Download Hotstar Videos: A Complete How-to Guide

People don’t want to know where to download and how to use hotstar sports live streamer. They want to know how to get that for free. In other words, how to get that sweet Hotstar sports live streamer free download. More simply, they want to know how to download Hotstar videos.

Hey, what’s the HotStar downloaded video file storage location in Android mobile?

Well, this and other HotStar-related questions are going to get an answer right here!

Beyond that, be sure to get all answers about free HotStar videos downloads!

Again, find the list of methods to save movies from the app.

But, for the sake of newbies, let’s first get to know a few things about the video streaming app – call it HotStar101!Download HotStar Videos

So, what is HotStar?

Before learning how to download HotStar videos, taking novices through HtS (Hotstar) 101 is a worthy cause!

Do you remember Indya Interactive, the film company that rebranded to Novi Digital Entertainment?

Well, I guess you do, as long as you are a real fan of Bollywood movies!

Now, the subsidiary of the giant moviemakers ‘Star India’ owns the HotStar app services.

And, you can install the app on iOS, Android, Windows and even on Apple TV.

Think of any mobile platform, and be sure you can unblock Hotstar and watch on it from anywhere worldwide!

So, it can be a tablet, Mac, Windows, Linux, iPad, iPhone- whichever!

Are you the only one who loves HotStar?


So that, HotStar launched in 2015 to stream the Cricket World Cup live.

If you know the level of fetish Indians have for Cricket, you won’t need asking – the viewership was crazy!

By the end of the event, 49 matches alone, HotStar was receiving more than 300 million views.

The app enjoyed about 50 million installs and endless advertisers!

Since then, the app has grown to one of the best streaming services in the world.

Today, the Alexa ranks HotStar as one of the best most popular 500 sites on the entire internet!

More specifically, its current Alexa position is 335.

That is far better than the Snapchat app, and another reason you must respect Indians for their population size!

And, what TV channels and movies do you find on HotStar?

Subsequently, the online video streaming app lets you access hundreds of channels.

For instance, you can watch HotStar sports from the Indian Super League and Pro Kabaddi League.

Also, you can find several Indian and foreign television shows.

HotStar streams content from Asianet, Maa TV, Star Plus, Star Jaisha, Channel V and Life are OK.

Also, don’t forget to find other famous Hollywood movies and TV shows like Game of Thrones.

Typically, Netflix won’t air your favourite GoT episodes;

So HotStar is a good alternative to Netflix too – at least for many if not all.

Wow! And, how to download videos from HotStar in the US?

Do you want to install the HotStar Android app in America?

Well, let’s be frank; if you are the straight up kind of guy, you can’t!

The app only supports a few (Indian?) countries.

So, you will need to be in Pakistan, Bangladesh or India to experience HotStar at its full potential!

But wait, are you still cuffed in internet restrictions?

Oh my, that’s another reason you should be a regular visitor of Cyberogism!

Look, the internet doesn’t have to be a preserve of a few.

In fact, it does not matter where you are;

You can still unblock geo-restricted sites!

There are many ways to do that, and with the experience I have, I’ll show you nothing but the best methods!

And that brings us to these wonderful things called VPN services.

VPNs are very powerful in tricking websites so they think you are in a different location.

Let’s save the explanation – just get IPVansih VPN and see how pretty Priyanka Chopra was in Bollywood before she joined Quantico!

Is it legal to download HotStar Videos?

Now, I do not intend to show you how to infringe the copyrights of HotStar creators – far from it!

In fact, downloading copyrighted content could book you a solace in prison!

Well, if you have no problem getting there, I do- at least I’ll still need you as my regular reader!

So, on how to download from HotStar, mine is only to equip you with knowledge on getting the best out of the app.

But, you still retain the rights to have your reasons to watch HotStar offline.

Why save HotStar videos for offline viewing?

As earlier mentioned, I am here for the sake of anyone stuck on the internet.

Being user-centered, I understand how hard life fixes you until you want to watch movies offline.

So, here are some of the reasons you may need to download HotStar videos.

  • When you want to stack files to your new phone or device
  • Or, your home is so bushy; there’s no internet coverage, and you still want to watch cricket replays on the HotStar app.
    If you are going to have holidays in the Amazon, Maasai Mara or other places that are far from
     civilisation, snipping HotStar videos could be worthy
  • Also, when your internet bandwidth is limited and too slow to stream

Fine, now can I know how to download movies from HotStar?

