26 Best Dropbox Alternatives for all Your Cloud Storage Needs

First of all, technology has never disappointed. Despite the fact it has its serious cons, in my opinion, though, the pros outweigh the cons. For this reason, the world has become cloud-based overall. Gone are the days when we used to save relevant documents on Floppy Drives, USB Drives and hard disks. Although they are still in use, not as much as they used to be.Dropbox AlternativesIn these present days, we have everything at our fingertips because of the cloud storage. Of course, when someone talks about cloud storage, mostly, the person is referring to Dropbox which is a file hosting service. It offers cloud storage, personal cloud, file synchronisation, and client software. As a matter of fact, Dropbox is the excellent cloud storage source. Still, it is reasonable to use and offers great features.

As a matter of fact, Dropbox is the excellent cloud storage source. Still, it is reasonable to use and offers great features. It has more than 300 million users whom when valued in $$; they are close to $10 Billion. A good number of people make use of Dropbox daily; no deny on its users base.

But, now that technology is advancing at a rocket speed, a good number of foibles have emerged. It has led a good number of fans to look for Dropbox alternatives open source. And understandably, as like other services – Dropbox competitors have arrived too.

Why Consider Dropbox Alternatives

In my opinion, to point out Dropbox alternatives without stating out why you need them is wrong. Also, this service has been on the market for a while, and it has served us well. At this point, I’d like to give credit where it is due. Dropbox has been volatile because of;

Cross Platforms – No doubt, with this software, you can sync and share file across all platforms. Besides, Dropbox’s mobile apps are natural and glossy.

Integrations – Strange enough, Dropbox merges well with other applications making your work easier. It bonds well with password manager, Microsoft Office and Evernote. For this reason, developers use Dropbox API to exalt their apps with syncing attributes

It’s User-Friendly – The ease of use has contributed to this software to be famous. You just download, and you’re ready to go. Above all, sharing, accessing, and syncing of documents is easy.

Pricing Strategy– This software operates on a free business template. Once you install, you get 2 GB online storage free. The best part is – this storage is for life!

And now, the imperfection that is making the audience to consider Dropbox alternatives online includes:

  1. It limits on sharing and syncing
  2. The safety and encryption of Dropbox are awful. It is ironical that your documents gets encrypted and are safe. But, you aren’t in control of the encryption. In other words, the government or Dropbox workers can access your files. It is one major reason to why the majority are in for Dropbox alternatives.
  3. It only makes use of the US storage. In other words, it doesn’t use any other storage data centres outside the US. It’s a major concern to the audience who are in need of local storage.
  4. Once you share a file online with some, he/she can edit, re-share. You have no control over the archive. It can land anywhere.

At this point, it is only fair to say thank you to the technology that there are more Dropbox alternatives for the business and personal uses. They are reliable, and they will fulfil your business and individual storage demands. The following options will allow you to have total control. Besides, you will be able to host your documents on your devices quickly.

  1. CloudMe

cloudmeThis software is available on the leading operating platforms. Above all, it provides users with 19 GB free storage space. Still, it has premium plans. If you opt for 10 GB with support, it will cost you 1 Euro a month. Also, you can go for 25 GB that costs 4 Euros a month.

Even it has a premium plan of 30 Euros a month with 30 GB space storage. Alongside these consumer/individual plans, it offers business plans too. CloudMe allows you to sync fixed files to particular files. In other words, you will not complicate records and folders. Follow the link below to install this alternative to Dropbox today.


  1. Bitcasa

bitcasaIn my opinion, this is the simplest and useful Dropbox alternatives for Linux particularly. First, it encrypts all files immediately you upload them. Second, you have total control of your storage space. Even more, none of their employees can access your storage space.

Bitcasa has zero tolerance on security! For this reason, secrecy, safety and privacy is a guarantee. Sign up today and get 5 GB of storage space today. Click the link below to install and try it now.


  1. Box

boxMoving on, the Box is a good alternative to Dropbox because it does not do the automatic backup. For this reason, you’ll get the latest state-of-the-art cloud hosting. Read more about this service right below.


Fill your credentials (full names, email, and phone number), and you’ll be on your account. At this point, create your folders, and you have the alternative of making them private or shared.


The interface is friendly and easy to use. Also, you access the update section where you see latest changes you’ve done to documents. But, the downside is that you cannot multitask.

