Download Torrents Anonymously: 6 Safe And Easy Ways

Who doesn’t want to know how to download torrents anonymously?

The thing is, in order to download torrents anonymously you don’t need to have a lot of technical know-how.

All you need to download torrents anonymously is some grit and a computer with an internet connection.

The technology world never remains the same.

In fact, new development and discoveries come to the surface of this industry every day.

They also come into the attention of online users every year.

Moreover, this allows us to do much more than we could do in the past, in faster and easier ways.

Download Torrents Anonymously

A highly relevant aspect to mention at this stage is that:

Now we can also download torrents anonymously from best torrent sites.

Why is that important?

Mainly because this way we gain access to everything we want to watch online.

And we can do that without facing more online limitations or restrictions imposed by “evil” corporations.

So without wasting any time, let’s analyze together the best and most reliable ways in which to download torrents anonymously.

You can use these methods for these intended (or any other you might have) purposes.

  1. Download Torrents Anonymously With VPN Solutions

If you have followed our posts so far, you are already aware of the amazing benefits that come from using virtual private network solutions to overcome online restrictions.

And not just avoiding digital restrictions.

A VPN solution is a highly reliable option for those interested in learning how to download torrents anonymously.

In addition, it does that by providing the finest privacy services available online for users.

Nevertheless, it does that because we are all interested in reliable (and mostly free) platforms like:

  • BitTorrent, to cover our downloading needs and requirements.

Highly relevant to mention at this stage is the fact that:

You can use such services on a trial session at first.

Or go with their free version.

Then you can continue by paying decent prices given their advanced, professional services.

Moreover, the top VPN providers direct all the reliable web traffic using their specialised servers.

This way, your identity remains anonymous online thus keeps you safe during your browsing experiences.

Furthermore, the whole industry behind restrictions in the online environment operates by discovering the location of used IPs. In fact, IP snoopers always want to know where you are operating from as an online user. Notwithstanding, this is because they want to decide what you may or may not be able to visualise and download.

Additionally, the main goal of reliable VPN providers is that of allocating you a fake IP address from a different country or location instead of yours. In the majority of cases, it does that by indicating a location where the public anonymous proxy is available.

Also, a great benefit of using professional VPN providers like IPVanish is that it never limits its services to BitTorrent or any other torrent client. On the contrary, it manages to allow access to the widest possible range of torrents.

In fact, with their help, you can now find anything you want to download. Moreover, this provider ensures full anonymity on the Internet and fast speed for the best browsing experience.

Furthermore, IPVanish VPN has become the most common and highly preferred VPN solution among Internet users.

This is because they are constantly looking for the best and fastest ways of overcoming online restrictions of any kind.

And honestly speaking, after our extensive review of IPVanish we became fans of this provider too.

And thus, we do not hesitate to recommend it!

In addition, anything you read about learning how to download torrents anonymously leads you some way or the other to this reliable solution.

In fact, it has become the preferred one due to its notable advantageous features.

Moreover, it offers easy compatibility among several devices you might use. Also, it comes with zero logging policy interference. Moreover, it also enables simultaneous logins on multiple devices. Additionally, it comes to your rescue with reliable customer support services whenever you might need to find the right answer to your questions.

Finally, with more than 130 dedicated servers spread across the globe, this VPN provider has become the premium choice of Internet users that are eager to discover the best experiences online.

Other options from the same range that you can consider for your free BitTorrent proxy experience are NordVPN, PureVPN,, Private Internet Access and HideMyAss. Nevertheless, it is always all about user preferences when it comes to making the right choice to help them achieve their online goals.

The most notable features of such VPN providers are their:

  • dedicated secure browsers and IP addresses
  • the serious number of locations spread across the world
  • trial periods
  • paid sessions they offer to their users according to their needs and requirements.

Finally, as you can judge from the brief explanation above, among all these options, IPVanish VPN reaches the top place in terms of preferences due to its unequaled speed feature with a 34.5 Mbps download capacity and a 32.4 Mbps upload speed. Moreover, the amazing ping time or response latency of only 8.32 ms is also a great advantage that makes it the best.

