Jurasic World Alive: All the thing you need to know right now

let’s get you started giving birth to your own virtual dinosaurs.

Jurassic World Alive is the augmented reality game that you need to play right now if you want to collect ancient dinosaur DNA.

The augmented reality video game also allows you to create your very own team of Jurassic World dinosaurs.

Experience all of that and much more in the greatest augmented reality video game since Pokemon Go, Jurassic World Alive.

Ever since Google made the official announcement that the company had decided to open up its data regarding Google Maps to all developers and other people to go ahead and use it to make apps and games, a small number of big IPs have taken full advantage of it.

Some of these big IPs tried to take over the market by developing augmented reality or AR video games.

One of them was Pokemon Go.

Now a new game is in town.

And it is called Jurassic World Alive.

Readers should know that Jurassic World Alive has been around for quite some time now.

It is only now that because of recent updates that the augmented reality game has really taken off.

Now Jurassic World: Alive is exactly what you need if you want to imagine living in a magical world that has dinosaurs living and roaming about in the park that exists down the street or just right across your very own house.

Our research shows that Jurassic World: Alive does a tremendous job of putting you, the player, in that dinosaur-filled world.

Not only that the Jurassic World: Alive augmented reality game also presents you with different challenges via which you have to collect as much dinosaur DNA as you want.

Or can.

Now, of course, we aware of the fact that many of our readers would be wondering:

What is Jurassic World: Alive and how does it go about making everything work?

In this post, we will quickly breakdown each and everything that you need to know about Jurassic World: Alive augmented reality game.

Jurassic World Alive: When did it launch?


As mentioned before, Jurassic World: Alive is not exactly a new game.

It started off being available in only certain markets.

The initial countries that had the launch were Australia and Canada.

At that time, no other country in the world had access to Jurassic World: Alive.

It was much later when the augmented reality game became available to the rest of the world.

In fact, in the beginning, the company behind the game did not even bother to let the world know when it would see the Jurassic World: Alive augmented reality game in action.

Fortunately, Universal came to the rescue and told the media that they could expect the release of the game around June 22nd, 2018.

That was also the same time when the studio released its big budget (but mostly boring according to some) Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ‘blockbuster’ movie.

Readers should know that they can go to the official website of Jurassic World: Alive right now and register for the game.

Previously you had to pre-register for the game.

But our research shows that it should be a problem anymore.

If by chance the game is still not available in your region then you will just have to wait until it does become available in your region.

How to play Jurassic World: Alive augmented reality game

What you need to know right now is that the main objective of this augmented reality game is for the user to study different dinosaurs by going about their world, looking for and collecting dinosaur DNA.

After doing that, users have to recreate those dinosaurs.

More specifically, you actually have to go out in the real world and then find them via the map.

If you are one of those users who have already played other augmented reality video games such as Pokemon Go then you would already know how Jurassic World: Alive works.

In other words, it is very similar to Pokemon Go.

All you do in this augmented reality game is walking and finding.

You walk to a place consuming a certain distance and time and then you find different dinosaurs in your closest neighborhood.

This augmented reality video game allows you to expand your area to your town or your city.

How to find and collect dinosaur DNA in Jurassic World: Alive

As it turns out, if you want to play Jurassic World: Alive augmented reality game then you need to come to terms with the fact that one of the first things you will do in the game is to collect DNA.

Collecting DNA is a central activity to the core of this augmented reality video game.

It will form the basis of everything that you will do in the game.

Moreover, once you have managed to come across a particular dinosaur who maybe roaming somewhere in the world, you will have to perform a tap on it.

Once you do that, you will actually release a small drone.


Following from that, once you have successfully released the drone, the game will require you to swipe on your smartphone or tablet screen in order to properly maneuver the released drone.

You will have to get the drone in position in order to fire a dart.

The game calls it the DNA capturing special dart.

You have to fire it in the direction of the dinosaur that you have spotted.

Additionally, you will actually have to look at the dinosaur in order to further see a total of two white circles.

If you want to get any amount of DNA from the dinosaur you will have to hit the found dinosaur with the help of your dart and do so within the shown outer circle.

If you can’t do that, then you can’t have any DNA.