Yes – if your urge to save HotStar videos overcomes you, here is a guide for you!

It is multifaceted, the way to download content on a laptop is different from saving on phones.

Also, downloading movies depends on the kind of operating system your device uses.

Again, some methods will need you to install third party software while others redirect to HotStar file downloading sites.

Moreover, you can use direct ways of saving videos from the app – like using the command prompt!

Pick whichever is best for you.

How to save HotStar videos on Laptops

The laptop’s screen is much bigger than that of a phone or tablet.

So, you need to save a video that is big and of high quality- preferably the HD MP4 and 720 by 1280p.

To download HotStar videos on PC, you can use other applications, websites, or your admin command.

In a word here, if you want to download Hindi Movies without any software, use the hotstarsportslivestreamer download method.

Yes, you’ll need to enter some CMD commands, but it has a silver lining!

Below are some of those methods:

Using Command Prompts

Download directly from HotStar using Command Prompts

Did you know that you can download the latest cricket matches clips from HotStar without any software or helper sites?

This should be the easiest method, but people fear to edit the commands.

But, as you will see, it is a simple jig to manoeuvre.

First, the CMD, also known as the Command Prompt, is a feature in Windows and Mac operating systems that let you order the computer to do things.

CMD interprets computer language, so you need to use the programming codes.

It is the newest method of saving TV series shows from HotStar, developed by Shubhain Jain.

It applies FFmpeg video file’s transcoding systems, but for downloading movies.

So, it could also be the best way to download HotStar movies on Mac and Linux!

If you want to download HotStar movies fast, try the procedure below:

  1. Download and install Notepad ++. In most cases, Notepad is the one that is most compatible with computing languages
  2. Ensure that your browser doesn’t block JavaScript. Try disabling the AdBlocker on the settings
  3. Then, download this zip file
  4. Extract the files on the desktop
  5. Install the program therein.
  6. Then, load and copy the URL of the movie you’d love to download
  7. Next, log on to download site. Paste the URL there and tap the Download button. Right-click on the ‘Download Now’ button and select the target folder.
  8. The movie file saves onto your folders. Right-click the video file and select ‘Edit with Notepad ++.
  9. You should be able to see the different resolutions for individual HotStar links.
    So, you can download HD Hindi or English movies at no extra bandwidth!
    Choose the quality you want to download, in this
     case, HD 1280*720.
    Thus, you need to copy the streaming video link below it
  10. Open the ‘command_to_copy.txt’ Notepad document on the folder and paste the details. Paste it in this format:
  11. Ffmpeg –i “YOUR FILE LINK” –c copy output.ts
  12. Then, replace the capitalised part with your link, and copy the entire command
  13. Open folder 1, 1 and then bin.
    Press the shortcut Shift+Right Click and select ‘Open Command window here’.
    That will open Command Prompt right away!
  14. Right next to the folder location link, paste the content you copied on X above, then hit enter
  15. Commands will start running on the CMD to show that the video just started downloading!
  16. And, that’s how you download a High Definition movie from HotStar and save it right in the bin!
  17. Clap for yourself- you did it like a pro!

How to save a HotStar video via hotstarlivestreamer rar

This method downloads movies and videos using the Command Prompt.

But, unlike the traditional method, it is easy and can be used even by the dumbest novice!

All you need is download hotstarsportslivestreamer rar files so that the process can be simpler.

Again, this method is better than the rest because it is never exhausted.

In fact, you can download as many HotStar movies as you wish!

Anyway, it’s HotStar for PC!

  1. The first step should be downloading the hotstarlivestreamer.rar file.
    Google will give you that!
    Get it here if you do not want to Google yourself
  2. Then, onto your PC discs, extract the .rar file
  3. Next, go to the extracted files and click on the hotstarlivestreamer file.
    This should you send you a pop-up window
  4. After that, you will need to feed the URL link of the HotStar movie file you want to the command prompt
  5. After you press enter, key in the quality you’d wish the video to have.
  6. Then, write the letter ‘d’ to signify that you want to download the video.
    And, Enter
  7. It’s so easy, and the downloaded videos are available in the ‘Downloads’ folders.
  8. All done, that is how to download HotStar videos free!

