Want to Create Your Own App? Check Out These Code-Free App Builders

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These are some of the best code-free app builders that can be used to create professional mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and tablets.

Today’s technology trends dictate that every website, blog, product or service should offer a steadfast mobile experience, primarily as a means to increase customer engagement and generate revenue.

Previously, a good number of startups have been hesitant to delve into the mobile scene, chiefly due to the prohibitive costs and extensive technical knowledge required to create mobile applications.

But those days are behind us. Now, expanding into the mobile market is not only easier, but it’s also cost-effective—thanks to the availability of several app builders that can do the work for you.

Now with only a fraction of the resources you would previously need to build a mobile app, these app builders offer startups a quick and pocket-friendly way to connect with their mobile users in the best way possible: through a dedicated app.

Herein are five of the best code-free app building tools for Android and iOS applications.

App Builders for Multiple Uses: Mobile Roadie 

Mobile Roadie offers straight-forward and user-friendly app builders that can be used to create and manage Android and iOS applicationsfor a range of categories, including events and conferences, retail, music and arts, education and more.

In addition to providing platform support for all types of media, the app builders feature a language-agnostic API that supports data in CSV, JSON, PHP, XML and HTML formats.

Other features of Mobile Roadie include an auto-import function that allows Twitter, Google News and RSS keywords to be imported with ease, an automatically refreshing fan wall with real-time chat support for users of the application, and customizable appearances that can be applied on all platforms.

This builder also allows you to accurately preview your application and its content using the free Mobile Roadie Connect app.

App Builders for Customization: GoodBarber

In the app builders market, GoodBarber is among the easiest tools to use. Furthermore, it offers some of the cheapest plans you’ll find anywhere.

Considerably less technical than the other options, GoodBarber allows you to build iPhone or Android applications from nine customizable templates, 350 icons and more than 600 Google Fonts while giving you the freedom to fully customize your design.

Any alterations are immediately reflected visually, allowing you to fine-tune your apps to perfection.

GoodBarber can be accessed from as little as $24 per month for a standard plan. Its comprehensive “Full Plan” is offered at a low cost as well, for $32 a month.

App Builders for Visual Appeal: Appery.io 

Unrivaled in its attention to detail, Appery is one of the few app builders that include Phone Gap, or Apache Cordova. It is entirely based on the cloud, so no downloading or installation is necessary.

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One of the premium app builders out there, are available for free but require a monthly subscription fee to unlock all the professional features.

Its highly-rated visual editor supports a convenient drag-and-drop functionality to allow quick creation of your app’s UI.

Appery also allows the creation of personalized plug-ins and the enhancement of functionality using a well-stocked plugin catalog. It also facilitates easy collaboration by allowing you to share your application in real time.

One of the premium app builders out there, the cloud-based Appery tools are available for free but require a monthly subscription fee to unlock all the professional features.

App Builders for Ease-of-Use: Appy Pie 

Appy Pie is another cloud-based app builder that allows you to create applications for Android, iOS and Windows. Users can also publish their creations to the respective app stores (Google Play Store or the Apple App Store) straight from the app builders.

Out of all the other cloud-based app builders, this one is quite easy to use. You can build an application simply by dragging and dropping pages in accordance with how you want them to appear in the app.

Appy Pie then provides a hybrid application (based on HTML-5) that allows you to make real-time revisions compatible with all mobile platforms.

This app builder’s features also allow you to integrate push notifications, ad monetization, live analytics and GPS tracking.

Appy Pie comes with a code page, however, although this is intended solely for developers who need to add custom code to their apps.

The cloud-based software can be used for free or attract a monthly subscription fee depending on the plan you choose. Paid plans are offered at a low cost, ranging from $15 to $50 per month for every application you develop.

App Builders with Post-Publishing Support: AppMachine 

This platform is easy to use and capable of producing professional Android and iOS applications. Using its drag-and-drop interface, users of the software can create apps with features such as photo and video support while using their preferred type of customization.

AppMachine also allows accurate app previews using the Previewer, a feature that lets you check on your application’s progress on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

It also provides post-publishing support such as app promotion and user data analytics. It is considerably easier to get your mobile application posted using the AppMachine.

Building an app on this platform is free, but you do have to pay once you publish the app. Pricing varies depending on whether or not you want a plan for just one mobile application (starting at $49) or for a bundle (starting at $99).

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