Google Flights Facts, Secrets, Best Tips, Tricks and Nuts & Bolts

Why is billionaire Sir Richard Branson taking too long to launch the shuttles to the surface of the moon? Virgin Atlantics Airlines needs to do it quickly, so we can get Google Flights tips and facts to book the air tickets online. Or, who doesn’t fantasize about getting to space?!

Google Flights Facts

Well, please don’t say you’ve been queuing all day at the booking office just to fly your soul for vacation! That’d be so absurd when Google has all tools in place to help you do it fast and easy! Look, Google is a one-stop online platform for anything you need. It is only on Google where you can find all the interesting news, documents and photos you can think of. But, the world’s number one search engine has tools for travelers, too.

While Google Flights helps you book cheap air tickets, it also allows comparison of quality among airlines. Of course no one wants low-quality services, especially on a plane. You want to consider arrival and departure times. Also, it is always important to travel with an airline that’s reputed for safety and convenience.

What is Google Flights?

Google has lots of tools, services and subdomains. For instance, you can find Google Docs, Google Images, Google News, Google Scholar and Google Videos. Precisely, the tools filter content from the search results.

Google Scholar gets you academic content on the Internet, but Google Flights filters the best flights. It is a Google’s tool for air travelers and only brings you results from airline websites. So, you will not search “New York to Amsterdam” and then get results from CNN. Instead, Flights brings you a customized suite of the trips taking place in airports in your location.

Literally, Google Flights is a search engine within the Google search engine. The only difference is that it is fashioned for air travelers. The air travel search tool analyses flights from different airlines near you. So, you get book cheaper air tickets and catch last-minute flights.

According to blog posts by product manager Nail Naghdy, Google Flights secrets, tips and facts are “things like recommendations for alternate airports or dates.”

Google Flights Facts

In brief, Google Flights came into existence in 2011 when Google acquired the ITA Matrix search engines. Google made a blend of Expedia, Priceline and Travelocity to come up with a one-stop traveling guide. Google thought the ITA technology could be solid raw materials to work with. Today, Google is working to ensure the feature becomes the best choice for travelers. Here are more facts about Google Flights Travel Search.

  1. Google Flights predicting price changes is a paramount feature. In fact, the cheap airfare you find might fluctuate depending on the amount of luggage you have. So, you may need to liaise with the airline.
  2. Among other Google Flights secrets is that the technology used is similar to that of Kayak Flights and Orbitz. But, Google’s is more advanced and harmonized.
  3. Although the site is fashioned for the United States, it is spreading fast to other parts of the world.
  4. You can literally book a flight with Google.

Google Flights app and website

Google Flights is a feature within the Google site. So, if you want to navigate there, just log on to this site. You can get there by simply searching for the website on Google, logging on it straight away or finding it on the search tools. But, why should you do all this while you can click on the link?

Where do you download Google Flights app?

You need the Google flight app for personal experience—and, it’d be your offline travel pet! Well, many people want to download Google Flights mobile application for Android or iOS. But, is it available? The last time I checked, they didn’t have any, yet.

Instead, the Google Now app will do. If you install the Google Now mobile app on your phone, you will have the Google Flights too, right on your palm!

Google keeps promising that it’s going to launch a separate Google flights mobile app, but they haven’t, yet. When they do, it will no longer be a hassle to know about the fluctuating airfare to your destination of choice. Pundits say that the app will predict air ticket prices and beat the tear-jerking flight surprises. So, soon, you will have the chance to download and install Google Flights for iOS.

Features that make Google Flights top of the game

Call it a perfect software—because, with Google Flights, not even the sky is the limit! With the fantastic search features, Google beats all competitors in airline booking. See the features below for yourself.

  1. Explore Destinations

Google Flight allows you to flip through new destinations in your region or across the world. So, you might find an interesting place for your vacation this summer. Moreover, Google helps you get the best destinations for your flight. Using flight price, time and quality, Explore Destinations plans the places you ‘via’ through.

