Google to Launch its Unplugged Streaming TV Service

Apple has already been planning a streaming TV service for a long time, but nothing has come up till now. Of course, several other similar services have launched over the past few months or years. For example, Sling TV and PlayStation Vue are also strong competitors in this demanding market. What is more, DirecTV Now is about to launch anytime soon.

Google Is Most Likely Planning the Launch of Unplugged Streaming TV ServiceSo this is not something innovative as a service. On the bright side, every single competitor has got something different to offer. The market is open and free for everyone to join in. The Open and free market is what all these companies have benefited from, after all.

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In this field of ever-growing competition, Google is ready to take a leap forward. According to rumors, Google has reached an agreement with CBS. This agreement dictates that CBS channels will be available through a streaming skinny bundle on Google. This package will have nothing to do with YouTube, as they say. It is inevitable though that YouTube connoisseurs and executives will take part in the project.

The service is most likely to launch early 2017, and the price will stretch from $25 to $40. Of course, the cost is not competitive and especially when it comes to skinny bundle. A lot of other similar services provide a plethora of streaming options at a price that does not surpass $25. At the same time, more content is possible for Google to enjoy; in fact, there are additional rumors that Disney – ABC and Fox are discussing with Google on the very same matter.

Another source of concern is the distinct character of Google as an advertising giant. This can end up in disaster, with a lot of ads flooding the content of this skinny bundle and deteriorating user experience.

It can be challenging to combine the interests of a tech giant and a well-respected company of the entertainment industry. Their perspectives seem entirely different and maybe this is what has caused such a delay in Apple’s case.

Even though they had started with great expectations, the reality proved to be a lot more difficult. Let’s hope that in the case of Google and the various TV channels, this is not going to end up in the same way.

One of the most solid assumptions about Google Unplugged streaming TV service is that the people from Google will announce it during CES 2017. If you consider the fact that a similar revelation had taken place in CES 2006 with Google Video, you can do the Math!

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Google to Launch its Unplugged Streaming TV Service
Apple has already been planning a streaming TV service for a long...

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