How to Download and Setup iTunes in Windows 10

Ever since 2001, iTunes have become an attractive option for many people. They can access music, audio and video files everywhere in the world. Apple has developed iTunes, and they have served the needs of millions of users for over 15 years. There are modern versions of iTunes, with iTunes 12 being the latest addition.

This includes a lot of cool features, such as Family Sharing. On iTunes, you can create playlists or organize your music. As a result, you will be able to enjoy great music anytime you want. Your collection of music files and videos will keep you company and the quality is top-notch.Setting Up iTunes in Windows 10One of the most popular OS nowadays is, of course, Windows 10. This includes the media library, and thus you want to take advantage of iTunes. Many people want to access iTunes in Windows 10, but they cannot. If you want to know how you can use iTunes in Windows 10, you should continue reading this “how-to” article.

Everything you need is here so that you can download and setup the app on your device. Here is the best guide, for users to install Windows 10. Then, they can enjoy the benefits of technology on the devices of their choice!

How to download and install iTunes for Windows 10

The first move is to decide which browser is more convenient for you to use, such as Chrome, Explorer, MS Edge, etc.

Now you can search for In this way, you will download the app and have your personal music choices stored. Explore artists and any music you prefer, coming up in the music industry. iTunes store is the best service you can get for your device. It offers you the option to choose among 43 million tracks.

The options that users can take pleasure in are without limits. Great fans of films, movies and videos can choose over 85,000 movies. Last but not least, you can keep track of your favorite TV shows. In this website, you can answer any question you have about iTunes. You just search the provisions you can have.

So now you can download this innovative idea of Apple. You tap the download iTunes button in the first page of your link. It is time to follow the instructions and complete the fields you may want.

  • In this step, you can subscribe by giving optional information about the location, etc. It is a service that you can have if you decide to register.
  • Ensure that your device can run the iTunes app, just to stay on the safe side. Of course, iTunes has minimized problems in this aspect.
  • Having followed the procedure before, you are now ready to download the app. Press Download.
  • Press the button to install the program. As soon as it finishes, you can follow the next step.
  • Now you can start up with just a click to install directory. The moment it completes the installation, you can enjoy iTunes.

Creating an Apple ID account and logging in on Windows 10

It’s understood fact that one would need an Apple account, no matter whatever he wants to do – let it be device syncing, apps downloading or buying music. But if you haven’t made an ID already on any of your Apple devices, it is a simple procedure to create a code as an ID in Apple app.

An ID number will only cover you, and it is only valid for you. It is necessary to create an account for your purchases, and you can also create it on the iTune app.

Here are some directions that you need to get:

  • Select the profile located on the top right. You can find it next to the search bar.
  • An easy way to connect fast without any difficulty is to come up. You can then click on the Create Apple ID below.
  • Press Continue on the next screen and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Complete the form that Apple requests to secure your personal data. Everybody knows that Apple apps have high-security standards. This is how they secure the users’ personal data. You can press Continue when you finish the procedure.
  • Since you need to buy using the app, your purchases will be easier when you create a billing account. There, you will find any information of any transaction you choose to have. All you have to do is to press Create Apple ID in the bottom right.
  • To be sure that every move has been secure, check your e-mail for automatic info. The app will send you this info in your private account. In the end, press the link to complete the procedure.

Don’t forget to add an account number for your every buy.

After Apple ID Verification

When you press Apple ID profile and then Account, you can quickly add your personal account data. In the Summary, you can find payment information. You will Edit what is necessary to complete the procedure. Then you can select the payment method and press Done to complete.


Adding media library is easy enough for any user. iTunes offers the Scan for Media feature – if you want to organize your music or videos.

It is easy and straightforward to do so. Press File (in the menu) for iTune Windows 10. Then, click on the Add Folder to The Library to end the procedure.

How to Buy Stuff in General

Buy anything from iTunes in Windows 10 is not hard for any user, either.

  • Make sure that the account is active. Press Media Icon to show up your favorite stuff and then iTune Store. In this way, you will collect everything you need and search any way you like.
  • You can press the respective button and use your Apple ID.
  • You can also subscribe to iTunes Match and Apple Music from your account info. These are also simple enough procedures, and they can help you out with your options.

So, this is it! We are positive that this guide has been helpful to you. iTunes is an excellent app that you should not miss out on. Feel free to enjoy iTunes on Windows 10, apart from your iOS running devices. If you follow the instructions that we have displayed above for you, everything will be great. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get things clear by commenting below – you can always contact the help desk of Apple too.

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