For instance, if you are flying from NYC to London at a price of $1150 for a maximum 8 hours, the destinations tool lets you get exactly that. So, they might let you fly through Rotterdam for 3 hours at $800, and then $350 to London for three hours. That leaves an hour or two for overlay, but also saves works for your budget.

Google Flights Explore uses Google Maps to bring you the map of airports around you. Explore Destinations has Google Maps technology so you can catch the flight that lathers with your budget.

Further, you can use the Explore Destinations option to actually explore your destination! You see, when you are on holiday (or vacation), it could be little interesting to marvel about the place you are visiting. So, instead of alighting at airport A, you can go to B and enjoy the trip. By doing this, you might make more memories and save some cash too!

For instance, if you want to have breakfast with giraffes in Africa’s Maasai Mara Park, you can do it for even less! Look, instead of choosing your destination as Mombasa or JKIA, you can try the Eldoret Airport, which is cheaper, and closer! The list of examples is endless!

  1. I’m Feeling Lucky!

When booking a flight, Google can get you a random result. Hit the ‘Expand Map’ on the map, and dial the ‘I am Feeling Lucky’ option. Then, Google does the rest by finding out the best price and then connects you to airlines that fit your budget. Thus, Google Flights becomes the best option for catching last minute flights! But, if you miss a flight, you can also book an early flight and become a standby passenger!

  1. Save This Itinerary

With Google Flights, you can track the prices of air tickets across different airlines. If you were to do it yourself, not only would you waste your precious time, but you’d also part with a few dollars too!

So, it is not always true that you will travel the same day you find a cheap flight. Google Flight comes as the good friend who can keep track on the upcoming prices. You see, even after finding lucrative flight deal, a better option might come up. If you ‘Save This Itinerary’, Google will send you notifications of upcoming cheap flights via email. This way, you can liaise with the company to arrange for the flight, or possibly, get a refund. This works best when you install the Google Now App!

  1. Google hotels -Find Hotels near destination

Due to public demand, Google is launching a filtered search for Hotels. So, when you browse the Google Flights travel search, you will find the hotels near the airport, right at the top. Among the Google Flights tricks, Google hotels feature is very important because you can make an end-to-end plan for your tour.

How to search on Google Flights

Either you can use the main Google, or the Google Flights travel search to find the flight results you need. If you simply type the search “Jeff Kennedy to MCI flights in February,” or Google Flights Canada, you will find a map of airports to fly from. The search redirects to the Google Flights website. But, you can also get there right away. The tool’s URL domain name is Meanwhile, you can find it in the tools section of the “Tools” or “more” search options on the Google menu.

After logging to the Google Flights page, you will need to place your commands. Here is the procedure to get the best flights via Google.

i) The Google Flights site

Log on to the Google Flights site. In most cases, the Google is quick to tell your location and bring the country’s map. So, in the United States (the service has been exclusive to the U.S. for years), you will get the map—from DC to NYC.

ii) Destination and Departure

Then, enter your departure place, and the destination- there is a section for that. When logged to Google accounts, the departure point will be the default place on your Google Map. Also, Google may set the departure point depending on your computer’s location or IP address. Again, if you had entered a departure point earlier, Google will set it out as a default. Once you set the two points, Google Flights will let you see the two points on the map.

iii) Entering the date

Right below the map is a slot for you to enter the departure and return dates. This helps you in planning for the return ticket. But, if all you want is a one-way flight, you can enter the departure time alone. Then, you’ll receive a message telling you whether the flight is supported. If yes, you can go ahead to enter the price and book the trip.

iv) Filter the results

You can filter Google flights search results! Of course, everyone hates unwanted search results. Besides, they make the webpage ‘spammy’ and full of irrelevant content. So, you can set your preferred algorithm to filter out unwanted results. Who wants a thousand irrelevant results anyway?! Before you book the flight, you have in mind the price and time factors. And, Google is so considerate, it gives you the chance to enter the filter options. Right below the Google Map, you will find options to enter the arrival time, duration and ticket prices. Thus, your results will be nothing less than those you need.

v) Set other search options

Google Flights is so considerate that it lets you set the parameters of your search results. On the left vertical menu, you will find other flight search options. And, on them, you can set the limits depending on the number of stops, airline, connecting cities, outbound time or the return time.

