Get Youtube video downloader unblocked: A How To Guide

Do you want to know how to get YouTube video downloader unblocked?

Are you stuck trying to download YouTube Videos in Mobile, Android or iOS iPhones?

Worry no further – this article guides you on how to download YouTube music to Mac, iPhones, Android mobile and computers!

Eventually, be sure to find out how to watch YouTube Offline on Windows.

As if that is not enough, you can download YouTube videos MP3 formats when you have little internet data or few MBs.

That way you can watch videos like this one here wherever you are:

So, you can rest assured that there is YouTube offline viewing for exciting videos!

Now, here is the best guide on how to download videos from YouTube for you!

So no doubt, YouTube is the world’s number one online video hosting site.

According to Alexa, YouTube is the second most popular website on the entire internet – after Google.

And, the online video platform has millions of videos which make this assertion real.Youtube video downloader unblocked:YouTube offers live streaming service and depends on publishers for content.

So, anyone can upload a video on YouTube as long as it qualifies the requirements.

But, downloading videos from YouTube is the real hustle!

Hence, here is a comprehensive guide to help you download videos to your computer, phone or tablet.

First, is it legal to Get YouTube Video Downloader Unblocked?

YouTube depends on the adverts it displays for revenues.

Thus, the site guides users on how they can or cannot use the content therein.

Owned by Google, YouTube has strict concerns when it comes to downloading videos.

To be honest, it is not legal to download YouTube videos on Mac, Android or iPhone.

In fact, it is not legal to download anything from the website.


In its Terms of Service, YouTube makes a short set of statements. Downloading the video infringes the code that state:

”You shall not download any Content unless you see a “download” or similar link displayed by YouTube on the Service for that Content.”

Two, a publisher may launch a suite of copyright issues.

So, you may need the owner’s license to get going.

If you are aligned in court, luckily, it is only for a light civil case.

And, why Get YouTube Video Downloader Unblocked?


Everyone has a personal reason to download videos from YouTube to iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, Table or iPhone.

So, let me walk you through some of the major reasons that may drive you to watch YouTube offline.

  1. You are visiting an area that has poor network coverage.It includes overseas vacation/holidays and, Utah deserts-pun intended!
  2. Or, when you need to view YouTube videos offline to beat the unending Google ads interruption
  3. Also, offline YouTube viewing is necessary when using a limited data bandwidth
  4. To watch YouTube offline videos on your device
  5. Again, when you have an unquenchable storage device on your device
  6. For fun, and, any other reason you may think of!

How to Beat Legal Restrictions and Get YouTube Video Downloader Unblocked

Terms and Conditions aside – let’s be a little pragmatic here.

Who doesn’t infringe them anyway?

You never have to mind about downloading YouTube videos because, in the first place, it is too easy!

In the past, saving the webpage downloaded YouTube content for offline viewing.

Today, you have to make use of extensions, software or helper websites.

So, here is the simplest way to download videos from YouTube on Mac, iPhone or Android.

Some essential facts about Getting YouTube Video Downloader Unblocked first

Downloading YouTube videos comes in multiple formats.

You can save MP4, 3GP, AVI and MOV video formats.

On how to download YouTube videos on Mac, it is important to go for the MOV video format.

MOV works on Apple devices.

AVI is a Microsoft thing, while MP4 is the video version of MP3.

MP4 is the broad-spectrum video that works across literally any device!

If you want to download a small MB YouTube video, 3GP could be your perfect choice!

3GP is so light and low quality that it works on any low-end device.

If you are an admin to any YouTube Channel, you can download your very own videos anytime!

On the Video Manager, you will see the ‘Edit’ option.

Clicking on it should lead you to the ‘Download’ option.

But, if you download too many of your videos, YouTube might block you.

In such a case, you will have to make use of a third party app!

And lastly, of course, you will need to have Youtube unblocked at your end if you want to download Youtube videos.