Otherwise, if you opt for ‘Box’, get prepared as you will spend most of the time under All Files. The service has utilised the Java upload tool whereby you ca drag and drop files into several folders.

So, if you create a Web document when surfing the folder, it will get saved within the folder you browsing. In summary, it’s easy to create documents in Box.


Box offers several plans, but any member can enjoy free 5 GB of cloud storage upon signup. But, it has the personal and business project. If you go for the individual plan, you will get 25 GB cloud storage for $10 per month.

Besides, the individual plan offers extra 50 GB for $ 20 per month. This program only provides extra storage space. Also, if you become a personal plan user, you’ll see this program has deleted the desktop sync feature.

The business plan is the one having more features. It costs $15 per month, and you enjoy 500 GB of storage space. Still, you can share it with your users.

Also, if you wish, you can get added functionality. This service also features the Box enterprise plan. To get the pricing of this scheme, you have to make contact because it’s a corporate custom solution.

File Restrictions

This software is the best option if you intend to upload small files. But, if you are in a free version, you’re limited to upload files not more than 25 MB. If you are a paid member either of 25 GB or 50 GB, you can upload files up to 1 GB at a time.

Enhanced Features

This Dropbox alternative provides enhanced features which include encrypted data storage, phone support and stockpiling. Also, you can integrate with Google Apps and Salesforce.com.

Moreover, you can access it on several devices. The Box has also partnered with mobile companies so that users can access its services on the go. Specifically, this cloud sharing service supports more than 118 applications.

Above all, it also supports apps that users use to create slideshows and upload pictures. Also, it supports those apps that you can use to create Excel, Word documents, and record & save audio files. In conclusion, Box is more like an Open Source Dropbox alternative for home users and businesses.

Follow the link right below to download this tool.


  1. SpiderOak

spideroakIf you are looking for a good cloud hosting service, then you should try SpiderOak. It is one great Dropbox alternatives that provide the one-size-fits-all platform. To maximise SpiderOak, read more on the following.

Sign Up

Notably, signing up is fast and easier. Still, the official website of SpiderOak is SSL secured. So, you have to install the standard installer once you sign up.

Indeed, the installer will take you through the installation process. As a result, the driver software this cloud hosting service offers is for major OSes. That is Windows, Linux, and Mac. In other words, it is an ideal Dropbox alternative for Linux – as not many support the Linux.

Immediately you finish the sign-up process; you get 2 GB free storage. Next, login and create a new account. To create a new account, just provide the name of your computer. It’s that easy!


What is more, SpiderOak has a friendly interface. For backup services, select My Documents folder and Desktop. Once data get compressed and locally encrypted, the backup procedure gets initiated. But, your current backup tasks will get displayed on the status tab.

The encryption of this service has a bright side in that; you can reset your password if you forget it. On the flip side, you risk losing your data in the wrong hands if you breach the security.


Upon signing up, you get 2 GB of storage. But, you can upgrade to a paid package that comes with 100 GB that costs $10 per month. Still, you can opt to pay $100 per year and enjoy extra 100 GB of storage space. Meanwhile, if you’re a student, you will get a 50% discount on any premium package.


First, it has a storage bar where you can check the effectiveness of how your data get compressed. In other words, it has a remote store compression and pre-load of data.

Second, it has a sync feature. The feature is useful if you have many tools. Once you backup your files using this software, anyone using OS systems on their machines can access them.

Third, it has a free Android and iOS application for iPhones, tablets, iPad and much more. The application is small in size. Thus, it’s easy to download and run. In conclusion, you can access folders and synced documents. The only drawback is that the app does not allow backup files from any iOS device.

You can access your documents anywhere with any device this backup service uses online storage syncing. This service does not erase old stored files. Moreover, anyone who signs up for this service gets a strange encryption code. In conclusion, SpiderOak is the best approach for online backup.

To check our SpiderOak, follow the link provided below.


  1. CX.com

cxIn a word, register at Cx.com and get 10 GB free storage. From here on, you can access all your files from any device. You can also sync and share your data on this platform painless. Still, this software supports group collaboration.

In conclusion, if you would like to share your data with several people, you can get this done using Cx.com. Below is is the link for you to get started with it.


  1. ZipCloud

zipcloudFirst, it got initiated in 2011. Second, it is an excellent cloud me service. Third, it has brought a new approach to the cloud hosting category. In all honesty, ZipCloud offers more than you can expect. Take a look.


