Get to Make Money on Instagram with these 15 Easy Ways

Instagram has emerged to be a powerful social platform in this 21st century. First, it has more than 400 million monthly users. Second, it is more popular in the younger generation. Third, and still unknown to many, you can make money on Instagram if you got a keen intellect. This photo platform has nothing to do with content because you are the content!15 Easy Ways To Make Money on InstagramSo, all you need to do is to grow your fan base. But, if you do not like to pose in front of the camera, no doubt, Instagram is not for you. If taking selfies and sharing them with friends is your thing, you can get paid to post on Instagram. It sounds interesting, right?

Of course, you can make it but only if you do it right. You can not start today and make it tomorrow. Rome took years to construct. In fact, it is a daunting task. You need to have discipline, hard-working, and persistent.

There are some good Instagram alternatives too; but alongside standing tall as a photo sharing platform, it has turned out to be the most useful marketing tool. So, if you love interacting and you have a good number of followers, you have all reasons to get paid on Instagram. There are several channels you can use, but before we look at them, lets’ look at first what you need to do.

Learn to Work with your Camera

Instagram is all about posting pictures and videos. So, the camera is a primary tool. Learn to work with it. Try and perfect in taking photos like a professional.

Create Relevant Hashtags

Use hashtags to get the right followers. For instance, if you are promoting a product about building muscles, use relevant hashtags. It will not only help the audience to relate to it but, make money on Instagram as well.

Update Trendy Photos and Films

To get more audience, you need to post photos that will get the attention of others. That hidden talent in you should get exposed. At this point, your pose and light will make up everything.

Build Followers Base

Before you think about how to make money with Instagram, have at least 5,000 members. Otherwise, you’ll end up frustrated.

How To Build Instagram Audience

No doubt, it is hard to build an Instagram audience. As a matter of fact, it is the most difficult part. Different people use different techniques to build a large Instagram audience base. But, below are few basics that will get you to the desired destiny.

Be Consistent and Post Often

If you indeed want to get paid on Instagram, be active every day. Post several times a day if not, you’ll overwhelm your follower’s one time posting.  Don’t lose focus.

Make an Impression using your Bio

Potential followers will always look at your bio. Make a good impression at first; you need to fill all the fields. Any empty field in your bio is an ignored chance to convey something about yourself.

At this point, you need to be creative enough. Provide a link to your website, some keywords, and have an eagle eye when using emoticons.

Post for Your Ideal Customers

First, pay attention to how you already make money. It should tell you how to make money with Instagram fast. Second, understand your brand and makes people like it.

Third, know your client demographics. Finally, understand the images and situation that will attract your existing customers. Besides, the type of clients you’d like to attract.

Post at the Right Time

We come from different time zones, and your target audience might come from a different time zone as well. Still, you can get most out of this photo platform. Posting images and videos at 2 am and 5 pm will get you good results.

This time most Instagram users post less but, they still check the feeds at the same time. So, your message won’t have stiff competition.

Post Tactical

Have goals for your followers! Also, have a schedule for posts and the procedure for each picture. It will not only help you to remain focused, consistent, and disciplined. But, you will not miss an important step too.

Quality over Quantity

Don’t get sunk much on Instagram popular pays until you start posting unwanted content. Whether you are curating images or posting content, focus on quality.

Use Videos

Most of us are not aware that posting a 15-seconds video can take your Instagram account to a new level. No doubt, a good image is worth a thousand words but, a quality video is worth a million. Instagram allows users to post a 15-seconds video, make good use of it!


The easiest way to get paid on Instagram is to engage with potential followers. Follow them back and write positive remarks. Also, see what they want.

At this point, you have the necessary knowledge on what you need to do and how you can grow your audience. Now, lets’ dig deep and explore different ways covering how to get paid even to follow people (for example) and all in all make money on Instagram.

  1. Become a Brand Ambassador

Apply to be unpaid brand ambassador where businesses will be sending freebies for promotion. Provided you have a massive fan base; you can put this attention to work. Talk to the marketing department of any company you are interested. Besides, you can tell the company you use its products that you want to be their brand ambassador.

Chances of getting accepted as unpaid brand ambassador are high than to be a paid brand ambassador. It is ironical that the application procedure is the same. Some companies reach out to users (if you are lucky, they can come to you). But, you can try Instabrand (, Buzzole (, and Snappfluence (  to get connected.

