Now, close Google Play Store and clear data for Google Play Store application. Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Clear data. Another alternative is to clear your browser cache
    6. Re-open the Play Store. At this point, you’ll see it matching your default payment billing country.

    Technique Two:

    If the first method didn’t work, try this one:

    1. Open your browser and go to Google Wallet
    2. Go to settings and change the home address
    3. At this point, delete the old address. To do this, go to address book tab. You’ll see the old address and remove it
    4. Immediately you remove the old address; a new window will open. Accept the new terms and conditions of the new (preferred) country
    5. Open Google Play Store on your Android gadget and follow these steps. Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Clear Data. An alternate method is to clear the cache of your browser.
    6. Now, the Play Store matching your new default payment device billing country will be effective

    That said you could also open Google Play Store in the browser with another Google account or without login. You’ll see apps without limit. It’s the normal convenient way to see the apps.

    But, it has a drawback. Google Play Store sees your IP address and; it can apply geo restrictions. In my opinion, am not sure of this case. But, if it does, then you can hide your IP using tools like VPN. It’s how to change Android region.

    At times these changes do not take place immediately. In such a case, wait for 2-3 days.

  2. Change Google Play Store Using VPN

    Virtual Private Network (VPN) is online security software that shields identity. First, this tool routes all information through its secure servers. Second, it decrypts the data for extra safety.

    Third, using VPN, you can change IP country, and thus in this case you’ll be able to change Google account region. Finally, you’ll purchase items from US or UK Google play store without geo restrictions.

    Indeed, a quality VPN has several secure servers around the world. In my opinion, as well as according to the cyber security experts I got the chance to talk to so far, these are services you should rely on to change Google play credit card. Services like ExpressVPN and offer extra perks when it comes to unblocking blocked sites.

    Recommended VPN to Change Google Play Region – No doubt, this VPN service will not store any logs for your online use. And to be honest, this is the best thing I liked about it. Besides, using is simple! The guidelines are simple and, within minutes you’ll be good. Finally, its speed is on top. Get started with this VPN tool via the link below.

    ExpressVPN – ExpressVPN has never disappointed! As a matter of fact, it is one of the most reliable VPN providers around the globe. First, it is easy to set up. Besides, it is compatible with many gadgets (Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac, Android, and Routers).

    Second, it is ultra-fast. Also, whole ExpressVPN network is secure with SSL. Finally, last but not least, this premium tool has a 30-day money back guarantee.

    If you’re contemplating how to change Android region, get yourself ExpressVPN now by clicking the link here.

    So, with a VPN you will be able to change Google Play Store country also, secure yourself online, and stream geo-blocked channels. In summary:

    1. Find a reliable VPN (in my opinion, ExpressVPN)
    2. Download and install
    3. Choose the US or the UK based server
    4. Enjoy the UK or the US version of Google Play

    The first fact which places VPN on the top list is the fact that, it has an advanced data encryption. No doubt, this is the stem of anonymous Internet surfing. And again, the two most reliable VPNs we can recommend are ExpressVPN and Hide.Me. The rates are affordable, compatible with several devices, and infinite bandwidth.

    So, if you own an Android device, follow the following steps on how to change Google Play account.

    1. Download VPN software on your Android tool (smartphone or tablet)
    2. Connect the VPN to the UK or the US
    3. Go to Settings > About Phone, click several times on Build a Number until you unlock the Developer Options which are now under Settings
    4. Go to the Developer Options then activate Mock Locations
    5. Get back to Settings then to Apps
    6. Go to Google Play Store App then, click Force Stop, Clear Cache, and Clear Data.
    7. Now, when you launch Google Play Store, it will be reading the region you saved VPN. If you have problems in changing Google Play Store area, create a new Google account.
  3. Change Google Account Region Via DNS

    It is another useful technique to overcome Google Play region lock. In a word, DNS directs all traffic to its servers. So, if you’ve set the servers to the UK version, Google Play will think you’re from the UK. As a result of your DNS redirection, you’ll get a UK IP address and, you’ll enjoy the particular version of Google Play Store in the UK.

    This service is almost like VPN but, the difference is that it does not involve data encryption. For this reason, that is why I prefer VPN because of the added security. To change Google Play account location via the DNS route you need to:

    1. Find a quality DNS service you trust
    2. Subscribe and make necessary configurations
    3. Select the US or the UK server
    4. Access the Play Store

    At this point, it is worth to mention that Unlocator is the best option that we can recommend. It includes both DNS and VPN. But, you can buy the DNS only if you prefer. Finally, choose the plan that suits your preference.

Points To Note

Nevertheless, entering the Google Play Store is a tricky process. But, if you do it right, you can purchase items from US or UK Google play with ease. It is preferred you open your browser through your Mac/PC and NOT a smartphone.

Go to your Gmail then select Play Store. But, ensure you disable the two-step verification in Gmail. It is because this will fail if Google calls you or send an authentic SMS. Let me simplify this.

  • Verification should be off
  • VPN should be on and your virtual card loaded and ready
  • You have your UK or US address with you (make use of to get yourself one)
  • Now, open Play Store.

If the app does not ask for the address, don’t give out. Besides, if you open your Google Play Store via Gmail, you’ll see a welcome screen. At this point, know you are viewing the version of your desired country.

Also, DON’T buy any app or credit at first – to be super safe. Instead, purchase a book or a movie. It’ll fool the system that you are from the US or the UK. Moreover, every time you add a new credit card or address, use VPN services for that country. Mean your VPN should be connected to a US server at the time of adding a card, even if it is your second time adding a card.

Which Method Should You Use?

There you have it! Before you can choose which method to change Google account region, meditate on this. What matters to you most? Is it safety or cost? Once you make your conclusion, you’ll have settled on one method.

But, we recommend VPN especially the ExpressVPN. Simply, because, we at Cyberogism value security and safety a great deal. Data encryption is of great importance than anything else. No doubt, each technique here has pros and cons. Still, the final decision is yours! Let us know which one you went with and how it served you.

No doubt, each technique here has pros and cons. Still, the final decision is yours! Let us know which one you went with and how it served you if you want, and here I’d like to add, sharing experiences is caring about others, do you agree?

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