Kodi Box Faces the Possibility of Becoming illegal


Kodi Box is an open-source media player, which has gained great popularity over time. However, there is a chance that this option for watching content might become illegal. Due to the growing concerns of streaming illegal, copyrighted material, the authorities in the UK are thinking of banning its use.

The Intellectual Property Office (or else IPO) has been trying to take charge of the situation, after ongoing complaints about violations of copyright.
is Kodi legal
It is true that anyone can access copyrighted content, provided that he has the right add-ons and plugins. It is not rare a phenomenon for Kodi Box users to add these features on their media player.

So, although the initial version of Kodi Box is legal itself, the stakes are too high. Everybody I know personally, who use Kodi, is always wondering whether Kodi is legal and safe to use or not.

Admittedly, the streaming devices can turn into copyright violations quite easily. In fact, five people were recently arrested for selling fully loaded Kodi Boxes. They have not been convicted yet, but you can see the pattern here.

Kodi Box became known as Xbox Media Centre, but it has grown since its infantry. Since it is an open-source media player, 2003 was only the beginning. A lot of coders did their best and the results have been outstanding – thanks to the addition of some best Kodi addons. As for its popularity, according to estimates, there are more than 20 million users in the United Kingdom and a lot more worldwide.

The disappointing fact is that Kodi Box does not come with a straightforward agreement. For instance, Google Play Store and Apple App Store both have copyrighted content, according to their agreement. But Kodi Box does not have such content. Everyone can access content and not check whether or not it comes from violations in copyright.

The IPO is calling for views on the matter, so as to shed light on each detail. Everyone with knowledge on the subject can send out opinions and feedback till April. More specifically, the call for views states the following: “The government is keen to understand where the further action might be necessary to address this problem and is therefore seeking views from those with knowledge and experience in dealing with IPTV boxes. Please send your views to: [email protected]uk by 7 April 2017.”

Set boxes that come with the whole package, meaning with a plethora of add-ons, are definitely illegal. This does not make the original Kodi Box illegal too, though. The Federation Against Copyright Theft (or else FACT) has made it clear, however, that the margin profit of selling such fully loaded devices is significant. This is what needs to stop, since it hurts both copyright holders and people who wish to stream legally.

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  • The software is formerly known as XBMC is now called ‘Kodi’ not ‘Kodi Box’. ‘Kodi’ is HTPC software that includes media library management, media players and addon functionality. A ‘Kodi Box’ [sic] is a hardware device installed with Kodi software and normally with pre-installed addons. To use the capability of some of those addons may be illegal in some jurisdictions. The possibly illegal addons are not part of Kodi or produced/approved or installed by Kodi or it’s community of developers.

  • Thank you, Big L and Queenslayer, sorry for the typo and great to see that you are paying attention to each word!

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