But, how does this work? Well, if you are the kind that hates stops, you can set your search to “Nonstop Flights.” You can also set it to one or less, two or less and other options. Then, if you have a favorite airline, you can set the searches to exclude others. So, on the left panel, choose the name of the airline.

Moreover, if you have an issue with connecting flights, set your preference, too. Also, if there’s a city you’d like to visit before you get to your destination, set it as the “Connect via” option. If you are an internet freak, this option might be fantastic because some airport lounges have strong free Wi-Fi connection.

Then, the slider can help you state the inbound or outbound time for your flight. There, you will find a “Specific Time” option—it lets you choose the time options. Google gives the results depending on the time you set. So, if you are attending a six-hour conference, and want to get home the same day without booking a hotel, it is worthy.

vi) Factors to consider when booking a flight with Google

Before you finally signing off, ensure that your interests are considered. To make sure that your flight is the best for you, ensure that the price, depart time and destination are correct. Of course, you don’t want to fly to places or on budgets that are not your choice. Then, you should confirm that the air company is safe, comfortable and trustworthy. Check out for the luggage prices and the in-flight services too, and put to consideration the connect cities and flight time.

vii) Book the flight with Google

After putting all the factors into consideration, it is time to choose and book the flight. Of course, even after the filtering, Google will bring you a list of similar flights you can catch. Choose the one that pleases you. At the bottom, you will find a “Book” button that redirects to an airline’s website when dialed. There, you can place the booking options and airfare. Even if there are two similar flights for different airlines, you must only book one.

Noteworthy, Google Flights has the “Book” button for airlines with “unknown prices.” Some airlines have unknown prices because they don’t share their ticket prices with the ITA technology. The SouthWest airline is notorious for this, and you have to book on their site. But, Google shares the flight times, though.

viii) Liaise with the Airline!

Google’s work ends there, so you need to call the airline and arrange for the flight. Of course, you will need to know how to pay the airfare. Also, you may need to learn if there are any waivers for pack tours. Of course, many airlines do give discounts for people who book multiple tickets. Contacting the airline also helps you know about flight changes and luggage prices.

ix) Booking Google Hotels

Well, there is no way a Google Flights guide can end without a piece of advice on how to book a hotel. At least, flights and accommodation come in handy- they are almost mutually exclusive. But, Google Flights does not have an option to do that. Yet, as earlier noted, Google is planning the “Hotels” option on the Google Flights menu, soon.

Why Google Flight?

The Internet has many search engines to help you book your flight. But, is there any better than Google Flights travel search? Honestly, comparing Google Flights to other sites is like watching Real Madrid to play against Boulevard United FC. Who can lose that bet, really? Have a look at the features that will give you a reason to use Google Flights for planning your travel. And, these are not Google Flights secrets—they are open for everyone!

i) Google is free

Some Google Flight’s alternatives need a monthly subscription fee to access services. But, get the best cheap Google Flights tips for free.

ii) Google air travel guide is comprehensive

Needless to state, Google is more exhaustive on flight details. So, you get the price, location and time of flight right on your palm.

iii) Google chooses the best flight for you

When you are lost for choice, pick the green option that Google recommends. In most cases, it is always the best for your flight. Why? Google analyses your status and makes conclusions about possible interests.

iv) Know the best date to book your flight

It is not easy to tell when airfares will be cheap. But, with Google, you can see air ticket prices for each day in a month. So, you can go for the one that best articulates with your budget.

v) Know your destination

With Google Flights’ Explore feature, you can know places around where you are going. Google Maps lets you choose the most convenient airports near the destination.

vi) Track your prices and flights

Do you want to know when low air prices pop up? What about getting alternates for changes in the flight schedules? Well, this Google tool brings you exactly that. Via email, you monitor your trip from the comfort of your sofa.

vii) Unlike travel agencies, Google is crazy fast!

