10 Cool Chrome Alternatives You Need to Try Now

Google Chrome has placed itself as a great unchallenged browser in the online industry. And with some Chrome tricks and tips folks have managed to achieve amazing results with it. There is no doubt, Google Chrome keeps our digital life organized in a better way. But is this only king in the jungle, there are no good Chrome alternatives? There surely are!

Chrome AlternativesIf you are a regular Chrome user, you must have noticed some changes. Some of these changes have affected users in both ways, positive and adverse. As a result, users are now seeking Chrome alternatives to keep their digital life on course. In my opinion, there is no suspicion on the features offered by Google Chrome. Besides to features and cool Chrome experiments we can do, fast browsing has made it a number one choice for many users.

It seems like though, the commanding power of Google Chrome isn’t perfect to everyone – nor its features can meet the needs of every individual. As a result, some users are using alternative to Chrome or other top alternative browsers to maneuver around the Internet. Ironically, there are several reasons why many Internet users are shifting to Chrome alternatives. Experts believe, Chrome breaches the privacy of users because it sends the collected data to Google. It uses more RAM and has memory hog, t00.

Even so, there are fresh Chrome plating alternatives that are worth checking out by every user according to their specific needs. They have features which might just interest you, below we go with the best Google Chrome alternatives to get now then (without wasting any time further):

  1. Opera

Opera Browser UIOpera is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, OS X and Linux. This software is a chrome alternator that will give you experience like Chrome. Presumably, its features and settings are like Chrome. Opera got installed on Chromium just like Chrome. As a matter of fact, It is resource friendly.

Navigation using this browsing software is fast. Furthermore, other browsers have arrogated its features. Besides, it has a Turbo Mode feature which isn’t offered by other browsers. Data accessed using this browser gets constricted and diminished when this (Opera Turbo) mode is active. Opera also integrated free built-in VPN, which is great if you value the security and privacy (like me and all of my fellow writers here).

In conclusion, users enjoy faster page loading. On the other hand, they also use less data. Also, you can download your preferred extensions from a vast collection of useful extensions for Opera from the official site here https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/ – there you will be able to find almost all the add-ons you’ve had access on Chrome like Lastpass extension and Evernote web clipper to name a couple. Consequently, you can download Opera for free.

  1. Safari

Safari Browser UISafari is one of the top rated Chrome alternatives 2016 that is worth giving a shot. It is compatible with iOS, OS X, and Mac. If your device is Apple, then you should go for this software since it gets supported by Apple devices out of the box.

It offers unique features more (and better) than some well-known browsers. Safari home OS works well with incredible speed! With Safari, users enjoy the built-in features and tools that protect privacy at best. With that in mind, Safari isn’t a big fan of Google. This Chrome alike browser works great on the older Mac and PCs. Strangely enough, it is much lighter than Google Chrome.

The downside users will bear is not being too customizable. You will have to accept the offers the software has. Never the less, Safari is the best Chrome based browsers for Mac users. Most noteworthy, it gets necessitated with its security features and fast browsing.

Download your Safari through this link https://support.apple.com/downloads/safari. Users who want Safari extensions, they can download here – it is an official link from the Apple website.

  1. Vivaldi

vivaldi UIThis browser proffers pages same as the Chrome, the reason is, Vivaldi uses Blink engine like Chrome. Users will love this alternative chrome installer because they can customise keyboard shortcuts, alongside other cool tweaks at their own. You can tweak tabs the way they are displayed when you want to review particular cluster, too. You can do this by stacking them (the tabs) together in groups.

The downside of this browser is that it has no mobile version, but that doesn’t mean it cannot prove to be a reliable Chrome alternative for desktop users. And, some Chrome extensions work on this browser. Also, Bing is the default search engine – although, it’s easy to change.

In conclusion, users can go through a series of customising it. When you open Vivaldi for the first time, you will have to choose from 6 unique layouts. Then four tab bar positions later, eight background pictures for the Start page.

You can download Vivaldi for free through this link.

  1. Brave

Brave Browser UIThe Brave browser is a perfect chrome alternative download for users who want to be on the flip that how web monetization works. Also, this browser obstructs pushy ads by default. Furthermore, it goes an extra mile by replacing these ads with relevant ads. The ads replaced don’t track users either!

You will need this browser as it is at least 50 percent faster than similar desktop browsers. And most of all, it is four times faster than typical Smartphone browsers. Brave provides accepted way of supporting web publishers and web services.

It excludes users from the greasy-feeling tracking they get exposed to on a daily basis, in this present cyber world. This browser is worth trying out, but it has no guarantee that its fundamental tools will work out for everyone. Not so, there is no much to see. You can download this browser through this link.

  1. Torch Browser

Torch Browser UIFor multimedia gurus, Torch is the browser to install. It features some of the best features like the tile-based drag and drop interface. This feature lets users drop links, photos, and some texts they would like to share. Once you select the relevant title that you’d like to share, Torch browser will handle the rest for you.

