10 Best iOS Emulators for Windows and Android

Are you searching for the best iOS simulator for Android? Or, would you like to play iOS games on PC? No matter the device, we have a list of the top iOS emulator for Windows 10 as well. Also, do not miss out on finding the best iOS emulator for PC.

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Besides, you will discover the easiest answer to ‘how to install emulators on iOS devices’! Moreover, you will know the difference between emulator and simulator. Again, do not forget to find out how to install iOS apps on Windows 10 and other Operating Systems (OS). Yet there are no charges- so, belt up and read on!10 Best iOS EmulatorsIf you know BlueStacks Android app, then you must be wondering if there is a BlueStacks iOS! Well, most Android and Windows users have a problem with the apps created to run on Apple devices. So, such people miss out the iOS experience from their phones.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the best iOS emulators, you can have literally any app on your non-Apple device! Also, the iOS emulators are good for app developers who would like to test them on Apple devices.

But there is good news – you do not need to buy that expensive iPhone. Instead, you can use the iOS emulators to experience the Apple right on your Android or Windows phone!

So, what is iOS Emulator?

In brief, an emulator can be defined as any hardware or software that makes a device work like another. So, an iOS Emulator is one that helps you bring the iOS experience on Android, Windows or any other platform.

In short, an iOS emulator mimics an Apple device – it makes your device work as if it is an Apple product. Thus, you can run several apps and games direct from the App Store! Therefore, the best iOS emulator should be fast, efficient and user-friendly.

Now, why you need an iOS emulator

By now, you have a clue about why you need iOS emulators. Although there are millions of reasons for this, only those at the peak will feature. So, below is why you need the best iOS emulators for Android or Windows!

  • First, developers need iOS emulators to test their apps. This helps save cash needed to purchase new iPhones for testing. So, this solves the dilemma ‘how to test iOS apps without any MacBook or iPhone’.
  • Also, most gamers prefer iOS emulators top buying new devices
  • If you want to join the iOS Developer Program, then, you need to learn Xcode on the iOS Emulator.

So, what makes the best iOS emulator for Android tablets and others?

The following are the features that must be present in any app that makes it to the list if the top ten best iOS emulators. In short, this metric gauges the efficiency of iOS emulators.

  • First, the price of software makes it efficient or not. For instance, an expensive iOS emulator for Android or Windows might not be a good idea.
  • Also, the emulator app should allow app debugging
  • Moreover, a good iOS emulator should be easy to use

Finally, here is the List of the best iOS Emulators:

  1. SmartFace

If you need an iOS emulator app to develop native iOS applications, Smartface is a correct guess. Smartface iOS emulator app is a comprehensive suite with colossal features and advantages.

Also, SmartFace has free and paid versions- both have features you may like! So, here are the features that make this app part of the list for the best iOS emulator apps.

  • Has enterprise plugins and other services
  • Also, allows the testing and debugging of iOS apps
  • Moreover, SmartFace has a complete JavaScript library with a single JavaScript coding
  • The SmartFace iOS emulator app has a WYSIWYG Design editor
  1. Xamarin Testflight

As one of the best iOS emulators for computers, Xamarin Testflight is worth trying. For instance, the iOS emulator for PC allows you test your developed apps for efficiency in use.

Although it is not free, Xamarin Testflight’s key tools will make you yearn to try- see for yourself!

  • Xamarin Testflight iOS emulator is a favourable environment to test your developed apps
  • Besides, Xamarin Testflight has an ergonomic interface
  • Tied up relations with Apple, thus, you are guaranteed of quality
  1. Air iPhone Emulator

Outright, Air iPhone emulator is one of the best iOS emulator apps. The Air iPhone emulator app also works as an alternate Windows-iOS. This means Air iPhone is also a legit simulator.

In brief, a simulator is a mobile app that provides an atmosphere for software to replicate a hardware. The Air iPhone emulator needs the AIR framework to run applications.

Although it is a good app, Air iPhone has reviews saying developers find it a headache testing other apps on it. It also requires you to install Adobe Air. But, for sure, it reproduces the iPhone efficiently.

Air iPhone allows you to make calls, text, send voice messages and run apps from App Store. Also, you do this just as you would do on an Apple device. So, the Air iPhone is worth a trial!

  1. iPad Simulator

If you are a fan of Google Chrome extensions, then iPad Simulator is your ideal best iOS emulators. iPad Simulator lets you have an iPad dashboard on the PC.

So, on it, you can text, and do lots of Apple-things on your PC. Also, installing the iPad Simulator is as easy as clicking on the extension bar in your Chrome menu option. In brief, here are the key elements of iPad Simulator.

  • iPad Simulator’s background has HD animation
  • Also, iPad Simulator lets you drag-drop apps
  • iPad Simulator, too, has elegant easy to use interface
  • With iPad Simulator, you can also multi-task
  • Moreover, as a cloud OS, iPad Simulator is fast and vast
  1. Appetize.io

Appetize.io is an online iOS emulator for Android and iOS app developers. In brief, the Appetize.io website has tools that enable you to test apps over the cloud. Also, Appetize.io is safe and efficient enough to analyse your iOS app. So, the Appetize.io site requires you to upload the app’s .ipa file.

