How to Download/View Your Twitter Archive [15 Easy Steps]

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Twitter keeps a record of all your past tweets. Learn how to download them, view them and interact with them.

Tweets are a small, yet integral part of a person’s online presence. They work on such a personal level that even corporations use them to get closer to their market, us.

From using Twitter as a dear diary to using it for thrashing enemies of past-turned-present friends, Twitter holds memories that you may now think are best left forgotten.

But they are there, ready for others to search, read and ponder…

“What a cry baby…”

So, whether you are a person entering maturity, a corporation who wishes to rewrite history or even someone who may need to have all his/her Twitter data at hand for legal reasons, Twitter has a solution for you to download all of your past tweets and play with it.

Here is how you do it.

Download Your Data

Downloading and using your Twitter history is a pretty straightforward process. It can, however, be divided into three parts.

Requesting Your Twitter Archive File

For the first part of the process, you need to first log in to your Twitter account and then…

  1. Click on your Profile Picture (or the icon if there is no picture) at the top right of your Twitter main page to access the drop-down menu.
Profile Picture

Twitter settings menu

  • Here, click on Settings and privacy to access settings for your account.
  • Once here, look at the left side of the page and click on Your Twitter data. Once you click the link, you will be asked to re-enter your password.
Your Twitter data

In Twitter’s settings, you can click on the left side menu on “Your Twitter Data” or, alternatively, on the “Request your archive” button on the right side of Your Tweet archive.

  • Here on the Confirm password page, re-enter your password and click the Confirm button. 
Confirm password

Confirm password

  • Once your password is confirmed, you will be taken to your account’s data page. Here search and then click on the Request your archive button.
Request Twitter Data

Request your Twitter data

  • Once you have clicked the button, Twitter will prompt you that they have received your request and will prepare your data file and will notify you once it is done.

Downloading Your Archive File 

Once your archive is ready, Twitter will send you an email prompting you to download it. The data file is available for a small period of time, so keep a lookout for the notification and download it once it is received.

(Depending on the number of tweets you have posted in the past, Twitter may take a few minutes to a few days preparing the archive. However, if there isn’t any response from Twitter for more than a week, then just go back to the Settings page and request another download.)  

Once your file is ready and you receive an email from Twitter with subject Its Tweet archive time, follow these steps:

  • Open the email and click on the Download now button.

 Twitter archive notification email

  • If you are already signed in to your Twitter account, you will be taken to your account’s page with a link to your archive file.
Download now

Fig 6. Downloading the file.

  • Here, click on the Download button to start downloading the file.
  • Once the download is finished, you will have a zipped file in your Downloads folder. This file is the one containing all your tweet history.

Using the Archive File

Your archive zip file is now in the Downloads folder. You can unzip it right there or copy it to another location.

Once the file is at your desired location, follow these steps:

Zip File

Fig 7. The zip file at its destination folder.

  1. Select it by using right-click and then choose the option Unzip here.
  2. Once the file is unzipped, open the main folder (if you have unzipped the file in a folder). Here, you will find multiple folders and files. Open the index.html file.

Index file

  1. The index.html file is the starting point of your deep dive into the world of your past tweets. When you open it, it will show you all your past tweets, starting off with the most recent one.
  2. Here, you will see that there are many buttons/options available. For each tweet, you have the option of…
    1. Deleting it
    1. Forward it
    1. Favorite it

… By clicking on the small bird/tweet sign and going to that tweet’s actual link online. (Note: For this to work flawlessly, you will need to be signed in to your Twitter account online. Most of the options/buttons would not be available/greyed out if you aren’t signed in.)

Index file details 1

Index file details: Favorite and reply options

Index file details 2

Index file details: Filter tweet archive

  1. You can scroll through all the tweets available or search and filter the tweets you want to look at by selecting the year/month filter on the top right portion of the page.

That’s about it with your archive file.

Just remember to have your email address verified/confirmed before you request the archive and you are good to go.Happy tweeting!

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