What Are the New Features and Benefits of MacOS Monterey?

It might be difficult to distinguish the signal from the clutter with thousands of updates flowing to macOS Monterey. So, we’ve gathered some top features that practically everybody would be delighted about after downloading macOS Monterey and trying it for a week or so.

However, please keep in mind that a few notable aspects were removed from the list. Universal Control, for example, is also one of the widely marketed innovations. You may set a Mac behind another Mac and switch your keyboard and cursor from one to the other with ease, thanks to Universal Control. Still, only a handful of users have a second Mac or need to utilize a keyboard and mouse on their tablets. As a result, this feature was skipped in our review.

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We did, though, include the top seven new features and improvements that created a significant impact on the day-to-day usage of Macs for everyone. Let’s go check them out!

7 Best Features of macOS Monterey

Many features have been added as Mac was advancing through time, but Monterey seems to be one of the rare updates with numerous fundamental changes. Here are some of them.

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1. Window Management

There are two particularly significant changes to dealing with full-screen applications and split-screen programs in macOS Monterey. Users saw the navigation bar as always hidden when using full-screen software with iOS versions before Monterey. All data was concealed, such as the date and other valuable information.

With this new version, you can enable the auto mode, making the menu bar permanently visible, whether you’re using full-screen apps or not. Moreover, when browsing on split screens, you may now easily switch between apps. For instance, when you’re using Safari and Notes simultaneously and wish to switch to Email, you can easily do it. For Apple users, both changes will be significant enhancements to their Mac UX.

2. SharePlay

SharePlay is a subclass of FaceTime. However, you can finally stream video, listen to music, and play games while on a FaceTime chat – it’s a courtesy of SharePlay now. Moreover, it is a terrific method to stay in touch even when you’re physically separated. You may also connect your display with your friend’s one and enjoy shared entertainment experiences.

3. Safari

Safari has been given a major makeover in terms of appearance. Any modifications to one of the most utilized browsers in the world go a bit overboard. In fact, you will surely like the simplified appearance and touch of it.

The icons seem more rounded, and the whole navigation bar is colored to match the page you’re on. Instead of your site with a navigation bar plastered on top, the entire program appears to have a consistent UI. AITP has also been improved. On the pinnacle of the anti-tracking features that went live the year before, this would prohibit websites from identifying you depending on your IP.

4. AirPlay

You may use AirPlay if you want to share your presentation at a workplace meeting. You can also replicate a video on your device to your huge screen at home now so that everyone can see it.

If you’ve grown tired of the low-quality audio and want to listen to something better, AirPlay can help. Besides, the best part is that you can now expand your screen by placing a second one directly beside it.

5. Quick Note

Quick Note makes note-taking and reading much simpler. Assume you’re browsing a news piece or a review. You choose to scribble things up for later reference. You can also create a new Quick Note by dragging the mouse to the bottom part. Simply tap on it, and the text will display in the center of the screen. Moreover, this application connection will be useful in the long run. If you return to that page or the website, it will appear in the bottom section instantly.

6. Notifications

Notifications have been revamped to complement the Focus option, with bigger connection images for individuals and bigger app logos. You may also disable alerts from any program for another minute or the following day, and iOS will recommend disabling a chat thread when you’re not active.

7. Low Power Mode

The low power mode isn’t available in Command Center, but you can enable it by right-clicking the battery and going to battery settings. This function reduces the number of battery-draining tasks and, presumably, extends the life of your device.

Advantages of MacOS Monterey

The following are some of the reasons why MacOS is so amazing.

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On Apple systems, the OS is tuned to deliver the best possible efficiency. Other new iOS hardware characteristics, such as speedier RAM and advanced data ports, are also utilized. All activities are substantially quicker in this version than the prior one.

Dependability and Consistency

The OS is highly reliable as it was built utilizing architecture concepts. Only one specific app is impacted when it crashes or hangs. Moreover, the software controls its assets far better than prior releases of the macOS. Hence, Apple continues to function without the unpleasant breakdowns that plagued prior versions.


While it may seem strange to include appearance as a feature of an OS, once you see macOS Monterey, you’ll know why. The OS visuals, symbols, fonts, and other visual designs are particularly attractive to the eye, thanks to the powerful visual engine. Color and some visual designs are used in an aesthetically beautiful way in the new user interfaces.


Although speed and convenience of use are often contradictory ideas, Mac offers them all. Its design includes the approaches and capabilities that have produced simple and user-friendly OSs in the past.


If you could not customize the UI to your liking, this would not be a macOS. Monterey also comes with a large set of customizable settings, which help you individualize the look of standard apps and tweak them to your habits and preferences.

Monterey Is Really Cool

macOS Monterey is just incredible! Its speed, consistency, reliability, appearance, user-friendliness, and a pile of exciting new features are definitely worth the effort to upgrade your iOS.

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What Are the New Features and Benefits of MacOS Monterey?
It might be difficult to distinguish the signal from the clutter with...

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