How to Use the New Firefox Screenshots Feature

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Mozilla has just released its brand new Firefox Screenshots feature. Some of the basic steps have been outlined in this article.

In today’s world, the internet is the guiding light through which we navigate the world. From ordering groceries and food to researching travel ideas and learning something new, with a few clicks you can easily get all the information you need.

We explore the wide world of the internet by using browsers, and each one comes with their own unique features. Mozilla Firefox is undoubtedly one of the most popular internet browsers being used today.

Millions of people have it pinned on their desktop so that they can peruse the internet at their leisure every day. But for a long time now, people all over the world have been wishing for a way to capture screenshots directly from the browser instead of downloading third-party software programs, which tend to bring about certain security risks.

But the new Firefox Screenshots tool is the answer to all these demands.

The Risk of Using Third-Party Screenshot Tools

Until now, millions of people have been downloading screenshot programs from third-party companies to carry out their needs. But there is a lot of risk in doing it that way.

Unless the website you’re downloading from is completely reliable, you might find yourself in a very dangerous and vulnerable position.

The internet is littered with programs that entice people to install and download the tools so that remote cyber attackers can spread malicious malware in their systems.

Some programs even install-third party extensions in your browser without even asking for your permission. These extensions can easily turn your comfortable browsing experience into a miserable one by changing your default homepage, search engines, and more.

Now with the help of Firefox Screenshots, you won’t need to worry about any of those risks.

Introducing the All New Firefox Screenshots Tool

If you ever want to save a snapshot of information or something visual online, you can now use the brand new Firefox Screenshots feature. While the need for such a tool has been high for a long period, Mozilla had been planning to release it for some time.

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Test Pilot allows people to try out new features in Firefox so that any bugs or improvements can be identified before the official release.

The new tool started through a program called Test Pilot. This program allows people to try out new features in Firefox so that any bugs or improvements can be identified before the official release.

Not all features in Test Pilot will make it to the Firefox browser, as most of them are just potential possibilities.

The Firefox Screenshots feature, however, quickly became one of the most downloaded features in the history of the program. The incredibly high demand led to Mozilla dedicating a team to test, review and improve this functionality so that users can have the best experience possible.

How to Enable & Use Firefox Screenshots

To utilize the Mozilla Firefox Screenshots feature, you must first ensure that you are using the latest version of the browser, which is at least Firefox version 55. To know what you’re running, just type ‘about:support’ into the address bar and press Enter.

The page that opens will show you the version you are currently using. Though a recent update has made the feature directly accessible from the browser, if you still have problems, simply follow the first two steps given below.

STEP 1) First type ‘about:config’ into the address bar and press Enter. A pop up may appear asking you to accept the risk of performing the following action. Click on the “I accept the risk” option.

STEP 2) Now type ‘extensions.screenshots.system-disabled’ and then double click on the row that appears below to toggle the value from True to False.

STEP 3) Restart the browser and you will see a new button on the toolbar. The button will have an image of a scissor placed across a paper pad. Clicking on it the first time will trigger the tutorial which will teach you how to use the tool.

STEP 4) Whenever you want to take a screenshot, just click on the new button and you will get the option to either capture the whole page or the ability to choose a particular region. Once it is captured, you can choose to either save the image to your computer or in your screenshots library.

The library can be viewed at the Firefox Screenshots website, and you can share your screens with other people if you want.

Be advised that the images you save in your library will only be stored for a period of 14 days by default. If you want to change this, simply input your desired date from the “My Shots” menu.

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