So, in case it is blocked in your region or any of its video content that you want to download; you just connect to a quality VPN such as ExpressVPN.

And you’ll have YouTube unblocked then.

Subsequently, the following tips guide you to download YouTube videos to your Personal Computer.

How to Get YouTube Video Downloader Unblocked on your computer


YouTube offline viewing is available for Red Subscribers only.

But, what happens to the other ‘bits of wood’?

Well, if you want to watch YouTube offline via PC, you will need to download the files.

But, browsers support only saving the web pages as a way of downloading the video content.

The HTML5 technology used by YouTube makes it hard for people to save the video for offline use.

Yet, this does not beat the expertise of web and app developers!

So, there are several programs to help you save YouTube videos for offline watching on Windows PCs.

Here are some of the best ways to get you going:

a)    Use of Apps to Get YouTube Video Downloader Unblocked onto PC

As I said earlier, the internet has myriad software to help you download videos from YouTube.

In brief, the pieces of software below will help you perform the hack real quick!

  • Airy

After copying the YouTube URL of the video you want to download, paste it on Airy, and that’s all!

You can use Airy for playlists too.

And, need it be said you can choose the quality?

The standard browsers lather well with Airy, so, you can download at a one-touch!

But, you have to part with $19.95 for its pro version.

It is compatible with Mac and Window.

  • YouTube ByClick

For only $4.99 unlimited per year (there is a free version too), YouTubeByClick allows you to download videos from over 50 sites to Windows.

It allows HD-quality video downloads and converts them to your quality of choice.

Also, ByClick integrates with browsers to provide a one-click download.

  • YTDVideo Downloader

YTD has both a free and $29.90 a year premium version.

It works for more than 50 video hosting websites.

Also, YTD allows you to download multiple YouTube videos simultaneously.

Subsequently, YTD helps you convert videos to your preferred quality.

And, it is compatible with Mac and Windows!

As it is compatible with Mac too, in case you thought it could be hard to find a Youtube downloader for Mac – now you have it!

  • DLNow Video Downloader

Compatible with Windows, DLNow claims to work for more than 570 video hosting websites.

The free software also captures live streams.

  • Clip Converter

Clip Converter has a simple interface, but with several important features.

It helps you download YouTube videos for offline watching.

Also, Clip lets you choose the video quality ranging from 3GP to 1080 HD videos.

  • Any Video Converter (Ultimate)

For $49.95 per year (there is a free version too, and it is good enough), Any Video Converter lets you download from YouTube and more than 100 other video hosting sites.

It is also an excellent accompaniment for those who want to capture Netflix live streaming videos.

And, it also has editing features.

  • SoftorinoYouTube Converter

Compatible with Windows, Mac and iOS, Softorino has both a free and paid version.

The paid version goes for $19.95 and allows you to convert iOS videos without jailbreaking.

  • Freemake Video Downloader

This YouTube downloader software boasts being ‘loved by 83M users’.

Whichever the truth there is in the tagline, only Freemake Video Downloader can tell!

But, it is evident that the app has a silver lining, though.

For instance, it downloads any Video format fast!

Also, Freemake Video Downloader allows simultaneous YouTube video downloads.

Not just YouTube, most of the popular video hosting sites work well with FreeMake!

Freemake Video Downloader has some caveats, though.

One, some antivirus programs flag it as malware.

And second, as per reports from many users, it forces you to change your default Search Engine to Yahoo.

b)    Use Helper Sites to Get YouTube Video Downloader Unblocked on Computer


The internet has hundreds of sites that help you download content from YouTube.

Also, some of the helper sites let you convert videos to desired qualities.

Although YouTube says downloading is illegal, some of these websites work pretty well.

So, they require you to copy the URL from YouTube and paste it onto the site.

Then, the helper sites ask you to choose the video quality you need.

Here is a list of some of the best YouTube download sites:


In some cases, though, the websites are buggy, with lots of pop ups and endless ads.