  1. Download Torrents Anonymously With BT Guard Proxy

download_torrents_anonymously_btguardAnother solution for those interested in discovering how to download torrents anonymously for free is the BT Guard proxy. In fact, it has originally come on the market as a perfect tool for offering access to BitTorrent and has evolved a lot in time.

It manages to effectively hide an IP address from other users thus keep you safe during your online browsing sessions. Moreover, this type of services is reliable and versatile, offering you the possibility to work on multiple platforms such as Linux, Windows and Mac.

Furthermore, the service provider offers a pre-configured type of client base yet you can subscribe to other bases as well while using it. Additionally, BitTorrent is not the only option to download using BT Guard.

In fact, there are endless possibilities for you from this point of view and two examples are Vuze and uTorrent. Finally, the greatest advantage in its case is that it offers additional software for encryption purposes for users interested in high levels of security on the Internet.

  1. Download Torrents Anonymously With TorrentPrivacy

download_torrents_anonymously_torrentprivacyThird on our list of options today for users interested in discovering new ways and insights on how to safely download torrents anonymously is TorrentPrivacy. In fact, this is an option that resembles the previous mentioned one from various perspectives.

Although, what it brings new from it is the modified uTorrent user interface that comes with pre-configured settings. Moreover, one downside in its case is that it only works on Windows – so those who use Mac or Linux cannot take advantage of it.

  1. Download Torrents Anonymously With Anomos

download_torrents_anonymously_anomosTo begin with, Anomos is an interesting program developed using an encrypted type of file sharing protocol between peers. Be that as it may, the most relevant fact about it is that it bases its general functionality on the onion routing anonymization concept revealed to the world by BitTorrent.

Moreover, a great benefit to consider in its case is the end-to-end type of active encryption it enables. In addition, this is a free type of service that anyone can easily find and access. Subsequently, if what you want is to keep your IP address a secret and discover how to download torrent without being tracked, this is a reliable option to test.

  1. Download Torrents Anonymously With Seedbox

seedboxOur list today will continue with a valuable name in the online environment:


In fact, users who have struggled with Internet limitations in the past, may have already discovered its benefits.

At any rate, this is also a valuable option for those who want to learn how to hide IP when downloading torrents.

In addition, it is a dedicated type of service that offers good bandwidth. at the best browsing speeds that allow fast and effective transfers via reliable torrents. In fact, the great Internet speed it supports is its greatest advantage.

And that tooat the best browsing speeds.

That allows users fast and effective transfers via reliable torrents.

In fact, the great Internet speed it supports is its greatest advantage.

Moreover, it does all that while keeping your IP address unknown for the rest of the Internet. thus ensuring a secure experience whenever you search or download something.

Thus it ensures a secure experience whenever you search or download something.

  1. Download Torrents Anonymously With Myfastfile

myfastfileIn sum, Myfastfile (now premiumize) is a great torrent client replacement.

Its use has become popular among Internet users interested in moving everything to the cloud.

Users can also hide their IP addresses from anyone interested in discovering their origins.

Moreover, this is the type of option that does not require a best free proxy.

Or an extra VPN.

In addition, its most notable features are the way in which it manages to hide your IP.

But it also:

  • works well across multiple devices,
  • ensures secure cloud storage.
  • Replaces any old torrent client you may have previously installed and used on your device.

If you’re looking for a way to download torrents on your iPad without compromising your privacy, you might want to check out xTorrent for iPad.

Download Torrents Anonymously: The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the great news is that there are endless possibilities to consider.

If you are eager to discover the best IP blocker for torrents then you’re golden.

In fact, every option comes with notable specifics to consider.

Most options also have downsides that might become noticeable in certain circumstances.

All in all, this is the beauty of having so many possibilities to consider.

You may want a Torrent client with built-in VPN.

Or another option to see which one works best for your intended purposes.

Furthermore, focus on what you want to achieve.

And then choose the best solution to cover your specific needs at the moment.

Given these points, we recommend the VPN option.


Because it is the most reliable one.

Moreover, it applies to a wide range of circumstances.


Due to well-established providers like IPVanish VPN.

This one manages to take its services to the next level.

At the end, keep all the facts in mind.

And make sure you remain on the legal side of any online activity.

This way, you will discover the best option to ensure fast torrent downloads and the best browsing experiences.

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