How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify Free and Premium

Music streaming has become a popular way to discover new music, and Spotify is one of the most widely used services. With both free and premium versions available, users have access to millions of songs across all genres. One feature that differentiates between the two plans is shuffle play – which can be frustrating if you want a specific track or album but can’t find it due to its random selection. Luckily, turning off shuffle on either the free or premium version of Spotify isn’t complicated; this article will help you navigate how to do so in just three steps! Keep reading for easy instructions that’ll get your desired tracks playing in no time.

How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify

How To Turn Off Shuffle On Spotify Desktop App

If you’re a free or premium Spotify user, the desktop app offers an easy way to turn off shuffle. First, open up your Spotify desktop app and select the song playing at the top of the screen. You’ll then see a ‘Shuffle’ icon near the bottom left corner – click it once to deactivate this setting. Once you’ve done that, songs will play in their original order instead of shuffled.

Spotify users with a free account can also easily access this feature by selecting ‘Your Library’ on the left-side navigation bar within the main window. Here, you’ll be able to find any previously played songs along with different playlist categories like ‘Made For You.’ If you’d like to listen to these tracks uninterruptedly, locate and uncheck the Shuffle toggle switch near the middle-right portion of your library page.

Premium users have even more control over how they want their music arranged. By clicking on any given track from their library’s list view, they’ll be presented with further options such as reordering specific albums or customizing individual playlists for optimal listening experiences unaffected by randomization patterns. To sum up, whether you’re using Spotify Free or Premium service, turning off shuffle is quick and simple through either its desktop app or web interface!

How To Turn Off Shuffle On Spotify On iOS

Turning off shuffle on Spotify for iPhone and iPad is quite easy. To do so:

  1. First find the app on your device’s home screen and open it up.
  2. Then, tap the “Your Library” tab at the bottom of the page.
  3. In this section, you will see a list of options; one of them should be “Shuffle Play.” Tap that option to disable it.
  4. You can also choose to enable or disable the setting from within any playlist by tapping the “shuffle” icon at the top right corner of that playlist.

If you are using Spotify Premium, you have additional control over when and how shuffling occurs. When playing songs in your library or playlists, tap the Now Playing bar at the bottom of your screen to display more options about playback settings. From here you can easily turn Shuffle Play on/off as well as access other features such as repeat mode.

How To Turn Off Shuffle On Spotify On Android

Turning off shuffle on Spotify for Android is easy. All you need to do is open up the Spotify app and follow a few steps. Here’s how:

  1. Open up the Spotify app on your device.
  2. Tap on ‘Your Library’ at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Select ‘Playlists, Albums or Songs’ from the list in the left-hand menu that appears.
  4. Look for an icon with two arrows pointing in opposite directions which indicates Shuffle Play; tap this to turn it off.
  5. To stop shuffling songs, look out for a circular arrow symbol next to each song – tapping this will make sure they are played sequentially as normal.

If you want to check if Shuffle Play has been turned off completely, just look out for a green circle around the double arrow symbol when selecting ‘Shuffle’ again – if it isn’t there then you know it’s been deactivated successfully! With these simple steps, you can easily turn off shuffle on Spotify mobile app so that all music plays like normal without any disruptions caused by randomized playback order.

Turn Off Spotify Shuffle By Using The ‘Sign Out Everywhere’ Feature

The ‘Sign Out Everywhere’ feature is a useful tool for those who use Spotify free and premium. It allows users to easily turn off shuffle play on their account, so they can play spotify music they want in order. This feature also enables people to log out of all devices simultaneously, preventing unauthorized access to their personal information. To use this feature, one must first open up the Spotify app on any device connected to their account. Then, go into ‘Settings’, click on ‘Account’ and select ‘Sign Out Everywhere’. Once clicked, you will be logged out from all your connected devices. After logging back in again, you can start playing Spotify music without shuffling it anymore.

For Spotify Free users who wish to customize their listening experience further, there are other ways to turn off shuffle as well. By using the “Shuffle Play” button located at the bottom of the screen when playing an album or playlist, users can toggle between non-shuffled and shuffled playback modes. Moreover, if you tap on “Play Queue” which is under the same location as the Shuffle Play button when an album or playlist is being played, then you can choose songs that you would like to hear next instead of having them randomly picked by Spotify’s algorithm while in Shuffle mode. With these steps taken, users should have no problem getting rid of unwanted shuffling whenever they need a more organized way of listening to music through Spotify Free or Premium services!

