Heliograf News-Writing Bots Aim at Changing Journalism Forever

What would it take to cover a huge event, such as the US elections? From the perspective of journalism, it would take a lot of manpower and even more hours. Instead, with the use of Heliograf there is the opportunity to cover multiple articles about the same event in a blink of an eye. So what exactly is Heliograf and is it good for the future of journalism?Heliograf Aims at Changing the World of Journalism Forever

The news writing bot has been put into effect by the Washington Post. Jeff Bezos bought the newspaper in 2013 and set things into motion. Rather than having all the journalists constantly writing about tedious matters, the newspaper prefers the power of AI. In this way, there are more articles ready in no time.

The quality is shockingly good and therefore the future of Artificial Intelligence in journalism is optimistic. Even though there are of course a lot of people who have opposed to the use of AI, the truth is that humans and Heliograf do not have conflicting interests. Up till now, their roles seem to be completing one another.

One of the major advantages of using Heliograf and AI in journalism is of course the volume of work. There are no limits as to the number of articles that can be generated. Humans require some time, so as to produce an article worth reading.

Heliograf bases the writing process on the use of algorithms and mixes up the keywords with content of high quality. The result is the radical increase of newsworthy articles. These posts will definitely lure more readers. Even when the specific numbers of a single post audience do not seem much, try adding all of them and you will see the difference.

Apart from the volume of work, another benefit deriving from AI is the proper workload of humans. When you have a reporter who is that good, why waste him and his time? Why should he consume all his working hours writing about things that are boring?

Talent ought to be handled in the right manner. So this means that AI can relieve reporters of their workload. This in turn will give them the time they need to focus on what is really important.

Nobody can say for sure how the future of journalism will be. It goes without even saying, however, that the AI is going to have a huge impact on it. Journalists may or may not benefit from Heliograf, but in terms of productivity and immediacy the future will be much better. What do you think?

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