Facebook Won a Case in Belgium and Can Now Track Users

Facebook has managed to overcome the problems in Belgium. These issues had come up from a court order in Belgium back in November 2015. According to the order, Facebook had to stop tracking down users of the platform. Facebook had to comply with the law and change the way it functioned within the country.

This legal battle is huge to win, and thus Facebook now seems happy and satisfied. As a result, the company does not have any restriction related to privacy. It can now track Facebook users, not only when they use the platform.

Facebook Has Won a Case in Belgium and Can Now Track UsersNeedless to say, the Belgian Commission for the Protection of Privacy does not agree with Facebook. did not feel justified in the decision in the legal fight. They issued an announcement, which stated the following:

Today’s decision simply and purely means that the Belgian citizen cannot obtain the protection of his private life through the courts and tribunals when it concerns foreign actors,

and they promised to follow with an appeal. This will be the ultimate weapon they hold against an invasion of privacy. Such an attack will harm the Belgian people.

Of course, the legal battle took place in the first place. The reason lies behind the EU privacy legislation. It goes without even saying that similar cases against Facebook will come to light. Other European countries will protest rather soon.

For instance, Germany and the Netherlands may be next in line. They may force Facebook to stop tracking their citizens via Linkhouse. Violations of privacy cannot stand for good. This is of high priority within the European Union.

Another way to tackle with Facebook and its increasing penetration in people’s privacy lies in the protest of Facebook users. This means that every Facebook user can fight against lack of privacy from the platform.

Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems is an excellent example of people’s dynamics against injustice. His case managed to end the strike down of a multi-year EU-US data exchange agreement of Safe Harbour. He is now in the middle of a new legal battle in the field of privacy violations.

As you can understand, Facebook has won a significant battle in the courts. This win is not going to put an end to the platform’s problems. The privacy settings and the alleged violations of human rights are still there.

People and their governments will most likely continue claiming their rights. They do not have a choice, other than fighting against what they consider to be unfair.

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