20 Best Remarkable Chrome Experiments You Must Try Out

Everyone living in this digital age has heard of Chrome. If you are not a fan of alternative web browsers, the chances are that you must be making use of it. Whether you use Chrome or not, you have to admit that it plays a significant role in web browsing. There are literally 500 Chrome experiments one can do, but we gotta give credit only where it is due – right?Chrome ExperimentsSo, Google Chrome has brought a wide variety of changes to the way online users browse these days. Most noteworthy, it is currently a benchmark worth following. Furthermore, we are confident it has great new features yet to discover.

Google has its very own ways of promoting innovative programming languages. As a result, it determines skilled coders to take advantage of these in exciting new ways. Let’s have some fun checking out the new 20 best Chrome experiments available now. You can try these out with this web browser today.

  1. Video Puzzle

VideoPuzzleThis is a jigsaw type of puzzle with a significant difference. Users can move pieces of their videos around. Particularly relevant is the fact that you can do that while enjoying real-time playing experiences.

Furthermore, there is nothing to worry about regarding puzzle difficulty. However, you will be able to have lots of fun! Challenge yourself now during this new Chrome experiment.

  1. X-Type

X-TypeX-Type is one experiment that you will definitely enjoy. Just imagine yourself controlling a tiny spaceship. Gaming is so much fun, always – right? In addition, you will try to survive. As a result, big enemy ships will follow you. All in all, this old-school shooter will see your every move.

  1. Mecabricks

MecabricksHave you always thought of having fun with a virtual giant LEGO? Now you have the chance to do that with Mecabricks. You will have the opportunity to choose the pieces and the blocks you need. Also, your creativity will be set free.

  1. Silk

SilkSilk is another interesting Google experiment to consider. What will you get? A short-lived diversion that will reveal your creativity! How does it work? All in all, just by drawing a pattern using your finger or the mouse. The program will take care of the rest.

  1. Cube

CubeCube is another fun game to try out today. Its primary purpose is the promotion of Google Maps. The interesting thing about it is the fun it ensures. No, less or more than eight levels of fun! As a result, reaching the end will be a well-deserved bonus.

  1. GeoGuessr

GeoGuessrWe will continue with the list of addictive Google gaming experiments. Next in line is GeoGuessr. Are you ready to prove your knowledge and skills in geography?

You will have to show it this time. Furthermore, finding yourself in a random place is more challenging that it seems. Not to mention that you have to pinpoint your location on the world map with few details on board.

  1. Racer

RacerGet ready for having fun with Racer. You get to compete with friends on your smartphones. The challenge comes with the necessary alignment of smartphones on a proper surface. Also, the idea is to form the challenging racetrack. Have fun!

  1. X-Wing

X-WingHow about starring in Star Wars today with Chrome experiments stars? You get to pilot the amazing X-Wing now. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy thrills of reality through well-chosen music. Therefore let the surprises thrill you with this new amazing Chrome experiment.

  1. Inspirograph

InspirographThe time has come to test your geometry skills. How? With the unusual Inspirograph experiment. Most noteworthy is the fact that this virtual version imitates real-life creation of great geometric patterns. Therefore, having fun with geometry is now possible.

  1. House configurator

House configuratorHave you always felt a strange attraction towards architecture? How about enjoying the surprising set of features made available by House Configurator? All in all, it might not be easy to give up on CAD for design work, but it is worth the experiment.

  1. Square Mirror

Square MirrorThe Google Chrome environment hides a wide variety of interesting apps. Get ready to discover one more right now. Square Mirror allows you to use the webcam features.

As a result, you will be able to come up with a new attractive experimental theme. Just have fun with the colors, the frames, and the shapes. Besides, you will get animated by your personal drawn mirror.

  1. ASCII cam

Ascii CamIt is time to move on to more challenging Chrome experiments. How about some ASCII art? With the ASCII cam, this is what you get out of your camera stream. Have fun using the getUserMedia API to capture exciting videos. Furthermore, play with the video canvas and generate significant ASCII camera experiments.

  1. Way to Go

Way to GoArt is the best experiment ever! Just try out Way to Go and see. Therefore, you will engage in an interactive art project and at the same time feel like being part of a movie.

  1. Wormz

WormzDo you feel like spending some time having fun with colors and lines in digital photography? Then Wormz is your chosen experiment today. As a result, enjoy your brand new neat representation.

  1. Fontbomb

fontBombFontbomb is yet another way to have fun through Chrome experiments. You can now place font bombs on a website. As a result, just watch how the text gets scattered across the page!

  1. A dark room

Dark RoomTime for real-time text games. A dark room is a right experiment in this case. Besides, you will get new insights on the power of reward schedules. Pay attention; thrilling gaming addiction might strike you today!

  1. Roll It

Roll ITIf you have enjoyed the classic Skeeball game, Roll It is the right experiment for you. Google chrome experiments ball is here for you, get ready to throw the ball on your computer screen using your smartphone. Therefore, you need to aim right, and proper fun is there for you.

Also, you should have your friends join you in this experiment. Besides, you get extra points. On your way, make sure you find the Hover Ball or any other special one that offers you additional benefits during the game.

  1. Google Gravity

Google GravityThe rules of Gravity cannot change. This experiment does not try to bring such impossible changes on the table. Fun, however, will come your way.

Just watch your Google search results breaking down. Also, Google Gravity will come to the rescue by stacking them one on top of the other during the search. Now how about shaking your browser window? Those search pieces will certainly know how to react to that.

  1. Webcam Toy

Webcam ToyAll web users enjoy their webcam experiments. With Webcam Toy you get the chance to use live effects with it through your web browser. Furthermore, users can also have fun taking photos and use them for future social network sharing. Who said that small sessions of fooling around in front of your computer were no longer allowed?

  1. Webcam Music

Webcam MusicMusic is the best medicine ever. Now you can create our very own song just by moving in front of your computer webcam. The melody activates whenever you choose one of the rhythm areas from the screen corners. So, boogie down now and let us know what happens.

Which Chrome experiment you are going to do today then?

Have fun with these 20 new best Google Chrome experiments today. You will get a thrilling insight on all that is possible to do inside an impressive browser.

It goes without saying that you can have fun on any of your device where Chrome browser can run, let it be your mobile, tablet, laptop or computer. Even if you don’t know much about some cool Chrome tricks, these experiments will make you fall in love with it alone. Finally, watch out because addiction to the fun is about to strike you!

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