ZipCloud packages aren’t much different from other services. Enjoy 75 GB storage for $5 per month. Also, you can opt for 250 GB of storage space for $6 per month. Still, you can go off for the unlimited plan that costs $7 per month. But, this service will charge you more for hourly backups. On average it will cost you $32.


This cloud service offers unlimited storage space to users. You only need to sign up and get the free space. You do not need to pay for any upgrades or more space. The unlimited storage space offered is available to the machine you are using. So, if you plan to use more equipment, you must create accounts for those computers.

You can use this Dropbox alternative for uploading your files and share them online using a download link. In other words, you can share large files like movies of which you could save on a USB drive.

It also features unlimited syncing. For this reason, you can sync with many machines. As a result, you can link up all computers you use. Also, any changes made to a single file on a single computer will get changed on all computers. So, you will save time by not emailing changed files to colleagues.

It’s ironical that this service has a mobile website, but it does not have a mobile application. The mobile site supports most smartphones. Be that as it may, you can log into your account using your smartphone and access, upload and share the files.

Furthermore, ZipCloud backs up data once each day. Still, you can plan your backup program. So, if you have to work with more documents to get backed up more often – opt for the hourly plan.

Finally, it has a secure data and encrypted connections. In other words, once your PC connects with ZipCloud, no one can hack the data from this cloud server to your PC. Also, extra security features are to safeguard any file that you upload and store.


You get customer support through a ticket support system. So, for you to get support, you need to submit a ticket through their ticket submission system. This technique is not helpful if you have an urgent issue. They got no phone call support.

In summary, this service is cheap – I mean, affordable 🙂 With only two pricing plans, commit to the scheme that fits your budget. Follow the link below to check this service out.


  1. Mediafire

mediafireLike other storage services, Mediafire allows you to share digital content, files and media. Still, you can upload and share documents with everyone. In my opinion, this Dropbox alternative got listed because of the 50 GB free storage space. No doubt, this space is enough to work on large projects and back up necessary files.

You have the option to create a password to access and protect your data you share with the public. In other words, users who got the password are the ones who will access your protected open files. Click on the link below to use this backup cloud service.


  1. Ozibox

oziboxThe majority of cloud users are not much familiar with Ozibox. First, it is more like an open source Dropbox alternative which is cost effective. Second, you can store up to 10 GB of files to cloud storage. Finally, it’s the best for home and office. As a result, you can share files with your colleagues and friends easy and fast.

The link below will take you to the official Ozibox page.


  1. MEGA

megaMega has qualified as a Dropbox alternative open source as it offers 50 GB of free storage space. Using this service, you can upload files by downloading or through the Internet. Besides, it features the following;

  1. You can upload files and folders of any format and size.
  2. It offers a lot of free storage space to users.
  3. You can share documents using the public link
  4. It has a chat client feature which allows you to have a secure chat on the net.
  5. It has a drag and drop option for fast and free syncing.
  6. Passwords are secure by a master key by PBKDF algorithm. It’s meant to safeguard your personal information.


  1. Slow uploads speeds and buggy at times
  2. Sometimes, shared folders are not seen/disappear from the dashboard

Download Mega via the provided link. https://mega.nz/

  1. Sync.com

syncBetween sync.com vs. Dropbox, in my opinion, I’d go for sync.com. First, its security features are reliable. Second, it uses 256-bit AES to encrypt your files. Third, you can lock your files using secret keys with 2048-bit RSA. During registration, sync.com doesn’t save your password nor sync it.


  • You have complete control
  • It has an automated cloud backup
  • Apart from offering backup to your files, it also protects them from random erase.
  • It saves your documents and synchronises them with other accessible devices.
  • It offers end to end encryption. Besides, it provides complete privacy.
  • The Vault feature allows you to remove the hard drive space. At the same time, keep the copies in the cloud.
  1. ownCloud

owncloudAs a matter of fact, this service is the same as Dropbox. But, the difference is that with ownCloud, you own the cloud. Moreover, it is not designed for files rather a one-stop-shop cloud service. In other words, it proffers features you can use more often than what Dropbox offers.


  • You can set up a family cloud. Still, you can set up quotas for all the accounts. In essence, you can manage several users.
  • You can play listen to music and view pictures from the browser.
  • Sync contact and calendars between gadgets and, to the cloud.
  • It enables you to share folders and files in public. Or, you can protect then using a secret code.
  • It has an application for iPhones and Android, but it cost $0.99.
  • Create and edit texts based files using the text editor
  • It is the best Dropbox alternative for Linux, Windows, and Mac users.