But, you can always settle for other ways of downloading YouTube videos – this article has many for you 🙂

c)    Use Browser Extensions to Save Video from YouTube for Offline Use

If Google Chrome is your default browser, be sure of a dodgy experience with some YouTube Video download add-ons.

The Chrome store restricts downloads of YouTube videos to PC via extensions.

But, for other browsers seem to lather well with them – and we’ve done the homework for you by coming up with ones that work well with all browsers.

So, if you need to integrate your browser with an extension – try the following options.

  • vGet

If you want to download vGet YouTube downloader extension; get it on or outside Chrome Store. Vget is free!

  • FastersTube

The FastersTube extension is compatible, even with the less popular Chromium, Opera and Safari.

The free software can also be integrated with Chrome by using special installers.

  • Video DownloadHelper

It is a free extension, compatible with Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome.

For a better experience, you can upgrade to the $28.50 Premium version.

How to Get YouTube Video Downloader Unblocked on mobile


Did you know you can download videos from YouTube right to your smartphone?

Well, you can watch YouTube offline on your iPhone, Android or any other type of mobile you have!

With add-ons and mobile apps, you can save videos direct from YouTube.

So, in this section, be sure to catch an idea or two about watching YouTube on iPhones and Android or any other phones.

How to Get YouTube Video Downloader Unblocked on Android smartphones and Tablets

Both YouTube and Android are Google’s inventions in the sense that Google owns them.

So, it is hard to download YouTube Android videos straight up.

Although the OS comes with several default apps, it is not easy to watch YouTube offline on Android.

Recommended Read: Install Android Apps Not Available in Your Country

That should not scare you, though; here are lots of workarounds to let you save a video from YouTube!

The methods I address below are both ideal and straightforward!

So, roll your sleeves!

a)    YouTube Android App for Red Subscribers

In 2014, YouTube Red gave subscribers a reason to smile-  they added a feature to view videos offline.

Although not all the content on YouTube is visible offline, a good number is!

Every YouTube publisher ( the person who uploads videos) has the right to allow or deny the feature.

So, copyright infringement is a non-issue here!

If you stumble upon an interesting video, hit the down-arrow icon, and view it offline!

b)    Get YouTube Video Downloader Unblocked manually on Android


Did you know you can download YouTube videos manually on Android?

Well, this requires neither a software app nor change of settings.

Instead, you only need to use your browser to watch YouTube videos! Point blank, this guide helps you download YouTube Videos without software or mobile applications!

  1. On your Android phone, launch the browser application.For instance, use Opera, UC Browser, or Chrome.Other standard Android browsers too, will do well.
  2. Then, open the YouTube you want to download or watch offline
  3. Next, change the URL from ‘…’to ‘….’ or ‘…’ . E.g. becomes, or ,https://
  4. Loading the new URL redirects to another website, and it lets you select the quality you need.
  5. Then, download the video.

Noteworthy, this method is exclusive for Android.

Other devices and operating systems might not work correctly.

The sites have a downside, though – they are full of pop ups occasionally!

So, you may need to know how to block pop ups on Android.

Also, YouTube is working hard to crack down on these download sites.

No wonder, some might get blocked along the way.

Thus, there is need to keep visiting Cyberogism as we keep you updated.

Before this happens, be sure to download as many videos as you wish!

c)    Get YouTube Video Downloader Unblocked using apps

Indeed, Google Play has several mobile applications to help you download videos from YouTube.

So, if the manual method gets hectic, make use of YouTube video download apps.

But, not all YouTube video download apps are available on Google Play. 

So, you have to change your phone’s settings to allow downloads from third party sites.

