How to Download Apps Not Available in Your Country On Android: 5 Ways

Some geo-restricted apps are great and this guide will show you how to download apps not available in your country on Android.

Cool right?

But why would you want to know that?

The world of technology we live in brings new, interesting opportunities our way every day.

Moreover, developers are bringing in new gadgets and apps everyday.

Most of these ensure a smoother user experience online and offline.

And the most-used platform to use all these gadgets and apps is the Android platform.

In addition, Android apps have become more and more popular in the last few years for a wide range of reasons.How to download apps not available in your country on androidAs a result, we all use them and are always eager to install cool new tools or games all the time.

Unfortunately, this seems to be impossible in certain locations.

Additionally, we see these amazing new apps used by users from across the globe which makes us feel disappointed when we cannot download and use them at will.

Therefore, you must be wondering whether you could do something to overcome such limitations as well.

In fact, the good news today is that there are always more possibilities than you may have discovered so far in the Android world.

As a result, anyone can install even country restricted apps from Google Play. So, without wasting

So, without wasting any time let’s discover together the best 5 ways on how to download apps not available in your country on android!

Remember, this list is about h.ow to download apps not available in your country on android.

In other words, no one method is the right one for everybody.

With that said, there are some methods which are more suitable to a larger proportion of online users.


Hence they are more popular.


  1. VPN to Install Country Restricted Android Apps

The VPN method is the most popular.

It is also the most recommended one.

This method allows you to install country restricted Android apps on your favorite devices.

In fact, you might be wondering:

how does it manage to do so?

Actually, what the VPN app does is fake your location in front of Google Play Store.

Furthermore, all you have to do is find and install the best VPN app.

The VPN app will let you know everything about how to download apps not available in your country on android.

In fact, once you have downloaded the necessary VPN app, you will be able to choose the desired location manually.

To download and install Android apps that are restricted in your country via a VPN:

All you need is to connect to the respective VPN server.

And then visit Google Store.

For example, if you want to use Pandora or Spotify outside US on your Android device then:

You should first connect to a US VPN server.

And then the Spotify Android app will be available to you for download in the Google Play.

Moreover, there are endless other options.

You could consider them in terms of Virtual Private Network apps that you can use for this intended purpose.

In addition, the best ones ensure unlimited bandwidth.

They also ensure online privacy and full anonymity for your online browsing experience.

Furthermore, you also gain the benefit of removing any geo-blocks this way and become untraceable.

How_to_download_apps_not available_in_your_country_android

Thus, never have to read the annoying line saying that this item is not available in your country play store.

Moving on.

You can choose options like,

  • ExpressVPN
  • F-Secure Freedome
  • Hideninja
  • SuperVPN
  • VPN Master
  • Fast Secure VPN

In fact, these are the most popular choices at the moment.

For whom you may ask?

For those interested in discovering how to download apps not available in your country on Android.

But among all, ExpressVPN has become the most reliable option.

A great majority of online users use it.


Because they are interested in the best navigation experience in the online world.

And in fact, it is the VPN that we use whenever we need to figure out the obvious:

How to download apps not available in your country on Android.

And it works all the time!

So sign up for a VPN service provider right now.

Moving forward we’re going to assume two things:

  1. you have signed up for a VPN service
  2. Have installed the official VPN app after downloading it from the official website

It is time now to open it.

And select a country where your desired app is available.

First, connect to the VPN service after setting it up on your device.

Then access your Android Settings > Apps > Google Play Store and click on the Storage option.

Moreover, you should also clear the cache memory of the app.

And then go back and click on Force Stop.

Now you are ready to search and find the app you want.

After that just install it from the opened link in the Play Store.

In fact, before hitting the Install button you must accept the prompts coming from Play Store.

And if you ever (at any given day) see your VPN is not working for the cause, you just contact ExpressVPN support.

Usually, they will resolve your issue rather quickly.

Nevertheless, these are easy and intuitive steps for you to follow.

They also help you to get the app on your device fast and without any major concerns.

Actually, now you are all set to never encounter this error: this Android item isn’t available in your country, ever again!

This Android item isn’t available in your country, ever again!

