Top 5 Cyber Security Best Practices

In today’s world, each of us understands how important it is to worry about your safety. We live in a time when a person is extremely successful in coexisting simultaneously in two realities – virtual and live. If in live reality we have long realized the importance of security, then with virtual reality there are still more questions. How to protect yourself online? How to make sure that virtual scammers and thieves do not steal your data, do not block your account or do not use your money? These are all the questions that cybersecurity technologists give answers to. Here are top 5 tips on how to make your virtual life safer. This will be especially useful for those who have their business online. Let’s get it started!

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Firewall is the answer

You may have heard that the firewall is the main factor in protecting against cyberattacks. What is it? This is a software element that protects your computer from cyberattacks. How exactly? The firewall controls and filters network traffic according to the rules you set. With this practice, you form a barrier between an attacker and your data. In other words, in order to protect your data, you need to install strong firewalls and configure a traffic policy. In addition to external brandmauers, there are also internal ones. These options help protect your data even more securely. This option is especially recommended for businesses.

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How to purchase a firewall? First you need to decide on the type that you plan to purchase. It is important to understand that there are many types of firewalls. Most often these are hardware or software interfaces. If you are limited in funds, it is better to pay attention to hardware ones, as they are cheaper than software ones. If you’re willing to pay more, we recommend you to use the Cloud Managed Firewall option. Its advantage is that you do not have to bother with installation, maintenance and administration.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Organizational security problems, as we have already said, are a particularly acute problem of the 21st century. In order to intelligently manage our data and not expose it to danger, we need tools and controls related to identity and access management.

IAM includes the following tools and controls: user behavior analysis, mobile device management, next generation VPN and firewall, etc.

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This system allows users not only to monitor the security of the organization and its data, but also to record and collect information about logins. There is also the ability to manage assignment, manage the corporate database of user IDs, and revoke access rights.

Such systems are designed to provide reliable and flexible creation of groups with privileged accounts for specific roles, so that work functions based on employee access rights can be easily and uniformly assigned.

So, in a nutshell, having a solid IAM infrastructure helps businesses create productive, efficient, and secure access to technology resources across systems while providing information.

Update Management

Particularly important in matters of cybersecurity is the management of updates and patches. Such a system is used to eliminate vulnerabilities and security gaps, it eliminates and identifies flaws in the software.

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A well-built update management strategy is one of the most common practices for combating cyberattacks. This strategy ensures that patches are applied in a timely manner. And, of course, it has a positive impact on business operations.

Detection of internal threats

We are sure that you have heard about how widespread the problem of insider cybersecurity threats is. Sometimes an irresponsible attitude to this can lead to the leakage of very important data. This is especially dangerous for the public sector. Therefore, the detection of internal security threats is an important step in the work of cybersecurity specialists.

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How can internal threats appear? Internal threats most often arise from a contractor working for your company or an employee in your company.

To avoid this, it is necessary to monitor user actions. This is due to the fact that we can check the actions of the user, as well as control his behavior.

It is quite difficult to detect internal threats to an organization, but it is very important, because the leakage of secret information is a terrible loss for an organization, which can lead to the most terrible consequences for it.

Enforced password policy

Many people treat passwords rather carelessly. However, it is important to understand that light, short passwords are the key to a scammer or attacker. If you want to protect your data, you must use complex long passwords. This is especially true for you when it comes to the corporate computers of your employees.

Do not make passwords that contain less than eight characters and a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

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Make sure you change your passwords regularly. It is advisable to change passwords every 2 or 3 months.

We hope that this short list of recommendations will help you keep your business safe and keep your information safe. Stay safe!

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