To install the best YouTube download Android apps such as TubeMate and WonTube’s Downloader, follow the guidelines below:

  1. Head to Lock Screen and Security options in the Settings Menu
  2. Then, enable download and installation from ‘Unknown Sources’.This notifies the Android operating system that you agree to install apps outside Google Play.
  3. Tap the OK sign – but, you will have to uncheck the option after you install the app
  4. Head to the TubeMate site and download the app
  5. After you download the app, it is time to install the Tube Mate APK. Find it in the File Manager
  6. To be sure of phone security, try scanning the app before installation. You can try anAndroid antivirus app if you want
  7. Check to agree to the Terms of Service, and, your Android YouTube video downloader installation is complete!
  8. Then, go to any interesting YouTube video – you will see a Green download sign.Tap on it to begin the download.TubeMate Android YouTube download app will let you choose the quality you need, too.

    Of course, it is not necessary to go for the 720*1280 unless you have a giant screen!

    Go for the quality that lathers well with your memory space.

    Also, TubeMate allows you download YouTube videos mp3 files.

  9. On your Android phone, find the downloaded YouTube video in the Notifications, Gallery or Downloaded Files.
  10. Then, you have the freedom in your hands, to play, send or move to organised folders!

If you are looking for TubeMate alternatives, try WonTube’s Free YouTube Downloader. You will install it the same way as TubeMate – from the third party site.


Again, the Android YouTDownloadermobile application has features for video management.

But, you will have to cope with the many bugs…

Noteworthy, this tutorial does not advocate for downloading copyrighted YouTube Material.

Instead, the comprehensive piece suggests how users can get the most out of YouTube.

And, I used my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone to test the Tubemate YouTube Video Download app.

It might be different from yours – but, am sure it works pretty similar.

Again, the method works for Android Tablets too – anything that runs on Android!

Don’t bother looking up TubeMate on Google Play – it’s not there!

So, you have to head to their official website TubeMate.Net, Android Freeware.

When downloading the APK, the phone will warn you of malicious possibilities.

Don’t give any ear to the warning – just hit Ok because it won’t dare harm your phone!

Have you downloaded applications outside the Play Store before?

If yes, then it is ostensible you got the Android mobile same message.

But, did it crack your screen or explode the battery?


Get YouTube Video Downloader Unblocked on iPhone and iPad

If your phone is an Apple brand, and you want to download videos from YouTube, it is your time to smile!

Just like in the Android case, there are myriad ways to download YouTube videos on iPhones and other iOS-powered devices.

Well, many people would debate and expect Google and Apple to be arch enemies – like the cat and the dog!

It’s normal to believe that Apple would readily allow you to download stuff from YouTube.

But, is that the case?

Let’s find out!

Apps on iOS have succinct Terms of Service, which state the following. ‘…downloading from YouTube is prohibited due to its Terms of Service…’

Visibly, Apple wants developers and users to play by the rules.

No doubt, even cats, and dogs cooperate when you adopt a squirrel!

iTunes – or App Store has all the kind of apps you can think about.

In fact, if an app does not have an iOS version on the App Store, it is as good as blended fresh fruit juice to a puppy!

Interestingly, the Apple App Store does not tolerate plagiarism and copyright infringement either.

So, there are no YouTube video downloader apps on the platform.

I guess your mind has a question already; ‘How do I download YouTube videos to iPhones or iOS?’.

And, the answer is right here – just a little patience!

So, because the App Store does not have the apps to save videos from YouTube – you need some workarounds.

Below are some of the best ways to take iOS YouTube content.

Use apps to Get YouTube Video Downloader Unblocked on iPad and iPhone

While the Apple App Store does not have apps to download YouTube videos, there are hacks and tweaks for it!

Be that as it may, the Internet has many third-party iOS mobile applications to download YouTube videos.

The best-known app for Android and iOS YouTube download is the TubeMate.

So, just like in the Android case, you will need to download the iOS TubeMate version.

Then, install the APK and start enjoying the experience!

Admittedly, most YouTube Video Downloader apps for iOS have constant adverts that could be a nuisance.