  1. MarketEnabler

How_to_download_apps_not available_in_your_country_android_online

If you are a user with a smartphone that includes cellular connectivity, the carrier information reaches the Google software that establishes its country.

In fact, this is how limitations become possible online.

However, with root access, you can access and install the MarketEnabler app that enables you to install country specific Android apps.

For the MarketEnabler app to work, you must need to root your Android.

Now how does it manage to do so?

Actually, just by allowing you to spoof the carrier identifiers which will make your device seem to be on a different carrier no matter what is your location.

Relevant to mention at this stage is also the fact that you may need to clear the Google Play Store data so that it might detect the new coordinates you have entered.

In fact, all you have to do to achieve this is open the Settings screen and click on All.

Then scroll down the app store.

And then choose Tap Force to Clear data.

Then Clear Cache.

Next, reopen the Google Play library and your location should be ready to reveal itself.

  1. Alternative App Store Aptoide

How_to_download_apps_not available_in_your_country_android_right_now

Third on our list of ways to activate Google Play Store restricted apps is the Alternative App Store Aptoide.

In fact, it is similar to the primarily mentioned one and offers digital content where you can search and download the necessary apps.

Furthermore, it seems to function like a marketplace app where everything you need in terms of content is available for you to use.

There are thousands of apps available there even though it is not yet available on Play Store, you just install it and search for your desired app.

There is no harm in trying!

  1. By Installing the APK File of the App

How to download apps not available in your country android

Next on our list of effective ways of how to download apps not available in your country on android is by accessing the market enabler apk to install the apk file of the restricted app.

And, if you have not yet heard of this type of files, you should know that they represent the format used for installing software on any Android operating system.

Moreover, most APK files reach the market ahead of time on the Internet.

That allows worldwide users to gain easy and early access to exciting new features that could not be available to them otherwise.

Also, there are also apps that you may discover to bring restrictions even in regions outside of your reach.

However, APK files come to the rescue and help you bypass carriers thus gain access to the latest Google updates.

This means that you will no longer feel disappointment caused by limitations nor must you spend a lot of time to discover necessary updates and the way in which you should install these.

Moreover, always be careful of what you choose to install.

And always use so that you are on the safe legal side.

Besides, only choose to use sites you trust and which offer you safe and legal apps or tools to download.

One site that we can recommend you to download apk of Android apps is

Furthermore, if you have found the APK file that is right for you to use all you have to do is download it and install it on your phone.

Indeed, just make sure you have the “Unknown Sources” option checked in your device security options to ensure that such third-party apps work on it.

Now you are ready to start downloading new apps safely and easily!

  1. Android OS Upgrade

The last but not the least important way in which to get rid of the issue of encountering an Android app not available in your country app store is by upgrading your operating system.

In fact, many tools reach the list of apps not available in:

  • India,
  • Philippines,
  • Pakistan,
  • Canada,
  • Australia etc. (you name them) just because they do not match your current operating system.
    However, with this upgrade you can make these available for you as well.

For example, there are users who have phones that still run on Android 2.3. or Gingerbread.

This brings more limitations to them in terms of apps that they can use. However, if they install the latest version of Android on their phones their access will be easily regained.

Moreover, even if you do not receive constant update news for your device, you can still find and install latest OP versions.

That will eliminate any geo-blocks from your device settings options by going into “about” tab.

How to download apps not available in your country on android : The Bottom Line

All in all, we consider the above-mentioned methods the best ones for you to consider when you want to avoid limitations that you might encounter when trying to install new Android apps.

Now moving on, you won’t encounter “unavailable in your country” error.

I’m positive!

Moreover, all these methods come with advantages and downsides according to your specific location.

These methods also depend on your device requirements so you should choose the one that best suits your needs.

In fact, the VPN method is the most popular, recommended method by specialists in the online environment because it is a stand-alone one that offers perfect safety.

VPN services provide great privacy alongside exceptional ease of use.

Finally, show some smartness.

And always aware of legal concerns so that you might choose only what you can legally use to serve your purposes.

By that we mean:

Always consider potential legal problems so that you might choose only those apps that you can legally use to serve your purposes.


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