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Cyberogism.com consists of tech enthusiasts and connoisseurs who strive and do their best to leave their imprint in the frenzy of the digital era we live in. Working on the multiple projects in the field of technology and security, our team constantly tries to excel and innovate.

This project launched to inform, engage, motivate and connect ‘the cyber world’ (the people online let it be designers, developers, expats, video streamers or any general user out there), regarding the valuable knowledge of technology and security.

On this website, one can find tips and tricks, reviews, news and updates, best practices, tools and everything else falling under the category of security and technology.   

Drawing great attention to content, our team of writers goes ahead with detailed research before completing each article. In this way, we make sure to contribute ONLY the high-quality content on Cyberogism.com and always live up to the expectations of our readers and audience.

Writers contribute with their knowledge and passion for spreading the word on tech and security – and get recognition, appreciation for their work and a place to express themselves, in return.  

To enrich our website with content of the finest quality standards, we are always searching for authors who think like us and who seek to find a means of sharing their knowledge online. And when such alliances are formed, everyone is a winner!

Content Categories

As you can see from navigating through our website, we cover literally everything in the field of technology and focus on cybersecurity and innovation (we take doing things via alternative ways or implementing unusual tricks to achieve a tech or security task as an innovation, please do not think that we talk about building a robot here or anything like that).

You can submit your articles on unbiased reviews and tutorials, news in the technological sector and innovative prodigies, about anything that you see fit and appeals to you and your interests. 

And of course, exploring our site and reading a few articles will give you a better idea about what you can submit for the consideration.

You can use lists for your article, since you can see they are our absolute favourites and our readers share our opinion. Below are few articles for you to give an idea of how we like to write the most:




Submission Guidelines

All the submitted materials will be reviewed by our team of editors, so as to check that each article follows the guidelines below:

  • The pieces need to be well-researched and cover the topics mentioned in detail, stretching from 1200 to 2000 words in total.
  • You will need to write a title, feature at least one image and a short description of the content of your article. Summary!
  • Acceptable formats of the article include HTML, DOC, DOCX while the pictures must be JPG and of course of high resolution to cover the criteria of our editing team.
  • We do not tolerate any copyright issues.
  • To that end, the content must be unique and original, without being published anywhere. No plagiarism.  
  • Upon the submission of the article, the author must include a short biography, as well as social media links.
  • Although there is the option of sponsored posts, we do encourage you not to submit an article solely for promotional purposes. Content should be unbiased.
  • If the article meets quality criteria, we will contact you via email at our earliest convenience and proceed with the publication.

If you can’t wait to contribute, write your article (or idea about it) and submit it at ali[at]cyberogism.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible, asking for a written confirmation to publish the article you have sent us.

Note that there is no payment for contributions, aka guest posts. You can, however, use the website as a means of promoting your work, obviously.

On the bright side, there is the option of paid contribution to those articles that stand out for their quality and matching writing style – you’ll get paid anywhere between $20-$70 per article if it stands out. After all, we constantly search for authors to join our team of professionals who write on a frequent basis. So if such a form of collaboration interests you, please do let us know.