While they may urge you to subscribe to the premium version, it is advisable that you don’t dare.


No one knows when Apple is going to ban such kind of mobile applications from the iOS devices.

To be in the safe, just leave it at basic or standard!

So, despite all limitations, you can still watch YouTube videos offline on your iPhone.

If you want to download YouTube videos to iOS devices – iPad and iPhone – be sure to follow the guidelines below.

a)    TubeMate

TubeMate YouTube Video Downloader is also available for iOS – iPhone and iPad!

  1. First, you need to download and install the TubeMate YouTube Video downloader app for iOS.You can do that by launching iTune app on your iPhone and simply searching for Tubemate there – surprisingly, you’ll get YubeMate there
  2. After launching it on your iPhone or iPad, head to the browser section of the app to find the video that interests you
  3. While the video plays, a pop-up will appear asking to download the YouTube video on your iOS device.Tap the ‘Save’ version and it’ll start!
  4. You may be asked to rename or choose the folder you want to save the video.That is too easy, isn’t it?
  5. When you are done saving the YouTube video on your iPhone, find it in your files.Also, access the downloaded files on ‘Video’, ‘Files’ or Downloads’ folders.
  6. There it is! You can now watch YouTube offline on iPhone or iPad now!

b)   Document 5

Luckily, this app is officially available on the App Store!

Document 5 is a PDF iOS app that has an inbuilt browser.

When the app is installed, launch it and you will find the browser.

Then, on the browser, search good YouTube downloader sites.

The most recommendable is ‘en.SaveFrom.Net’.

On to the space provided on the site, paste the URL of the YouTube video you need to save.

Then, you will be right on track in saving a YouTube video to your iPhone!

Get YouTube Video Downloader Unblocked: Videos MP3

At times, you do not need the video file.

So, whenever you want to download an audio file from YouTube, think about MP3!

Now, though, how do you download YouTube videos as MP3 files?

Well, the methods below should help you do it, fast!

Download YouTube Video MP3 from redirected sites

Nevertheless, you can download YouTube videos in audio formats by visiting using simple tricks.

For instance, you can replace the URL to some other site. E.g. becomes

Loading the URL redirects to a download site to save a YouTube video as an MP3 file.

It’s that simple!

MP3 YouTube Video Download Site

If the YouTubeTo site fails, use

This website has downloadable audio files for all videos found on YouTube.

So, you can find Paul Walker’s Farewell Dedications in MP3 format!

Visit the site and paste the URL to the video in the space provided.

The MP3 download should be automatic but you can dial on the green ‘GO’ button to prompt.

If you want to download a YouTube video as MP3 to your iPhone or iPad, synchronize the file with iTunes.

For Android, you will find the MP3 file in the Gallery.

How to Download YouTube Playlists for offline viewing

Did you know you could save YouTube playlists for offline watching?

Well, you no longer have to run short of limited bandwidth playing all the videos in a YouTube playlist.

Instead, you can download them all in an easy way!

The YouTube ByClick lets you save videos or audio forms of YouTube playlists.

Also, the software allows you to select the videos you need from the playlist.

Then, tap the ‘Download’ button and that’s all!

With only $14.99, you will download unending YouTube playlists!

Bonus: Get YouTube Video Downloader Unblocked via Clip Converter

Yes. is another site that helps users download youtube videos.

This site is perhaps the best site to download YouTube videos.

And that’s why we saved it for last.

Check it out here.

How to Get YouTube Video Downloader Unblocked : Wrapping up

In brief, it is not legal to download YouTube Videos or Get YouTube Video Downloader Unblocked.

But the tricks above can beat the restrictions.

By now, you know how to download YouTube videos on iOS, Android Windows, and Mac.

You can use apps, browser extensions or the YouTube download helper sites.

Whichever you use, be sure that we are not advocating for illegal YouTube downloads.

The choice is yours!

Lastly, please feel free to interact with us on the comment section below.

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