Be it YouTube or Facebook that you’d like to share. Once you paste the link in the browser, it will automatically put to tile’s purpose. Besides, it has a built-in torrent client. Another cool feature is the grabber inbuilt. It saves videos and embedded music as files to users’ computers.

It doesn’t stop there. Torch browser has built-in Hola feature which helps users to enjoy music and videos from locked regions. In my opinion, Torch Browser is an alternative to Chrome aiming at heavy social and multimedia users. Its pinpoint accuracy provides users with Chromium’s smooth and user-friendly surfing experience.

On the downside, this browsers’ interface is clutter. Also, it’s likely to appeal to more pirate-like. As a result, it may switch some users off then start to weigh on their conscience. To download Torch Browser, click on this ink.

  1. Comodo Dragon

Dragon Internet Browser UIIf you’re a wizard in web surfing or a tech-savvy, why not try Comodo Dragon? This browser has its entire cooperate focal point on security, many rates it as the best security browser. If your desktop is a prey to malware, spyware or semi-malicious piece of code, that is a pain in the nerves – right?

By installing Comodo Dragon as a Chrome plating alternative, you’ll have the power of rooting your web. It is possible because you’ll be browsing through Comodo secure DNS servers. This web browser will help you direct traffic through its servers.

Moreover, the browser has on-demand site inspector. It checks pages for malicious code before you manoeuvre around the internet. Also, this Chrome alternative crossword does an extra check on SSL certificates. It then reports to users on how secure the site users would like to browse.

Most noteworthy, it offers private blocks like Iron. Besides, it has its update system built in to keep users enjoy the latest version out of the box. Comodo Dragon is not perfect in a way either, as at times it pushes users to accept Comodo products. It’s like an intentional tactic.

If you’re used to Firefox, Comodo Dragon has similar features in its package. Download yours today!

  1. CoolNovo

CoolNovo UIBefore the noun CoolNovo, it used to be Chrome Plus. It is because of the legal reasons that the name changed; I think you might have guessed that reason already – but I decided to reveal anyhow. Besides, some great features got added to the end product. CoolNovo focuses on giving users a seamless digital journey.

First and foremost, CoolNovo has customizable mouse gestures. Automatic translation and shortcuts like double-clicking a tab to close it among other features. Also, it has a broad range of file download tools. And, Super Drag feature that lets users open the links by dropping a text onto the window.

At this point, it works well with Internet Explorer. Users can load pages in IE Mode right in CoolNovo tab with one click. Despite the fact this browser is about convenience, it doesn’t guarantee 100 percent privacy I believe. Even though, it is becoming less of an issue. If you want to try, download yours now.

  1. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge UIOne of the top chrome alternative 2016 compatible with Windows 10, Microsoft Edge. On the other hand, sad news to users who are using any other operating system as it’s available for Windows 10 users only. Microsoft Edge offers some unique features and it’s blazing fast when it comes to browsing.

You can customise the home page, change the theme and new tabs. Read your suitable articles as a result of its capability of creating a reading list. Also, you can draw, write, and highlight right on the page and later send to your anyone you want.

This browser has built-in Cortana integration – it is the Microsoft virtual assistant. Cortana helps in several ways! Like making suggestions, providing answers in the search bar while browsing and much more. Thinking of trying it? Here is the link to download.

  1. Maxthon

Maxthon UIMaxthon is a chrome alternator with same features like Chrome and Firefox. The compatibility and storage of this browser make it worth a mention. With Maxthon, you will have an unforgettable experience never the less. All the browsing gets synced all the time on your devices. The Maxthon’s cloud storage is the one that does sync the browsing history, cache, and cookies.

With this chrome alternative download, you can open up tabs that sync with other devices. In essence, you can access and control an opened tab on your PC with your Smartphone. Maxthon is compatible with Linux, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android. You can download it from the link here.

  1. Chromium

Chromium Browser UITry Chromium if you didn’t like Chromium based browsers. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and OS X – this browser doesn’t have many features as Chrome. Your privacy is prone to the thread to some extent since it’s connected to Google circle, at least our security experts at Cyberogism.com believe so.

Moving on, never the less, the open-source nature makes this browser a good Chrome alternative. It suits users who don’t like closed-source software. Besides, it can be a default browser if you are a Linux user. The majority of Linux distributors need users to use open-source software.

Furthermore, it’s lighter than Chrome and goes well with the Google. So, if you would like to stay within Google circle with a light browser, Chromium is for you. On the flip side, you will need to update each time an update get released. It does not come with a built-in upgrade.

Download Chromium through this link, and if you need Chromium extensions – please check the article here.

So, summing up, these Chrome alternatives aren’t all but undoubtedly are the best ones you can get. But they should not make you switch from your preferred browser, in case you don’t find anything special for you in them. Yet, downloading them and trying won’t cost a thing – all are very worth checking out!

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