  1. It has a lot of features which might confuse users
  2. The type of store medium will determine the speed. And, this may result in availability or reliability issues
  3. The management and security of your account are in your hands.

Of course, all these sound good right? Yes. But, there is a drawback. It’s a challenge to set up onwCloud if you are a novice. You need to consider SSL certificates so that you can enjoy encrypted connection throughout.

You can get your free SSL certificate for ownCloud. Follow the link here http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/free-ssl-certificate/

Finally, before you can commit, try their online demonstration first. Click on the relationship for an online demo.


If you are ready, follow the link below to use this cloud server.


  1. Amazon Cloud Drive

amazon-driveLet it be Amazon Prime or Alexa, whatever Amazon powers, looks good – right? Similarly, Amazon Cloud Drive is a useful Dropbox alternative. First, it offers 5 GB of free storage to all unpaid members. Second, you can download files to its network using desktop and mobile apps.

Third, you can sync your cell phone with its network. Once you have synced your phone, you can upload your photos and store them on the Cloud Drive. Fourth, you’ll access your photos from the Cloud Drive even if you delete them from your phone.

Finally, it has an automatic backup feature. The feature ensures your documents and images on your phone are safe from unwanted loss of data.

Amazon Cloud Drive offers the following pricing packages:

  • 20 GB storage for $10 per year
  • 50 GB of storage for $25 per year
  • 1000 GB of storage for $500 per year

Above all, you can sync up to 8 gadgets. And yes, you can try unlimited Amazon cloud service for three months – free.

Visit the website link below to download this software.


  1. Sugar Sync

sugarsyncMoving on, one of the trusted alternatives to Dropbox is Sugar sync. Using this software, you can sync files to individual folders and gadgets. Still, you can view and pick backups of specific devices and folders from your PC using the file version. Moreover, it supports streaming media to your tools.

But, it has a friendly and easy to use interface. It works better than that of Dropbox. If you are an experienced cloud user, this is the service for you. So, sign up today and get 5 GB free storage space. Still, if you refer any user to this service, you get 500 MB of storage space.

It has premium plans starting at $100 per year for 250 GB of storage space. Also, it offers 1000 GB of storage space for $550 per year – suitable for businesses.

What are you waiting? Click on the like below to start using this Dropbox alternative for your cloud storage needs.


  1. JumpShare

jumpshareAdmittedly, this software is somehow different from other Dropbox alternatives. Still, apart from sharing files safely, it makes an instant preview for all documents formats. Furthermore, you can share bookmarks, links, articles and any other thing you want.

Finally, once you register, you get 25 GB of free storage space. Subsequently, once you refer a user, your space gets increased.


  1. EgNyte

egnyteIf you are desperate for a Dropbox alternative in China, Egnyte will make your life easy. First, it doesn’t limit the size of files to keep and share. No doubt, it’s hard to find this feature with other service providers.

Second, it has a simple interface. Third, you can access your documents from any device. So, if you want a service that will help you manage you client’s data or yours, Egnyte is for you.

But, this service is a bit pricey – and yes each package has a secure server. The ability to share large files makes this file sharing service incredible.

In conclusion, if you compare it with other services, it saves you time and money. Why? The work done by data managers to combat files is not available with this service.


This service proffers many packages, and the good thing is you don’t have to commit a long-term agreement. You can opt for monthly plans. At present, to enjoy unlimited storage wit services, users have to pay about $25 per month.

But, it offers small packages for a personal account or if you run a small business that needs a safe saver; you will have less data. In this case, you are a casual user. Still, this service has a large package known as The Office Package. It allows 1 TB of data to get stored among several employees.

Finally, it has a 3 TB of data. It’s the largest package known as The Enterprise package. It is suitable for large companies that need everything when it comes to online data storage.

Furthermore, if storage space runs out, any account can get updated with GB increment. For this reason, before you buy any plan, understand your needs. It will help you save lots of cash if your business expands. But still, before you commit to any package, use the free trial offer.


This software allows a good number of people to access account files from the central server. Or, they can get these documents using their mobile phones. For this reason, this service is the best for business looking to create file sharing ability. Also, it’s the best Dropbox alternative for companies with many customers using several browsers.