Of course, if you can make it happen, you can make money on Instagram with this option pretty quickly.

  1. Sell Your Photos

You do not have to be a professional photographer to sell photos on Instagram. But, taking pictures using different cameras and sell them to agencies or individuals online. Besides, you can join a marketplace like Foap ( It’s where most Instagrammers make money fast!

You need to join and start sharing your photos. Companies do reach out and buy photos they like. Typically, Foap buys photos at $5 which is pretty good although photos go for $10. With this method, you can also earn money on Instagram here too.

  1. Create Sponsored Posts

If you have engaged followers, it is easier to get paid on Instagram. How? By creating sponsored content for brands. The sponsored content on Instagram is a photo or a video highlighting a product or brand. Still, your post has to go with captions that include branded hashtags.

But, you need to promote brands or products that present a good image about yourself. The main idea is to show off brands that you can get behind. Still, you have to prove to your followers how it suits your lifestyle. If you are looking for an opportunity for sponsored content, Tap Influence is a great website for you. Create a profile describing you and the nature of your content. As a result, interested brands will invite you to their programs.

Another great tool is Influenz With this, you’ll browse the available matching campaigns created by a variety of brands. You then promote those you prefer.

  1. Develop Your products

The visual nature of products makes this program huge on Instagram. Still, if you are running a business, Instagram need to hold a natural place in your business. The right thing with the program is that it works for any business. But, don’t forget the hashtags. Be creative to get paid to post on Instagram using this method.

For instance, market your services using beautiful infographics and unique offers. If you use your account to promote special offers is a technique to increase your followers. In summary, think outside the box. You’ll see the sales scale high.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you get paid a commission on every sale you make. Choose a product related to photos you post on your account. For instance, if your pictures highlight your muscles and biceps, promote fitness products. Furthermore, you can sell your products if you have one.

Still, make sure you have met all the qualifications to be an affiliate marketer. You should have more than 5,000 followers and have the ability to update posts regularly. Besides, your interest should be in brands names. Also, a lot of affiliate marketing requires you to take photos of yourself. Or pictures of others using the products/services you are promoting.

There are several affiliate programs you can join and get paid to advertise on Instagram. For instance, Shareasale (, Stylinity, and Like to know ( will lead you to make money. Still, they will manage the process on your behalf.

Also, you can sign up with Ebates ( And refer people who love discounts and deals. Remember, your bio is critical if you have to be an effective affiliate marketer. Put the affiliate URL on your captions on your bio.

Finally, do not forget to save the space by shortening using utilities like ( Also, you can use TinyURL ( and Google URL Shortener (

  1. Engage Competitors Followers

In my opinion, this is a silly trick, but it works magic. You competitor, a follower, is your potential opponent. The fact is you have a competitor who has the idea on how to monetize Instagram. So, if you follow them, you’ll get to know what they do. Besides, you get to learn how to earn money on Instagram by their success or failures.

You can search your competitors by name using Instagram tools like JustUnfollow ( This tool will display your competitor’s accounts by names. Furthermore, it will give you a list of their followers so you can follow them back.

  1. Partner Up

Everyone is not a social media influence, right? You can reach out to someone and ask them to help you with your mission. Of course, the service will be at a fee, and they can promote your products and services. If not, they can join you in your marketing campaign.

Moreover, you’ll learn how do Instagram models make money from their actions.

  1. Take Emails from Subscription and Refer them to Affiliate Links

If you are good at capturing leads from an affiliate or CPA network then, build your email list. The best tool to capture emails is MailChimp ( You can gather up to 1,500 email subscribers for free.

Next, create and schedule emails to send to customers. Using these emails, send them to buy links for affiliate products. Still, they can be your products that you know they may interest them to buy. The brilliant thing with MailChimp is that it lets you build your landing page forms. Also, it enables you to have your email templates, so you make it look as you want.

The brilliant thing with MailChimp is that it lets you build your landing page forms. Also, it enables you to have your email templates, so you make it look as you want.

At this point, once the landing page ready, copy the URL and paste it into your Instagram bio’s website link.