How To Turn Off Shuffle On Spotify With A Free Account

If you’re a free Spotify user, you can easily turn off shuffle by clicking the shuffle icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. This will disable shuffling for all music playback. You won’t be able to download Spotify music or listen offline; however, if you are using the Spotify web player, an option is available that allows users to turn off the random order of songs played. To do this, just click on ‘Settings’ and then toggle the switch next to ‘Shuffle Play’. Now your music will play in its original order without being randomly mixed up.

In addition to turning off shuffle with a free account, premium subscribers have more options when it comes to customizing their listening experience. The main difference between a free and paid subscription is that Spotify premium users get access to exclusive features such as advanced equalizers and crossfade settings which allow them to customize how their music sounds. They also have unlimited downloads so they can save tracks for offline listening anytime they want.

Premium users aren’t limited by having only one way of playing their music – they can choose from multiple options including repeat single or entire Spotify playlists, no longer restricted by having random songs thrown into their mix every time they listen. With these extra features, along with direct control over what’s playing at any given moment, premium members enjoy greater flexibility and convenience than those who use the basic service offered by Spotify Free.

Turn Off Shuffle On Spotify App For Free Via The Keyboard Shortcuts

Spotify users may want to disable the Spotify shuffle play feature on their Spotify playlists. Fortunately, this can be done for free with a few simple steps. First, open up your Spotify App and locate the playback bar at the bottom of the screen. Here you will see a ‘Shuffle Button’; click on it and the button should turn grey which means that Shuffle has been disabled.

If using a computer keyboard, you can access more shortcuts for turning off Shuffle. By pressing ‘Ctrl + S’ together (or Command + S if you are using Mac) while playing a song in Spotify, users can easily toggle between enabling or disabling Shuffle mode. Additionally, you can press ‘Ctrl + Shift + S’ (Command+Shift+S on Mac) when playing music to instantly cycle through different repeat modes like no repeat, single track repeat, or full album repeat – all without needing to open up any menus.

The above methods are both quick and easy ways to turn off the shuffle option on Spotify app for free! With these tips in mind, Spotify users should have no problem customizing their listening experience according to personal preferences.

Is Spotify Shuffle Random?

Yes, Spotify shuffle is random. When you turn on the shuffle play feature in the desktop app or mobile device, it will randomly select play songs from your library and arrange them into a playlist. This means that every time you listen to music with Spotify’s shuffle feature turned on, you’ll have a new experience as no two shuffled playlists are alike.

Spotify uses an algorithm to produce its randomized song selections. It takes into account what kind of music you usually listen to and then compiles a number of possible playlists for you based on those preferences. The algorithm also considers how recently certain songs were played by other users when selecting which ones should be included in each particular shuffle session. As such, if you’ve been playing a lot of one artist lately, chances are their songs will appear more often than others when using the shuffle feature.

All this adds up to a unique listening experience every time you use Spotify’s Shuffle Play option regardless of whether it’s through the free or premium version of the service. With millions of tracks at your disposal and so many factors influencing what gets selected, there’s no telling which order songs will come up in – making sure that each session stays fresh and exciting!

How Many Users Can Use Spotify Premium At Once?

Spotify Premium allows for up to six users to use the service at once, making it great for sharing with family and friends. If too many devices are logged into one account, playback modes such as shuffle may be disabled. As long as each user has their own personalized playlists, they can all enjoy Spotify’s premium features simultaneously.

When using the free version of Spotify, only one device is allowed per account. This means that if someone tries to access your free account from a different device while you’re already signed in, they won’t be able to listen until you log out or sign out manually. It also means that shuffle will stay activated on any free accounts since there is no way to have multiple users accessing the same account at the same time.

Therefore, those who want more than just one person listening at once should consider upgrading to Spotify Premium so everyone can enjoy music together without worrying about being unable to access certain playback modes due to too many connections on a single account.


To conclude, turning off shuffle on Spotify isn’t as hard as it seems. Whether you have a premium or free account, there are several methods to do this easily. With the desktop version of Spotify, simply click the ‘shuffle’ button and your songs will play in order again. If using an iOS or Android device, go into Settings and turn the toggle switch for Shuffle Playback off. Additionally, with a free account, use either keyboard shortcuts or the ‘Sign Out Everywhere’ feature to stop shuffling music.

It’s important to note that even though users can disable shuffle playback, their music may still seem random because Spotify has its own algorithm which decides what song plays next based on user preferences. It also helps if multiple users aren’t logged onto one subscription at once since this could interfere with personalized recommendations and tracks playing randomly instead of in order like desired.

Overall, it’s simple to turn off shuffle when needed and get back to listening in sequence! With so many options available no matter what kind of account is used and all relevant information considered, any listener should be able to enjoy their favorite tunes without interruption whenever they choose whenever you need it!

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