Then, the website converts it into an app for online use. After testing the app, they email the results link back. Besides, you can upload apk files – which means Appetize.io is a good Android emulator too! Moreover, Appetize.io has free live iOS demos, which help you experience the best of iOS.

  1. MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio is another of the best iOS emulator apps you can ever install. Yet, MobiOne Studio is also an efficient iPhone-Windows simulator. Also, apps built on HTML5 run on MobiOne Studio with ease. Moreover, the source code is open at Cordova or PhoneGap frameworks for improvement.

In brief, MobiOne Studio emulator or simulator is the perfect choice for app developers. So, here are the features that make MobiOne Studio part of the list of the top ten best iOS emulators.

  • MobiOne Studio gives you the chance to configure apps to run on iPhone or iPad
  • Also, the iOS emulator makes helps build native iOS apps compatible with myriad devices
  • Moreover, MobiOne Studio is free for a 15 day trial period option
  • AppCenter Progress helps you see how well your app is performing
  • So easy to use, even a kid can figure out
  1. App.io

App.io is an online iOS emulator that serves you with simplicity and perfection. In brief, the App.io is a website where you upload iOS App bundles for analysis.

And, the App.io iOS emulator lets you test apps for 7 days before they get to charge you! Then, through the App.io cloud, your app manifests on Mac, Android PC or tablet.

Thus, App.io enables you to test apps even without installing any software! Also, you can run .apk files on the site as well! This makes App.io the best online iOS emulator. Thus, App.io is one of the best online Android and iOS emulator!

  1. iPhone Simulator

As one of the best iOS emulators, iPhone Simulator runs iPhone apps right on your Windows desktop. Also, the top iOS simulator lets you scrutinise apps during the development process. It does this on Windows PC.

The iPhone Simulator has one con, though – it does not get non-Apple devices to access the Apple App Store. But, the free iOS emulator for Windows has several benefits like those listed below.

  • Elegant graphics to clone the iPhone
  • Also, iPhone Simulator has an easy to use interface
  • iPhone Simulator is free!
  • Most importantly, iPhone Simulator allows you to test apps that are under development
  1. iPadian

According to my very own tests and research, Any list of the best iOS emulators that does not feature iPadian is invalid! Or, which ranking would emit the world’s most popular and best-rated emulator for iOS? iPadian emulates iPhones and iPads on Windows, Mac, Linux and many other Operating Systems.

The con with iPadian is it takes too long to install- but, does that really matter? iPadian is a free iOS emulator with an elegant iOS dashboard as well as a custom app store. But, there is a more advanced paid version that goes for about $10. In summary, iPadian has a couple of features that make it one of the best iOS emulators.

  • iPadian iOS emulator has an easy to use interface
  • Also, iPadian iOS emulator has a custom app store
  • The iPadian iOS emulator also boasts regular updates. Thus, the software gets tools that fit with the newest iOS version.
  • Moreover, iPadian paid version gives you an ad-free experience
  1. Cider APK

Although it may not be as functional as the rest, Cider APK is one of the best iOS emulator apps for Android you can find. It lets you install and run iOS apps and games on smartphones. So, with this iOS emulator, you can install SiriFacetime and other iApps on your Android phone. With an open source code, Cider APK also receives regular updates of iOS software. Yet, Cider APK is free!

Besides the listed ten best iOS emulators, there are several others as well. For instance, you can try GBA emulator or BlueStacks iOS. Also, you can give a shot to NDS emulator iOS 9 and Happy Chick emulator. My favourite iOS emulator is iPadian. The tool’s, simplicity and performance urged me to unlock the paid version! But, whichever you chose, settle on nothing but the best!

How to install emulators on iOS devices

Of course, every developer has an urge to install iOS Apps on Windows 10, Mac or other OS. But, to do that, you need to have installed an iOS emulator. At times, developers find it necessary to jailbreak iOS phones software. However, this might not be the way to go, because Apple considers it illegal in some instances.

So, it is important to understand why you need to install emulators on iOS without jailbreaking. Also, almost everyone wants to play their childhood Mac games on iPhones. If you love gaming, you do not need jailbreaking because all you need is an emulator.

In definition, iOS jail breaking is the process of removing Apple software restrictions from its products; iPhones, iPads and Mac. So, when you want to install emulators on your iPad or iPhone you need to follow the method below!

a)  Install from iEmulators

iEmulators is a website that lets you download and install iOS emulators so you can play games and run other apps on your Apple device. Thus, you can even find the coveted NDS4iOS! Also, it is simple to carry out the installation. All you need is follow the procedure below.

  • Using your iPad or iPhone, log onto to website www.iemulators.com
  • Click on the emulator of your choice and hit the ‘install button
  • Then, confirm on the pop-up
  • Finally, after installation, hover to your home screen and Trust the emulator app. Then, run the app and enjoy your games!

b)  Install emulators from App Store

You must be wondering how this is possible – but yes, emulators sneak in the App Store! However, these apps are hidden from other lists because Apple banned them anyway. So, all you need is scrutinise the store and find out.

