Benefits of Working With a FedRAMP-Compliant Cloud Service Provider

Cyber attacks occur often in today’s world. These security breaches make it necessary for companies to establish mitigation measures. Apart from putting in place and testing your security measures, you must also ensure that you work with service providers who meet your standards. That is why the government established the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) to assess, monitor, and authorize cloud service providers to ensure they align with certain standards.

However, acquiring this authorization can be a burdensome process, but achieving it can be an advantageous and successful experience. If you are wondering how to comply with FedRAMP and you are not sure how this can be helpful to your company, here are the several benefits why you need the authorization.

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Helps in Keeping Pace With the Digital Age

Changes occur every day in technology, and companies must keep up to date with the latest trends or risks being taken over by their competitors. However, they can prevent this when they have Fedramp authorization, as it helps to make security efficient in the digital age by offering a standardized process for cloud security. You can get FedRAMP-authorized solutions such as intrusion detection, audit trail, vulnerability scanning, continuous monitoring, incident response plan, and IP Whitelisting.

Offers Confidence in the Security of Your Services

When you work with such providers, they will ensure that your services meet high standards in cloud security. This gives your customers trust in the services you are offering. You can use your fedramp compliance for marketing your services beyond federal agencies because most commercial organizations and even local governments seek this authorization when choosing Cloud Service Providers. If a CSP meets the compliance requirements and is permitted to work with agencies like the Department of Defense, it will be seen as trustworthy.


A company with FedRAMP authorization has established cost-effective approaches that will help it grow. It helps you avoid the costly and time-consuming process while conducting due diligence, reducing irregularities, and repeating efforts. You will be confident about their established security measures without confirming them yourself because all the important due diligence process was accomplished when the CSP went through the authorization process. When your company gets Fedramp compliance, it automatically gets the benefits of smart technology that could help maximize system performance and push the business toward growth.

Offers Cushion Against Risks

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Every company that needs to prevent security breaches should work with cloud service providers (CSPs) who are FedRAMP authorized. Fedramp ensures you comply with government standards and prevents the risk of your private data falling into the wrong people. Working with FedRAMP-compliant CSPs prevents you from facing the dangers of noncompliance, such as business loss, fines, and prison in some cases. It helps establish risk mitigation measures to avoid unapproved access, safeguard your IT infrastructures, and secure your business.

It Can Be Used Across Several Agencies

Becoming compliant can take a lot of work, but you don’t need to conduct the procedure frequently. You only need one evaluation to get authority to operate (ATO) from various federal agencies. When you complete the assessment, it is posted to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Max repository, where several agencies can review the package and offer an ATO based on the review.


A Fedramp-certified business shows it is credible because this authorization requires a high level of security, thus propelling your business to higher standards. It is also helpful in removing outdated and unwanted hardware, thus providing more space and cost-effectiveness. Working with a Cloud Service provider whose primary focus is cyber security can help you overcome the difficulties of Fedramp compliance and follow a path that works well with your organization or business needs.

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