30 Best Google Gravity Tricks for Amazing New Experiments

Admittedly, the majority of internet buffs including myself agree that Google is the best search engine. In fact, if I want to search something on the web, I use Google search engine. The user interface, the simplicity in browsing and other features makes this a go browser for me.

But Google holds a lot more than what we get out it generally, take Google gravity tricks as an example – as you can try something thrilling with them every day.

Best Google Gravity TricksIf you are an internet buff, perhaps you’re aware of what Google gravity methods are and how you can use them. If this term is contemporary to you, from here on, is the explanation.

Google Gravity

Google gravity tricks or at times known as Google gravity cheats is a program developed by Google based on javascript. These tricks amuse, engage and attract your attention.

Moreover, when you use any of the Google tricks, they alter your browser, and the contents get displayed in a unique way. Forasmuch as, the content of your browser will turn upside down or is subject to Google gravity poop.

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It’s not easy to digest this if you’re a novice but with time you’ll get used. You can baffle someone’s mind with these tricks. There are several Google gravity and other skills worth spending time. So, below you get to know the 30 greatest Google gravity tricks to try without wasting any time.

  1. Google Flat Fall

    Google Flat FallThis Google gravity cheats convert the content and image of your browser to decline to the bottom with a gravitational pull. Thus, everything/content you will search will fall from top and bounce. Visit the link here to experience this trick.

  2. Google Gravity Mirror

    Google MirrorFrom the noun mirror, in my opinion, I believe you have an idea of how this method works. Google gravity mirror displays show the content of your browser as a mirror image. The show is entertaining to read at the same time, challenging. This trick is one of the gripping Google skills created by Google. Visit this link to try this method.

  3. Google Gravity Underwater

    Google UnderwaterGoogle gravity underwater is a trick that will proffer you with a fascinating experience. First, this technique displays alluring background consisting of the marine sea – and, with a variety of fish species.

    Second, the contents of your browser will get shown floating together with the animations in the background. In summary, this trick sets out how the anti-gravity Google works. Try out this method through below link. http://elgoog.im/underwater/

  4. Google Space

    Google SpaceStrange enough, this approach displays web content to be floating without any gravitational pull. It’s ironical; this display is same as how people behave when they in the outer space. It means if you search for a particular keyword using this Google gravity trick, the results get shown in a floating manner.

    The contents turn upside down but, in a non-gravitational space. You can enjoy this thrilling experience when you click on this link.

  5. Google Zero Gravity

    Google Zero GravityWith Google zero gravity, if you search for a keyword in the search bar results get overturned. Also, words displayed get written in reverse order and they appear to get jumbled. The most enjoyment part is that the content get reversed and bouncy. To enjoy this trick, click on the link here.

  6. Winnie Google

    Weenie GoogleWinnie Google is a third party Google gravity tricks technique, if you want me to describe it in simplest words. In fact, it is not connected nor associated with Google trademark. This Google method works by changing the contents of the web page into a small price. At present, this is the simplest technique, and you can give it a try at http://www.toosmalltouse.com/.

  7. Google Snake Game

    Google SnakeIf you have used a Nokia cellphone or you still use it, no doubt, you are familiar with this game. If you have never played this game, you should try it. You and the snake should consume the given food in the game so that it becomes larger and survives.

    Everyone is eligible to play this game which you can find through the given link here http://elgoog.im/snake/.

  8. Google Tilt

    Google TiltThis Google trick display search results in a tilted angle. If you’re fascinated with this technique and you would like to try, in your browser, type Tilt, and press enter. From the results, you will be able to distinguish between the average result and the usual one. The link here will direct you to this Google gravity cheat.

  9. Do a Barrel Roll

    Do a Barrel RollIn my opinion, this is among the straightforward and easy Google gravity tricks. It’s because it will proffer you with a quick spin within your browser in a single stroke. It’s simple; type Do a barrel roll in your browser Google search bar. Hit the enter button and experience the barrel roll in the search results. The display is charming. Would you like to experience it? Click on the link.

  10. Google Sphere

    Google SphereNo doubt, Google sphere is one of Google Gravity video that you will have a hard time using. Everything from your mouse, links, and texts circulates in a sphere shape. So, it’s fascinating how the content flows. But, you may end up disappointed because you’ll hardly click on the link you want. You can experience Google sphere through this link.

  11. Google Loco

    Google LocoGoogle Loco is not different from other Google gravity tricks. As you browse the internet/page, the contents of the page fall as a result of pull force of gravity. It’s just amazing how the page falls and breaks up. Check this link to apply this Google trick.

  12. Zerg Rush

    Zerg RushHave you ever stared at something and all of the sudden you see it has disappeared? That’s how Zerg Rush behaves. It makes search results to go one after the other along with falling zeros. Everything will clear up, and you’ll get surprised. Try it out for yourself by clicking on the provided link.

  13. Google Guitar

    Google GuitarYou can play the guitar on your PC at the same time you are surfing the internet, sounds cool – right? If you’re astonished how you can do this, with Google guitar technique, you can do it. This Google tricks technique lets you play several tunes that you know. But, if you don’t know any song, don’t worry since you can learn by yourself. It’s so relaxing and entertaining, try it out by clicking on this link.

  14. Annoying Google

    Annoying GoogleAre you aware you can change your browser according to your mood? Of course, you can get that with Annoying Google. Type Annoying Google in your browser search bar and see the results. This Google gravity trick will annoying search instead of Google search. Check it out here now!

  15. Google Energy Saving

    Google Energy SavingDid you know that if you use Google energy saving method, you’ll lessen the amount of energy your screen consumes? This Google gravity cheat will display a black screen to lower the consumption of power. Why not give it a try? Type Google Energy Saving in your browser and enjoy this trick here.

