14 Best Kodi Alternatives Worth Giving a Go Today

The majority of us know what Kodi and what does it do. Otherwise, why would we even bother reading a guide about Kodi alternatives right?

But, if you aren’t aware of what Kodi is (or what are Kodi alternatives), here we go.

Kodi is an open source and home theater solution for commercial and personal objectives.

If you want to know more about Kodi alternatives then make sure you give this guide a thorough read.

Besides, it’s a multi-functional and multi-platform theater system available for several devices.
First of all, the majority of the people who use computers and access the internet do so because we want to store some files among many other things.

Also, we use the same PCs to store media collections.

As a result, many folks want to manage their media content on different devices using Kodi software.

At present, things have changed. First, during the shift from Windows 7 to Windows 8 (and further) the design changed.

Second, some built-in elements which came with Windows seven got erased. In fact, during this change, Windows Media Player (WMP) got deleted.

As a result, you have to search for programs similar to Kodi that will help you in the long run.

In other words, you need to find Kodi alternatives.

But you don’t just want Kodi alternatives.

You want Kodi alternatives that work.

Moreover, you want those Kodi alternatives to be as good as Kodi if not better.

And that’s what we’re going to give you.

Some good old Kodi alternatives.
You can use most of these Kodi alternatives without paying a single dime.

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Note: Before we go into the 14 different Kodi alternatives you should be aware of some risks that come with free streaming services.

Most of them, including Kodi, have certain “Add-ons” that give you access to all the latest TV series and Films and, of course, the movies.

In doing this, you will be breaking the law in most countries by downloading pirated content.

Most people think that if you stream then it is no problem, this is not the case. Streaming is just like downloading.

Most countries now (including USA, Australia UK, EU, Middle East and Asia) have little internet privacy and the ISPs (internet service providers) are logging everything you do and if you are watching pirated content then you can expect BIG fines (and even some jail time).

If you use a VPN while streaming then your ISP and government won’t know what you are doing as it will encrypt your internet and streaming activities, so you can do whatever you like and be protected. A VPN will also unlock all of the GEO locked content from the Streaming services giving you 100% access that most others don’t have.

The best VPN for streaming at this point is IPVnaish VPN. You can find more about them here.

Kodi was set in motion to replace Windows Media Player.

But as with all things, a kingpin with total market domination is never a good thing.
Kodi was that kingpin for a while.

Then people started to ask for Kodi alternatives.

So if you are one of those people who don’t want to use Kodi anymore and are looking for Kodi alternatives then:

Good news! If you’re a Windows, Linux, iPad, Android and other devices user, you no longer need to rely on Kodi.

Kodi alternatives are available in plenty!

You can take advantage of them and their features without breaking the bank.

In the list that follows, we have listed some of the best alternatives to Kodi you are likely to find anywhere on the internet.

The List Of Kodi Alternatives You Must Read.

Updated March 2017!

  1. Plex

    PelxPlex is Kodi xstream alternative available for free as well as a paid package.
    The paid package starts at $4.99 a month if you want extra features.
    In the first place, this app is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X. Also, it’s available on Linux (desktop), Windows Phone, Chromecast, Android TV, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox and more.

    First, Plex is full of Kodi alike features and hence is a proper Kodi alternative.
    Second, it’s the best for transmitting locally stored digital media.
    Third, it can stream to several devices due to its client-server architecture.
    In summary, it’s the best Kodi builds for Android and other devices because it has a home software application.

    This software will let you manage or view your media library through a dimensional user interface.
    Plex has a throng of channels like the add-ons that Kodi has. So, these channels allow you to stream content based on a diversity of topics.

    Furthermore, Plex can run on low-powered PCs and optimize bandwidth.
    Also, the software handles transcoding media for transmitting to several devices.
    If you are a paid user, you enjoy features like wireless syncing of photos to the media server and movie trailers too. You can download Plex through this link.

  2. Universal Media Server

    UniversalMediaIf you’re seeking Kodi alternatives for Windows, Universal Media Player will serve you very well.
    Compatible with Windows, Linux, and OX S, this software has a simple UI. Also, it’s easy to set up. It supports streaming on several devices.
    Besides, it transcodes most of audio, video and image formats without layout.