However, some of the emulators trick the App Store and are conspicuous enough. Unofficial apps on App Store are worthwhile- you could find emulators to install on your iOS device.

Also, it is important to note that the emulators trick Apple by hiding in other apps. So, when you download the apps, you also download the emulator within it- like the Trojan Horse! However, when the Apple’s app bot notices any emulators, it is pulled down with immediate effect.

Thus, developers hide it in a series of menus and app files. To know emulators that sneak into the App Store, visit the sites TouchArchade and Reddit. Moreover, after installing emulators on iOS devices, it is wise to back it up.

c)   Use Enterprise Certificates

If your iOS device is not jailbroken, App Store is the only place you have obtained apps. In most cases, App Store is considered the sole legal way to get iOS apps on your iPhone.

However, the use of enterprise certificates is yet another method! Apple ensures all apps go through a verification process before installation. Apple’s enterprise certificates protect you from installing malicious apps.

So, most apps that you may want to install on your iOS are not for the public. Thus, you must get other ways to install iOS apps, and an enterprise certificate is one of them. In brief, Apple signs security certificates on these apps to install on your iOS device through the Safari Browser.

Apple banned emulators from the App Store. However, users only need the enterprise certificates to install emulators on iOS devices. While this helps bypass Apple’s restrictions, it also makes playing games and Android feel possible on iOS devices. So, some of the emulator apps on iOS that have conquered users are GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS.

After the turf fight with the FBI, Apple has become a renowned hardliner in privacy and security. Thus, Apple scrutinises iOS apps before installation to ensure none leaks your private information.

For instance, you cannot install emulators on iOS devices without a security check. Moreover, Apple asks if you want apps to access personal information during the installation.

Apple uses enterprise certificates as a green-light to install apps outside the App Store. Yet, the Apple certificates are not permanent- as they expire and require reapplication. It could happen every time your apps needs updates- but it is not too hard!

Noteworthy, when your certificate expires, the emulator installed on the iOS device ceases functioning. Thus, you need to make maximum use of the emulator before it expires. But, you can as well renew and fill up the certificate again. So, with the enterprise certificates, you can install emulators on iOS devices!

Other advanced ways: how to install emulators on iOS devices

Installing emulators on iOS devices using the methods above is easy, isn’t it? But, there are times when the methods just can’t work. If you are caught-up in such situations, you need to go a step further and address the iOS source code.

Although many users of emulators for iOS 9 will find it a hassle, most developers will like it. Using the code, ordinary iOS users too will install apps using emulators on iOS devices. If an app means the world to you, then you will have a reason to go through the process.

d)  Install emulators on iOS devices using Xcode7

Installing GameBoy GBA4iOS requires you to alter the iOS device settings. So, here is a pedagogical procedure to install emulators on iOS devices using Xcode 7.

  1. Get Xcode 7 from the portal
  2. Then, launch the Xcode 7
  3. Also, hit ‘accept’ the license agreement and install other prompted suggestions
  4. After finishing the installation, tap the XCode 7 menu, then click on ‘Preferences’
  5. Again, click on the ‘Accounts’, and then tap on ‘+’. Add theApple ID of your iOS device
  6. Then, load up the source code of the emulators you want to install on your iOS device. If you want to install the GBA4iOS emulator app on your iOS device, you can use the following commands. sudo gem install cocoapods; git clone https://bitbucket.org/rileytestut/gba4ios.git; cd gba4ios; pod install
  7. After you finish the installation, open the “xcworkspace” or “Xcodeproj” files from the source code. Then, run any of the files on Xcode
  8. Then, you will need to connect the iOS device to the Mac. Afterwards, on the Product-Destination option, state the type of your device- iPad or iPhone
  9. Also, select your name under Team option. Noteworthy, this is after choosing ‘Bundle Identifier’ on the ‘General’ menu
  10. Again, make sure all issues are fixed.
  11. Finally, click on ‘Play’ and you will have installed the emulator on iOS devices!

Moreover, using this method, you can install other emulators on iOS devices. But, you will have to alter the URL on the code given. Again, change the ‘gba4ios.git’ and enter the one you need.

Noteworthy, all the emulators installed this way must be open source. For instance, you can try ProvenanceMS-DOS and Nintendo 64. Also, look for GearsystemSony PSP and Nescaline.


In summary, with the best iOS emulator apps for Android and Windows, the Apple experience is no longer exclusive. You can Play iOS Games on PC and install iOS emulators on Windows 10 among other things.

By now, you have learnt how to install emulators on iOS devices without any jailbreaking. You can install the emulators directly, or by the use of source codes. Whichever you settle on, enjoy to the fullest!

Sharing is caring – let your friends know about this info. Also, do not forget to hit us up in the section below. If you have something – an addition or critique – feel free to leave a comment below.

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