  16. Google Anti Gravity

    Google SpaceThis trick is like Google zero gravity. In my opinion, both are different with names only. If you visit the search page using this Google gravity hack, the results will not fall straight but float on a different corner. And, they will fall sluggish like objects in space where gravity is zero. Check out this link to give Google Anti-Gravity a try now.

  17. Google Pac-Man

    Google PaceManIn my opinion, any top Google gravity tricks list will not be complete without nominating Google Pac-man. This trick is a mini-version of playable. Hundreds of people around the globe play this game, every single day. On the other hand, the production is slow. Even so, by below provided steps, you’ll have this game in your browser and smile as you also play it.

    > Open Google.com
    > In the search bar type Google Pac-man
    > Click on I’m feeling lucky. Enjoy the game.

  18. Epic Google

    Epic GoogleIn my opinion, I can describe Epic Google as Google on steroids. This Google tricks technique works when you search for a particular keyword, and the results displayed grows bigger and bigger. Sounds interesting and funny, right? Type Google epic in your browser and search what you’d like – http://www.toobigtouse.com.

  19. Ninja Google

    Ninja GoogleIt’s regrettable that if you don’t love Ninja, Google loves it. The majority of people love ninja although there is a fraction that doesn’t. For this reason, Google came up with this technique to blow your mind. Just type Ninja Google in your browser and you’ll get this thing.

  20. Funny Google

    Funny GoogleThis method is straightforward and thrilling, in any case, I would say. It lets you alter Google logo according to your choices. All you have to do is type Funny Google in your browser Google search bar and see the results.

    A riveting search engine will display, and you’ll find an option to change its logo. You can then set the name as per your preference. Check out Funny Google today!

  21. Google Klingon

    Google KlingonGoogle never disappoints, in fact, it keeps mesmerising. Google Klingon is one hilarious trick that will leave you contented – I can bet. In typical cases when you type a keyword in your browser search bar and hit enter, search results will show.

    In this case, it’s different with this Google trick. When you type Google Klingon, it changes Google version. Reason being Google has Klingon version. As a result, you will not see any search results on the web page. Try it and see the magic.

  22. Recursion

    recursionGoogle always corrects us when we type a misspelt keyword in its search bar. You see it asking, did you mean blah blah blah? But when you type recursion, the situation is different. Google shows the same word with the option Recursion.

  23. Barrel Roll

    Do a Barrel RollIn general, this Google trick will rotate your web page at 360 degrees. Would you like to experience this Google cheat? Type Barrel roll in your search browser but, you need to enable Google Instant Results in your Accounts Preference. As if that is a hard task, you can click on the link here and experience this Google hack now!

  24. Walking to Mordor

    Walking to MordorEvery time you search a keyword in Google search bar, Google presents you with websites which the keyword got used, that’s a fact. But when you type in “Walking to Mordor,” Google will take you to NerdFitness instead of be showing you a variety of sites. Try it out and I’m sure, you will like it.

  25. Number 42

    Number 42Nuber 42 is another impressive Google trick. Here is the bare fact, in your search browser type The life of the universe and everything and click enter. You’ll get the answer in the form of number 42. I know this will surprise you, and you’ll wonder how is this possible?

    Well, Google has an inbuilt calculator which gets well the value of life, the universe, and everything. Besides, if you have read or watched the movies The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you are in a prime position to understand. But if you haven’t, it might be hard for you to understand.

    In summary, it’s an impressive trick worth trying.

  26. Google Gravity Code

    Gravity CodeGoogle gravity code method will give you the funniest experience ever on Google. If you want to experience it, type Google gravity in your browser, and you should be able to notice the said option. Once you press enter, the results will fall as a result of virtual gravity. The links and all the possibilities will float at the bottom of the screen and later disappear.

    In any case, you try to pull up the link upward; it will still fall again. This trick got programmed by Google to amuse you and other users alike. Here is the direct link for you to try it.

  27. Easter Egg Trick

    Easter Egg TrickIn my opinion, Google is one of the funny browsers that keep you rooted on the internet. Now, it arranged this trick game as a tribute to the legendary Super Mario Brothers. So, if you type Super Mario Brothers in your browser, an iconic brick with a question mark will get displayed in the search results.

    Click several times on the block and you’ll score 200 points. And, rumour has it that 1-up sound will ring once you click 100 times. At this point, the trick of this game is to keep the game unblocked.

  28. Google Rainbow

    Google RainbowGoogle rainbow method will give you something to smile; that is for sure. Aside from other usual techniques, you can bring colours to your Google search engine. Google rainbow will keep blinking in your web page in an animated form; I found it very refreshing. Try it out by clicking on the provided link.

  29. I’m Feeling Lucky

    I’m Feeling LuckyFirst, this is one of the best Google gravity tricks. Second, the term I’m feeling lucky is in Google search page, and it’s believed to be the easiest way to browse most relevant web page as per your search. Third, this trick will work if you enable Google Instant option in the search engine. Finally, if I’m feeling lucky option isn’t working, disable the Google Instant.

  30. Chuck Norris trick

    Chuck Norris trickHave you ever tried this method? If not, then just key in find Chuck Norris in your browser. You’ll see in the search results a link warning you that you won’t find Chuck Norris. Instead, he is the one who will chase you. Try it from the given link here.

Now that you are aware of several Google gravity tricks online that you can use to trick anyone, and refresh yourself. These skills are meant for fun not to design or make any search awful. Feel free to highlight those you would like to try and have a real time experience, and if we missed any of your favorites – please mention it.

Top/Featured Image: Clovis_Cheminot / Pixabay

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