Google Drive Detects Copyrights in Content via Hash Filtering

Google Drive has always boasted allowing users to store content without any restriction. But in reality, there is the detection of any content that might infringe copyright claims. So what happens here? Well, it seems that hash filtering takes place in Google Drive.

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Even though the people in charge do not want to say it out loud, this is the only thing that makes sense. The content that violates the terms and conditions of the cloud hosting service is immediately detected. What about the result? Files that go against these guidelines are not free to store and share online.Google Drive Detects Copyrights in Content via Some Sort of Hash FilteringOf course, this is not a new practice. On the contrary, most other competitors already use such measures. Take Dropbox or YouTube for example. Still, it is the secrecy of Google Drive and the spokespersons of the company that raise concerns.

It is important to keep in mind, though, that such detection does not always happen in Google Drive. The main problem arises when someone wants to share the content with others and not when storage takes place.

You will probably be able to store the file you want on Google Drive, although this might be illegal or involve copyright infringement. But when it comes to sharing the same content, this is a huge red flag!

When somebody requests more information about this problem, Google points out the DMCA takedown procedure. Even without specifics, one can tell that there is some hash filtering.

Hash matching is perhaps the most prudent method to deal with possible copyright infringement. So Google Drive leads the way and offers a filter that prevents legal claims. There is a record of the hashes of content that have to do with valid takedown requests.

Upon placing these claims, all other people who want to share the same content will not be able to do so. They will instead have the content blocked.

Even if other tech giants like Dropbox and YouTube have shared their measures regarding hash filtering, Google remains silent. This is why one cannot be 100% certain of the tactics in use.

The only thing that is certain is of course the use of some kind of hash filtering. Without it, the results would not be the same. So let’s see when Google Drive is going to share the secrets with the rest of the world!

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