Change IP Address To Another Country: The Complete How-to Guide

With governments shutting down websites that don’t agree with their ideology left and right, you must know how to change IP address to another country.

Otherwise, there is a good chance that the next site the government bans in China is yours.

Perhaps you don’t run a website.

Then too you need to know how to change IP address to another country and especially on Chrome.


Because you need to visit your favorite sites.

Let’s go over a bit of introduction to the internet before we start.

The majority of us are familiar with the Internet, are we not?

In my opinion, a good number of internet users can carry out several activities on the web. So no doubt, the Internet is a vital tool that we use in our day-to-day operations.

So no doubt, the Internet is a vital tool that we use in our day-to-day operations.

And as you are here, you must have heard (at least) that one can change IP address – right?change_ip_address_to_another_country_chromeSo, we use the internet for various activities. For instance, there are those who are gathering information and communicating. And, there are those enjoying entertainment and other business.

For instance, there are those who are gathering information and communicating. And, there are those enjoying entertainment and other business.

And, there are those enjoying entertainment and other business.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides us with necessary tools. These tools are the ones making these activities a success. An IP address gets assigned every moment we access the Internet using a smartphone, a computer or a tablet.

These tools are the ones making these activities a success. An IP address gets assigned every moment we access the Internet using a smartphone, a computer or a tablet.

An IP address gets assigned every moment we access the Internet using a smartphone, a computer or a tablet.

What is an IP Address Actually? And How Do You Change IP Address to Another Country

It is a unique number assigned to every device and, tells more about you. You can use IP address to track someone online. Also, trace the geographical location, and determine their Internet service provider and much more.

For this reason, to change IP address for one or two reasons isn’t a bad idea. Also, no devices share the same IP address. Each gadget has a unique IP address. In simple words for you, it is like fingerprints. Everyone has unique fingerprints, right? Same goes for the IP of each device online!

Reasons to Change IP Address to Another Country

There are several reasons why people change the IP addresses of their tools. Below are some of these grounds.

Unblock Sites

There are some websites you cannot access because they are geo- restricted. The only way you can access blocked sites is to change IP address to another country.

For example, if you are a fan of NFL games, you can’t stream them online while on holiday in Kenya, Malaysia, Vietnam, UAE, India, Hong Kong and so on. The only way you can watch these games is to fake country online.

Avoid Online Censorship

We are living in a world where the scourge of online censorship is on the rise. In countries where the regime is authoritative, online censorship and surveillance are the policy; the best option to bypass Internet censorship is to switch country location online.

To Access Blocked Content

In some scenarios, it is not only about geo-IP restricted websites that are the issue. Some cases like learning institutions restrict students from accessing certain sites since they serve no educational purposes.

Even at workplaces firewalls get installed to prevent workers from accessing some websites while working. But, using IP changer, you can avoid such obstacles.

Remain Anonymous Online

Staying anonymous online is one major reason why people change IP country location. By using a different IP than your original one, you appear to come from a different place which is not your real location.

For this reason, if someone is tracking or monitoring you, he/she might think you are from the UK or US (for example) when you are not.

How to Change IP Address to Another Country

There are several ways to change your IP address to that of another country. No doubt, these tactics vary from method to method. Besides, some methods suit certain OS equipment while others don’t.

In summary, the good news is, none of these methods is technical. Let’s look at five methods to change IP address.

    1. Use VPN to Change IP Address to Another Country
      change ip address to another country

      Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network designed to connect users to restricted sites and encrypt the Internet traffic simultaneously.

      For instance, you may want to access the Company profile and some secret information. And, because the location where this information gets hidden get monitored, you can’t access.

      But, using VPN, you can access the information. This tool provides a secure, encrypted tunnel where data is transmitted. Moreover, VPN is useful when using public Wi-Fi hotspots because these services are not reliable, and also, cannot be trusted for security reasons.

      Recommended VPNs to Change IP Address to Another Country Online

      IPVanish VPN

      First, IPVansih VPN servers will encrypt your Internet traffic and IP from spies and hackers. Second, you can access any website or app without any censorship troubles. Third, you can see the content of specific countries as you can change IP country location from anywhere around the world.

      Besides, you can use IPVanish VPN on Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux and Routers. Whether you use a desktop, smartphone or tablet, you need to sign up, install and connect – there you go. Furthermore, the network of this VPN provider is secure with the advance SSL.