You know how Google works—you enter your search keywords, and the results pop up. The same way, when you infuse the dates and cities names, you find the instant airfare.

Google Flights Secrets: Book cheap flights on Google- cheap airfare Google Flights

No doubt, flying is expensive. If yours is a minimum wage job, you will surely have a reason to save a few hundred dollars on traveling. And, who doesn’t saving cash anyway? Who wants to go the expensive way? Isn’t it clear that even Warren Buffet tries to be a million dollars richer every day by saving? Well, here are some Google Flights tips for you.

  1. Go for Money-saving alternatives

Who said you must fly from Boston while you can do it at a lower price in New York’s JFK?! If there are a few airports nearby, check out their airfares and choose the cheapest. You will note that airlines charge different fares for airports. For instance, in the case of Boston and New York, cutting a $10 bus ticket to NYC will save you hundreds of dollars. So, you can get cheap air tickets with Google Flights using alternative airports.

  1. Track trips & prices

Is your flight schedule too tight? Well, then this is not for you. But, if you are flexible enough, you might get splendid prices for your flight. For sure, Google only outlines the flight prices for the day you are searching. But, if you look for other days on the calendar, you could find way better flights at lower prices.

To save cash on air tickets, you need to explore the calendar. So, as a tip, don’t rely on the results of a particular date, Instead, dial the space until it provides you with a calendar. The tool allows you to compare the airfare for oncoming months. This way, you will find the days that are cheapest for you.

Google so loves you that they will give you a chance to “Swap” your choices. In advance, this Google feature lets you know how much you can save by flying from a different airport or date. Thus, you can change the booking to a more lucrative deal. And, you will receive alerts at the top SERP.

  1. Monitor flight prices

To ensure that you get the cheapest airfare to Canada or the UK, try signing for email alerts. The internet has sites that dedicate their content and software to airfare. Such tools would be ideal for people who want to take minimum cost flights. These websites will hunt the entire web for the best economy air tickets. For instance, you can try Holiday Pirates, Secret Flying, Airfare Watchdog and The Flight Deal.

  1. Book flights in January and February

The first months of the Gregorian calendar have insane cheap air ticket prices. It may sound crazy, but most people don’t travel in January. Instead, December, April and August seem to be the peak moment for people to catch flights. Well, the best explanation is on the regular school schedules and climate. In January, most people are busy trying to fix the financial mess they did in the winter—Christmas and December. So, the demand for air tickets is too low. Some airlines sell their tickets to Africa and Europe for less than $750!

Also, you can Google Flights Canada, and you’ll find prices as low as $250. To make you believe, have a look at the flights from NYC to San Diego in January!

So, make sure you book your flight in January, even if it’s for the summer.

  1. Set up a flight budget

Trust your instincts—believe that your tour will be contained in the small budget you have. Thus, you will work within the precincts of the budget, and will have the urge to find a cheap flight.

  1. Book separate airlines for connecting flights

If it is a connecting flight, booking separate flights could save you hundreds of dollars. In most cases, airlines charge higher prices for “express” direct flights. Because, there are always fewer people flying to direct cities, than when pooled. Thus, instead of flying straight from DC to London, you can connect to Amsterdam. Then, at Amsterdam, catch a different airline to London. That’d save you hundreds of dollars.

  1. Hitchhiking planes

Do you want to travel but you have no money? The next Google Flights secret is crazy, but it works! Hitchhiking is not exclusive for trucks—you can do it on airplanes too. I know you are asking if it’s practical for me, but do you think I can tell you my secrets if I haven’t tried them myself?