Using Screen capturing software

Sometimes, if you are watching a protected video, you can snap or record it onto your disk!

Look- you are conversant with the Window’s Snipping Tool that lets you take snaps of your screen, right?

Or, screen shooting interesting things on an iOS phone?

That’s the same idea in capturing videos.

Although HotStar is a little harsh on people who ‘steal’ their content,  you can beat them at their own game by capturing the video as it plays on your screen!

The resultant video is of very high quality- actually, you can get it in HD!

Of course, you need to install software to help you do that.

If your device is a slow junky thing, you might have a hard time with installing apps.

But, if it’s high-end, you will have the freedom to capture movies, TV shows or exciting videos and have your personal copies of each!

Here are some of the programs that can help you do that!

Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen RecorderThe Movavi video snipping software takes only 100 Mb of your space to install, yet gives you more than just a recording experience!

Apart from taping the videos that play on your screen, the Movavi tool makes it easy to download Bollywood movies.

And, with Movavi, you can record part or the entire screen video.

The software is also worthwhile for video editing- and, it has an extensive video copying experience!

Yes, Movavi screen recording tool is a paid software; but, if you know how to make torrents do the work for you, it can be free for you!

Replay Video Capture

hotstar_sports_live_streamer_free_download_Replay_Video_CaptureThe first rule that this app gives is that you must not infringe other people’s copyright.

Also, the software developers insist that they do not endorse the downloading of copyrighted content.

And, neither do I!

Made by Applian Technologies, Replay Video Capture can record all videos that play on your screen- it’s a screen recorder app!

This program records videos showing on your screen, or, in brief, it snips videos.

The software is compatible with Mac and Windows.

And, you can download a free version!

How to download HotStar videos on mobile

What about saving’s videos on your phone?

After installing the iOS or Android app, you may need to watch videos offline.

Although it does not let you download the videos, but rather make them available for offline use, this method is worthy.

If you have tried the YouTube App, then you should have an easy time doing this!

Because, both apps allow offline watching of their videos.

To download movies using the HotStar app, you must first download it.

This is how!

  1. Go to Google Play and search for the app.
    Or, download from HotStar
    Still, you can always download HotStar APK.
    Make sure it is the latest version
  2. Install the app
  3. Then, launch the app
  4. To download any video from HotStar, you must sign up.
    You can use your email or mobile number for verification.
    Of course, the OTP method is faster!
  5. Then, you can start downloading Bollywood movies and TV shows from the HotStar App.
    Also, be sure to catch sports and other content!

So, if you don’t want to use other kinds of apps, you can make use of this method to watch HotStar without internet data bundles!
Now, have a look at it!

  1. Download and install HotStar iOS or Android app.
    Find it on
     Google Play, or the official site.
  2. Then, click on the movie you want, and see if it has a ‘Download’ option right below it
  3. Once you find the option, dial the icon to download the video.
    Of course, you will need to select the quality.
    At times, the download option is absent, and you need other methods stated in this article
  4. And, the video gets downloaded! The HotStar video file is available in Android mobile’s files section, in the Downloads folder.


Not all videos on the HotStar app have the ‘download’ option.

So, this method is only applicable to the few that do.

If the movie you want to watch offline cannot be downloaded, try other tricks in this article – simple.

What about the HotStar videos direct download method?

Well, did you know that you could download HotStar videos without any software?

Well, you don’t need to install any program on your device to save movies on your device.

Instead, use helper download sites, which make help save videos without the HotStar video downloader app apk.

The best thing about the direct download method is that applies to both phones and computers (what’s the difference?!).

So, here is the process of saving HotStar movies directly onto your device without using software.

  1. Open the video or film that you want to download from Then, copy the URL
  2. Then, go to and paste the video link on the search bar provided
  3. Next, choose the quality you need to save
  4. Wait for some time and downloading the HotStar video will be complete!

Direct Method of saving Hotstar episodes using downloader sites

Downloader sites help you save videos from any streaming service, literally.

Whether it is Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or HotStar, these sites will help you download.

