6 Steps on How to Remove Face ID Access for Apps

Face ID on a smartphone.
Apple’s Face ID makes securing your iPhone easy, but it may be used against your will. Learn how to block apps from using it with these easy steps.

“Hey! Tim.”

“Yeah, what’s up?” Tim turns around and … Tim’s personal album is unlocked on his iPhone, which is in his friend’s hands.

Yup, that’s all it takes for Apple’s dexterous Face ID to unlock your device. It’s a fast algorithm which was made to make life easier, provided that your iPhone is still in your hands.

When it is not, it’s sort of an open gate. It is as if your password is written on your forehead for everyone to see.

They are on your workstation, they glance at your face and enter the password written right there, on that forehead of yours into the system and they are in.

Reminds me of that particular scene from Demolition Man (1993) where Simon Phoenix faces a retina scan. Now that required some effort which Face ID won’t.

It may come to you that you probably shouldn’t have some of your apps locked through Face ID. Maybe they have some sensitive data or personal stuff, who knows, but it’s better to keep them after the strong wall of the unbreakable passcode.

Yes, it may take some effort to type in that passcode (who are we kidding, it’s just a few digits). But, the chances of you unknowingly glancing at your iPhone or other devices to grant access is much higher than you accidentally typing in your whole passcode to open up an app, or your device for that matter.

So without further ado, let’s get on with… managing your Face ID for apps and blocking its use for authentication.

We can do it through either one of the two ways mentioned below…

Through the Settings App

A six-step process

For this method, we start by …

Settings app on the iPhone home screenshot.
Settings app on the iPhone home screen


  1. Open up the Settings app.
Face ID Passcode screenshot.
Face ID & Passcode

2. Here down below, is the Face ID & Passcode Touch it to enter

IPhone passcode request screenshot.
iPhone Passcode

3. Once entered you will be asked for your passcode to proceed. Enter your passcode.

Other apps option screenshot.
Use Face ID for Other Apps

4. Here, in the Use Face ID For option, select Other Apps.

Other Apps screenshot.
Other Apps

5. You will be taken to a screen with all the apps listed which may or may not be using Face ID.

6. Here, toggle the option of using Face ID on or off in front of the individual apps.

And that’s it. The required set up is now finished. The apps with the settings set to “off” won’t be using your Face ID for authentication anymore.

Through a Specific App’s Settings

A three-step process

If you only require one of your apps to not use Face ID, then it is better to do it through the app’s own settings. Follow this very simple three-step process:

  1. Open up the Settings App again…
  2. Here, instead of going to the Face ID & Passcode option, scroll down to find the particular app and open it to reveal its permissions.
  3. Once here, scroll down and go to Face ID and turn it Off… or On if you want to activate it.

Then you’re all done!


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