It is usually simpler than it sounds. You only need to thumb an airlift from municipal airstrips. Of course, you need plenty of patience and flexibility to exercise your luck. Some pilots and airlines are so good, they will let you sit on the plane as long as the authorities clear you. In most cases, Hitchhiking is possible when air tickets are not in demand. So, instead of flying an empty 120 seat plane, the pilot decides to fly with you.

Book flights differently, from NYC to London through Amsterdam. NYC-Amsterdam, then another from Amsterdam to London.

  1. Use a VPN App to Search Google Flights

Airlines are smart. They charge different fares for people from outside the country. For instance, if you are an American trying to book a domestic flight in Europe, you are likely to pay more! That’s how far airlines go in maximizing profits, but Cyberogism is smarter! Look, the airline websites use IP addresses to tell your location. So, if you trick them using Tor, VPN or Proxy, you’d book a flight for fewer dollars.

Tor is slippery because it does not give you a constant IP, and myriad online services block proxies. So, the Virtual Private Network is the best way to go. If you want a VPN app that will give you the best security, privacy and IP address in any country ExpressVPN is the deal. The Google Flights VPN also allows you to access Google Flights outside the United States.

  1. Book cheap air tickets

The economy flights are the best! There is no need to fly on a VIP ticket, yet you all alight at the same airport, is there? Well, budget airlines offer crazy cheap air tickets offers. For instance, WOW Airlines charges less than $250 from DC to Paris. But, most competitive airlines don’t place ticket prices on Google Flights, so you must visit their sites yourself. Other airlines that offer cheap airfare include Spirit Airlines and China Southern Airlines.

Here’s a list of cheap airlines:

  1. Southwest — No doubt, Southern Airlines is North America’s best budget airline.
  2. LAN — If you are ready to tour the Amazon or other nifty sceneries of South America, LAN is your best budget airline. For sure, it’s the gateway to the South American continent.
  3. Jet Blue — In the United States, Jet Blue is worth reckoning with as far as cheap flights to Canada is concerned. Also, the airline offers trips within the country.
  4. China United Airlines
  5. Easy Jet — With more than 30 countries and 600 routes, Easy Jet is everyone’s love! The airline has more than 59 million passengers a year- same size as England’s population.
  6. Aer Lingus — Ten million passengers put their trust on Aer Lingus every year. The airline connects the U.S. to Europe, Canada, and the Middle East.
  7. Ryan Air — If you want to catch a flight bound for Europe, Ryan Air is the best bet. The airline is an Irish brainchild.
  8. Fast Jet — Are you interested in tourism? Africa is the best destination for nature tours, and Fast Jet is the cheapest airline to take you there. Fast Jet is popular in Kenya, East Africa among other places.
  9. Hawaiian Airlines — The Hawaii Airlines are a pivot in the Hawaiian region’s air. They will take you from JFK to Honolulu, Japan, Tahiti, Australia, Singapore, among others.
  10. Tiger Airways — This is the airline that flies you to the Asian Tigers! So, with Tiger Airways, grab a flight to Australia, India, Singapore and China for crazy cheap airfare.

Find the best quality of flights on Google

No doubt, cheap flights don’t always add up to the best flights. Take caution, lest your lust to save cash takes you to a flight that is cheap indeed. That most low-priced air tickets are expensive in the end is not one of the Google Flight secrets.

For instance, some airlines require that you fly at three in the morning, just when your dream turns sweetest. Such are the flights that you are likely to miss! Others will make a queue for hours over delayed flights. Then, some airlines have hidden charges for air tickets, such that they use your fare to pay for luggage, only to surprise you on the flight day.

An athlete friend of mine lost Gold and Silver medals he had won in the NCAA in a popular cheap airline. It was hard for him to believe that the poorly paid guys who checked his luggage would piffer on his luggage. Who wants that?!