Enjoy double benefits with Egnyte. First, you’ll enjoy cloud benefits. Second, you’ll have the local storage with users will make good use for themselves. Third, you can sync and store data on many storage systems. It will offer you more options for your information. Fourth, it’s compatible with many devices.

Register with Egnyte below:


  1. pCloud

pcloudIt has never been easier to store files, media, and all other applications on the cloud using pCloud. Upon registration, you get 20 GB storage space for free.

Still, this Dropbox alternative self-hosted offers premium plans which are affordable. Above all, it renders quality services compared to most alternatives. Finally, it has applications for major platforms and operating systems (OS).

Sign up for your membership below.


  1. OneDrive

onedriveThis software is a Microsoft’s cloud storage. Once you sign up, you get 7 GB free storage space. But, the allocated free storage increases when you attach Microsoft Office 365 Home or Professional subscription.

The pricing of this service is cheap as; you can opt for a one month plan that costs $2 for 200 GB. Or, pay $4 and get 200 GB. Still, you can go for the 1 TB per month that cost $7. You can edit Microsoft since OneDrive has integrated with Office online.

OneDrive service has apps for Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. It also has an app for Mac OS X. Despite all these great things, this service has one pinching drawback. It is hard to share files using its inbuilt sharing option. Get One Drive via the link below.


  1. Copy

copyBarracuda security service providers are the pioneer of this cloud me service, and for your information, Barracuda is a well-established spam-filtering company. You get 15 GB free space with no limitation on personal file sizes. But, if you install the native desktop client, you’ll be able to increase storage space to 20 GB.

Still, your storage space increases if you refer a user. Still, you can sync your files and folders with Android, iOS apps and desktop client using drag and drop support. Finally, you can access your files anytime, anywhere using any gadget.

The paid plans start at $5 per month for 250 GB all the way to 1 TB. Click on the link below to install this cloud backup.


  1. Google Drive

google-driveIn the present day, Google Drive is one of the best Dropbox business accounts. It offers high-quality cloud storage, no deny. This service gives users 15 GB storage space for free. You can host website scripts, documents, apps, and manage office files using Google Docs. Also, you can host other apps.

If you use this for business purposes, your office work will be smooth and easy. On most Android devices and Chromebooks, Google Drive apps come pre-installed. Finally, you can upgrade to premium packages if you intend to use it for business. Get going with the Google Drive from the link below.


  1. Tresorit

tresoritFor an ultimate way to stay safe in the cloud, Tresorit is among the best Dropbox alternatives online. To start with, there is plenty of storage space. Once you install on your computer, it creates Tresor on your machine.

The Tresor is where syncing and sharing of documents happens. You can create several Tresors to organise your files. Still, you can send encrypted files with much ease. Once Tresors encrypts all data to Tresorit servers, click on Get encrypted link. At this point, a secure link will get copied.

Above all, this service will provide a thorough view of encrypted connections and activity. But, you can cancel (revoke) the link and access any minute. Security has been a primary concern of this cloud service provider.

Meanwhile, Tresorit is a Dropbox alternative for businesses and individuals. It provides a large data storage and two-step verification procedure for best security.

It used to have a free version, but it got deleted. The paid plans are expensive but geared towards SMBs. Let’s look at the security features that make this service a go.


First, this service offers zero tolerance on privacy for greatest safety. All your files get encrypted on the client side. So, they cannot get decrypted in the cloud. Furthermore, this service protocol data files when transferring to and from the cloud servers.

Second, the file sharing process is somehow complicated. For this reason, you can send an invitation to files or folders in Tresor. Each Tresor has a group info tab where access rights and public encryption keys take place.

When you invite other users, Tresor conducts a complicated procedure of cryptographic handshakes. The process allows total access level and privileges.

Advantages of Tresorit

  • It has a two verification process both for free and paid version
  • Has a granular file and folder access controls
  • Access statistic for whether you are on free version or premium version


  • Sometimes you have to bear with slow upload speed
  • It’s inconvenient for individuals because it has expensive plans and fewer features.
  • Complicated interface

To download and use this cloud service, click on the link provided right below.


  1. 4shared

4sharedIf your concern is security and safety, this cloud backup service is great to share files. Any user can access your public documents from the homepage. In other words, it’s the best backup service for individual documents. You can either store them in a private or personal folder.

