How to Use Snip & Sketch Screenshot Tool in Windows 10

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This simple guide demonstrates how to use the Snip and Sketch screenshot tool in Windows 10 to take quick snippets and create annotations.

Microsoft has made Windows 10 a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) program, which allows customers to come across some excellent features being added to the operating system throughout the year.

The developers recently brought the Snip and Sketch screenshot tool to the settings menu. For users who haven’t kept up with the horde of updates in the past few months, this one belongs to the October 2018 release.

Here’s how to use the Snip and Sketch screenshot tool in Windows 10. The feature will come in handy whenever you have to snap something from a website, video or a presentation to share it with colleagues or friends. With most laptops and other Windows devices being integrated with a touchscreen display, this feature becomes more necessary than ever and now has an improved UI for easy access.

How Does the Snip & Sketch App Benefit Users?

  • The app works as a single dedicated solution for all your snipping requirements.
  • Users can easily snip browsers, app windows and even games.
  • It eradicates the requirement to have a third-party tool which may or may not work as intended.
  • Microsoft will consistently roll out updates to add new features to the app.

Take Screenshots with

There are different ways to access the app and the kind of service you are looking for. The first and foremost is to directly open the app if you have already downloaded the October 2018 update. (If you haven’t downloaded the update yet, you can learn how to do so here.)

  1. Click on the Start button found in the left-hand corner of your Windows 10 taskbar.
  2. Start typing Snip & Sketch.
  3. Your OS will automatically help you find the app you are looking for if it is already installed on your system.
  4. Find the app which is usually the top solution in the list and click it to open.
  5. Once you open the app, locate the button that reads “New.”
  6. You will find it on the top left corner of the app window.

How to Choose Your Snipping Zone

  1. Once you click on the new button, it will automatically open a bunch of options to choose from.
  2. Similar to the Snipping tool which was found in Windows 7 or Windows 8, you will come across these options—Rectangular Clip, Freeform Clip and Fullscreen Clip.
  3. Once you have confirmed the type of clipping you would like to do, you can choose the area and take the screenshot.

You can choose the type of clip based on your requirement. The rectangular option makes it easier to cover a specific area, whereas the fullscreen clipping is easier for taking snapshots of games and entire browser displays. The freeform option is to capture a specific location that may have an uneven shape.

How to Get Snip & Sketch Through the Action Center

In a business environment, there are times when you may have to take a screenshot and paste it in a document. It makes it easier to send updates to your colleagues and make suggestions to the entire team. The Action Center makes it possible.

  1. The Windows 10 Action Center button is a dialog icon located on the far right corner of the taskbar. Click to open it.
  2. Alternatively, you can also open it with the shortcut keys by pressing the Win Key and then pressing A.
  3. Make sure to Expand the Action Center so you can see more options.
  4. You will find the Screen Snip button here. Click it on and choose the kind of clipping shape that you need, which includes the usual rectangular, freeform or fullscreen options.
  5. Once you have selected the desired shape, snap your screenshot area and save it.

Using the Print Screen Button to Open the App

Before using this feature, you have to manually enable this option. It is mandatory as Windows 10 doesn’t keep it activated by default. Follow the steps mentioned below to activate it, after which you can make use of the shortcut key to directly access the feature and take snips.

  1. Use the Cortana key and type Settings.

2. Click on the gear icon that reads Settings and open it.

3. Find the Ease of Access option and click on the area that says Keyboard.

4. A list of options will open up. Scroll and find the option labeled Print Screen Shortcut.

5. Toggle the button to On in case it was switched off earlier because the feature is turned off by default, enabling users to choose shortcuts based on their usage preferences.

Once you have enabled it, you will be able to access the Snip & Sketch app through multiple methods including searching for it in the Start button, through the Action Center and also by pressing the PrtScr button on your keyboard.

How to Use PrtScr Button to Take Screenshots

This process is much simpler than most other methods because all you have to do is hit the button.

  1. Make sure to enable it first by following the steps mentioned above.
  2. Now click on the Print Screen button.
  3. To use the shortcut and access it, simply hold the Win Key and press Shift and then S.
  4. This will immediately open the snipping toolbar.
  5. Choose your snipping style and take the screenshot.

Creating Annotations & Marking Areas on Your Screenshots

Once you have successfully created a snip from an existing image, game or presentation, it’s important to mark it to notify the receiver.

  1. Open the snippet in the Snip & Sketch app in Windows 10.
  2. A couple of tools are provided for you to make marking easy, including ballpoint pen, pencil and there’s even a marker with multiple colors.
  3. Usually, markers are the easiest to use, and they are more prominent on any kind of image.
  4. Customize the color and thickness of the tool before you proceed to create annotations.
  5. After you’re done marking it, you can save or share this snip to the desired person or group.

Microsoft has been gradually adding more features and upgrading traditional apps so that they are more intuitive, easy to use and are filled with some appealing features. Once you learn how to use the Snip & Sketch screenshot tool in Windows 10, it could save a lot of time as you can do snippets, mark them and send the images in a matter of minutes.

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