      Also, it has 256-bit encryption. In conclusion, it runs in the background for you while you enjoy whatever you want over the web. So, we can say, you can use the internet without any interruptions.

      IPVanish VPN has one of the largest numbers of servers around the world and they are the ONLY Tier 1 VPN provider. This means they own and manage their own servers instead of renting them from hosting companies. You can connect from anywhere around the world with unlimited speed and server switches. And then, this link offers a 57% DISCOUNT too.

      By the way, in the VPN market, there are both free and paid services. To be much safe, use paid services. Using free services, the chance of information getting leaked is high – free always comes at a hefty cost!

      Hide.Me is another reliable VPN service provider out there. It can do wonders for you with changing IP securely online. First, as like the ExpressVPN, you don’t need technical skills to use this tool.

      Second, it will hide your identity online. Third, your information is safe. Fourth, it connects you to global servers at the same time, hiding your actual place. Finally, it is fast and straightforward to use.

      You can try for free by downloading through the link here, the free plan on the pricing page is what you need to select to have a trial account.

  • Use Tor Browser to Change IP Address to Another Country

    First, Tor is an open browser. Second, it is a browser that will hide your IP address. Third, regardless of your location, you can use this browser for free. Finally, you need to install Tor for you to change IP address.

    Installing Tor

    Tor comes as EXE file for Windows and in similar manners for the Linux and Mac OS X. So, it is like installing any other program. This software doesn’t have the same locations as most programs. As a result, it offers your desktop as the install location. Tor browser does this because it is a portable software. Besides, it doesn’t integrate into Windows system like regular programs.

    For this reason, you can run Tor from anywhere – your USB drive, Documents folder or the Desktop. Once you arrive at the Choose Install Location window, Click Browse. Next, choose where you’d like to install the browser. Finally, once you have selected the place, click Install. Tor will take care of the rest.

    Using Tor

    After you install Tor, you’ll have a folder dubbed as Tor Browser. Open it and “Start Tor Browser.exe” will get displayed. Click on the file and a new window will open. The new window will ask you to configure proxy setting first or connect to Tor network directly.

    In my opinion, the best option is to connect directly. So, choose Connect. A version of Firefox will get launched after few seconds, and you’ll get attached to the browser. At this point, you can fake country online. From here, go to to locate IP of yours and verify your connection to the Tor.

    WhatIsMyIp will detect your current location based on your Internet Protocol address. If your browser shows you are from a place that is not your own, you’re set to go.

    Make sure all your anonymous browsing is from Tor. Why? Because other programs on your system are not connected to the browser.

    Moreover, browsing on Tor isn’t easy as booting up a program. As a matter of fact, there are rules you need to observe. First, you should connect every site via SSL/TSL encryption (HTTPS).

    Second, if you don’t, everything you do will get seen by whoever is running your exit code. Thus, Tor has Electric Frontier Foundation’s add-on installed by default. So, its pre-installed add-ons should cover your SSL/TSL needs.

    Cons of Tor

    • Remember, if you get IP of another country, does not elude you from malware and viruses. So, if you go to seedier parts of the internet, Tor cannot protect you from malware software. Your spot will get seen.
    • This software accesses the Dark Web. So, Feds and ISPs are monitoring whoever is using Tor.
    • The browser is slow for a novice. If you happen to be one, don’t think of streaming music or video. It is a difficult task even to open a typical web page on Tor, sometimes.
  • Free Browser Add-Ons to Change IP Address to Another Country

    This initiative aims to help you remain anonymous online while using your browsers. You have all reasons to use the browser add-on to change IP country free Firefox if you use Mozilla, and same goes for Chrome and other users.

    How it Works

    Just like other software that changes the IP address, this tool will hide your real location online. The browser add-on opens one of its servers known as Proxy instead of accessing the site directly. The proxy camouflages your Internet identity.

    At a result, you’ll look as if you are not the one yet; you be able to browse blocked sites. The server of the browser does the anonymization but, be ready to deal with ads popping up.

    But, if you upgrade your membership, you enjoy unlimited and free-ad usage of reputed proxy add-ons as like the anonymoX for example. In a nutshell, by using free browser add-ons:

    • You’ll visit censored sites
    • You’ll be able to change IP address to one provided by the browser
    • Hide your identity online
    • Erase cookies, change your browser id and show your public IP with one click again

    For a full list of Firefox versions compatible with this tool (we recommend anonymox, you can try other similar ones too), click on the link here.