So, when booking a flight, make sure you do thorough research on the airline. Always, go for a flight that gives you a treat for your money. Well, you will agree that a first class flight is worth the extra cash. If, among other benefits, you will enjoy privacy and comfort during the trip, why not try it then?!

Some airlines will take you to airports that are more convenient, such that you won’t have to queue for long. Also, you may be lucky to find an airport with free Wi-Fi in the waiting lounge. I don’t mean that you go VIP, but, it is important to balance the quality and price. Google Flights has an algorithm to pick the best flights, but you will need to make use of the tricks below:

a) Book the fastest flights

At times, you want to catch a flight that will depart and gets to the destination really fast. Google’s ‘Best Flights’ brings you a comparison of the best speed and fare. So, at a reasonable air ticket price, you will get to your abroad meeting in time. This makes Google the best for last minute flights. Maybe, you should try the Google’s recommendation in green…

b) Google destinations- new voyages

No doubts, Google knows you more than the Feds can possibly do. Unlike security agencies that spy on you, Google uses browsing history to improve your experience. So, the site uses your browsing history to determine your likes and dislikes. Also, they try to get what’s popular and then, point out probable destinations that you’d love. Find the destinations option just below the Explore button. And, this would be a great way to plan for your honeymoon, any objection?

c) Trust your lucky instincts

Google allows you to choose “I’m feeling Lucky” and to get you a flight plan. So, you don’t have to waste time flipping through several web pages to find the best flight. Instead, hit the button and Google will get you a random choice, and rid of the stress.

d) Spontaneous destinations and prices

Am I the only one who chooses my vacation spontaneously? Well I don’t believe in luck, but in my past flights, I get fascinated by my choices. Random places will increase the trust you have in your mind. So, when you want to plan to get a budget flight, let Google Flight you choose random destinations. If, for instance, you want to be in Europe, but can’t decide on the city, search for the red dots. If you hover the cursor on the dot, you will find the price to that place. Then, you can go ahead to book your flight there. Or you can window shop—Google allows it, anyway.

e) Share itinerary with friends, colleagues or family

Unless you are escaping from home, you’d want to share your route with friends, family, and colleagues. Look, many of your associates can advise you on the best flight to catch. If you are flying on a job mission, you can let your secretary or boss to know about your traveling details. For whichever the reason, you only need to click on “Share This Itinerary” and select your recipient.

f) Make the right choice for layover cities

When sure to connect flights, make them lucrative. At least, you want to explore the city for fun or other business exploits, whichever. So, if your flight layover is long enough, you got to find a good airport. Enter the duration you want to take and possible flights will pop up.

The Google flight disadvantage

  • Some airlines have fluctuating prices
  • Hire car options are not available and thus, you have to make personal arrangements
  • Some airlines refuse to share prices or flight info. The Southwest airline won’t tell Google their airfare, and thus you will have to check it out on their site.

Google Flight Alternatives

The internet has many airfare search engines; so, you can use other sites like Google Search if it is not available in your region. These sites have a quick search potential for multiple airlines. Also, they keep you updated about the best air ticket prices across hundreds of airlines. And, these alternatives send email alerts on price predictions and other airfare offers. Here the best aeroplanes travel search engines that compete with Google Flights.

  1. Travelocity
    The Travelocity airfare search engine lets you book flights, cars, and hotel. It’s the perfect flight search engine to plan your tour, uh?
  2. Momondo
  3. Kayak Flights
  4. Skyscanner
  5. Matrix

Buckle Up; The Flight Starts In 2 Seconds….

In summary, Google Flights lets you catch cheap and high-quality flights. And, although there are myriad competitors, Google Flight still stands strong. Oh my, did I promise to give my readers free air tickets to Canada after Trump’s inauguration? Let’s get the winner from those who comment sensibly below!

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