    Some of its best features include Bit-rate adjustments, which work according to network speed.
    And, the web interface which works with devices that don’t have DLNA support.

    Besides, Universal Media Server is a Kodi alternative that is Java based.
    It has some plug-ins that do everything from getting a movie from IMDB to integrating with MediaMonkey music database.

    It’s available for free, and you can download this app from the link here.

  3. OSMC

    OSMCOpen Source Media Center or habitual known as OSMC is one of the new Kodi alternatives.
    Above all, it proffers a suitable way of playing back media stored on local network attached storage.
    Besides, it is Kodi based. For this reason, it is specialized Linux distribution with Kodi as the main application. In essence, it can make use of all add-ons that work with Kodi.

    So, Open Source Media Center supports Wi-Fi adapters and a variety of TV tuners.
    Also, it has a web-based version UI planned for future development but on the desktops only.
    At this point, it can only get fixed on limited digital media players.

    Among those media players, Vero is one that is its flagship player. OSMC is free.
    And, it is available on Vero, Raspberry, and Apple TV (1st generation) platforms.
    You can download OSMC through this link.

  4. OpenELEC

    openelecAny computer user can now turn his/her computer into a full-fledged Home Theater.
    Thanks to OpenELEC operating system powered by Kodi.
    OpenELEC is a short form for Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center.
    If your PC has a small configuration, you can install this operating system and enjoy your favorite media.
    Meanwhile, if you are an Apple TV and Raspberry Pi user, you can enjoy separate builds of OpenELEC.

    This alternative to Kodi is capable of organizing a movie, managing a television show, music player, and picture browser.
    Also, OpenELEC can record TV programs and other stuff.
    This system is an incredible Kodi alternative if you have a PC. Once you download this app, it will take you approximately 15 minutes to set up in my experience – from start to finish. You can download it for free via this link.

  5. Emby

    embyBack then Emby got used as a Media browser.
    Understandably, it had limited features as opposed to the latest version.
    The most recent version of Emby has plenty of features; you can now enjoy Folder Sync and Cloud Sync among other features that will enhance your viewing experience.

    Besides these functions, Emby has parental control feature.
    This function can detect DLNA-based devices.
    Also, you can take your media anywhere with you because of the exclusive variety of applications it has.

    Emby is available in three classifications.
    The first classification is the Emby server, TV apps and Mobile apps.
    The second classification is the Emby server which is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

    And the last rating is the TV apps which offer a diverse of support including; Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast, Android TV among others.
    This system has mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows. In summary, Emby stands as the Kodi alternative for Windows you can install and enjoy its services in no time.

    You can install it for free. Click on this link to download.

  6. MediaPortal

    mediaportalNow, MediaPortal undoubtedly is a Kodi genesis alternative that is worth giving a go.
    First, this system allows you to watch and record Live TV.
    Second, you can play any media files, from storage files and also from DVDs and Blu-rays.

    Besides, you can listen to music files, radio, and stream media file on PC or Home Theatre PC within your network.
    If you combine these features with MediaPortal interface, this system proves to be an awesome alternative to Kodi.
    Moving on, you can stream content from popular services if you install corresponding plug-ins.

    One fact you should know is that MediaPortal got designed based on the Kodi itself.
    Above all, this system is only available to Windows. Download this free software and enjoy the magic it has for you.
    Given that you need it for Window PC, this is the best Kodi alternative for Windows. Click on this link to install.

  7. Infuse

    InfuseIf you want to watch movies across several devices, install Infuse.
    This software is a multiplatform and multifunctional media server and media player.
    Besides, it supports both subtitles and media programs. With this app, you will not need to convert files to play them on other devices. Sounds like a good Kodi alternative to you, right?
    For download and more detail about it, click on this link.

  8. MediaTomb

    MediaTombIf you haven’t tried MediaTomb, then you should.
    First, it’s free and has an open source UPnPmedia server containing easy user interface.
    Second, it will allow you to stream digital media files via your home network.
    Not so, you can listen and watch on a series of UPnP compatible devices.
    Third, MediaTomb uses the specifications of UPnP MediaServer.