Furthermore, 4shared offers most social functions, direct download link, and WebDav among other features. The free package comes with 15 GB of free storage. But, premium plans offer more tools, features and functions.

Download 4shared following the link given below.


  1. Wuala

From the word go, you will realise this backup service is a superior alternative to Dropbox. Once you sign up to Wuala, you get 5 GB of free storage space. Then, before you upload your data to Wuala, it encrypts it first. Next, your password doesn’t get shared. Not even with Wuala workers. It’s a perk to its security features.

In my opinion, its file and backup versions are outstanding. For this reason, you can retrieve the file from the cloud if you deleted it by mistake. Or, if you need an old file, you can get it from the cloud servers.

  1. BitTorrent Sync

resilioBitTorrent Sync is a great backup tool. To set up this platform is easy and fast because the procedure involves no servers. No doubt, this service is the ultimate Dropbox alternative self-hosted in syncing of files. Your device will sync with others directly!

Besides, you can add an extra folder to BitTorrent sync, but then the folder will get a secret code. This code is too long and involved. Still, you will need it to sync the folder to other devices. In other words, this backup software is secure. What I like more is that your data will get synced one-on-one.

If you want to add a folder to another machine; pick the folder from the drive on that machine. Then, paste it securely on the original machine. But, if one of the machines is off, this service will sync the new version of the file.

Still, you can sync document with your mobile phone. And with a cell phone, you only scan the QR code, no need to type the long password. All these make this service flexible.

For instance, you can sync your images folder from your cell phone to your desktop image folder. In summary, this backup service is excellent if you don’t want to run your server. Also, it’s secure, easy to install and use.


  1. SlashDrive

First, this cloud storage is a new Dropbox alternative for business. Second, the development of this software was for high school and college students. It makes research, group research, and teamwork files get shared and accessed fast.

Finally, upon signing up, you get 10 GB free cloud storage space. Also, you get a SlashDrive account. Get SlashDrive below.


  1. JustCloud

justcloudJustCloud is an Open Source Dropbox alternative that provides security all the time. First, this secure file encryption software has a well-laid payment plan. Second, you can use for personal or business purposes. Third, you can customise it and add many files. Fourth, you can sort the files one by one. Finally, you can share your documents in unlimited storage spaces.

Still, this service has more to offer as features, support, and plans & pricing. Furthermore, you will like its security. Let’s look at each.


JustCloud features bank level encryption, automated back -up service and a free trial. Moreover, it also offers unlimited storage, and you can access it from a limited number of tools. Furthermore, it has automatic file backup which will look after your job if you happen not to recall.

If you upload large files, that isn’t a problem. Also, if you don’t like compressing documents, this is the best service. All users get 2 GB free. In my opinion, this is just icing the cake because it’s a nice perk if you opt for more. Still, you can open this software on any platform and access your files. In other words, if you saved one document on one platform, paid members can use the report as the wish.

Still, you can open this software on any platform and access your files. In other words, if you saved one document on one platform, paid members can use the report as the wish.

At this point, this multi-platform service is an extra security to files. For this reason, you don’t need to change or single out files. It has an option where you can your data using a mobile phone. In summary, it’s easy to work on the go because this Dropbox alternative is convenient.

Pricing Plans

The pricing plans of JustCloud fit any budget. But, before you subscribe to any package, use the free trial package. The payment plans start from $9 a month, $8 for six months, and $7 for one year. Still, it has a two years package that costs $6.

If you are a paid user, you get a lot of features and services. For instance, you will enjoy unlimited online storage, 100% automated backup and much more.


The majority of people are seeking Dropbox alternatives online because Dropbox has security hitch. For this reason, Justcloud transfers all the data using a 256 bit AES encryption. No doubt, this assures your documents are safe.


You get technical support via the help Centre and not through the telephone. But, there are cases where the response is slow. But in general, the response is fast and efficient. In summary, this service is a top alternative to Dropbox contender. Moreover, its services are straightforward. Get this tool via the link below.


Final Thoughts

No doubt, Dropbox is the best cloud storage known and used by the majority. It has the lion’s share in cloud storage market. But, it has at least one or two hiccups which are pushing users to consider the alternatives.

It is hard for you to taste all these alternatives but there is one or two you will get attracted, I’m positive. Let us know which is your favourite Dropbox alternative and why in the comments section below. Did we miss any good cloud service similar to Dropbox?

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