Examples of helper websites include FLVto, TubeOffline, Get and KeepVid.

hotstar sports live streamer free download option: UC browser

hotstar_sports_live_streamer_free_download_UC_browserAre you a fan of the UC Browser on Android and Windows?

You are not left out either!

UC Browser has a staggering half a billion installs on Google Play alone.

And, of course, the figure is a larger on other platforms.

According to Quettra Report, it was the third most popular app in India in 2015.

The software owes its popularity to the easy-to-use interface and recommendation features.

For instance, the browser recommends videos based on your browsing history and interests.

Again, the browser app guarantees you a quick and steady download experience.

UC web browser is compatible with all the devices and Operating Systems in the world!

So, the data-saving browser offers good streaming experience.

You can retain HotStar videos on your computer using the UC Browser- here is how!

  1. Install and launch the UC Browser
  2. Browse for movies
  3. Click on the video you want to download.
    And, feel free to start watching it!
  4. When the HotStar movie is playing, click on the UC Browser Logo at the top far right corner
  5. Leave the pictures option and go to the videos instead.
    Choose the videos quality you need
  6. Then, make use of the download option!

hotstar sports live streamer free download option : BlueStacks App Player

hotstar sports live streamer free downloadIf you are an Android-on-PC enthusiast, there’s no doubt you know about Blue Stacks!

It is an Android emulator that turns your computer into an Android phone!

But, BlueStacks can also download videos from the HotStar app.

So, how do you save videos from HotStar using the BlueStacks player?

Well, a little patience and you will know everything – no need for a commercial break!

  1. First, you must download and Install the Blue Stacks App Player on your Windows Computer.
    You can do that from the official site.
  2. After installation, your PC might require rebooting,- but if doesn’t, just launch it from the desktop icon
  3. Next, on the orange-colored search bar, search for HotStar
  4. Then, follow the link entitled ‘Search Play for HotStar.’
    It should lead you to the Google Play Store where you will download the app.
    Of course, you must sign in to the play using your Gmail account
  5. After installing HotStar on BlueStacks and HotStar, start saving videos.
    BlueStacks lets you take a file from HotStar and save it on your Windows File Explorer.
    Also, you can find it right in the BlueStacks Downloads section.
  6. Then, start watching all HotStar videos, movies and TV Shows offline, thanks to the BlueStacks App!

And, Bonus methods to Download Hotstar Videos

Adownloader HotStar video saving method

Adownloader is a short form for Atresmedia Downloader – or simply put, Atresdownloader.

The free software is a fusion of multiple video downloader programs.

So, the blend lets you stream all any quality of a video or Hindi TV show that you may want to download.

Also, Adownloader HotStar movie downloading software is one of the few that lets you add subtitles and captions to the videos.

Thus, you can watch Indian movies even while in China or Germany!

And, while using Adownloader for HotStar or other streaming sites like Netflix, you don’t need a VPN!

Atresmedia Downloader has an inbuilt list of real-time proxy servers across the world.

Also, you can queue numerous videos for downloading!

If you need to install the HotStar video downloader apk, follow the link above.

hotstar sports live streamer free download bonus option : Free YouTube Downloader

You probably know about this software.

It’s a beast in downloading videos from a whole library of sites!

With the free software, you get the chance to copy content from Twitter, Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube of course, among 10000+ other sites.

Can you save HotStar videos on your PC or phone using the Free YouTube Downloader?

Oh, why don’t you check it out!

For sure, you can get that romantic Hindi movie right on your memory if you follow the procedure below:

  1. Log onto
  2. Then, find the interesting video
  3. Now, copy the video’s URL
  4. Launch the Free YouTube Downloader app and past the URL
  5. After the FYD is finished analyzing the video, a pop-up will appear at the interface.
    Here, you can choose the file type or quality.
    For instance, you can select the ‘video to MP3’ option to convert to an audio version
  6. And, you can now download your video from HotStar!

Final remarks on hotstar sports live streamer free download

Oh, there’s no need to show you how to download videos from HotStar using IDM – it is the same everywhere!

So, while Netflix, Hulu, and Crackle take too long to launch full-services in Pakistan and India, HotStar is an incredible alternative!

The fact that you can download videos from HotStar via the app makes it even better!

Do you know any other software that can help download HotStar movies in one click?

Please update me!

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