  • Smart DNS to Change IP Address to Another Country

    Primarily, Smart DNS is an IP changer which will let you access blocked sites. First, this software does not route the bulk of data through their servers. Second, it modifies the URL you type in your browser to IP location of the server.

    Third, the ease of connection makes it easier to access restricted sites without losing much of your Internet speed. In conclusion, it is a premium option to change country IP and access sites without compromising your speed.

    As like all other services, there are many Smart DNS services on offer over the Internet. Consequently, based on the quality criteria, we recommend Unlocator to change IP country location.

    How Unlocator Works?

    When you make use of the Unlocator, every device connected to the internet is using DNS. The DNS will route your IP through a custom global DNS network. As a result, your IP gets shielded from online censorship.

    Using Unlocator is as simple as A, B, C. You need to create your account and follow the instructions. Click on the link here to get started with Unlocator, and yes, you can get a free account with them too.

    Pros of Unlocator

    Works on all devices – Unlocator operates on every single device, let it be Apple TV or even your router. You need to change network settings on your router or device, and you ready to go. Every bit of the guidance to setup Unlocator gets provided in your account dashboard when you sign up with them.

    It is fast – In everyday use; this tool is transparent. As a matter of fact, it won’t slow down your Internet connection. Besides, your bandwidth remains untouched. Finally, none of your sensitive data will pass through Unlocator servers.

    Simply put, you can Hide your location and use the internet without artificial borders with it.

  • Proxy to Change IP Address to Another Country

    By now you must have got a clear idea that If you have the right tools, changing IP address is not a difficult task – not at all. You can use a proxy to alter your IP address and, the good news is there are several proxy services you can use. These services are free, and they work from your browser.

    You need to visit any free proxy site, enter the site you want to search in the browsing bar then press enter. The website will load automatically. But, some proxy services offer advanced options. Some provide country or server selection, and others offer websites to unlock. Nevertheless, all the proxies serve the idea of changing country IP to another very well!

    Despite being used to change IP address successfully, this service has some drawbacks.

    • It has a limited choice of your IP location selection
    • Most of them are slow and take much time to load
    • Most of these free services are unreliable. Thus, security and privacy are questionable
    • You have to bear with pop-ups and annoying ads. It is the primary source of income to support their services

    There you have it. But, is not a must you have to rely on this software (or other tools) to get IP of another country. If you own a Mac or Window gadgets, you can change IP manually. Below, we will look into manual methods to change IP country without software now.

How To Change IP Address to Another Country: Window Devices

  • Press Run followed by Command then click Enter
  • You should see “ipcofig/release” before you press enter
  • Select Control Panel and click Network and the Internet
  • Click on Network, followed by Sharing Center, then select Change adapter settings
  • Click Internet connection before you select the properties
  • Head to the Networking Tab and find TCP/IPv4
  • Click on properties and then type in the new IP address of you liking. Get new IP address from the list here.
  • Click OK and again select TCP/IPv4
  • And then click on properties and again select new IP
  • Click OK

How to Change Change IP Address to Another Country: Mac Devices

  • Open Safari and select Preferences
  • Select Advanced
  • Select Proxies and change settings
  • Check the option that says Web proxy (HTTP)
  • Make use of a free proxy (from the link provided above for Windows process, just above) and get a new IP address
  • Have the IP and port number copied and pasted
  • Hit OK and apply

That is it; you can now change IP address on Linux manually without much worry. Besides, you can change IP address on Windows 10 or any other Windows-based device. Just follow the steps outlined above!

The Best Method to Change IP Address to Another Country

Don’t confuse yourself over which method to try out first.

Perhaps you are not in a position to try each.

If you’d like to know the one best, I’ll suggest, go with IPVanish VPN.

It has never failed me or any of my colleagues at Cyberogism.

Each method has its pros and cons.

You can prefer SmartDNS over VPN if you do not prefer security all the time and fantasize speed.

But the fact is if you pick IPVanish VPN over others, it is blazing fast – hence speed is never going to be the issue either.

At the end of the day, whichever method works – it all narrow to personal preference.

Have fun!

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