    Some of its features include:

    >Exif thumbnail support
    >Automatic directory rescan
    >Advanced web UI with a view of database and the file system
    >Support for ContentDirectoryService container updates and more

    It is compatible with Linux, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD.
    You can download this app from its official website link.

  9. TVersity

    tversity_Kodi_alternativesTVersity is a Kodi xstream alternative that is DLNA based media server.
    Using it, you can stream personal and web media from your PC to your TV and mobile. These web media include that of premium content!
    The best part is that you can use this system to track your PC screen including videos, games, and any web content.

    It is available for free on iPhone, but for Pro iPhone (its premium version), it’s a paid service.
    If you’re using iPhone, you can enjoy friend-user interface, fast navigation and play your entire media library.

    So, if you use Pro iPhone, you will enjoy all free app without ads.
    Besides, you will be able to share images with your friends, save them on your camera and save any other media on your Pro iPhone.
    You can download this software if you click on this link.

  10. Serviio

    serviioServiio has made it to the top list of Kodi alternatives because of its pro edition.
    It is available for free as well as a paid version.
    But of course, as always, it all depends on you which version you are comfortable with, and the one that fulfills your needs.
    It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.
    To people who have searched for apps like Kodi for quite some time but have not found the answer, we say this:
    at least give Serviio a tryout.
    With Serviio, you will be able to stream all types of media files for home DLNA devices. It’s the best when it comes to streaming data on smartphones, Blu-ray player, TV sets, and game consoles when connected on a home network.

    You can check out free or paid version by clicking on this link.

  11. Mezzmo

    mezzmoWith Mezzmo you can stream media of all formats, as simple as that.
    Also, Mezzmo supports the streaming of files to the home based DNLA and UPnP tools. It is compatible with Windows and Android.
    You can install Mezzmo Windows on your PC or laptop and add photos, videos, and music.

    Besides, you can install Mezzmo Android app on your Amazon Fire, Android TV, smartphone or Android tablet and browse a series of media files anytime you want.
    And, you can also stream media files to DNLA devices, Chromecast, and TV. Click on the link to download Mezzmo.

  12. Windows Media Services

    Windows Media ServicesMicrosoft is not left behind in streaming media files.
    The only problem with this Kodi alternative is the limitation of Windows devices. Talking of Windows, this system support formats of Window like audio and image formats.

    It doesn’t end there as Window Media Services are available in MP3 and JPEG formats only. You can read more on this link.
    Needless to say, we don’t consider Windows Media Services as even close to one of the best Kodi alternatives in the market.
    Save yourself a lot of headaches and look for another Kodi alternative.

  13. TVMOBiLi

    tvmobiliThis Kodi alike application is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
    This high-performance media server is most available for Smart TV.
    Besides that, it supports several devices compatible with the Internet.
    If we’re talking about apps like Kodi then there are very few which are better than TVMoBiLi.

    TVMobili comes as a paid package but has a 14-day trial period. Check out this link for more details to get going with it.

  14. Phoenix

    Kodi_alternativesPhoenix is an excellent Kodi genesis alternative in finding extra content for your HTPC for live TV.
    Its primary focus is not only providing you movie sources to stream but a privilege to choosing from several channels for movies and TV shows.
    If you are looking for standard films, sports, and Live TV, install this application.
    Each one of us has his/her own preference but we think Phoenix is one of the best alternatives to Kodi you can hope to find.
    You can get Phoenix on your Kodi HTPC using the fusion installer. Click on the link here for further information.

Kodi Alternatives Conclusion

No doubt Kodi is the best home and theater media player software, with a huge number of users worldwide.
It has the best features and is compatible with several devices.
But, there are some good Kodi alternatives that you can try and enjoy what they provide.
The experience may not be like Kodi, but they are worth a shot. Try them out and share the experience.

Top/Featured Image: By XBMC Foundation (XBMC Foundation, http://kodi.tv) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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