You might as well play Pokemon Go, in other words.

Jokes aside,  you should not have any doubts that the dinosaur is certainly going to move.

It is not going to just sit there to allow you to hit it with the dart.

It will move around.

Once you hit it with your very first dart, it will still keep moving.

At the same time, you will also notice that the battery of your drone would start to run out.

That will ensure that you only have a limited amount of time to get the most amount of dinosaur DNA in the least amount of time.

Or at least, till your battery (of the drone, not of your smartphone device) dies.

So hit the dinosaur in the outer circle to get some DNA.

And hit the dinosaur in the inner circle to get a ton of DNA.

How to create your own dinosaurs in Jurassic World: Alive


Once you have gone out in the wild and have managed to collect a decent amount of dinosaur DNA of a single type then you have the option of creating your own dinosaurs for no one but yourself.

Again, you must make sure you have enough DNA that belongs to a specific type of prehistoric dinosaurs.

Our research shows that it should not take more than 50 dinosaur DNA points for a user to start creating a completely news dinosaur.

How to evolve dinosaurs in Jurassic World: Alive

Whenever you create one of your dinosaurs in this augmented reality video game, you should be able to notice that the dinosaur comes with a decently-sized set of statistics.

Or powers.

These come in the form of,

  • Critical chance
  • Damage
  • Armor
  • Speed
  • Health

And lots more.

As some of you might already expect, users have the option of increasing all of these stats by simply evolving their own dinosaurs.

In order to evolve any kind of creature that you have created yourself, you will first have to make sure you have the required amount of those dinosaur DNA points.

Not only that, you also have to make sure that you have the necessary amount of in-game coins.

No, we are not talking about micro-transactions or real-world money.

We are talking about coins that you are likely to get in the form of supply drops in the game.

We will talk a lot more about coins later in this guide.

At this point, you only need to know that every time you evolve your dinosaur you actually make them a lot more powerful.

The more powerful dinosaur would then assist you in all your battles.

What are Hybrid Dinosaurs in Jurassic World: Alive

There are some dinosaurs in Jurassic World: Alive augmented reality game that you can use in order to create, what the game alls, hybrids.

You can do so by combining a total of two dinosaurs with each other.

Now, do take note that you will probably need compatible dinosaurs.

Moreover, you will need them at a level that the game requires of you.

Apart from that, you will also have to make sure that you have the necessary amount of in-game coins which are used to create these hybrid dinosaurs.

How to battle dinosaurs in Jurassic World: Alive

In order to battle dinosaurs, you first need to make sure that you have at the very least, a total of four dinosaurs.

You have to make sure they are present in your own collection.

Once you have ensured that, then you need to go to the Jurassic World: Alive augmented reality game training grounds.

There you will have the opportunity to battle various other players playing the same game.

Our research shows that each given player has the option of bringing in a total of four dinosaurs directly into battle.

However, in order to win the battle, the player has to beat only three of the dinosaurs that their opponent has brought with him/her.

On that note, you also have to keep in mind that winning battles gives you a multiple number of awards.

More specifically, when you win, you get items.

Apart from that you also get to increase your official battle level.

The increased battle level allows you and any other player to challenge another player which are more difficult than the ones that you faced before.

What are supply drops in Jurassic World: Alive

So it goes like this.

Once you are actually playing the Jurassic World: Alive augmented reality game and are busy walking all over and around your neighborhood, you should not have a hard time in noticing many points of interest on the map that the game shows you on your screen.

These points of interests are the things that the game calls Supply Drops.

What do they do?

They give users items.

Items such as,

  • Batteries
  • Cash
  • Coins
  • DNA darts

Needless to say, these items, in turn, allow the player (that is, you) to keep at the game for a longer period of time.

The other thing you need to note here is that once you have come close enough to a given in-game Supply Drop, the game actually allows you to perform a simple tap on the shown Supply Drop in order to receive your well-earned reward immediately.

Moreover, you also need to keep in mind that these in-game Supply Drops actually refresh after every 15 minutes have passed.

Is there something else you would like to know about Jurassic World: Alive?

If there is, then you need to use the comments section given below to let us know.


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