  1. Join Multi-Level Marketing Company and Build Your Team of Marketers

Once thing I like about Instagram is that it is a social place to display visual content. In essence, it’s a premier place to make new friends and inspire people. Most marketers have built their reputation through Instagram. For instance, there are those who sell products for MLM Companies.

In so doing, they are promoting photos and videos to users who love them. As a result, if you do this, you end up bringing new people to join their teams. There are a lot of fitness communities that are active on Instagram. One of te MLM companies to consider working with is Team Beachbody.

Post images that will offer inspiration to your followers. Keep in mind; the content is reaching the intended people (those who want to get in shape in this case). Moreover, don’t forget to provide the URL in your bio to your product link. So, this is how to make money on Instagram fitness.

But, network marketing on Instagram is not a bed of roses. You need to be an avid user of the products you are marketing. Besides, you need to be a hard worker to make money on Instagram. Most NLN companies have a downside. Most of them need you to invest in a starter package. If not, a monthly program to stay active and promote their stuff. The right thing, you get placed under a member who helps you to start earning and build your empire.

Most of them need you to invest in a starter package. If not, a monthly program to stay active and promote their stuff. The right thing, you get placed under a member who helps you to start earning and build your empire.

  1. Make Use of Right Hashtags

There is a big difference between using proper hashtags and right hashtags. So as stated at the beginning of our article, you have to use the right hashtags to earn money on Instagram. Correct and appropriate tags mark the difference between an Insta user and entrepreneur.

So, does Instagram pay you for followers? You have the answer with you. If you are promoting clothes, use a service like Websta ( to create a list of trending hashtags. Also, you can use Iconosquare ( Simply put, make your hashtags count. It is the only way you’ll group ideas, concepts, and trends.

  1. Sell Your Instagram Account

In my opinion, this should be your last option. If you no longer want to continue and your account has more than 10k followers, you can sell it. Use services like FameSwap or Viral Accounts to sell your Instagram account.

  1. Post to Potential Customers

In the introduction part, we talked about this factor as one that will increase your followers. So, posting videos and images to potential clients will increase conversions. You need to understand your fans. What they like, what they are into, and what might interest them.

Engage with your followers! If they shoot inquiries via Instagram messaging, respond diplomatic.

  1. Be Consistent

No doubt, hard work pays. And to get paid on Instagram, you have to be consistent. It should not be a one-time thing but a continuous process. Besides, being consistent will keep you on top of your mind in customer’s minds. Studies show that potential clients interact with a brand seven times before taking action. So, post at least three times a day at an interval of 4 hours.

Besides, being consistent will keep you on top of your mind in customer’s minds. Studies show that potential clients interact with a brand seven times before taking action. So, post at least three times a day at an interval of 4 hours.

  1. Have Enough Followers

Don’t expect to make money on Instagram with 1,000 members. That is the bitter truth. And if you happen to, then you’ll be one in a million. You need to have a least of 5k followers. If you have more, becoming an influence is much easier. Also, most brands need one to have at least 5,000 members. So, increase your followers if you intent to earn money on Instagram.

If you have more, becoming an influence is much easier. Also, most brands need one to have at least 5,000 members. So, increase your followers if you intent to earn money on Instagram.

  1. Make Good Use of Applications

There are several applications some which we have already mentioned. Use apps more often if you want to sell photos. We mentioned Foap as a great app. It’s available on Android and iPhone platforms.

Furthermore, you can watermark your premium photos to make money on Instagram. Always keep the original copies of your photos. Finally, send an invoice plus the unwatermarked version of your photo if a follower wants to buy.


If you hit 10,000 followers on Instagram, you are a strong candidate to be a brand ambassador. It is important that your fans be genuine. Never attempt shortcuts because it may be a pain in the ass in the future.

It is against Instagram policy to buy and sell followers using services like spambots. If you buy or sell followers, you’ll undermine your reputation if you get got. Also, it will not be easy to get partnerships with brands because you will not have a solid reputation.

So, faithful followers will deliver the right ad-clicking and engagements that each brand wants. So, if your followers aren’t genuine, the brand will be less likely to renew the partnership.

You can sieve robot fans by disclosing sponsored posts. A simple #ad or #sponsored will do the trick. Furthermore, it lets fans know that you value the integrity of your Instagram brand.

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